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It's the bodily fluid of the monster “Alraune” that has the form of a beautiful woman wrapped up in a giant flower. It's a beautiful amber colored, half-translucent liquid that's very sticky and syrupy. It's natural sweetness is attractive, and it's often used in sweets, etc. This nectar simply has an aphrodisiac / stamina boosting effect. The thick, sweet odor given off by the nectar has the power to strongly attract human men.

Perhaps due to that effect, there's an image that it's mainly little children and women who are particularly fond of sweet confectionery, but confectionery made with this alraune nectar is highly popular with both male children and adults. For that reason, many monsters are polishing their cooking skills so they can feed delicious confectionery made using this sweet alraune nectar to their beloved husbands.

Additionally, alraune nectar is also popular with monsters too. “Honeybees (Encyclopedia I – p. 42)” and “Grizzlies (Encyclopedia I – p. 46)“ are particularly fond of this nectar. For that reason, alraunes end up getting frequently attacked by honeybees.


Honeybees gathering Alraune nectar[1]

When honeybees collect nectar, they get inside of the alraune's flower and tease her body, licking all over it and pleasuring her, almost like they're having sex. By making the alraune drown in pleasure in this manner, they're able to collected ripened nectar that's one rank up. Since this ripened nectar has even more sugar than normal nectar, its scent is even more sweet and rich, and because of that, it has the effect of attracting men more strongly, and it has a fortified aphrodisiac and stamina boosting effect.

Also, in the case that the alraune is already married, the nectar will be ripened by the alraune and her husband showing off having sex in front of the honey bees. The honey bees being shown may get the urge to join in themselves, or hurry back home to have sex with their own husband, so it's pretty unbearable for them.

Furthermore, by rubbing this nectar into their own skin on a daily basis, the honey bees are able to attract men, making it so that they have a wonderful body that men want to suck all over even more.

In recent years, other monsters have also taken notice of the effect of this nectar on beauty. In order to attract a wonderful man to be their husband, and have him suck all over their body, they eat plenty of nectar and rub plenty of it into their body.[1][2]


  • It would be assumed that this can be gathered from subspecies such as Liliraune and Barometz as well.

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