Another Story of Fallen Maidens: Fallen Hero and the Magic Sword of Truth (堕落乙女異聞 - 堕ちたる勇者と真実の魔剣) is an interactive story game developed by Exet and published at Comiket 90 under circle Exelga. The game is available for purchase on DLsite, DMM, and MelonBooks. The game was eventually translated to English on September 20th, 2018, and is available to purchase on JAST USA's Website[1]. The graphics are purposefully censored in the English release due to the pixel art style as the game developer intended.[2]


Eristia Vitral, the last hero of the Order in Lescatie, sets out on an adventure through the ruins of the Order as she seeks out a powerful artifact, "Magic Sword of Truth", with her faithful squire Yuriy. From her efforts, she'll learn more about the Order and the "truth" within herself than she ever bargained for.


This game is an independent production by Exelga, produced with the personal approval of Kenkou Cross who has endorsed, provided artwork, and publication under the Monster Girl Encyclopedia name. This work is not a part of the primary universe canon but takes place in an alternate universe that adheres to the same rules.


The main goal throughout the game is forcing Eristia through several transformations which are always revealed at the end as fake, but nevertheless slowly corrupt her purity. The game is linear, though the only choices that appear are which order certain sex scenes appear. Most of the game is presented in cutscenes, only to turn into easy puzzles every so often. There are several books scattered around the game which can be read. They provide details on a sickly unnamed human's life in the ruins and their interactions between various Monster Girls and the Ruins.

At the beginning of the game, Eristia saves a young soldier from being raped by a succubus. He introduces himself as Yuriy and they together enter some mysterious ruins. As soon as they enter the ruins, however, a succubus stops the adventures and teases them. Eristia runs after the demon enraged and falls into a magic trap which paralyzes Eristia. The succubus begins to strip Eristia and begins to vaginally finger her in front of a shocked Yuriy. Though Eristia protests at first, she begins to accept the rape and beg for more, which transforms the hero into a Lesser Succubus. Now as a lesser succubus, Eristia gives in to her desires and rapes Yuriy for all of eternity.

It was then revealed as a daydream, which greatly confuses Eristia. They run past the succubus, and farther into the ruins. At one point in the story, Eristia and Yuriy find a lonely cottage in the ruin's fields. Upon opening the door, they are greeted by a holstaur wife who lets them in. She gives them both Holstaur Milk while she looks for a key to open one of the ruin's door. Eristia is suspicious of the milk, but she eventually drinks it. The pair both mention how it is delicious, but Eristia is surprised to see her breasts visibly growing. Once they eventually burst through her clothes, she laments about the pain and massages them to ease her suffering. Because her breasts are swollen and extra sensitive, she begins to become aroused and massage them harder. Once she lactates and ejaculates, she transforms into a Holstaur. She then tackles Yuriy and rubs her breasts between his penis in order to "milk" both him and her.

Farther into the game, the duo are magically teleported into Wonderland. They are invited to a tea party by Alice, Mad Hatter, March Hare, and Dormouse. The Mad Hatter offers Eristia a cup of milk tea, but when the hero mentions that there is no milk to be found, the Mad Hatter suggests to use Yuriy instead. In a fit of lust, Eristia holds out the cup and begins to eagerly stroke the squire for his "milk". Once he ejaculates, Eristia transforms into a Cheshire Cat. The whole tea party watches in awe as Eristia begins to ride Yuriy, playing several punishment games along the way. Though the Mad Matter asks Eristia to become a new guide for Wonderland, she was too busy having sex to answer.

At the end of the game, Ersitia finally finds the magic sword of truth. The sword introduces itself as Darkleim, the mysterious voice that mentally spoke to her and gave her the sexual daydreams throughout the game. It asks her what she wants to do with its power, and she remarks that she will turn against the Order, become a powerful succubus, and be with Yuriy forever. Yuriy becomes an incubus and together they destroy the Order and cause the fall of Lescatie.

Available TransformationsEdit

Monster TypesEdit

Ersitia can interact with various monster girls throughout the game, but most interactions end up with them transforming Ersitia into a monster girl herself.


The wight, kraken, zombie, jubjub, and lamia transformations do not appear in-game.