Another Story of Fallen Maidens: Fallen Hero and the Magic Sword of Truth (堕落乙女異聞 - 堕ちたる勇者と真実の魔剣) is an interactive story game developed by Exet and published at Comiket 90 under circle Exelga. The game is available for purchase on DLsite, DMM, and MelonBooks. The game was eventually translated to English on September 20th, 2018, and is available to purchase on JAST USA's Website[1]. The graphics are purposefully censored in the English release due to the pixel art style as the game developer intended.[2]


Eristia Vitral, the last hero of the Order in Lescatie, sets out on an adventure through the ruins of the Order as she seeks out a powerful artifact, "Magic Sword of Truth", with her faithful squire Yuriy. From her efforts, she'll learn more about the Order and the "truth" within herself than she ever bargained for.


This game is an independent production by Exelga, produced with the personal approval of Kenkou Cross who has endorsed, provided artwork, and publication under the Monster Girl Encyclopedia name. This work is not a part of the primary universe canon but takes place in an alternate universe that adheres to the same rules.


The main goal throughout the game is putting Eristia through several transformations which are always revealed at the end as fake, but nevertheless, slowly change her heart and perspective on things. The game is linear, the only choices that appear are which order certain sex scenes appear. Most of the game is presented in cutscenes, only to turn into easy puzzles every so often. There are several books scattered around the game which can be read. They provide details on a sickly unnamed human's life in the ruins and their interactions between various Monster Girls and the Ruins.

At the beginning of the game, Eristia saves a young soldier from being raped by a devil and demon. He introduces himself as Yuriy and they together enter some mysterious ruins. As soon as they enter the ruins, however, a succubus stops the adventures and teases them. Eristia runs after the fiend enraged and falls into a mysterious magic trap which removes Eristia's powers. The succubus takes advantage of the opportunity and begins to vaginally finger her in front of a shocked Yuriy. Though Eristia protests at first, she begins to accept the rape and beg for more, which transforms the hero into a Lesser Succubus. Now as a lesser succubus, Eristia gives in to her desires and rapes Yuriy.

It was then revealed as a daydream, which greatly confuses Eristia. They run past the succubus, and farther into the ruins. At one point in the story, Eristia and Yuriy find a lonely cottage in the ruin's fields. Upon opening the door, they are greeted by a holstaur wife who lets them in. She gives them both Holstaur Milk while she looks for a key to open one of the ruin's door. Eristia and Yuriy know holstaur milk is safe so they soon drink it. The pair both mention how it is delicious, but Eristia is surprised to see her breasts visibly growing. Once they eventually burst through her clothes, she laments about the pain and massages them to ease her suffering. Because her breasts are swollen and extra sensitive, she begins to become aroused and massage them harder. Once she lactates and ejaculates, she transforms into a Holstaur. She then tackles Yuriy and rubs her breasts between his penis in order to "milk" both him and her. In the daydream it was extra thick holstaur milk, not the normal kind.

Farther into the game, the duo is magically teleported into Wonderland. They are invited to a tea party by Alice, Mad Hatter, March Hare, and Dormouse. The Mad Hatter offers Eristia a cup of milk tea, but when the hero mentions that there is no milk to be found, the Mad Hatter suggests to use Yuriy instead. In a fit of lust, Eristia holds out the cup and begins to eagerly stroke the squire for his "milk". Once he ejaculates, Eristia transforms into a Cheshire Cat. The whole tea party watches in awe as Eristia begins to ride Yuriy, playing several punishment games along the way.

At the end of the game, Ersitia finally finds the magic sword of truth. The sword introduces itself as Darkleim, the mysterious voice that mentally spoke to her and gave her the sexual daydreams throughout the game. It asks her what she wants to do with its power, and she remarks that she will turn against the Order, become a powerful succubus, and be with Yuriy forever. Yuriy becomes an incubus and together they take down the Order camp and return to Lescatie.

An In-Depth Recap by PerentieEdit

You can read the original on MGR. This is not meant to replace the game, as it is highly advised to purchase it to support the maker.[3]:


The game opens with a view of a beautiful, yet ominous night sky illuminated by a red moon and sparkling mana. The text explains how Druella took over Lescatie in a single night, and the Order, not fully grasping what they were up against, sent a force to retake the city.

We transition to a lone soldier running through the city streets, other soldiers being ravished by a succubus, dark slime and imp/arch imp (not sure which) respectively. The monster girls ravenously encourage their new partners, telling them to move their hips more, that they look so cute, or just enjoying themselves, etc.

Cue a sweat drop from the soldier as he notes the situation is hopeless. He runs further and is found by a demon and devil who were looking to see if there were any unclaimed soldiers left. They argue a bit over who gets him and seem to decide to share, and also note that he can’t complain if he gets “eaten” considering he came all the way back to Lescatie despite knowing it’s a mamono realm now. The demon assures him she’ll be gentle the first time.

It's then that Eristia appears in a flash, surprising and angering the monsters. She remarks that she has nothing to say to them. The demon seems ready to fight, but the devil (who calls her “onee-sama”) recognizes Eristia as an Order hero and reminds her they were ordered to retreat if she is encountered. The demon doesn’t like it but agrees, and so they flee, the devil giving an insulting “bleh!” at Eristia as they do.

Till now called “girl with the blue beret” she introduces herself to the boy soldier as Eristia Vitral. The boy seems to recognize her, but Eristia takes offense at his familiarity and demands his rank and name. He’s fifth squadron, Yuriy Karelstein, and apologizes, remarking that he thought she looked like an old friend of his. Eristia seems unsure of how to take this and moves on to explain that the recapture of Lescatie has failed, that the Exorcists (i.e. Koyoi) and the Mercenary Union sent in also failed. The duo proceeds to flee the city and return to the Order camp.


Back at the camp, an Order bishop thanks Eristia for her working “quelling insurgents at the border” and for the assistance with the retaking of Lescatie. Eristia apologizes for not being present when the city fell, and the bishop notes that with the recovery mission failed and no support from the capital the situation is dire. She then receives a new mission, based on a book of orders an enemy scout dropped and that the Order was able to retrieve. The orders concerned three subjects: surveillance of Order forces, support for monsters to abduct soldiers, and the last concerns information the monsters discovered in Order documents concerning an important relic. A relic the scouts are told to investigate.

The location is a few miles northeast of the camp, vast ruins within a forest and within the ruins sleeps the “Magic Sword of Truth.” According to legend, the sword has the power to bring about the wielder’s desired future. Eristia questions if that could really be true, but the bishop remarks that he is also uncertain, but if it is real they cannot let the monsters have it or it will be the end for the Order. On the other hand, if the Order were to gain the sword then they could “exterminate those hateful monsters” and retake Lescatie. Eristia is ordered to do this, and to show the world that she is a true hero unlike “those traitors who became monsters.”

Eristia prepares to leave, and it's at this point that you get to move her about for the first time. She advises it’d be a good idea to check on the morale of the camp, and thus you get to listen in or talk to various NPCs.

Listening in on the bishop’s tent you hear him bemoaning how the heroes have betrayed them, that Noscrim (presumably Wilmarina’s father) has disappeared, and that he “drew the short straw” in being charged with taking command of the recapture mission. He remarks that they’re all incompetent, while a Sister comforts him, worried about his health. We get a “…” from Eristia in response to what she overhears.

The first soldier you listen in on complains about how the bishop bathes himself in wine every night while they’re low on supplies and worries they won’t last much longer.

Another soldier remarks the monsters have made no further moves and are simply watching from afar. Yet another is naively hopeful that reinforcements from the capital will arrive soon.

The next notable soldier remarks that he had a lover who he promised his life to, but that since she was in Lescatie when it fell she is undoubtedly a monster girl now. He remarks “I know I should think as if she died” but finds it hard to accept.

The final soldiers you can interact with are a pair who are talking about rumors of deserters in the camp, that some of those who returned from the recovery mission left the camp at night and didn’t come back. The other remarks a watchmen saw monsters coming out to meet deserters. One of them then remarks that they are losing, and given how beautiful the monsters are perhaps it’d be easier to just let the monsters kill and eat them.

Their words anger Eristia, stating to herself that adversity should test one’s loyalty. If you talk to the soldiers directly they will fake support and the desire to fight to the bitter end.

With that done, we go to Eristia’s tent where we find Yuriy has become her squire. She informs him of the mission, and in turn, he relates rumors that the bishop is getting desperate because they are losing the war with the monsters. He wonders if the mission the bishop has called her to could be an enemy trap. Eristia can only reply that being a hero is her reason for living, and there is no room to question an order. Yuriy asks to come with her and she accepts. And so that morning the duo depart.

However, around that same time back in the throne room of Lescatie castle, Wilmarina reports to Druella concerning what is going on, her scouts having spied the duo heading to the ruins. Druella remarks with a “fufu” that she doesn’t think the Order will find what they’re looking for there. She then adds how that reminds her that Eristia is one of Wilmarina’s comrades and that the Order still has her, the last Hero of Lescatie that hasn’t fallen to the monsters. Wilmarina remarks that Eristia is hardheaded and especially loyal to the Order. She questions if it was really okay to let Eristia go instead of monsterizing her during the recapture mission, but Druella replies that she wanted to avoid needless casualties on both sides.

“Women will become monsters, men will become their husbands… so we had our soldiers avoid battle with her while we were ‘welcoming’ Koyoi.”

Knowing the ruins are important to Druella, Wilmarina volunteers to head out, but Druella tells her to leave the matter be and that she doesn’t want her to lose precious time with her beloved. Cue big heart speech bubble and thanks from Wilmarina.

Druella seems to have a good idea about what is really in the ruins, and in a singsong tone remarks that if she’s right then Eristia is going to be interesting to watch. That is when Lescatie’s last hero and what sleeps in the ruins meet, a beautifully lewd flower will bloom.

The ruin's entranceEdit

Our protagonists arrive at the ruins, and a voice echoes in Eristia’s mind, saying it has waited for her, for release. Eristia now knows something magical is there and heads in.

Entering the ruins we encounter a succubus, who notes it is unusual to see humans there and asks if the pair are eloping. With a heart bubble and a twirl, she offers to give them a lesson on making love. Eristia takes no notice of her words, and simply tells Yuriy to stay back while she prepares to attack her. The succubus is amused and a brief fight begins. Eristia blocks some kind of purple energy attack from the succubus with a golden sphere of magic and then strikes with her sword in the blink of an eye.

Eristia boasts she is more than a match for a succubus, and proceeds to rant a bit that if the attack on Lescatie had not been a surprise, if no one had betrayed them, etc. then they would never have lost. The succubus thinks better of continuing the fight and tries to retreat deeper into the ruins. Eristia, however, is not willing to let her go, swearing she will strike down enemies of the chief god. But as she runs to the large stairs in the center of the room, a huge magic circle surrounds her and she is rapidly drained of power, falling to her knees.

The succubus remarks that she doesn’t know what happened but decides to take advantage of it, but Yuriy gets in the way and drives her back. He says they should retreat, but Eristia stubbornly refuses and orders him to stand aside. The succubus then hits her with a blast of magic that immobilizes her and thus we get our first monsterization scene as the succubus teaches Eristia pleasure until she becomes a lesser succubus. It’s a rather amusing scene at the start as Eristia berates the succubus for not listening when she’s talking, and Yuriy just watches enraptured. Remarking on why Eristia is turned on by Yuriy watching her, the succubus says the following:

“You want to make him yours. To hold him. To fuck him. With all your heart and soul, rape him, love him!”

Then on the brink of Eristia’s climax, the succubus stops fondling her, remarking cheerfully that she said she wanted to stop. Frustrated, and egged on by the succubus remarking on how Yuriy has feelings for her and is enjoying the show, Eristia soon quietly asks the succubus to continue. She calls her a meanie when the succubus asks her to speak up. The succubus teaches her about what parts feel good, how to touch them and what they are called, and Eristia asks to become a monster when she is told the pleasure will be even greater in a transformed body.

One orgasm later and Eristia is a lesser succubus. She remarks that Yuriy looks delicious, and mounts him. The succubus eggs her on, providing advice and commentary that tells a bit about how monsters view sex with their lover (in addition to it being like eating for them).

“Fufufu, isn’t it great? Being linked deep inside you, body and soul, with the one you love. That’s the highest form of happiness for us monsters.”

But as the scene ends, we return to Eristia on the magic circle and facing the succubus. Eristia realizes everything she just experienced past the depowering didn’t really happen. The succubus makes a painful pun as she watches them:

“If you won’t come to me I’ll CUM to you!”

The duo fakes her out by first running to the exit, and when she moves to block them they turn and run further into the ruins. The succubus is left quite miffed, asking if a hero of justice should do such a trick.

Having escaped the succubus, Eristia explains to Yuriy her current condition, that she’s been left even weaker than a normal human now. She believes it’s the work of some sort of curse. Eristia decides to still try to get the sword, planning to use it to lift the curse. Yuriy is aghast, knowing there are likely to be more monsters between them and the sword than there are between them and the exit. However, Eristia insists that if she loses her powers as a hero then she loses her reason for existing as well.

“If not for them… a ‘product of sin’ like me has no reason to live.”

Even now though, Eristia muses that the words the succubus said in the daydream still resonate with her, she can’t forget them, especially the parts about being in love with Yuriy.

The voice speaks again in her mind, saying the seed has been sown and the qualifications are now in Eristia’s hands. Eristia takes it as permission to keep going.

Nectar and keysEdit

Moving into a bright, sunny, verdant area of the ruins, the duo spook a trio of honey bees that were at a large flower, a flower big enough to fit a person in. The bees drop their honeypot and Yuriy wonders if they’ll be okay without it, Eristia reprimanding him for showing monsters sympathy.

However, sympathy proves to be the way forward as the duo encounters the honey bees blocking the way as one fret over the dropped honey pot and notes they haven’t gathered enough nectar. They consider the human soldiers scary, and so are hesitant to go back, but also consider Yuriy cute and know they could safely take him if they ganged up on him.

Eristia knows they lack the power to fight their way through, and so Yuriy suggests they try a peaceful method, like filling the pot with nectar and giving it to the bees. Eristia doesn’t like the idea of helping monsters but she has no better ideas either.

And so we go back and obtain the honey bee’s pot. Next Eristia dips it into the nectar-filled flower, only for a massive burst of pollen to surround her. It knocks her and Yuriy out, and she awakens apparently submerged in a pool of nectar, restrained by vines but able to breathe. A deep sense of not wanting to leave fills her, making her feel more relaxed than she can remember being in a long time, and wonders if this is what it would feel like if her mother was alive and held her. She then begins remembering a happy time and wonders how she could have forgotten it. She remembers “they stole it”, told her to forget it even though it was so important to her, and that she needs to get it back. She begins talking to the plant she is within, it apparently telling her it will help her, and she remarks how tough it must be for the plant to have been born without half of itself. Thus she takes root and quietly monsterizes.

It turns out the flower was a rare alraune mutation, one born without the humanoid portion and desiring a woman to complete it.

Yuriy awakens inside the flower of alraune Eristia, and the sex scene plays out in the typical “let’s do this forever” way of a person who was only recently monsterized.

Leaving the graphic dream, Eristia wonders what the important thing she remembered during the dream was, but can’t recall it. We leave the flower, which it seems may or may not actually be a mutated alraune.

Eristia decides to be the one to confront the bees, knowing they would likely try to rape or seduce Yuriy and that they are scared of her. The transaction goes smoothly, the honey bee thanking Eristia and warning her the ruins aren’t safe for humans to be walking around in.

As Yuriy remarks how happy he is that no blood was shed, Eristia ponders how she was always taught to fight the monsters, that she’d never thought of talking with them.

In typical RPG fashion, our duo next comes upon a locked door that needs two keys to open it. They can go left or right from here, let’s go right first.

They come upon a lovely farmhouse, and upon entering it are welcomed by a holstaur housewife who is excited to have visitors. She wonders if they have business with her “darling” and notes that he’s out at the moment. Eristia questions who this “darling” is and is informed he used to live in Lescatie, but since he couldn’t live with the holstaur there they moved here.

Eristia fumes about how it’s a sin to run off and live with a monster, but Yuriy cautions her to stay calm. She asks the holstaur about the locked door and where to find the keys. The holstaur remarks that her darling has one key, and goes to fetch it from him, offering our duo some milk while they wait.

Eristia and Yuriy talk a bit about how non-hostile the holstaur seemed, that she appeared to just want to live peacefully with her lover. Yuriy questions if there is really a need to exterminate monsters like her and Eristia answers that it’s the will of the chief god. Yuriy in turns asks if Eristia herself thinks like that though, and Eristia reiterates that it doesn’t matter, and that there is no room for questioning such things.

Examining the holstaur milk, Eristia notes it was banned in Lescatie. Yuriy relates that he’s heard holstaur milk isn’t any more dangerous than normal milk, and so they try it and love it.

Of course, this is not normal holstaur milk but extra thick holstaur milk. Eristia proceeds to start monsterizing into a holstaur, her shirt splitting open as her already ample breasts grow and ache. Eristia goes a bit crazy, mooing as the orgasmic pleasure she feels from fondling them to relieve the tightness results in her milking herself and completing the monsterization.

So now its time for extended paizuri, as she and Yuriy cum repeatedly, Eristia noting that the feel of squeezing his penis with her breasts feels even better for her than just touching them herself. Yuriy gets a sweatdrop as Eristia goes on about doing this forever.

The daydream ends and, of course, in truth, the milk was ordinary holstaur milk. The holstaur returns with the key and wishes them well. Eristia hesitates but ends up thanking her.

If you turn back to the farmhouse, it is noted that Eristia hears the holstaur and her husband having a pleasant chat (rather than the sex one might expect).

Now it's time for the second key, obtained by looking in a room on the left path. It seems easy, but then the floor collapses and Eristia falls in. She comes to and realizes she has landed on a parasite slime. Time for another monsterization sequence.

One funny part during the sequence is slime carrier Eristia questioning if the parasite slime is raping her or if she is raping it, though the slime then communicates that since they are a merged being now it doesn’t really matter. Then its time to rape Yuriy as he climbs down a rope to rescue her.

In truth, there was no slime, and the hole wasn’t all that deep, Yuriy managing to pull Eristia back up to the surface on his own. She thanks him and noting how she still feels weak asks for his support, yet as he touches her shoulder she is shocked at the pleasure that rushes through her. She notes it’s the same sort of pleasure she feels in the daydreams, and while its not as strong (since she is human still), it is special because it is real. She realizes her body is longing to feel more of that pleasure.

Flashbacks and journalsEdit

With the sun now setting, we enter the locked chamber and come upon an old room that someone clearly once lived in. They decide to stay there for the night and take turns keeping watch.

In a dream sequence, Eristia thinks back to near the start of the game. Before finding and fleeing with Yuriy, she had confronted Wilmarina and they talked a bit about their opposing viewpoints. Eristia says that heroes only exist to serve the chief god and the Order. Wilmarina counters by asking if serving them has ever made her truly happy, arguing that all the Order really wanted behind their flowery words were loyal, self-sacrificing puppets. Druella, on the other hand, made her realize the true desires she had suppressed, to love and be loved by one certain man. She notes the fantastic monster body is quite the boon too. Eristia doesn’t understand how love could be enough motivation to betray the Order, and Wilmarina replies that she’ll understand soon enough, and leaves.

Yuriy, of course, didn’t switch with her and in the end, fell asleep on watch, but only because he wanted to let Eristia sleep longer. She notes she should be angry with him over disobeying her orders but is touched by his kindness.

We can now explore the room and get some backstory on what is going on. Start with the journal on the left.

The room seems belonged to someone who identifies herself only as Lescatie’s court magician, who left her post to try to find a place where she could research a way to heal her sickly body. The ruins proved ideal, full of clean air and water that she hoped would reduce attacks from her illness compared to the city.

Each journal entry has a month and day designated, such as “Month of Verdure, 5th day.”

The magician notes that the land is not a monster realm yet, but the ruins are still full of monsters. At first wary of her, they soon started approaching her, but she kept them at bay with her magic. She recognizes they are not man-eaters, and in fact very friendly, but she has a problem with their “actions” (implied later to be them teasing her about sexual matters).

The second journal starts on “Month of Long Rain, 20th day” and the magician states she has begun talking with the monsters, as well as teaching them to read and write. She also stopped their “misconduct” and they’ve been a big help to her in gathering food. They also help her move her things and search the ruins. She can’t help but be impressed at how much energy they have compared to her constantly sickly body. But if she admitted that, she knows they would offer to turn her into a monster too, and so she refrains.

She starts researching monster mana to see if she can find a way to obtain the “strengthened body, increase in energy” effects without the destruction and change in her own mana. Some monsters are helping her, but she still lacks enough data. She remarks she is going to negotiate with “that bad-faced peddler” (later revealed to be a tanuki) for a sample from a high-ranking monster.

You can backtrack by the way to earlier areas, but as far as I am aware there are no new scenes or dialog.

Underground waterwayEdit

The duo move on to an underground waterway lit by torches. The voice in her mind tells Eristia to continue without fear so that she can take back the true wish in her heart.

You can now go in three directions again (though not the center path, it won’t open until you take the other two), we’ll start with the left path. After lighting various torches to get through a large series of corridors, you enter another room, pitch black. Eristia suddenly finds herself alone, or rather, alone with a dark slime.

It's funny to note that Eristia’s reactions to being ravished by monsters tend to start with her just acting annoyed, complete with speech bubbles of a throbbing vein or an angry storm of scribbles.

As she’s getting mentally “melted” Eristia tries to recall why she became an Order hero, and remembers that “he” encouraged her, noting it's not something just anyone can become and that it was a great thing. But the results of becoming a hero were difficult for her to handle.

The dark slime notes that humans think too much, that they “make these weird shells and wear them.” Much of her dialog is contrasting soft and happy vs. hard and unhappy things. She offers to turn her into a slime so that she can envelop a man with her whole body, and always have a melty mind full of happiness. Eristia of course accepts. She becomes a slime core, and the dark slime remarks she should make herself the best body and go meet the one she likes.

Dark slime Eristia soon locates Yuriy and pounces on him from the ceiling. Gooey sex ensues. Yuriy notes her insides swirl as well as squeeze around him. Like all her transformations, dark slime Eristia retains some version of her hat (this one formed out of her slime body) as visual proof she is still the same person underneath.

Returning to reality, Yuriy knows something is going on with Eristia but she refuses to tell him about the daydreams. His concern for her motivates feelings of wanting to jump on his back, push down and ravish him, but she dismisses the urge. As they return to where the paths split, a purple flame now lights one of the torches in front of the locked door. Now we will take the right path.

This time the duo comes upon a golden magic circle surrounded by non-monster girl gargoyle statues. Eristia hopes the circle isn’t like the one that depowered her, but she has no choice but to step in it to continue on. The circle turns out to be portal magic and teleports the duo to separate chambers. Yuriy surmises they were split up to solve a puzzle, and so they decide to explore separately.

Eristia heads on and solves a simple puzzle of pressing four pressure panels down to open a path to yet another chamber. Said chamber appears to be a dead end, and Eristia is subsequently ambushed from behind by a mindflayer. Cue next lewd sequence, one that even the game notes isn’t for everyone.

Of note, Eristia doesn’t know what the mindflayer is but notices she is different from a scylla or kraken.

As the mindflayer digs around in Eristia’s mind, she notes who she is and why she has come to the ruins, but also notes that “someone else” has already messed with her mind and buried important memories. A bit more digging and she realizes that actually, Eristia herself buried the memories in her subconscious. The mindflayer condemns the “human countries” for what they made Eristia into, and declares she will free her feelings.

The mindflayer refers to the pleasure she is giving Eristia as being inhuman pleasure representative of “our world, in the depths where light doesn’t reach” (presumably talking about the abyssal monsters the mindflayers serve, the underground lands the mindflayers live in).

Eristia cums, and I mean cums. The mindflayer outright calls it “soul searing” pleasure that she has etched into her mind.

As is their way, the mindflayer lets Eristia go while she is still human, though now exceedingly pliant and silly mentally. She tells her she can’t let Yuriy know yet, and to come back to her the next day for more lessons in pleasure. This goes on for a few days, the mindflayer eventually concluding that its as if Eristia was born to become a monster girl.

Eristia remarks that Yuriy has noticed changes in her, but just thinks the heavy breathing and flushed face are due to a cold. The mindflayer remarks he’s really dense, but that it’s a good thing he is concerned for her.

At this point the mindlayer offers to make Eristia into a mindflayer, so she can sip on Yuriy’s mind and teach him “how men of our race should be.” Eristia eagerly accepts.

“Now go and make him yours, Eristia. Show me your bottomless love, appropriate for us deep ones.”

Mindflayer Eristia chases Yuriy down and explains how the mindflayer helped her remember him. Rape ensues.

Let me just note that Yuriy is seriously ripped, his abs being readily apparent in a lot of the sex scenes. You’d think he’d be another scrawny Luka clone but not quite.

Cue ear rape along with the regular rape, and eventually Eristia links their senses so they can both feel all the pleasure the other is feeling along with their own, making it all even more overwhelming. She says she’ll make sure Yuriy never thinks anything bad again.

In the aftermath, Yuriy becomes a squid whenever they are not alone together, with Eristia saying again and again about how their coupling will go on forever, and so ends probably the most disturbing of the daydream monsterizations.

Back in reality, Eristia lampshades that dream was more raw and perverted than the other ones. Not to mention the fantasy experience lasted for several days in her mind despite clearly little time passing in reality.

Rejecting the idea of enjoying having her mind played with, Eristia does take to heart that again the daydream revealed she has important memories she can’t quite recall.

Meeting back with Yuriy in the main chamber (he was able to solve his end of the puzzle once Eristia solved hers), the second torch, this one pink, has been lit up, opening the way forward.

A deeper perspective on monsterizationEdit

The next chamber features a large sword on a pedestal, a statue of an angelic being behind it (we later learn these statues are meant to represent the chief god) and gargoyle statues to the sides and in front of it. Believing it’s the Magic Sword of Truth, Eristia takes it in hand and triumphant music plays.

And then the music cuts off. Eristia is overcome with the urge to cut and rape, and soon attacks Yuriy after her “I’m a sword for the Chief God” mantra gets twisted into “I’m a sword”. Yuriy realizes he is not bleeding, but he still rapidly loses strength, and Eristia (the sword’s organic armor having already covered her arm and one of her eyes having turned red) revels in how good it felt to cut him. Yuriy questions why she is doing this.

“Because I’m a sword, I exist to cut.”

She desires to cut him more, noting how the pleasure builds for both her and him each time his energy flows out and into her. Now looking close to the profile cursed sword in armor coverage, she sits on his face, muffling Yuriy’s words with her vagina. She explains the sword told her that whatever she cuts is her prize to violate as she pleases, and that Yuriy is the only one who can fix the heated throbbing in her body. She apologizes, then tells him to start licking and sucking. Yuriy does so, reveling in her taste and Eristia in the dominance she feels. A pleasurable time is had.

“Now as a reward for trying so hard... I’m gonna rape you now.”

Time for part two of this sequence. Taking place a few days later, Yuriy asks Eris (that is what he calls her when he is able to be casual) as they are walking along what is wrong, as she sweetly asks him if they can have sex.

Yuriy notes they’ve been doing it every day but that there’s no helping it. It’s necessary to help keep Eris calm. She’s now a full cursed sword, the armor covering both sides of her body, both eyes red. The sword itself is retracted into gauntlet form, represented by her right arm looking noticeably larger and thicker. Yuriy states that when she became so scary looking, he didn’t know what to do, but even as she still mounts him in dominating cowgirl style, he notes the following:

“When we’re like this, you’re so calm, but still inquisitive and curious. You remind me of ‘you’ back then.”

Eristia replies:

“Yeah, it’s probably… becoming one with the sword made me go back to the way I should be.”

Eristia declares she should devote herself to him instead of the Order, that she is his sword and he is her scabbard. Yuriy notes that physically it should be the other way around. They laugh a bit and sex ensues, Eris passionately bucking atop him while he thrusts up. More sweet, romantic, surprisingly vanilla sex talk ensues (with of course references to how inhumanly good it feels for both of them, of note Yuriy says he feels like he’s about to cum right away every time he enters her, and Eris notes the feeling of him entering is incredible no matter how many times they do it).

And so ends perhaps my personal favorite of the sex scenes with one of my favorite monsters, a scene whose focus on how Eris acts once she has had time to adjust to monsterization really draws a contrast with her sex-crazed initial behavior.

Also of note, Cursed Sword Eristia’s profile specifies the organic armor that grows from her body is “chitinous, membranous tissue.”

The truth about Eristia's pastEdit

Now, however, instead of returning to the real world as the daydream ends, we instead enter a dream sequence/memory sequence. Eristia thinks she may recognize the somewhat dilapidated room full of beds she finds herself in and decides to look around a bit.

She comes upon two nuns/sisters discussing “Eris-chan.” They remark she is having a hard time. The Vitral house is coming to pick her up soon, despite having long abandoned her to the orphanage because “the daughter of a mistress is bad for their reputation.” The sisters note they can’t do anything about it, as the Order has decreed the move. They send a young Yuriy to find her, knowing he is her closest friend.

Eristia wonders how she could have forgotten all this. Going to the sisters, she has good things to say about both of them and how they cared for her when she was growing up.

Entering the next room, a young Yuriy is seen confronting a young Eristia. Here we learn that Eristia heard the chief god’s voice, which meant she had the potential to become a hero (and thus her family decided to take her back for the clout they would gain). Yuriy tries to encourage her, hopefully noting the chief god must be acknowledging her for who she is, how hard she works to study the Order teachings and how much she cares. He pretty much gushes in admiration to lift her spirits, saying the things Eristia first remembered back in an earlier daydream sequence. She expresses hope that when she becomes a hero, she and Yuriy can – the sequence ends before her words are finished, but it's clear its a promise about them being together.

Cue ominous latin chanting.

Eristia is admonished to “forget about that stupid promise” by an Order bishop (a different one from the one at the start of the game, this one identified as “Theocracy Bishop”). Eristia asks why.

“Don’t you see, the compassionate chief god has given you a chance. You need to repay that kindness.”

Eristia agrees with this, but then he goes on:

“That is why you must cast away your filthy life up until now. You mustn’t be selfish. That would make you use your sublime duty not for the chief god or the Order, but for your own gains. And you must not doubt. That would mean your faith and devotion in the chief god and the Order was incomplete. You’ve been given a chance to be cleansed and reborn. Unselfish service and devotion will make you a true hero. That is what the chief god wants. Without that, your life means nothing. You’re just the child of an affair. Your birth itself is the ‘product of sin.’”

Eristia is shocked, but manages to mumble a “yes.”

A young Wilmarina enters the room to fetch the bishop for a meal and it’s revealed the bishop is her father. She asks about Eristia and he replies that it’s nothing to be concerned with, that she lives in a different world, just like “that servant’s child” (i.e. the boy Wilmarina loved).

Young Eristia is left wondering if it was all a lie, asking if the chief god ever looked at her for who she was. She doesn’t want to forget him, but she promised Yuriy she’d become a good hero, and so she decides to devote herself to that promise if it’s the only one she can keep.

We find that current Eristia and Yuriy are both watching this scene. Eristia remarks that what they just saw is the reason she stopped thinking, and just fought whatever the Order pointed her at and called an enemy.

For his part, Yuriy feels great guilt that his words to her back then only ended up hurting her. He calls her Eris again.

It is then that another voice speaks. The one that had only spoken to Eris until now.

“Children like you couldn’t have known. How dirty the world is, or your futures. If I had to call it something… it was bad luck. Just that.”

The voice remarks that thanks to the leftover magic of the cursed sword, they’ve finally properly connected and it can speak freely to them. It tells them to find the truth of their heart’s desires, to continue deeper into the ruins.

Back in the real world, Eris confirms she will continue on. She can no longer go back to being an “empty” hero, nor does she want to. Yuriy declares he’ll be her squire no matter what happens. He explains the reason he became a soldier was so heroes like her wouldn’t have to be alone on the frontlines.

The cursed sword is now gone, so perhaps it had been picked up long ago, but leftover magic was left on the pedestal in its shape? Just my speculation there.

The ruins and the magicianEdit

The next room contains four journals to read. Time for more backstory! Let’s start with the left.

It’s the “Month of Fevered Heat.” The magician notes the ruins are starting to look like a city, except that she’s the only human there. The monsters have mostly stopped teasing her, and she’s amazed at how harmonious things are compared to the squabbles and merit stealing in Lescatie. She can even say she is happy there. She is concerned though at their proximity to Lescatie, and the harm that could come to the monsters and herself if their presence is noticed.

The next entry notes her fears came true and the Order attacked the ruins. A hero was among them, his sheer power forcing the monsters to be on the defensive. They prioritized slowing down the attackers and rescuing the wounded. But they knew there was no way for them to hold out against his power.

However, as he stepped deeper into the ruins, he encountered the same magic circle that would strip Eris of her powers many years later. Panicking, the Order took him and fled. The monsters celebrated, but the magician was disturbed. She knows these ruins were built by humans, and are religious ruins at that. Why would the Order build something to take a hero’s power?

Next journal, time is the “Month of Cool Breezes.” Repairs from the Order’s attack have been completed, and she and the monsters are continuing their research. The magician has learned that the ruins were built to store the Order’s “disgraces” (and presumably eventually forgotten about by most), and that its ironic that so many monsters live there now.

“The Curse of Reversed Blessing” is the name of the mechanism that strips a hero of their power. It works by reversing the blessing of the chief god. It was built as a way to deal with rebellious heroes. That said, the effect will only work once or twice more at this point, and the magician has no idea how to recreate the mechanism. She wants to figure some other way to protect her precious friends and herself from the Order.

Sometime later the ruins get a visitor that scares the magician out of her wits. She’s had tanuki merchants send requests on her behalf to meet with high ranking monsters, but she never expected an actual princess of the mamono realms, a lilim, to show up. She describes the lilim as sinister, beautiful, and charismatic. The lilim explained that she had heard about the community the magician had built in the ruins and after the Order’s attack she moved up her plans to visit.

The magician took the opportunity to ask for the lilim to help protect their community, and they chatted for some time. She was surprised at the lilim’s deep wisdom and was quite intellectually stimulated.

Next journal, time is “Month of Falling Leaves.” The magician notes it’s been some time since the lilim, Druella, began visiting the ruins. However, this time, after their usual debates and chats, Druella asked her “why don’t you become a monster?”

The magician notes that her illness is what motivated this question, and then states that after living among the monsters for so long she doesn’t see them as any different from humans in any meaningful way.

Even so, she refused. As a researcher she didn’t want to become a monster simply because it was suggested as a solution, she wanted to find the best solution herself.

Druella smiled, saying she expected that answer, and handed her a sword. This sword was infused with Druella’s own powers, and thus the natures of all monsters. It would be useful for her research.

After her first time using the sword’s powers, the magician can only note it was amazing.

Moving to the final journal, we find it’s from “Month of the First Snow.” The magician notes she hasn’t written in the journal in a while. As someone unaccustomed to sexuality, she’d gotten pretty engrossed in experimenting with the sword. She goes as far as to say she wasted her life not knowing such pleasures. Even so, she still has no wish to rush to a conclusion and will continue to thoroughly research until she finds her ideal monster transformation.

Then, in the final entry, at last, she reaches an answer she can be proud and confident in (though we sadly aren’t told just what type of monster she decided to become). As for her research in the ruins, it’s finished, as she hasn’t been able to find anything else to study, so its time for her and many of the monsters to move on and think of what to do next.

“Tonight I’ll use the power of that ‘sword’ to stop being human. I won’t have to suffer through disease anymore. But saying that, I won’t stop being me. When I’m better, I want to travel the world. There are so many things I want to see and touch. And I want to find someone to travel with me. While thanking my companions, and the friend who gave me this chance, I’ll end this diary here. May all our futures be happy.”

A final trio of visionsEdit

Now we are close to the end, a huge chamber with multiple portals to move through to eventually unlock the final gateway. You can go over to said final portal, but it won’t activate. Eris remarks that the voice is putting on airs right to the end, but she doesn’t mind if she gets to experience more monsterizations. Let’s start on the left.

We enter a glowing red chamber that appears to be a sanctuary dedicated to the fallen god. The statue representing her is made to resemble those made of the chief god, but Eris notes her expression and facial features are noticeably lewd.

There are various tablet inscriptions around the room, and you must fill them in with words offered that befit the teachings of the fallen god. “Always accept love,” “always drown in pleasure,” etc. If you carve in the wrong choice, the words will fade away and you have to try again. Once done, Eristia must repeat these scriptures to the statue of the fallen god.

Yuriy questions if its really okay, considering Eristia is a hero of the chief god, to say the scriptures of the fallen god. Eristia knows it’s the only way to move forward though, and she reasons it's unlikely the chief god would take any action against her after the god abandoned Lescatie.

As she repeats the scriptures, Eris explains how they apply to monster virtues and ways of thinking. The voice of the fallen god communicates with Eristia, enabling her to continue to speak lines that were not among the tablets. And of course, she begins turning into a dark priest. Eris fellates Yuriy, the fallen god egging her on and teaching her what to do. Be careful of her teeth, where to suck and lick, etc. Yuriy cums and now its time for sex with dark priest Eristia. After this, the two go to Pandemonium (we don’t get to see what it looks like). Her dark priest profile explains Pandemonium’s eternal state enables pleasures that can’t be experienced in the transient world.

Eris leaves the dream feeling a bit disappointed that none of it was real, and we continue to the next portal. It a simple pressure panel puzzle that ends with unlocking a room with a large stone in the middle of it. While Yuriy leaves to see if anything else was unlocked, Eris decides the rock is suspicious and decides to touch it all over to see if she can find out anything. Yet as soon as she touches it the rock breaks apart in a flash of golden light.

With a “kufufu” a kitsune-bi emerges in its place, explaining she had been trapped within the stone for many years by those who shunned her and that Eris had freed her. She explains she was born from a certain well-known youko, and is surprisingly strong on her own. As a reward for freeing her, she decides to merge with Eris and show her out of this world pleasure.

Now a kitsune-tsuki, Eristia masturbates as she enjoys the intense pleasures her now monstrous body can experience, the kitsune-tsuki egging her on in her mind. She’s taught the standard protocol for fox monsters.

“Your tongue is for disarming and serving man. Your body is for seducing and drowning man. So use them well.”

The kitsune-tsuki refers to those who ordered Eristia to forget her love as “boorish trash” and speaks rather eloquently of monster girl virtues.

One orgasm later, and Eris has become a nine-tailed youko! The kitsune-bi congratulates her from within her body, and Eris revels in the power and freedom she feels. The kitsune-bi remarks she’ll continue to experience pleasure too from within her.

Yuriy comes back and Eris rapidly seduces him.

“Just hearing my voice melts your ears. Just smelling me makes you dazed. Just seeing my body makes you unable to look away.”

“Ye...ah… my head is just full of you, Eris…”

We get a reference to the whole “woman charming enough to ruin an entire country” fox trope now applying to Eris, and she tells Yuriy to just drown in her. Sex ensues in a sitting position, with Eris’ legs locked around him as she bucks up and down. She explains that the more they have sex the more her body will remember his shape and the pleasure they both feel will increase.

Back to reality, Eris tries to claim nothing went on in her mind but Yuriy seems doubtful. Eris herself is really enjoying things.

On to the third portal, we find an inscription that’s clearly Wonderland related. “Upon the red carpet, insanity is sanity, sanity is insanity. If you wish to walk, you must embrace your own insanity.” What this translates to in-game is that once on the red carpet your controls will be altered, right arrow will become down, up arrow will become right, etc. Not difficult, since there is no time limit.

We finish the path and in a flash of white light we find ourselves in a forest clearing, giant mushrooms surround us and there is a huge table in the middle of the clearing. Four monsters are there, attending a tea party.

The alice questions where the duo came from. The march hare thinks they are eloping. The dormouse is sleeping. The mad hatter calmly welcomes them.

Eristia mutters that there is no helping it, and they join the tea party. They talk a bit, the march hare twice turning Yuriy’s words into lewd things, which Eristia finds quite funny. The mad hatter suggests milk tea, the milk being the kind Eristia can get out of Yuriy. If you know anything about MGE Wonderland you can see where this is going. Handjob time.

March hare: “Waah, how luxurious! Richly mild royal dick milk tea!”

Yuriy is thoroughly confused at the insane ramblings, and the mad hatter assures him he’s just not used yet to how things work there. Eristia though is fitting in just fine.

Yuriy cums, and Eris transforms into a Cheshire cat. The mad hatter remarks that this is great, since their local Cheshire recently retired as a guide, Eristia would make a great replacement.

Yuriy “spilled” the tea when he came, so Cheshire Eristia decides to do a punishment game where she mounts him and he’s not allowed to cum until she says so. In practice though, she just eggs him on until he admits he wants to cum inside her.

The mad hatter remarks that Eristia seems to have retired on her first day, the march hare saying she’s forever employed by her boyfriend’s dick. The alice says she doesn’t get it, but that they seem happy. The dormouse is still asleep.

Of note, Cheshire Eristia is drawn without shoes, and her feet are paws like a normal werecat. This suggests there is some magic transformation going on with the regular Cheshire shoes as paws shouldn’t be able to fit in those shoes.

We’re back in reality, and Yuriy notes that from his perspective it felt like they went into the portal and then came right back out, but surmises that Eris was shown another illusion. He tells her that they can head back if it becomes too much, but Eris is clearly enjoying herself.

The Magic Sword of TruthEdit

The final magic circle has activated, and we can progress to the finale. At the end of a hallway is a large door, and the standard “you can’t go back if you go further than this” game warning.

Entering the final chamber, we see a large glowing pink magic circle with the Magic Sword of Truth stuck inside a pillar in its center. Yuriy questions if the Order really wanted such a sword, and the sword replies with a laugh and to Yuriy’s shock that it doesn’t think it could do what the Order wanted regardless.

And indeed, the sword was the one talking to Eris the whole time. The sword introduces itself as “The Magic Sword Derkleim” and it explains how a lilim gave it to a friend of hers. One can think of it as a shade of that lilim, possessing the sword.

Calling them both by name, it explains how, ever since they entered the ruins it could feel Eris’ heart, chained up and struggling for help. Thanks to Eris losing her protection and power as a hero, the sword was able to directly touch her heart and learn all about her, in addition to Yuriy.

The sword explains it has two roles. First is to show its wielder the truth, the thing they wish for from the very bottom of their heart. The second is to grant that wish, and bring about the best future, from “our” perspective (“our” being the lilim’s, or perhaps monsters in general, or perhaps the perspective of the sword and its wielder, I’m not sure what is meant here).

The sword explains further:

“So I showed her visions. Long ago monsters gathered here around one human. Ones that lived here one day, and the ones that are still here. By borrowing their powers… they weren’t just dreams, they were possibilities. Something that could have really happened, or something that really did happen. And I brought it out. The truth that was buried in the depths of her heart. So that she could let her lust out, and face it.”

Eris thanks the sword, saying that because of it she has reclaimed herself, and something precious she had lost long ago. And now she wants Derkleim to grant her wish.

She then laughs in excitement that this time it won’t be a dream, it will finally be real. She can’t bear to wait any longer after being “teased” so much.

Yuriy is concerned a bit as he understands what is about to happen, but Eris tells him not to worry.

“Just like the Order couldn’t completely erase my feelings for you… I’ll still be me. Even if I’m not human anymore.”

She continues on.

“And you know what? Now, I understand her… I can understand Wilmarina’s feelings painfully well. No matter how much other people thought she was blessed, that she had everything and could do anything… it was just because she couldn’t have the one thing she wanted from the bottom of her heart. Everything else was to fill the void.”

“So I want to change. Not for the Order, or for the chief god… I want a life I choose for myself. Yuriy, I want you to watch me, closest to me, until the end.”

Yuriy affirms that this is her genuine wish, and silently agrees.

Eristia then seals her pact with Derkleim. It wraps her body in darkness and Eristia can’t move a bit. However, she notes the darkness is warm and holds no malice in it, that she can feel how it cares for her. Derkleim tells her to remember what she has learned since coming to the ruins, and thus we are treated to images of the various dream monsterizations and what Eris learned from them, both of the pleasures she can’t have with a human body, and of the love that the dreams helped her remember and that she will keep no matter what happens.

“Now answer, Eristia Vitral. What is your wish, from the bottom of your heart?”

“My wish… my wish is to become a monster! I want a succubus’ body, so I can take my beloved’s desire, and drown in pleasure myself… like that girl (Wilmarina). So change me! Into a succubus so lewd, he’ll be my prisoner and drown in me, and never be able to let me go again.”

Derkleim grants the wish with all its strength, and the darkness morphs Eris’ form, then slides off of her pristine red-winged succubus body.

“This is the true me. Free of all the fetters that chained me down.”

“The real Eris” Yuriy states.

Seconds later he is immobilized by Eris’ beauty. He thinks to himself that while the situation isn’t how either of them imagined it would be, this is still what they always wanted.

So time for the “real” sex scene. They revel in the taste of their first kiss, Eris noting that their saliva is like the finest nectar and she can’t believe anything so delicious can actually exist.

Succubus Eristia mounts him, and (perhaps surprisingly) asks if she can put it in. Yuriy assents and the scene continues. We get the whole “virgin bleeding” trope but quickly move past it as her succubus body recovers quickly. In a touching gesture, Yuriy promises to be with her forever. We then get some more sweet banter between them before the sex really starts, Yuriy saying she can do whatever she wants to him.

As she rides him, Eristia is amazed that the sex feels completely different from in the dreams, indeed it feels incredibly better. She soon realizes why.

“Ah… I see… It's not like a monster girl losing herself to lust and raping a human boy they like… we both want each other, heart and body, and we’re melting and becoming one… that’s why it's so good.”

Yuriy replies:

“M-me too. Inside of you is warm, and its twisting around me… it’s amazing.”

They cum in unison, and then continue for more rounds and in different positions, losing themselves to the pleasure. Next Yuriy is taking her from behind, her tail wrapped around his leg. They’ve been taking breaks to rest before starting another round, and Eristia has lost track of how many times they’ve had sex at this point, but that she learns something new each time about how to make him and herself feel even better.

They reaffirm their love for each other and cum together once more. The lovemaking at last reaching a conclusion.

“I won’t let you go anymore… we’ll always be together… right, Yuriy?”

Its notable that her profile explains that because Eristia was monsterized by a sword bearing Druella's power, she is considered of the same sort as monsters Druella monsterized herself (hence the eye decorations on her clothes).

The true endingEdit

But the game isn’t quite over yet. We find ourselves back in the bishop’s tent at the Order camp. Eristia is confronting him. He says some cliché things about how the chief god will win in the end, and Eristia remarks that he’s so incompetent that she’s gone past anger and into pity for him. She admits that back when she was human people probably thought she was awkward and stubborn too, a remark that hits a nerve with the bishop.

The rest of the camp has already been taken by the monsters, and Eris remarks the bishop should give up and enjoy himself. The Order sister (her name is Natasha) from the start of the game comes in, telling him that it’s the same thing as what she and he were already doing all the time anyway. She’s now a succubus herself, transformed and taught pleasure by Eristia’s own hand. She remarks the bishop should take responsibility for Natasha’s feelings since he came onto her first. She then leaves Natasha to her “meal.”

Eristia thinks to herself that in a world as pleasure and love-focused as monster society is, the violent conflicts that plague humanity can finally come to an end.

With that issue taken care of, Eristia and Yuriy go to say goodbye to the succubus and holstaur they met in the ruins, explaining they are returning to Lescatie to see about making a home there. The holstaur cries a bit and asks them to remember to write them letters. The succubus twirls around excitedly and says they can come back any time, that there are still tons of positions and techniques she can lecture them on.

Back in Lescatie we see its not a nonstop orgy, rather it’s a rather normal looking city, the soldiers from the start of the game now happily walking about with their wives. Eris and Yuriy meet up with the demon and devil from the start of the game as well, the devil surprised to see they have already become an incubus and succubus. Eris apologizes for her former behavior, explaining she didn’t know anything about monsters back then. The demon remarks not to worry about it, that they’re tough and even if there were misunderstandings and arguments, they understand each other now.

“That’s right,” the devil remarks. “Even if onee-sama loses a few times, as long as she finds a good man, it's all good.”

The demon takes considerable offense, demanding repeatedly that the devil stop pointing out her marital status.

Eris, the devil and Yuriy all sweatdrop.

Next, Eris meets with Druella in the throne room, who is happy to see everything turned out well.

“Living with monsters as a human, understanding them, and finally finding her own path… those ruins are where my memories with that friend lie. That the sword I gave her to help would come to help you, wondering about your purpose… fate is an interesting thing."

Eristia remarks that from the sword she could feel Druella’s deep love and noble ideals, and thanks her, crediting her with freeing her from being a pawn of the Order and from knowing nothing. Eristia, in turn, agrees to help Druella in the future should she call for her aid.

Back in the hallway Wilmarina gives a “I told you so” (paraphrased) and Eristia remarks that Wilmarina always did seem to beat her to things easily. But then she claims she won’t let her beat her in love, grabbing Yuriy and kissing him, talking about how much he loves her. Wilmarina counters that her husband “can love all 9 of us without going soft.”

“… really?” Eris asks in disbelief. When Wilmarina affirms it, Eris proceeds to tell Yuriy they are going to have 9 times as much sex from now on., Yuriy replying that they shouldn’t compete.

Next, as our duo walks down the hall that meet up with the “lilim with the white hat” (i.e. Mari, the fan-made lilim by the artist Maritan). She’s an artist and adventurer and had dropped by to visit her big sister Druella. She asks if the pair would be interested in joining her on an adventure as she’s been looking for companions for her travels. They evidently don’t give her an immediate answer.

Out on a balcony, Eris remarks that she’d never thought about going on a journey before, that her mission was everything and thus she never considered doing something for herself. Yuriy replies that things will be different from now on, and they agree to think about and come to a decision together. They want to do a lot of things to make up for the lost time. Eris is sure of one thing though, her love for Yuriy, and the game ends with the pair embracing/kissing (its hard to tell with the overworld sprites).

Ersitia can interact with various monster girls throughout the game, but most interactions end up with them transforming Ersitia into a monster girl herself.

The wight, kraken, zombie, jubjub, and lamia transformations do not appear in-game.


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