Another Story of Fallen Maidens II: Lescatie Infiltration Report (堕落乙女異聞Ⅱ - レスカティエ潜入記録) is an interactive story game developed by Exet and published under circle Exelga.[1] Originally set for release in August 2017, delays pushed it's release date back to December 9th, 2017.[2] It was eventually released on February 1st, 2018[3].


"Monster Girl Encyclopedia (Mamono Musume Zukan)" derivative work / H Pixel Art Animation ADV continues!

This time a former nun, currently mercenary girl Leah and a priestess with some destined fate Alberto sneak into "Nation of Demonic Realm Lescatie". Lascivious and happy kismet is waiting to happen to the two. What is a stunning truth barely appearing behind...?

Consists of RPG-ish exploration part and "becoming monster girls" scenes (9 species).

- "Before" illustrates process of becoming monster girls - "After" illustrates sexual intercourse with ones already turned into H-loving monster girls - "Ending" illustrates ero ero epilogue story of the two

Their path in the Nation of Demonic Realm is filled with cycles described above.

Luscious sense of immorality comes into mind when drowned in the pleasure of being non-human... Yet corruption doesn't stop them to have lovey-dovey-ero-ero intimacy! Highly recommended to fans of the encyclopedia world.[4]



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