Ares, God of Fighting is a neutral divinity in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia world who is neither explicitly pro- or anti-monster.[1] As the God of Fighting, Ares grants blessings to both humans and monster warriors, although she has little interest in the combat associated with mindless pillaging.[2] Ares is worshipped by many lizardman and amazoness monster girls, and her "blessing" is implicated in the very low fatality rates during battles between the monsters and humans.[2] Although not monsterized like the Fallen God, Ares nevertheless seems to have a bit of a voyeuristic streak: amazoness devotees insist they can sense her gaze while they're outside having public sex with their male lovers.[2] The original Japanese text does not provide explicit clarification on whether Ares is a male or female.

Book InformationEdit

World Guide I: Fallen Maidens, "Monster related religions/gods"Edit

In this world, the most well-known god is the "Chief God", who is regarded as the creator god. Most humans are zealous followers of the Chief God, but because her doctrine is hostile towards monsters, of course, there are almost no monsters who have faith in the Chief God. However, the Chief God isn't the only being that is called a god. There are various gods under the Chief God, and since they're not monolithic, they're not necessarily hostile towards the monsters. The neutral "God of Fighting, Ares" and "Goddess of Love, Eros" even have monster adherents. Also, these gods are said to grant blessings and protection to those who have faith in them, even monsters. In addition, many of the gods related to art and recreation are also regarded as neutral.

Quite a few of the gods have even taken the Demon Lord’s side. There's the previously mentioned "Fallen God", and the "God of the Sea, Poseidon" who is worshiped by all those who live in the sea, etc. These gods also have an extremely high number of monster adherents.

World Guide I: Fallen Maidens, "Ares, God of FightingEdit

A high-rank god that protects those who place themselves in battle. Among the monsters that place themselves in battle such as "amazoness" and "lizardman", etc. there are many worshipers. According to the god's teachings, "fighting" isn't for the sake of pillaging. The kind of fighting that this god sanctions is fighting to improve oneself, fighting to earn something, or fighting to protect someone, etc. For example, warriors who would risk their lives in battle, whether human or monster, would be granted the power to claim victory. On the contrary, those who fight simply for the sake of stealing lives will never receive blessings.

This god lends her power to many monsters in the same way that she does to humans. She is thought to play a huge role in the reason why casualties are extremely scarce in battles between humans and monsters. Concerning monster battles, it seems she likes it very much when a monster finds the man she loves most in the middle of combat, and the number of warriors who say they felt her gaze in the middle of combat is increasing, so it is supposed that she watches the battle after granting her blessings. Furthermore, according to the "amazons" who are zealous adherents, lately it's not just when they're in the middle of battle. Even afterwards when they're having sex, they sense a powerful gaze other than that of the villagers, plus, just as when they were fighting, their body is in great condition almost as if they had received the god's blessing, and they're able to feel strong pleasure, so it is supposed that the god may be watching over warriors and granting her blessing even at such times.


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