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__NOEDITSECTION__ <ac_metadata title="Butter-T Artbook Giveaway - January 12th, 2016 (CLOSED)" notify_everyone="1454191051" related_topics=""> </ac_metadata>

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Buttert giveaway logo To celebrate the new year and our official co-operation with Kurobinega, MGE Wiki will be giving away 5 copies of Butter-T's new artbook! Read below for more details on how to win.

Short Story - Submit a short story (2,000 - 5,000 words) about one of our lovely monster girls and have a chance to win a copy of Butter-T's artbook and a free art commission from Luth (Example 1 - Example 2 - Example 3). First, second, and third place will be decided by internal staff voting.

Raffle - Not interested in writing? No worries! We're hosting a raffle that anyone with a Google account can enter, no OC required. Two registrants will be randomly selected from the pool to receive a copy of Butter-T's artbook.

Submissions are now closed.

Short Story Contest - Rules and Prizes


  • One or more of the following monster girls must feature prominently in your story:
Anubis Apsara Dragon Jiangshi
Jinko Kraken Lava Golem Lich
Lizardman Manticore Pharaoh Raiju
Ryu Sandworm Wurm Sea Bishop
Shirohebi Vampire Wyvern

  • Final word count of the published story should be less than 5,000 words.
  • The setting of the story must take place in the world of MGE canon.
  • Sexual interactions are permitted but fapfics will be discarded.
  • Submitted works must be standalone stories, not part of a series.


1st Place 2015 Butter-T Artbook + Commission from Luth

2nd Place 2015 Butter-T Artbook

3rd Place 2015 Butter-T Artbook

Random Raffle - Rules and Prizes


  • Only one entry per household. Duplicate entries will be removed.
  • Winners will be decided by random number selection.


1st Winner 2015 Butter-T Artbook

2nd Winner 2015 Butter-T Artbook

Contest valid worldwide excluding destinations requiring special delivery procedures. All entrants must be 18 years of age or older. Commission must abide by artist's guidelines and $50 hard cap.

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