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Simple: if the city has such a problem with me being single, considering it a detriment to the society, then I doubt there'll be any fuss if I just pack my stuff and leave town. To leave the building, I present my solution. The city won't have to worry about an unmarried man walking among them, and I don't have to worry about anything like this happening again.
Fuck This Shit I'm Out

Fuck This Shit I'm Out

Peace out, you bat-shit insane city. You do you, I'll be outta here ASAP, and I won't be visiting for the holidays, nor will I write or send an e-mail.
Human men are a commodity in a monster-friendly state like that... remember, human babies aren't probably born anymore there, which means no more boys are born, and every dickperson is imported from outside... you are like a cadillac who has no owner and refuses to be owned... no way they will let you escape...
Okay, so is this just malevolent, which mamono certainly aren't supposed to be?

I think this is a case of blue and orange morality, to explain what the hell THAT is:


I don't know about malevolent, but capturing men against their will IS a mamono thing. Not all of them, of course, but many species won't think twice before jumping on a man and dragging him to their rape cave...