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Next competitor
Next competitor
Anddd das whenn the deaddd mennn marchhing againnn
(Musical instrument)
Osowiec then and again!!!
Attack of the dead, hundred men!!!
Facing the led once again!!!
Hundred men, charge again, die again!!!
Undead set.
Undead set.

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Warning: Really long.

Galactic year 2275 ----

Who would think a gameshow would trigger a Space War.

I awaken in the kind of Gameshow. My head is dizzy. Someone has sent me a flyer and then, the light. Then I am here somehow. I will figure that mechanic later.

But I am here in room without audiance. contestant's chair on a stage. There's no audience in the room, but there are cameras and three other chairs in see-through booths on the stage.

I see a presentator here.

Presentator: "Ladies and gentlemen, now that we have a contestant, "

Blah Blah Blah, I con't care. But I see 3 Mamonos here. I study them for long. But I have seen with naked eyes for few times.

But then the Presentator present the Mamono. There're 3 of them. Nightmare, Arachne, Alp.

Shilver down on my spine. I suddenly check my items. But that Alp, did I seen before?

Me: May I asked first, How many Alp are in this Civilization?!

Presentator: Werid question. But in this City of Thalpland. There might be 40% of Population.

Oh no! That number is a lot! If then! The Cultist might be here!...

Presentator: Alright! Time for ask our.....


Suddenly, an Explosion occured. Destroy the whole room. The building suddenly in ruin and the Presentator become fainted. All 3 Mamono lie down in fear.


Nightmare: Cultist???!!!

Me: They're the Cultist in our Civilization. They are Fanatic Spritualist and they are Xenophobe toward Hermapodite and Transgender. They meant to purge those species. Simply, they want to purge Alp!!!!"


I see the cultist soldier is here. And he Carry a really big gun. Only this terrorist has been shot by my Arm Augmented Blaster Cannon. I ignited Laser Saber and Stab the Cultist attacking from above. And I killed one Cultist with Sci-Fi Rocket Launcher.

Me: I ask the first question. Do you know how to use guns???

First Question Asked.------

Alp: I know! The Weapon you wield is MUC-35T-A the Arm augmented Cannon! And you have Laser saber too!

Nightmare: I am really bad at fighting. I am weak...but I run really fast!!!

Alraunae: I could be a turret if I have a weapon.

I then Grab those Cultist Weapon for them. I got big gun for Alraune. A dual Blaster for nightmare. And Alp asked for Energy knife from Cultist. I hand her that, Sidearm and A rocket launcher.

Wait, how did the Alp know the Model of the Weapon???

Nightmare: Man, Sama...Uh...your weapon look Exotic....

Alraune: AHHHHHH!!!! AN ALIEN!!!!!

I think the cat is out of the bag. An Alraune spot a huge spaceship in the sky. I wouldn't say it's huge. Just a single Corvette. But what I have to say more....

I reveal the truth. I am not a human. I am a specie called Astrain. And I am the Space Human. Yes, my Civilization, Stellarian. Has become a Space Civilization since Galactic Year 2200. And now it's 2275. And we're Millitarist, Xenopile and Egalitarian.

Those terrotist are Fanatic Spiritualist, and A millitarist. And they hate Hermapodite and Transgender. They said they're evils that against their God. They meant to purge them. And thus, the terror begin.

But I have the hidden truth that known only few people, inculding gourvamnet. Those cultist acually supported by a hidden-rival space empire. They're like them but the are Authoritarians too.

The terrorist is our problem for an amout of time. They are really good at hiding. And now, We Stellarian are observing this planet. But the terrorist suddenly attack like this....

Me: The fleet will arrived in approximately 20 days. But now, we need to hide.

Alp: They're coming after me....

Me: Pardon?


That cultist is shot mercilessly by Alraune.

Me: Alpha-Alp...ALPHA-ALP!!! IS THAT YOU???!!!

Nightmare: Wait, You're an Admiral????!!!!

Me: Yes! And the Alpha-Alp is here!!! My name is Starhold Starsky, aka. Star. But why you're here?

Nightmare: They're coming! Let's escape first!

Me: Could you carry Alraune on your back???

Nightmare: Uh, Uh? Yes?

We run from the hell. I shot and Shot many cultist and Even rush to stab them with Laser Saber. I have an armour and an Exoskeleton. Also, we have Mind over matter ascension perk. But really weak. I just control a metal roof to make a shield.

In contrast of the Alp. She's not only good at the Magic and the Telekinesis. But also with weapon. She bombed the old model tank that Cultist carry here with her rocket launcher.

The Nightmare is a coward, but Also cutie. She dodge many shot. Is that centhur perk or Luck? But she's not bad at guns. Only missed because of fear. But she had a mad Alraune who's now Moving Plant Stronghold here. She go like Rambo, a fun movie that had remaked for 7th time.

Not to mention that we nearly fired by ship artillary. The Cultist is attacking city and not only Alps are in danger. The police here are valunable to the space weapon. Only they're just cultist. But i know the millitary has more power. But thay come so slowly. We need to escape first.

We finally at the Fish Sauce Factory. The cultist isn't here yet. We will plan for the next step. But...

Nightmare: Hey, Alp-san....Would....

Alraune: Would you explained what is Alpha alp?

Nightmare: Uh!!!!

Alp: Yes, because it's about the whole Alp being. And Admiral Star.

The Alpha Alp explaned. She is a few Native that know about the Space and Stellarian. She contacted with Stellarian, in hope for diplomacy and researching. But then, those cultist attacked her and captured her.

The most cruel thing is they are developing the Virus that would killed all of the Hermapodite and All alp. Using demonic energy to change virus. But they struck in a blockage that Alpha-alp has immunity. And It could be tranfered to another alp trough blood and Yuri sex. They meant to terminated her but....

Admiral Star attacked the station by himself. He destroy the cultist and their expirament. But Alpha-Alp see the Virus expirament thing escaped.

Admiral Star was a real man. He not only throw himself into fight directly despite he's an Admiral. He even command the Marine himself and Lead the Boarding party by himself! He help marine attack cultist with his own hand. Even rescue the Alpha-alp, he done it. And he sent her back to her homeworld.

With fear of Virus, the Alpha alp tranfered imunity to all the alp on the planet trough demonic energy. They don't know that she can do this since they test only blood tube. She hate Yuri sex anyway.

Alraune: That's was complicated....really complicated.

Me: But they seek you and me. It's mean they will capture you again and try to break the immunity. They think the imunity are the few, so they terminate another Alp.

Nightmare: But I could see they destroy the whole city. What a evil cultist.

Me: So, question time, where should we escaped?

Second Question Asked.-----

Alp: I have nowhere to go. I live in this City and got attacked.

Nightmare: I live in a Centhur village 50km from here. We should rally at that location. But....but...we're really small village that has low income.

Alraune: I live in the forst next to that Centhur Village. It's called Green Gayser forsest since there're Green Gas Gasyer poped every week.

Me: Okay....Wai, could you describe that Gas?

Alraune: Green Gas that extreamly powerful. But it require a condition. Like a really hot fire under a heavy pressure.

Me: Oh, I know it! An Exotic Gas! It used in our powerful plasma weapon! It's rare and expensive gas, you know?

Alraune: Really?! But I see it poped out troughtout our world!

Me: Splendid!!! Your world is a home to a rare resouce! They key to win those terrorist too!

Nightmare: So?

Me: Yes, we will go to the Green Gayser forest and centhur Village.

We decided to go to Green Gayser forest and Centhur Village according to Nightmare and Alraune. But first, we need a vechile. How? STEAL!

We climb in Fish sauce truck. The worker left the key here. The fish sauce is sitinky and salty. But this nightmare seem to like Fish Sauce. And Alraune hate it a lot. Plants don't like salts.

Nightmare volenteer to drive. And Oh no! The cultist is chasing us! They even have armoured car! I, Alraune and Alpha-Alp decided to got behind the truck. An Alraune is being Stronghold again. Soon the Nightmare touch the Acerator....she gone mad.


The truck goes fast and furios. I then heard later that this Nightmare was a daughter of furoius racer and a former driving crime named Dominic Torretto. And her name is Nitrous Torretto. Like she addicted to nitrous like her name. She gone mad in racing.

We chase the Cultist madly. Even the anoured car broke by us. 2 were shot in engine by me. 3 were shot by Alpha-Alp Rocket luncher. The Alranue mostly deal with foot soldier. But the MVP is Nitrous-san. Like her specie, her driving is nightmare. She don't hestitate to drive on the broken bridge and make Truck fly in shortcut. Make chasing cultist broke like Police in Action movie. Plus, she smash the Cultist car and make it strum away. She's a real hell driver.

The truck finally escaped the city. It was a mad chase. And now it's a nice driving along. I feel bad for the alps in the city. But I will serve Cultist a great revenge soon...

The Car drive to the Village. The villager is all centaur. They're nice but they are poor village. Thus, their emotions is great. We decided to rest in Nitrous's familly rest Cabin in forest instead. To not disturb Villager. But they gives us some food too. We talk with the Villager. They ask the situlation in the City. I decided to hide our indentity. Only say the myterious Cultist attacked city. And explain the space thing. They would not belive if they don't watch the news.

And the Nightmare introduce her family. They're poor farmer and forest finder. But thry live happily. I want to protect those smile. They wish for more money for their child in future. So, the nightmare go to work in city, and got invited into show.

I had a plan for their better jobs. Their farming has less and less process since the Gas has poped out more and more. Of course, I will build the Gas Refinery on this planet. Don't worry, We care for Ecosystem too. We're stellarian, we have planty money for Ecosystem. But I keep that in mind, only tell Nitrous-san.

I sleep in her Cabin. But I had a really bad dream. Acually, I usually had a bad dream. Because a truma of the War I faced. I am Admiral, and I see a lots of death and loss. I am a kind that couldn't accept failure. But I face it again and again. My health gone wrose every second i live. Although my Species considered as Very Strong and Intellegent. My work and stress does put me down. Plus the Mind ober Matter, my brain work more and more.

This is when the nightmare named Nitrous come in my dream. But she diliver a good dream. She could enter anyone's dream, inculding me. She see my bad dreams first. A truma, an unaceptable failure, death. She see I keep stress and focus on work, keep blaming myself.

Then suddenly, I turned child in a dream. I watch the star. Since I am young, I love to gazing those stars. Wondering what lies in the star. And now she's beside me. Watching the stars together. And suddenly, I ride her back and ride among the stars. What a splendid and werid dream.

She keep asking a splendid question. Such as why the star has many color. Why star blink. What does that/this plaet like. She's like the child who wonder everything. I could see myself back then. I keep seek wonder in the stars despite it's dangerous. I joined admiral because I love adventure in the stars. We keep doing the fun thing in the dreams. And she teach me how to deal with failure when the flashback comes. What happened. It happened. It's the best that you live without throwing anyone life for you. They are willing to scarifie. And you must accept their will afther their death and move on. Move on. Move on only, when you're live. That's what she did because she's poor. And she learn from me about corage. Sometimes, we can't escape. And that's the time we fight. With our corage, we can achive anything.

We did a lots of fun thing in the dream. Then we awaken. We help their parents do thier jobs. And we visit Alraune place. I give a lots of space knowlage to them. And I keep asking Alraune about the Gas. She's the active fighter too. She has to fight wild animal in unmoving state. So, she become a Stronghold. And I teach her how to use space firearms more efficently. Her name is Alpaca, a little humour here. I teach nitrous about fighting too. And althought she's weak. She's not bad at all. And she's fast learner. For an Alp, I asked the information more.

I have a theory on show. There was a proper show here. But the Cultist corrupted the show. And bring me and Alpha-Alp together in one place. To attack all at once. Nitrous and Alpaca just a victim. They meant to capture Alpha-Alp for expirament. And they meant to kill me for revange.

We hidden in a Village for 12 days. And then, tghe millitary came to us.

I then reveal myself as the Admiral Star. And the Alpha-Alp is what they seek. If they got this Alpha-Alp. All of the Alp will be terminated. And the fleet is 2 day left. However, they said a Coevette has done damage to nearby city like a Virus. And they had to stop the ship. The Villager worried too. And If the ship attack here. The Gas might be explode and destroy area of 10 km diameters.

But I am an Admiral after all. I then give them a blueprint of the ship. This ship is an old model of Altair class. Now there're plenty of better ships. But they're terrorist, so they find anything they could find. Including this Altair.

After we look at the blueprints. The Millitary said they could destroy the ship if the shield is off. And they have several captured landing craft here. However, there's a report that ship is coming. So, I need to destroy this ship.

Like everytime, I lead the raiding party. Although Nightmare, Alraune and Local General warned me. But I have persistance to go. Plus, I have the most knowlage about the ship.

But Also I need menpower. Espcailly that one who I trust. This lead me to the 3rd question.

Me: Who would come with me in Combat, despite it's deadly mission?

Third Question Asked. -----

Alpha-Alp: I will come with you! To save the Alpkind!!!"

Nitrous: I...I will go with you! I will prove my corage! And I....I...afiaid to lost you! And I need to save my Village! My world!!!

Alpaca: To save my world! And lead to our Victory! You need a moving Stronghold!!!

I see they are coming with me. Anddd I like this nightmare. Both Nightmare situlation and Nightmare species in front of me.

Me: Let's go!!! AD ASTRA!!!

I activate Laser Saber and rise in the sky. The girls cheers. The troopes coming with me cheers.

We decided to launch a Surprise attack at night. We get in Landing craft and Fly toward Corvette. Soon, the corvette noitced the attack and Open fire. But we are coming close. So, most of our troops landed fine in a hangar area. Our team proceed to shot the cultist troopers.

Oh no, the rival alien is the leader of this attack. And their troops are supporting cultist! We need to talk, rival empire.

But we attacking anyway. This world firearm, M16A4 isn't bad. Only magazine are depleted fast. But I prefer my blaster. I blast and sabotage the cultist hangar. And I stab an Alien heavy troops. Then throw the corpse right to the Cultist with my species strength and Exoskeleton.

Nitrous do well in Carrying Alpaca here. And she know well how to hide and shoot. She hit them all. I love this fast learner. And she know how to use Alpaca well. While she's reloading or found heavy suppress. It's duty for Alpaca to wipe them out. For machine gun and Heavy unit. Leave it to me and Alpha-Alp. And the native soldier do pushing line well.

I then enter the corridor. I see the blast door close. Luckily, I goes in air vent and Blast the security room. The blast door open. The Cultist has prepare the assult on blast door. Only to find Alpaca Stronghold and got blasted. Nitrous san quickly carry Alpaca to intercept. Alpha-Alp get the explosive charge.

The Altair now in chaos. I lead attack to the Shield Reactor room successfully. Nitous and Alpaca halt the Cultist. I kill the Cultist trooper inside while Alpha-Alp place hidden Explosive charge. Once we done, We detonate the shield.


I wan't be careful enough and I were hit by explosive. But I am still okay. Nitrous rush to help me. I tries to excuse my pain but failed. She let me ride on the back with Alpaca Stronghold. Alpha-Alp magic help Nitrous stronger and faster.

The Native Jet fighter attack the altair well. After the shield down. I feel the ship quake. The emergency signal echo over the ship. But then I approch the Hangar, the hangar closed. The soldier struck in.

Cultist: Admiral Star!!! You and your friend will die with us!!! And that Alp too!!!

I use Telekinesis to put that guy down here and Stab him with Anger. But I see the Citcit. If I connect the curcit directly, the Hangar bay could be opened. But see the curcit. It could kill me anytime.

Time for question number four. The last question of show....and maybe my life.

Me: What would you do If I willing to risk my life for your lifes.

Question number four asksd ----

The girl suddey jerked and hug me.




I wipe my tear for those answer. But sorry....

I use my suit's secondary energy to make the force field to keep those girls away. I then walk to the curcit myself.

Cough Cough!!!

After my stress on my body and mental. My health become decay faster and faster. Plus the damage to body and exaustion. I will meet my limit soon.

But the Stars show no Limit. Nitrous the Nightmare show me that. There's everyone behind. Alpha-Alp, Alpcaca, The Alps, The Soldier, The Native, The Stellarian. Many had made scarifie for me. Now, it's my turn.

The girls keep knocking my Energy Shield. But it's failure. The energy is too much. I then proceed to direct the circit myself.

I use several times to connect the circit. I get electric shocked many times. The girls cry for me. But I did this for their lifes. I am Admiral Star, the star warrior.

I connect the last circit. And.....


I got a heavy electric shock. My suit short circit and my body break down. I lied on ground and hangar bay opened.

The girl rush to me. But I think I am done here.

Thank you, everyone that scarifie for me. Thank you, this planet. And thanks, Alpha-Alp the Alp. Nitrous the Nightmare. And Alpaca the Alraune.

I love you three. But If I was in the show. I'd choose....

I fainted before I could answer.....

Time passed ----

Where am I?

I am here in room without audiance. contestant's chair on a stage. There's no audience in the room, but there are cameras and three other chairs in see-through booths on the stage.

No presentator. No Audiance. No compettitor. Only Nitrous the nightmare playing game called Stellaris.

Me: Nitrous?

Nitrous suddenly jerked. But she then chuckle. I feel my weight has gone. My stress and my body fagile are gone.

Nitrous: You're in my sweet dream with me again...hehe.

Nitrous told me everything while i am fainted. They dragged me out from the hangar bay. Nitrous keep my mind stable. Alpaca use her plant stim to keep my body. And Alpha-Alp keep my soul and my body energy in. Surprisngly, my Mind over matter quirk and Astrain specie prevent me from turning incubus. I don't know what is incubus either.

The news about destroyed corvette spread over the world. The news of Alpha-Alp. The news of Alien. The news of Cultist. And the news of Admiral Star. There's more corvette attacked. But they handle easily after my blueprint and my incident.

Not for long, the Stellarian fleet arrived and the fleet battle the cultist. Acually the Rival Alien is present here too. But the fleet win anyway. The Consul quickly look after me. He surprise in adaptive of the native and the wonders of Mamono. And he thanks the girl a lot for look after me. Only to heal me for several month.

The Astrain is a good guy toward primitive. They quickly commit the technological enlightment on the native. The first hyperdrive spaceship of the Mamonun (Planet name) just built. Sadly, the strict order joined the Cultist and Hostile Alien. But the Royal Makai and Regular natives goes well with Stellarian.

About her village. Nitrous discover the mail to consul to build Exotic gas refinery and Jobs for them. Enlight the Village and gives them jobs. Show them the Hydro farm. We buy the Food and Exotic gas from them. They got money. We got Gas to war.

2 month after Mamonun incident. The Cultist quickly destroyed. The Exotic Gas improved the weapon extreamly well. And now, the Stellarian now superior than Rival Alien who support cultist. We reveal the truth, they angry. And Stellarian and Rival Alien goes into the war.

Now, it's been 4 month. And I just got conciousness in the dream with Nitrous....wait...

Me: Wait, Nitrous???? Why you get over me???

Nitrous: I love something naughty in the dream. I was coward outside. But I am Corage in this....

Me: Wait, no....

But my body in my dream won't listen. My Laser Saber got hard as Ship hull. The room now open the roof, reveal the starsky to clam me down. She then slowly....

Nitrous: I love you...and other two said the same.

Place Sexual intercourse and Time Skip ----

After a month of sweet dream and sweet sexual intercourse under the starsky. I then finally awaken. I see 4 other peoples here. Alpha-Alp, Nitrous, Alpaca and our Consul.

Consul: So, you have awaken. Admiral Star. Did nitrous told you the situlationz in the dream?

Me: Yes, consul.

Consul: After the Mamono got in our socity. Our Xeno council approved in their DNA Varity. Plus, they're good in incresing population....avoid the fact that they're lustful. And they are extreamly helpful in biological researchment.....Hey, Nitrous. Did you tell him this?

Nitrous: WHAAAA!!! I FORGOT!!!

Alpaca: Hehe, what a shame. Being in his dream for month.

Consul: What a shame....fine....

Consul explained to me. The girls shocked in our low population growing. We aren't lustful and even little contrast. And our Fertilization are lower than any species due to our nature. Plus, Mind over matter asension absorb the power of sun. It somehow lower an amout of Sperm. Our researcher find the solution for decades. Until they met Mamono.

The Mamono's demonic energy could change the DNA in body. It's easier than DNA change Virus or GMO. But we proceed carefuly due to it would make horny. But we got Alpha-Alp helping here. She lend us DNA and help research with Demonkc energy. Nitrous help with Phycology, even improve Mind over matter and Alpaca help in Agiculture. Our socity research increased lot.

We help the Mamono back. With our Fertilization technology. ZIFT, GIFT, ISCI, ISI and plenty of them. Even Genetic modification. We fianlly could make Mamono produce male child. We test with Astrain first. And....

Nitrous: I bear your child...and your child is a boy!!!

I nearly shocked in this news. The girl just disappointly clap their hands. I fainted again. Only to wake up next hour.

I think I would make a conclusion. The Mamono show has held again in Stellarian Level. That show was popular and it help increasing Stellarian population. Glad that presentator survired. And we meet together in that show.

Consul: Now, after the four question. Who did you choose?

Consul smiled. And I had made a decision...

Me: Everyone. I wnat to say, I love you all...but for the chief wife, it's....Nitrous the Nightmare.

Nitrous the nightmare jumped in joy. And everyone clap their hand in Joy.

Me: And I have the Extra Question. Will you allow me, Consul?

Consul: Yes.

Me: Will you three travel with me among the stars?

I know the answer. And I don't count this as main question as I made decision. The nightmare kissed me and they said at the same time.

All of three: Yes, Admiral.

And, our star journey begin....

End of Story ----

That's was long and Epic. I written something strange. Who would think I could involve gameshow and Hentai Fantasy with the Sci-fi? Haha.

Next competitor

Anddd das whenn the deaddd mennn marchhing againnn

(Musical instrument)

Osowiec then and again!!!

Attack of the dead, hundred men!!!

Facing the led once again!!!

Hundred men, charge again, die again!!!

Undead set.

Lich, Banshee, Vampire

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