Chochin-obake are artifact-spirit Monster Girls from the Zipangu region. Created when demonic energy fuses with the kami of a paper lantern, their attitudes differ depending on how they were handled by their human owner before monsterization: either filled with gratitude for being treated well or possessed with obsessive, vengeful malice at being discarded callously. Either way, as former utility items, their overarching desire is to be used by men - just now in a sexual rather than luminous sense. Naturally, their fuel is now not lighter oil but semen, and they glow brighter and hotter when they receive it inside.

Encyclopedia Entry

The Chochin-Obake are a type of monster, also known as “tsukumogami” (artificial spirits), that are items used by humans which sprung to life and started moving around. They are born from the fusion of demonic energy and either the feelings of gratitude that dwell in an item which was treated with care and used for a long time or the negative feelings of an item that was treated carelessly and thrown away. As their name suggests (Chochin-Obake literally means “paper lantern monster”), they are a tsukumogami that is a living paper lantern. Flames that light everything around them burn within their bodies. Since they were originally a tool, they desire to be used by human men more than anything.

Of course, they can still be used to illuminate the darkness, which was their original purpose. More than that, however, what gives them the greatest pleasure is having men freely use their female body which they obtained upon becoming monsters. Another thing, their flames are fueled by the spirit energy of human men, so in any case, they need to have sex with a man.

Chochin-Obake that are born from negative feelings have an extremely monstrous nature. They appear together with a faint light before men walking the roads at night without a light. Since they’re so obsessed with being used, in order to make a man use them, they’ll attack and try to rape him. Once they’ve had sex with the man, they’ll recognize that man as being their owner, and return to his home as his property. Then, night after night, they’ll rape the man, and have him use them, illuminating the darkness of the night with their flames.

Additionally, there are also those who visit the man who treated them carelessly and keep raping the hell out of him again and again until he decides to use them of his own free will in order to instill the man with the knowledge of the goodness of their body. On the other hand, the Chochin-Obake that are born from the feelings of gratitude go all out in displaying their devotion as a tool, and serve their owner. To them, to keep being used by a man forever is their greatest joy. Night after night, they beg the man to use them, and make him a prisoner of their body.

The flame inside their body is normally small and faint. In proportion to this, their disposition grows more docile, and the sex also becomes more gentle. However, during sex, as spirit energy, which serves as fuel, is poured inside their bodies, their flames grow more intense and increase in brightness. The more this happens, the more aroused they become, and the kind of lust one expects from a monster becomes conspicuous. They start moving their hips aggressively, and the sex becomes more passionate. Also, men who are joined with them have their lower abdomen directly illuminated by their flames, causing it to become extremely hot, and their penis swells up bigger inside them. Naturally, they keep thrusting hard and release large amounts of spirit energy until dawn, continuously raising their flames and desire to become even bigger and brighter.


  • This monster girl is based on a tsukumogami in Japanese folklore.

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