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The majority succubus composition of the Demon Army means that captured women can expect to get raped just like the captured men

The Demon Army is the military force of the Demon Lord, based in Royal Makai. Almost all single monster girls will try to rape males on sight, and for this reason, bands (like amazoness tribes or werewolf packs) might occasionally mount raiding parties against human settlements, but by-and-large monster girls lack the logistical temperament necessary to form an organized fighting force. The closest thing they have is the Demon Army.

The army is predominantly composed of monsters who are only there for the rape and pillage. Mostly the rape. So once they capture a man, they simply leave the battlefield and take him home. As such, discipline is very lax and turnover in the army's ranks is rapid. While they are usually thought of as lovers rather than fighters, it is the succubus family that contributes the greatest numbers of soldiers; although representatives of most species can probably be found in the horde somewhere. The monsters of Zipangu and the Fallen God are exceptions, noted as generally preferring to follow their own leaders rather than the Demon Lord [1][2].

The vanguard of the Demon Army, and the one section that actually does have discipline and loyalty and proper equipment, are the Dullahan. Professional soldiers as opposed to slavering rape-bandits, the knight-monster girls actually follow orders and take their duties seriously [3], so they are the ones sent to any real military emergency like Order crusades or other critical conflicts [4]. At the top of the Demon Army, in both hierarchy and combat strength, like the baphomets, who serve as the generals of the Demon Army second only to the Demon Lord herself. Historically, the baphomets' Sabbath religion counted as an arm of the Demon Army since it was originally instituted as the Spell Casting Unit; but this has long since morphed from a military subdivision into a loli supremacist global religion.

Weapons made with Demon Realm Silver are the official weapon of choice for the Demon Army: swords that can deal non-lethal damage to opponents, but leave them sapped of willpower and highly susceptible to raping. Very light armor is also preferred by most monster soldiers - specifically tailored so they can have sex while still wearing it [5].

Book informationEdit

Refer to: Early settings info; Concerning the Organizations and Their Structures

The Demon Lord's Army (organization / monster)Edit

The Demon Lord and her subordinates who reside in the demon realm with the demon lord's castle as their citadel. Perhaps because the Demon Lord herself is a succubus, the succubus family forms the core of the Demon Lord's army. Many other families of monsters are also part of the Demon Lord's army. The monsters that live in each region of the world outside of the demon realm are also generally under the Demon Lord's command.

Also, it's not just monsters that are under the Demon Lord's command. It also includes humans who were charmed by monsters. They are assaulted by heroes, knights of the order, and divinities, but since every time it happens, men are charmed and women are converted into monsters, not only are they surviving, it seems their forces continue to grow stronger day by day. Just as the monsters are wild, uninhibited, and given to lust, the rules inside the army are said to be extremely lenient.

Demon Lord's Army / Order of Knights (Organization / Monster)Edit

An order of knights that belongs to the Demon Lord's army. There are many monsters that excel at combat skills such as the “dullahan.” It's their duty to intercept the invading forces of the order and the divinities. “Dullahans” etc. are loyal to the Demon Lord, but it is said that most of the members are not fighting out of loyalty, but simply because “Those who capture a man in battle may do with him as they please.” For that reason, most of them retreat from battle just as soon as they get a husband. It seems people come and go very quickly.

Demon Lord's Army / Hero Unit (Organization / Monster)Edit

A unit made up of fallen heroes who were charmed by the hands of the monsters that exist in the Demon Lord's army. For some reason, most of the heroes who come to the Demon Lord's castle tend to be accompanied by women. The hero's female partner also becomes a succubus, and serves together with him in the unit. Since they were originally heroes, it is an extremely powerful unit, but it seems the heroes are very busy screwing the so-called heroines, so unless it's a really big deal, this unit probably won't be doing much moving.


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