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A flower that lives all over the demon realm. In the demon realm these flowers are extremely popular. They have light, pale colored petals with the property of storing demonic energy from the air and glowing faintly. Many of the plants of the demon realm are queer or ominous, but these plants are still beautiful even from the human perspective, which is a rarity. Especially at night when lots of demon light flowers are glowing in flowerbeds. They're a famous part of the demon realm, and popular with both humans and monsters. Because of their beauty, they are taken out of the demon realm and sold in the human world.

The flowers themselves don't have the effect of driving humans mad with lust or changing humans into monsters. They were thought of as a safe plant, but in recent years, we've come to understand that they cause a kind of hypnotic effect, and that caused an uproar in scientific circles. If humans continue to view these flowers after being mesmerized, they will then naturally be drawn towards things that include demonic energy, in other words, things that induce monsterization such as the demon realm's water, fruits, drugs, etc. In the case of men, it is supposed that they will more easily be charmed by the monsters themselves. That sort of trait hasn't been confirmed in the demon light flowers that live in the demon realm. According to one theory, once they are taken out of the demon realm, they can no longer get demonic energy from the air, so they make their owners bring objects infused with demonic energy so they can get it somehow. It may be the case that they have this feature so that if possible, they'll have their owner become a monster, or they'll make their owner bring a monster, so that they can perpetually gain demonic energy.[1][2]


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