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When an "earth elemental", born from concentrated earth elements, is joined with "mamono mana", it usually becomes a monster called a "Gnome", but if the mana is too powerful and it melts the earth elements, it will fail to become a gnome, instead becoming a "dorome", a being whose nature is closer to that of a monster than an elemental. After being melted by mana, their earthen body becomes a body of sloppy, loose mud, and their sensually melted heart also becomes devoted to monstrous desire and pleasure. When they spot a man, they'll attack and attempt intercouse while making an ecstatic smile.

Their intelligence is not very high and their movements are sluggish too, so if you notice them, escape won't be difficult. However, given that they are comprised of earth elements, they can merge with the earth and move freely below ground, only to suddenly appear at a man's feet and instantly seize him by wrapping him with their muddy body. While they do aggressively attack humans, their disposition is extremely gentle, and when they restrain a man, it's like a tender embrace. Their mud is warm and soft, and a man will be enveloped in a comfortable pleasure even if he just surrenders himself and soaks in it.

The sex isn't very intense either. They'll cover the man's body entirely with their loose body as if to firmly embrace him and gently shake their hips, providing the man a melting pleasure. When monsters copulate with men in this manner, they naturally make an ecstatic expression the moment they sip mana, but it seems that doromes are able to get in a pleasant, happy mood even by just taking a man inside their mud and enveloping him. It is said that those that have obtained a husband make an extremely ecstatic expression as if they were right in the middle of sex even when simply embracing their husband in their muddy arms.

Since they themselves are earth, even if their body crumbles or gets smashed, they can just create a new body from the ground, and therefore physical attacks won't have much effect. Additionally, they can take in the surrounding mud and earth, make it part of their own body, and freely control it, and they can even make multiple copies of "their own body" from the earth. Sometimes, regardless of the fact that there was only one of them, before you know it, you'll find yourself surrounded by them.

How much earth they can take in differs depending on the magnitude of the mana possessed by the individual. Normally, the limit is only several bodies' worth, but they say that sometimes they swell so much that all the visible ground, or every place all over the walls, floor, and ceiling of a cave, will become part of the dorome. If a man carelessly sets foot inside one of them, he will end up having his body covered in countless muddy female bodies that suddenly appear around him.

Kenkou's Notes

It's Christmas, but the new race this time “Dorome”-san has nothing whatsoever to do with it! The encyclopedia world has a bit of a time difference with the real world, so the monster scholar couldn't keep up with it... (an excuse). When a gnome, which is a monsterized earth elemental, is being born, if the earth elements melt due to mamono mana, and it fails to become a gnome, then the resulting monster will be a “dorome”. Supposedly, being enveloped in their body is warm, pleasant, and restorative, almost like a mud bath at a hot spring...[1]


TL Note: Her name is a portmanteau of "Gnome" and "doro", japanese for "mud".

Extra Info

There's no magma Doromes or anything like that, even if that's technically earth. There may be a "corrupted" Ignis though...

Question: Asking how powerful doromes are compared to gnomes and dark gnomes.

Answer: おつありです!魔精霊ノームとドロームの魔力の強さは大して変わらないです。逆に闇精霊ノームに近い魔力のドロームもいます。 Thanks! The strength of the mana of monster elemental gnomes and doromes isn't much different. Conversely, there are also doromes with nearly as much mana as dark elemental gnomes.[2]

Question: Asking what the difference is between the abilities of gnomes and doromes.

Answer: 2種族の違いは魔力の使い方と得意分野で、ノームは魔力を精霊使いに与えたり、土魔法や論理的な土壌改造に使えたりと器用な一方、ドロームはそういう事は苦手で、何も考えずにエロい方面に全開で夫の精力や性機能を育てたり、土壌に垂れ流して植物系の魔物を育てたりって感じです。 The difference between the two races is the way they use their mana and the fields they specialize in. On the one hand, gnomes excel at useful things such as granting magical power to elementalists, using it for earth magic, and logical soil modification, but doromes aren't any good at stuff like that. Instead, without thinking about anything, they focus entirely on the erotic field. They use it for things such as boosting their husband's stamina and sexual functioning, releasing it in the soil to raise plant-type monsters, and so on. That's the feeling.[3]

Question: asking if the troll has an affinity with the mana of doromes or gnomes.

Answer: おつありです。ノームですね。魔力自体はどっちも同じ土の魔力なので、親和性がありますが、残念ながらドロームさんは契約して魔法を行使させ~  みたいな器用な事が苦手みたいです。全部淫魔分に極振りしてるみたいな Thanks. It's gnome. Either way, the mana itself is the same earth mana, so there is an affinity, but unfortunately, it seems dorome-san isn't any good at useful things such as making a contract and letting someone use magic~ It's like they pumped all their stats into lewdness.[4]

Question: Asking if human women are transformed by dorome mud and what they become, i.e. if they can become doromes.

Answer: 2の質問は彼女達はあくまでも彼女達は精霊のなりそこないなので、難しいです(稀に資質があれば同族になるかも?)ただし、魔力に満ちた泥なので、包まれた人間の女性は大体魔物にはなってしまうみたいです!サキュバス以外に、植物系の魔物になる事も多いみたいですね As for the second question, I must stress that they are strictly those who failed in becoming elementals, so it is difficult. (Maybe they may rarely become the same race if they have the nature?) However, it's mud filled with mana, so it seems most human women enveloped will become monsters! It seems that besides succubi, many will also change into plant-type monsters.[5]

TL Note: Trivia from tweets where Kenkou answered questions about dorome from various fans. The questions are summarized by Perentie, the answers translated by Brolen.[1]

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