Dragons are an "enormously powerful" species of monster girl. While their most obvious special abilities are flight and firebreathing, they are also distinguished by their capacity to temporarily transform back into their bestial form from the time of the Former Demon Lord, as well as their habit of zombifying if they die without a mate.

Their appellation as "rulers of the earth" is not always figurative, as at least one actual state in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia world is formally ruled by them: the aptly-titled Dragonia, where dragons reign over a land of wyverns, wurms, and other monsters. The Queen of Hearts in Wonderland has also created her own subspecies from dragon stock, the Jabberwock.

There is a doujin dedicated to dragons: Recorded Monster Girl Encounter - Case: Dragon.

Encyclopedia Entry

The highest level of monsters, combining a strong body with high intelligence. They are fearsome monsters with sharp claws that can tear through steel and they breathe fire that can incinerate anything. They have been titled as “rulers of the earth” because of the enormous power they possess. They take an arrogant, high-handed attitude towards not only humans, but other monsters as well.

They have taken on the form of women due to the Demon Lord’s power, but because of the enormous power they already possessed from birth, they haven’t been completely subverted by her power. They can even temporarily change into the form of the enormous dragons from the time before the new Demon Lord took over. Also, they love treasure, including precious metals, jewels and rare magic items. Their lairs are full of all of the “treasure” they have collected.

Although they have high intelligence, their behavior and emotions are strongly governed by their instincts and they can’t go against them. They are “rulers of the earth” and they look down on humans as worthless, insignificant beings. They try to act uninterested, but because of the influence of the demon lord’s power, by instinct they can’t help but recognize human males as “males of their race.”

For that reason, exactly opposite of their attitudes, their instinct gives them a powerful aversion to harming humans. Because of it, they cannot harm people even though they have the power to take a human life effortlessly. They even end up having endearing feelings for humans.

When they find a man who strikes their fancy, they can’t go against their urge as monsters. They take him back to their lair, give in to the urge and have sex. The men taken away by them are treated as their most valuable “treasure” and are not allowed to leave their sight. The men will end up being loved dearly and showered with affection, continuously receiving pleasure from having sex with them.

Dragon extra art 2

Her reproductive instinct is very strong and she can't fight it. So that's what motivates her to spread her legs so that she can feel like a woman.

However, if their instincts ever recognize a human man as “a male more powerful than themselves,” then they’re ruled by an instinct that forces them to “obey the male, have sex with the male and bear young.” If this happens, there’s not a trace of the “dragon, ruler of the earth” left. They fawn on their husbands and strongly seek sex, becoming mere “female lizards.”

Furthermore, due to their great haughtiness, they will not meet with people; they often turn the tables on would-be dragon slayers and defeat them. So it is not uncommon for a dragon to go her whole life without having had sex with a human man. When such a dragon dies, Demonic energy gathers in the corpse after it loses strength, it binds with her lingering regrets about never having mated with a human man or having children. She will then be resurrected as a "Dragon Zombie."

After resurrection, the decay of their body is stopped by demonic energy, but in exchange, their pride and rational mind rots away. They become exactly "female lizards" that just greedily desire to mate with human men and produce offspring.


TL Note:

1. Though Brolen says the "female lizard" term above appears to be meant to be insulting, he does agree the text does not imply that the dragon behaves this way toward anyone except her husband.[1]
2. It may seem a contradiction that the dragons are indicated to kill those who try to slay them when the profile speaks of them being basically unable to harm humans. However, the term used (kaeriuchi) means turning the tables on the enemy and refers to fighting back when someone is trying to kill you and killing them as a result. However as the word "kill" is not used it could be interpreted to mean they simply drive off those trying to slay them. The end result is the same for these particular dragons though in that they end up never finding mates during their normal lifespan.[1]

Q&A Information

Refer to: Q&A with Kenkou Cross

Is there different colour dragons, do they have different breath like fire, ice, gas?

Yes. Various dragons like "Fire Drake", "Frost Dragon", and "Black Dragon" who belongs to extremist are planned, and each of them can spit out different breath. But I can't make such powerful beings show up easily, so please wait.

Earlier in the answers you mentioned that the dragons can't just monsterize girls, but can't they turn them with wounds, for example, by scratching with their claws? Is monsterization with wounds the ability of only some types of mamono (like Werewolf)?

That will not happen. If such a feature [Ie claws, for example] of the race is absent, they cannot do it in principle. However, since the dragons have developed intelligence and are a race that has great magical power, because ... they sometimes use a technique in which demonic energy is infused into the blow with monsterization as the goal of their attack. Dragons are high-ranking mamono, so it’s difficult to find a human among human women that would have suitable qualities and wouldn’t just become succubi when trying to turn into a dragon! It seems to work like this.


  • This monster girl is based on modern depictions of the European dragon (the famous and stereotypical version of a dragon.[2]
  • These are among the races known to have in rare cases overcome their human-killing instincts and fallen in love with humans in the age of the former mamono lords. (source: Kenkou’s Japanese Q and A).

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