Eros is one of the neutral divinities in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia world who is neither explicitly pro- or anti-monster. As the God of Love, Eros grants blessings to both human and monster lovers.

Naturally, in the era of the current Demon Lord where the taking of certain liberties with the concept of love is threatening the future of life itself, the Order views Eros' human devotees with a little suspicion. However, the goddess seems to mostly embody the virtues of classical, romantic, chivalrous love, as opposed to the crazed rape and hedonistic debauchery of the succubi, so her worship remains broadly accepted by the Chief God's church.

Eros inevitably has many monster followers, notably the gandharvas, and she even created one species herself, the apsaras. While one might be blessed with eternal love by a cupid or even be rewarded with an angelic houri partner for good deeds in Eros' name, she can be wrathful if crossed: adulterous followers are likely to be cursed so they can never be loved again. It is through the followers of Eros that the concept of a wedding ceremony has begun to diffuse into the monsters' culture. Engagement rings incorporating Magic Gems are gaining popularity for human-monster couples.

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Monster related religions / gods (Fallen Maidens, p65)Edit

In this world the most well known god is the “Chief God”, who is regarded as the creator god. Most humans are zealous followers of the Chief God, but because her doctrine is hostile towards monsters, of course there are almost no monsters who have faith in the Chief God. However, the Chief God isn't the only being that is called a god. There are various gods under the Chief God, and since they're not monolithic, they're not necessarily hostile towards the monsters. The neutral “God of Fighting, Ares” and “Goddess of Love, Eros” even have monster adherents. Also, these gods are said to grant blessings and protection to those who have faith in them, even monsters. In addition, many of the gods related to art and recreation are also regarded as neutral.

Quite a few of the gods have even taken the Demon Lord’s side. There's the previously mentioned “Fallen God”, and the “God of the Sea, Poseidon” who is worshiped by all those who live in the sea, etc. These gods also have an extremely high number of monster adherents.

Eros, God of Love (Fallen Maidens, p67)Edit

A mid rank god who governs love. She is a god who views the love that living things direct towards other living things as beautiful, and blesses couples of the opposite sex that are in love with eternal love. But on the other hand, she's extremely strict about betrayal and other things that destroy love. It is said that if one of her adherents performs infidelity, etc. not only will they lose her protection on the spot, they'll suffer her divine wrath and become unable to be loved by anyone for eternity. It seems she is very empathetic towards the monsters who are overflowing with love for human men, and it is said that she even actively grants them her protection.

It is said that in the spaces where her devotees spend time with the opposite sex, there is always a sweet atmosphere, and the bonds of love that her devotees share with their lovers of the opposite sex can never be broken. The monsters are granted even greater blessings. As for monster devotees, depending on the potency of their love, the pleasure they give to their partner during sex, and the pleasure they receive from their partner become stronger, and sweeter, thus enabling them to express their love more strongly. Because of this doctrine and blessing, lately the number of monsters becoming her devotees is said to have skyrocketed.

Also, there are times when she dispatches her subordinates to men who perform good deeds. Her angel subordinates are all extremely beautiful physically and spiritually, and they strongly desire to love human men. Their mission is to continue showering men who've accumulated good deeds with love as their wives until they die. One would think this behavior is close to that of the monsters, but no matter what, it's regarded as “a way of expressing appreciation for those who have done good deeds.” The Order views it with suspicion, but it isn't treated as heresy or blasphemy.

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“The Goddess of Love 'Eros'”

She's a mid-rank deity that governs love, and her position is neutral.

She highly regards the love of humans and monsters, and believes it to be a beautiful thing. She's the deity that blesses opposite sex couples who are in love with each other and promises them eternal love.

But, it is said she is also strict with those who betray love, and she sometimes punishes those who were unfaithful to their lovers in certain ways such as by cursing them so that “they will no longer be loved by anyone.”

She strongly sympathizes with monsters who are overflowing with love for human men, and she often gives monsters her divine protection. Because of that doctrine, she has many followers, whether human or monster.

She dispatches her angel underlings to become the wives of men who have accumulated good deeds, and give them love and pleasure. The monster followers of Eros sometimes also tempt heroes and saints under the pretense of it being an ordeal. Not only does she have many monster followers, often her behavior is very close to that of a monster.

However, although the Order is suspicious, they do not treat it as heresy, and the religion is approved even under the forces of the Order.