The fairies' predilection for skipping among the flowers becomes a bit of a liability when Tentacle Forest starts cropping up.

The Fairy Kingdoms are spirit realms of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia world: mystical lands that "exist in a different dimension than the human world", where the various fairy creatures live. As the fairies aren't naturally monsters, the Fairy Kingdoms are not Demon Realms, although the ongoing monsterization of the fey leads Wandering Scholar to predict that it's probably heading that way.

In Monster Girl Encyclopedia I the Fairy Kingdoms are described as "bountiful in nature where wondrous scenery stretches on and on". With flora and fauna right out of a children's storybook, the fairies live inside "house trees" and "house mushrooms", and spend all day at play with the talking plants and animals that inhabit the land with them. The titania fairy queens rule over the lands from their castles, and the towns below are filled with sweets and toys. Wandering Scholar opines that the idyll isn't entirely objective, though, as the sky is filled with kesaran pasaran pollen.

Humans and monsters cannot enter the Fairy Kingdoms without permission; several fairies have to dance a "fairy circle" to teleport people there. However, this prohibition isn't nearly as effective as it might sound, since the childish, fun-loving fairies will bring back anyone who they think is a good playmate. These include monster girls imps and pixies; or for fey who have been monsterized, human men who can play the funnest game of all with them. The Sabbath makes particular efforts to befriend and corrupt fairies too, so there's likely a branch office of the loli religion in the Kingdoms.

It is not known where the Fairy Kingdoms originate. They may have existed since the original Chief God's genesis of the world, or perhaps the titanias created them later, like the Queen of Hearts created Wonderland. Girls native to the Kingdoms include the regular fairy as well as leanan sidhe and kesaran pasaran, but not pixies, who (despite appearances) are actually from the imp family.

Book Information

Kingdom of Faeries (Early settings info)Edit

Its location is unknown. It is supposed that it exists in a different dimension than the human world. The fairy queen rules over it. It is a land bountiful in nature where wondrous scenery stretches on and on. Various types of fairies such as “Fairy” “Leanan Sidhe” ect. live there. They take the men they like back to the kingdom of faeries. Since faeries who were converted into succubi bring back men and enjoy themselves, it seem it has been eaten away quite a bit by demonic energy of the monsters. It is said that the kingdom of faeries is enveloped by happiness. Perhaps for that reason, it seem that “Kesaran Pasaran” grow in mass. Also, for some reason it seems they are intermingling with “Sabbath” from the demon lord's army...[1]

Fairy Kingdom (MGE-1, p94)Edit

The fairies are distinguished by having tiny bodies that are small enough for a human to grab with their hands, and beautiful insect-like wings. Originally, they were not monsters, but by being showered in demonic energy, they've become succubi and are treated as monsters. There exist many varieties of fairies, this book features Fairy and Leanan Sidhe, etc. Just as it appears, they have innocent, child-like personalities on the inside too. They like playing fun games and eating sweets more than anything else. Let's introduce their fun lifestyle and the details about the mysterious kingdom where they live.

The Fairy KingdomEdit

A mysterious kingdom where many fairies live. It is believed that the location where it exists is in a different dimension than the human world. A human alone could never enter the kingdom. In order to enter or leave, a fairy guide is absolutely necessary. There are white balls of fluff floating in the sky, and the homes of faeries which are made out of trees, and mushrooms stretch on as far as the eye can see. It is a kingdom rich in nature with fantastical scenery. The reigning fairy queen is said to be fun-loving, and the castle town below the fairy castle is full of fun toys, and sweets that she likes. It's almost like a children's playground.

Among the humans, the fairy kingdom is talked about as a place that is “enveloped in happiness,” but many suspect that the main cause of that may in fact be the large groups of “kesaran pasaran (p.92)” that float throughout its skies. Perhaps the fantastical scenery of the fluff balls they scatter about shimmering in the light of the sun combined with the hallucinogenic effects that they induce is what's actually causing them all to feel so happy. In fact, perhaps, the main reason why the faeries who dwell in the fairy kingdom are always happy is because they're constantly continuously breathing in these fluff balls. The insides of their heads have probably become completely stained with happiness, and thus it's become the normal state.

In the fairy kingdom, there exist other mysterious plants and animals besides the kesaran pasaran. Mysterious trees and mushrooms called “house tree” and “house mush” naturally form room-like spaces that are decked out with furniture at a certain stage in their growth, providing homes for the fairies. The docile, adorable animals and plants can talk like people, just as in a children's storybook. It is said that the faeries are extremely friendly towards them, and they get along well and play together. The faeries spend their lives happily in this mysterious kingdom, having a lot of fun playing around while eating delicious sweets.

Lifestyle of the FairiesEdit

The faeries are mostly childish in general, and they like having fun more than anything else. Because of that kind of personality, they mostly get along well with monsters that are similarly childish. The majority of a fairy's body is composed of magical energy, and it's extremely easy for other types of magical energy to interfere with that magical energy. Those who play with monsters have their bodies showered in the monsters' demonic energy, and will probably soon end up becoming monsters themselves. Once the monsters teach them about sex, they accept it as a fun, new kind of game that feels really good, and then they end up becoming prisoners of the pleasure it brings them.

When a fairy who's become a monster returns to the fairy kingdom, she teaches this fun, pleasurable, addictive game to lots of other fairies as well. In this way, the fairies have rapidly become converted into monsters. The fairies spend pretty much every day having as much fun as they can, and, in the same way, the fairies who were converted into monsters bring back human men that they took a liking to in the human world, and they spend every day playing a game with their man that feels really good. And then, after playing a lot, and getting to feel really good a lot, throughout their entire bodies, they experience the taste of their beloved man's spirit energy, a taste sweeter than even that of the most delicious confections. Aside from that, they also play ordinary games with their men, have their men read them books, and other sorts of things. For a fairy converted into a monster, spending time with her man is more fun than anything else, and that's what makes her happiest.

The fairies originally were not monsters, but even before they became monsters, they were always an all female race. A male has never been confirmed. New faeries don't come from sexual reproduction, but from the blooming of beautiful flowers that are called “fairy flowers.” That is the place from which they are born. However, once fairies become monsters, their bodies change conveniently to facilitate sex with a human man, and they gain the ability to reproduce sexually at the same time. It becomes possible for them to make babies by being impregnated with a human man's semen. In the same way as other monsters, fairies take great joy in bearing the children of a human man. Since what faeries remain that are not yet monsters are rapidly being converted, before long the role of the fairy flowers will probably come to an end, and the faeries will change into a race that produces children through sexual reproduction.

What Comes Next for The Fairy KingdomsEdit

Formerly, during the era of the previous demon lord, fairies lived playfully amongst only their own kind in the fairy kingdom. They rarely became involved with the other races such as humans. This situation changed for the first time when the fairies were converted into monsters. At the present, many human men brought in by the faeries who became monsters are living in the fairy kingdom where once only fairies lived. Besides that, pixies, imps, and other childish monsters befriended by the faeries were also brought back into the fairy kingdom, so from now on, the monsterization of the faeries is probably going to sky rocket. Rather than standing in the way of change, the fairy queen is positively accepting human men and monsters in order to change the fairy kingdom into even more of a fun, good feeling place.

Lately, they've been proactively having a lot of cultural exchange with the organization Sabbath that the Baphomet monster girls lead. The fairies are being indoctrinated in various methods of using their small, childish bodies for the sake of further enjoyment with human men, and getting to feel even better. The day when all of the fairies are converted to monsters, and The Fairy Kingdom becomes another demon realm is surely not far off.

Non-human monsterization: Fairies (Fallen Maidens)Edit

A race that have extremely tiny bodies, and they are not monsters to begin with. They're a childish race that likes fun things. They spend every day playing and having fun. Since they are balls of magical energy, they are easily influenced by demonic energy. By playing with monsters that are childish like themselves, they get showered with demonic energy, and soon change into monsters. After becoming monsters, they still have the same childish appearance and still love to play, but in monster-fashion, they end up mainly choosing human men as their playmates. And then, after being taught by their monster friends, or by their own monster instinct, they'll try out very pleasurable forms of play.

They have tiny little bodies that look way too small for a man's penis to fit inside, but with a monster's durable body; they can swell up their stomach and receive a man's penis. It looks painful, but the fairies don't feel any pain. Even when they play in this state by having a man seize their tiny body and shove his cock in and out wildly, for them, the only thing induced by it is wild pleasure. Many fairies live in the Fairy Kingdom ruled by the Fairy Queen. The Fairy Queen and fairies want to have more fun and experience more pleasure. Many monsters are accepted in the Fairy Kingdom, and the fairies are changing into monsters one after another. In the not too distant future, the Fairy Kingdom will become a Demon Realm, and the fairies will all become a type of monster.

Extra information with the Titania profileEdit

The kingdoms of the fairies are ruled by “titanias”, the fairy queens, and among humans rumor has it that they are “shrouded in happiness”. They are purported to exist in a different dimension than the human world. Fairies such as “fairy” etc. sometimes drag men they've taken a liking to back to these kingdoms, and others who supposedly were originally monsters in the first place such as “pixies” also slip into the kingdoms with their husbands. There are rows of cute fairy houses made from mushrooms and trees, the kingdoms are rich in nature with fantastic scenery, and since the fairies' castles and towns are littered with fun toys and delicious sweets scattered about for the fun game and delicious treat loving fairies, they're almost like playgrounds for children. It seems several fairy kingdoms exist in various places throughout the world, but many of the titanias have accepted monsters to try to make their kingdom a more fun place, and as a result monsterization has progressed through many of the fairy kingdoms, or something like that.

Notes and References

  1. In later information, with the Titania profile, the Wandering Scholar changes his mind: there are multiple Fairy Kingdoms
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