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Fairy powder is made up of scales from the wings of fairies. The beautiful powder faintly glitters in 7 colors, and is filled with the magic of fairies. It is treasured for uses such as an ingredient for magic potions, or dye, when inscribing runes. Furthermore, it is said that one can travel to the Fairy Kingdom by sprinkling it over their head, but let's just say that that's more of a half-truth. It's not that one will be able to fly directly to the Fairy Kingdom. Instead, a man covered in this powder will become extremely popular with fairies, and a huge number of monsterized fairies will swarm over him eager to play sexual games, so eventually he may be taken to the Fairy Kingdom. It also affects more than just fairies, influencing races of Monsters with a childish appearance such as “Imps”, “Goblins”, and even “Baphomets” by causing them to take a liking to a man and go wild with lust more easily.


A Fairy Hug flower "gathering" fairy powder[1][2]

Also, after raping a fairy, Fairy Hug tentacle plants do on occasion open their petals and bloom in full glory while displaying the mucous-covered fairy that had gone limp due to pleasure in what almost appears as a crucifixion. On such occasions, they often encounter human men looking to collect and sell fairy powder. When a fairy whose mind has become obsessed with pleasurable games due to the tentacles' hardcore training notices the human man that has appeared in front of her, she'll spread her legs on her own without even needing to be forced by the tentacles, and invite the man in front of her to use her body. Among those whose profession is to collect and sell fairy powder, a plant in this state is referred to as “fruit bearing”. It is said that most of those who work in this profession will inevitably end up having several fairies as wives.[2][3]


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