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Story Info
Title "Black Falls, Pink Dawns"
Author Kawamura Hitoshi
Translator OtherSideofSky
Canon? No, alternate universe.

"Black Falls, Pink Dawns" is Amanomiya Koyoi's section in Monster Girl Encyclopedia Stories: Fallen Brides. The book tales stories about the pasts of each of the corrupted heroines of Lescatie who were introduced in Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide I: Fallen Maidens..

Chapter 1

"Kill her! Kill that monster!" Shouted an Order soldier in gleaming white armor, catching the blade of the monster in front of him on his own. He was shouting at a woman. She was clad from head to toe in garments unlike those of this continent. In her hands she held several slips of paper. His voice did reach her, but she was unable to move. Kill? He's telling me to kill this girl? She could not conceal her hesitation. From her perspective, the person in front of her was not yet a monster. Her clothes were torn in places, and pink hair showed through the rips. Still human, but only just. It was true that once the transformation into a monster had begun, there was no going back. Whatever they tried, maintaining her current condition was the best they could hope for. But the soldier had told her to "kill" an opponent who still retained some of her human mind without hesitation. That bothered her. Amanomiya Koyoi was not a woman to forget compassion, even for monsters.

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