Case 03: Sasha

Sasha Folmoon

Dark priest sasha 1

Story Info
Title "Embraced in the Bosom of Corruption"
Author The Dullahan's Groom
Translator OtherSideofSky
Canon? No, alternate universe.

Chapter 1

It was a well cared for room: the floor was swept clean, the cupboards were neatly organized, and the flowers in the vases had been plucked fresh that morning. It was a simple room, but it had a calming atmosphere. And yet the old man seated on the sofa surveyed the room with a look of disappointed astonishment, as if its comforts fell short of his expectations. The door opened, and a woman with sky-blue hair entered. "I'm sorry, father. You've spared some of your valuable time to call on us, and I've kept you waiting." The woman bowed to the priest and apologized. Even the way she bent at the waist in a single, smooth motion conveyed an impression of elegance and refinement. "Humph. Well, no matter." The priest coolly inclined his head and stroked his white beard. The woman, seeing that, seated herself on the sofa across from him. Her posture was perfect. "I suppose I don't need to tell you the conditions." "That's right."

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