Case 01: Wilmarina

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Story Info
Title "One Who Seeks the Fallen Sword"
Author The Dullahan's Groom
Translator OtherSideofSky
Canon? No, alternate universe.

Chapter 1

It was a beautiful flower garden, its surface entirely covered in white.

A world blanketed in pure white Dutch clover. I was sitting in the center of a beautiful flower garden untainted by any impurity. My gaze was turned to the bunch of clover I had plucked. I was working my small fingers as hard as I could, but they simply refused to move as I wanted. They made loops of the unyielding stems and thread the ends through, but they refused to do so smoothly.


As my cheeks swelled with irritation, I quietly turned my eyes to the side. A boy of about my own age was sitting there. His flaming red hair was cropped short, and his fingers were moving with a smoothness mine could not match. As I watched, he passed one loop through another and held them up triumphantly.

"Done!" "Ooh..."

It was a beautifully woven crown of flowers.

He must have planned even the angles at which the flowers stuck out — every petal faced outward.

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