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Living stone statues in which the soul of a demon dwells. There are various stories, and some say that wicked demons where once sealed within, or that demons maliciously sealed part of themselves within a statue and changed it into a monster, but most gargoyles and the souls within them have completely changed into the souls of succubi. Their evil purposes from when they were demons are no longer of concern to them, and their heads are full of the thoughts of sex with men.

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When the sun rises, the two having sex will become stone. Even during this time, pleasant pleasure continues to flow through their bodies.

Most of them are sealed to a pedestal by a sacred chain, and they can’t move very much. However, if someone were to damage the chain or pedestal by mistake, the seal would be broken, and they would then be able to fly around freely with their huge wings. They’d probably end up looking around for a human man they could obtain spirit energy from.

When they spot a human man they like, they try to assault and have sex with him. Gargoyles can only move at night, and when the sun comes up, they revert to being stone statues. For that reason, if they were joined with a male victim during sex, it is said that the man will also turn into stone together with them until night. They attack men from the air and often try to ravish them then and there in the cowgirl position straddling him. A man who changed into stone in that situation ends up looking just like their new pedestal.

If one were to turn to stone while joined with them, communication is still possible even though they are unable to speak. Also, a man’s body is given pleasure even in the state of having turned to stone as long as he remains joined with them. Due to the pleasure of being continually joined and the constant infusion of their demonic energy, a man will eagerly anticipate the night when rougher sex and more pleasure can be obtained. Since the gargoyle badly wants to hurry up and shake her hips and ravish the man as well, as soon as night falls and the petrification is undone, they’ll start having wild sex as if a floodgate had broken.

A man who becomes engrossed with a gargoyle eventually keeps having sex during the night, and when it becomes morning, he eagerly anticipates the extreme act he’ll be performing at night, and then when it becomes night again, they’ll keep having sex until the morning sun rises. In this way, men are mounted by gargoyles, and continue to be joined with them, genuinely becoming their pedestals.

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