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Little demihumans that build villages and live in places such as caves. The art appears to show a child, but this is a mature adult. Their bodies do not grow any bigger than this. Unbefitting of their little bodies, they have the power to lift enormous weapons with ease, they are even a bit clever. However, they are childish on the inside and they have a foolish, simple side. They like mischief and that is what they use their wits for.

They often form groups composed of all goblins, or with a “hobgoblin” leader and appear in city streets, attacking human travelers, robbing them blind. Additionally, if the person happens to be a man, they’ll rape him right on the spot. On this occasion, if one of them takes a liking to him, they’ll take him back to their dwelling and he will be forced to become their husband.

Not all goblins are dangerous this way and there are also goblins who are trying to get along better with humans. There are even goblin merchants who come to human settlements, selling the ores and crafted works that they get from their village, but of course, they are still goblins on the inside. Once they spot a man who strikes their fancy, they will put their cunning to use and try to violate him as soon as they see an opportunity.

However, other than when they are committing mischief, or trying to violate men, they are quite sociable and talkative; so an extremely large number of goblins are merchants, as mentioned before. When doing business with them, if you are a man, it is likely possible to pay with your body. Even so, if they like you, they will almost certainly be taking you home with them, so I do not recommend it very much.


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