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A variety of harpies unique to “Wonderland" that are said to always be in heat. The progenitor of this race was a “harpy" of the original kind who was altered when the “Queen of Hearts" cast a spell to make her constantly in heat all throughout the year, after she got fed up with how harpies don't bother to attack men unless in season.

They retain the friendly personality of the harpy, however their heads are full of nothing but thoughts of copulating with men, and they are said to be full of sexual desire from birth. As soon as they become consciously aware, they begin to seek men, and lust continues to build up inside them to a degree that would drive them crazy if not for them being monsters. Because of this, their organs for sensing the odor and mana of human men are extremely developed, and it seems everyone knows it soon after a single man wanders into Wonderland because the jubjubs become boisterous.

Their genitalia are constantly dripping with secretions, and as soon as they spot a man, they will charge at full speed and leap upon the man in an attempt to copulate in a state of maximal arousal. Most of the harpy family have petite bodies that are light and flexible, specialized for flight, but they have soft bodies that are specialized for feeling nice when embraced, rather than flight. They have enlarged breasts which are inappropriate for their petite body. Their wings also prioritize beauty over flight, and their fluffy plumage is specialized to make a man feel nice when having his body wrapped in their wings, but they have difficulty flying for long periods of time. For that reason, they have a habit of treating the man who becomes their husband as their “perch". They take his penis and hold it deep inside their vagina, and wrap their legs around him to affix their body to their husband, and they try to live like that while constantly joined.

Whether sleeping or moving, they try not to separate from their husband, and they only do so when they have no choice but to fly, or when laying eggs. Even being separated for just a short period of time will turn them half-crazed, and when coupling together once more, so that they will not be separated again, they will slam their hips vigorously against his again and again as if to beat their own cervix with his penis. Also, they have jittery personalities. If their hips itch, they’ll adjust their position, and since they will frequently and persistently try to readjust to take the penis in even deeper, pulling back with their hips, and then thrusting it deep inside again, their husband will often release semen inside them when visited by sudden and unexpected pleasure.

Most men will be bewildered by them at first, but as they become tainted by life in Wonderland, eventually being joined at the hip with a jubjub and feeling that pleasure will become a natural thing. Conversely, such men will become unable to calm down without it. As long as a man is with a jubjub, he will be able to maintain an erection indefinitely. A man will even start grabbing their hips and shaking them, actively pouring his desire inside them.

Furthermore, there is a theory that the origin of their name comes from a variant of the wet sounds “jupu jupu” that they're always making, but the truth is uncertain.

Kenkou's Notes

This time's update 「jubjub」 is a race unique to Wonderland, and as expected, the race was born due to the Queen of Hearts casting a spell on a “harpy”. It seems they are a race with big boobs, which is rare among the harpy family.[1]

今回の更新は「ジャブジャブ」 不思議の国の固有種で、 例のごとくハートの女王が「ハーピー」に魔法をかけた事により誕生した種族です。 ハーピー属には珍しくおっぱいが大きな種族らしいです。

Relationship with Humpty Egg

When a human man approaches Jubjub's eggs before they hatch, it may cause mutation to the eggs and turn them into a slime monster known as Humpty Egg, with a body capable of mating since birth. Being a mutant race, Humpty Eggs will lay normal Jubjub eggs, although they will have a higher chance to mutate into a Humpty Egg than eggs laid by Jubjubs.


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  3. For the full gallery, please refer to the fanart hub
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