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See: "Questions and Answers with Kenkou Cross", Monster Girls Redux

The following translations are questions and their relevant answers taken from the Monster Girls Redux questions and answers thread. All questions have been ordered chronologically by session number. Until the material here is confirmed in print, this information should not be considered canon. Usage of brackets (This is [an example of] bracket usage.) is intentional and denotes segments in which the translator reworded the translation in order to preserve the context of the original, Japanese response. Please do not remove/edit these brackets.

Session 1

1) What do you think of monster boys?

I also like monster boys. I like cool male demihuman or beastman. Basically they will not appear in MGE, but there are some exceptions like the magics or potions by sabbath which enable men to become monster boys temporarily.

2) Does Kenkou-sensei think monster girl only giving birth to monster girl is very important part of story?

You might already know, it is one of some factors that shows Maou/Demon Lord's plan which convert monsters into MGs didn't go as she wished, and there are many things what she couldn't suppose. And there is reasoning from meta view. If MGs can give birth to male, they will marry with men inside of their community, and they will not go out to seek partner. In that case, we can't see the scene that MGs pounce on men and have sex with them, and MGs who form their settlement like Amazoness will hardly show up.

3) Is one of your girls your favourite?

It changes daily, but all of the settings and illusts of MGs are based on what I feel cute and sexy. So I love all of them.

4) Do you read any story that influence MGE?

I like legendary monsters, so get inspiration from various Mythologies. And I love JRPG, like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, so they should affect me much. It is why MGs not only love human male but also try to pounce on them. The images of monsters appear in those games underlie their actions.

5) Is futanari monster girl in fan fiction okay? Will there ever be Futanari monster girl?

OK! There may be such Mgs in the world of MGE, and the magics or potions by sabbath may enable them. But sorry, I won't let them show up officially.

6) How big can holstaur boob get?

Basically, I leave it to your imagination. It can be bigger than being drawn in the picture of MGE, but can't be bigger than her body itself!

7) Will there be South American monster girl in future? Do you like South American Mythology?

I like Aztec mythology. Actually I have the idea of Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca already, though they are not monsters but gods in the original. But their appearance won't be near future, so please be patient.

8) What does Kenkou-sensei think of contemporary monster girl story?

Though I like the world of fantasy, I also like present-day stories. There are many such stories contributed to my site, and I enjoy them.

9) How is spirit realm made, does lilim wave hand and it appear?

The sphere is solidified Demonic Mana/Energy of the lilim. So like when she uses magic, she will be able to make it appear or vanish at her will, by merely waving her hand. [Think there was a miscommunication here, pretty sure KC thought we were asking about the black goop lilim's sit on.]

10) When a pack of monster girl, like werewolf or goblin, capture man, do they share him or do they keep capturing man till all have husband?

It occurs to the nature of the pack or personality of each MGs. Sometimes they share a man to become closely with him. Though MGs are not choosy about men basically, some of them can have tastes like "I want to monopolize one man's affections" or "I like older man (at least his appearance)". Such MGs will try to capture another man, and sometimes a harem and a married couple can coexist in one pack. Things written each in profiles literally are not absolute, and actual case can be various in some measure. It will be affected by time and case, one's personality or background, environment, society, and relationship with other MGs in the pack, like us human.

11) Do dwarf and elf still visit Church town now that they are monster girl?

Dwarves will visit Church town, if it belongs to non radicals. Regardless of becoming MGs or not, Elves seldom visit a town of humans.

12) What are plans for future, will there be a book of gods? Will there be a Sabbath book? Are there any other planned book?

The subject matter of the World Guide vol.3 will be the Sabbath and general Magic. And I will publish MGE book vol.2 when I will achieve 200th MG. I want to publish the book of gods in the future, but it is very difficult theme to write a book, so I can't assure.

Session 2

1) Kenkou-sensei, is more merchandise possible? I want to buy Dakimakuura, doll, nendroid and many other MGE products!

Sorry, I am not company, so merchandise like doll and nendroid is very difficult. But small product like keychain or badge may be possible.

2) I am curious, is there any monster girl who love human but oppose Maou because they do not like her utopia plan?

There will be MGs who don't support Maou proactively. From the very first, MGs value themselves, their husbands, and people around them. And there are many MGs who don't have interest in Maou's plan. On the other hand, they don't have the reason to oppose her plan, so there is no MGs who strongly oppose her. Some MGs may say"Current Maou is too mild! Let me switch with her, and I will make more erotic utopia!"

3) Will there be other girls with unusual fetish like Manticore and Sandworm? They were very interesting!

Yes. There are some species of MGs that all of them have unique appearance and ecology, far different from others. they will not appear soon, so please be patient.

4) In future will there be any named monster girl updates similar to the Fallen Maiden profile? I think Tarasque would be very interesting!

Yes, I intend to do so. I am planning to publish "Fallen Maiden 2", but it will be years later, so please be patient. And Tarasque is very interesting motif, but it is also difficut one. This will be also years later.

5) How many Lilim is there? Will we see more pictures, or see picture for Queen of Hearts?

A rumor says that there are already more than 100 Lilims. Well, it is still rumor. Like Druella, Queen of Hearts and other lilims will appear in the books.

6) What would monster girl do if she find human orphan?

She will try to protect him or her, or even try to become mother. MGs will not pounce upon those who are wounded or weaken, and children who are too young to have sex. However, when the boy grows enough, they may marry continuously. And some species of MGs may try to monsterize the girl.

7) In MGE1 ancient demon at bottom of the ocean is mentioned, will they appear?

Yes. They will surely appear, though I can't say when it will be. They will be far different from normal MGs.

8) Can goddess get pregnant? What are the children?

Gods can have children. If a god and a goddess will marry, then new god will be born. And a human male and a goddess also can have children. They are called "Demigod". They are closer to the gods than humans, and can have strong power like the gods. Some can be weaker than normal gods because of the blood of human, and some can achieve special ability which other gods can't have.

9) In past there are animal girl like Weresheep and Honey Bee, is dinosaur girl possible?

I have ideas of dinosaur-based girls already. But there have been no era of dinosaurs in the world of MGE.

10) I am curious, I love many mythologies, but Norse is my favourite, will Norse monster girls appear?

I am planning to make various species like Fenrir, Ratatoskr, and Nidhogg appear. Norse MGs will be very powerful.

Session 3

1) Because there is Mothman, will there be more USA monsters, maybe Wendigo or Jersey Devil?

Yes. Especially Wendigo may show up in the near future. To make her different from Yeti, she will be rather originally MG of MGE.

2) Is there different colour dragons, do they have different breath like fire, ice, gas?

Yes. Various dragons like "Fire Drake", "Frost Dragon", and "Black Dragon" who belongs to extremist are planned, and each of them can spit out different breath. But I can't make such powerful beings show up easily, so please wait.

3) Is there very unusual terrain in MGE, floating island, underground kingdoms and others?

Trolls and Giant Ants form underground settlements, and a rumor says that there is the underground world. There are MGs with different values from the species already verified, and they have very seductive power. The underground world is filled with mana, and there are several floating islands. Some of them were created by the gods or mamonos, and others were naturally born.

4) In Wonderland do Red Queen or White Queen exist alongside Queen of Hearts?

Yes, they exist. They reign as the queen of the species indigenous to the Wonderland.

5) KC do you like Hindu mythology, is Hindu monster girl possible?

Yes. I like Hindu mythology because it is very magnificent. Garuda and Apsara will show up.

6) Can Minotaur change breast size and lactate too?

Like human, each species of mamono can have individual difference. So there can be individuals with large breasts or small ones. Unlike Holstaurs, they can't be milked unless they get pregnant. The quantity and quality of their milk is no match to Holstaurs, but it is still delicious because they are mamonos of cow.

7) Can Amazon wings fly?

Normally they can't fly. Amazon have single, small wing, and it is used like craws when they hunt, and can be used to assist their exercise capacity like jumping. However, there are rare individuals who have large two wings and can fly.

8) What is technological level in MGE like? Is there steam power, gunpowder other things?

It is very difficult question to answer. I want to leave it to your imagination as long as possible, so I will not make it clear, but steam power and gunpowder are already exist, and research makes progress. However, magic-related technologies which don't exist in our world have made more progress, and researches of "Magitek machines" (contraption combined with magic) are also ongoing.

9) I am curious, does Gazer have bushy tail, or is it very long fluffy hair?

She have bushy tail. If you look closely, you will be able to see the boundary line between hair and tail.

10) With Primera, it seems half-elf is possible (not all elf is mamono), is there Half-dwarf?

Both of Half-elf and Half-dwarf exist. Most of Elves are not mamono, so there are moderate number of Half Elves. On the other hand, non monsterized Dwarves are quite rare, so Half-dwarves are much more precious beings.

Session 4

1) Do you think a Flesh Golem (Frankenstein Monster) will appear?

They exist. They seem to have relation with alchemy and "Homunculus".

2) Is there magic for resurrection or reincarnation?

In the case of being in a state of apparent death, or immediately after death, the souls can be recalled. But basically, it is difficult to resurrect dead unchanged. However, Human women and MGs can relatively easily revived as "undead", and by the one who mastered necromancy, it is possible that a man can revived as "undead incubus", not changed to undead MG. Also, In the world of MGE, there is the system of reincarnation of souls, but still I can't answer them, so please wait.

3) Can mermaids move on land?

Possible. There are various ways like using the spells of human-transformation, crawling by their tail like Lamia, hovering in the air with their mana(still they cant fly so freely).

4) The Pharaoh has a pet snake in her picture, is the snake special?

It is a kind of "Mamono(demon) Realm Beasts", told in the Monster World Guide II. Though they have large body, they are calm and smart creatures. By using the mana of the Pharaoh, they can be the weapon of their masters, and support their use of magic.

5) How difficult is it to create Spirit Realm like Wonderland or Pandemonium?

It is difficult to explain, and it is very hard to create. A bit powerful mamono can create such realm as large as a room or a residence. However, the god-like power is needed to create the realm as large as a country like Wonderland or Pandemonium. The master of pandemonium is originally one of god(dess), and the Lilim who created Wonderland has such power.

Session 5

1) Are the other types of Slimes able to become Queen Slime? Can there be Bubble Queen Slime, Dark Queen Slime?

Yes, they can. There are also possibility of mutation for Nureonago etc. However, the slimes of higher-rank have lower possibility of mutation, so such mamonos are quite rare.

2) Is Druella married?

Sorry, it is secret.

3) If Valkyrie has a child, is it an Angel, a Valkyrie, something else?

The child of a Valkyrie will be also a Valkyrie.

4) Will there be Australian monster based on Rainbow Serpent, Bunyip or others?

Yes. Bunyip will be a mamono that is compound of bird, snake, and beast. And there will be also Yowie that is compound of insect and dragon. They will be comparatively ferocious species.

5) Do sea based mamono build underwater village/kingdom?

Yes, there are many settlements and kingdoms in the sea. Even in the water, there are unique spaces that objects will not float around, the magical light that can illuminate inside the water, and the building materials, cloth, and strings which can be used in the water. With the unquenchable fire, even cooking is possible.

6) Is vampire's cape her succubus wings?

Yes, they can be be appeared or vanished at will. However, they are different in nature, and Vampire normally vanishes the wing unlike succubus. The wings in illustration of the profile is shaped like mantle, but they can be also shaped like bat wings.

7) With Sandworm, is female body able to detach from worm's body, or are they fused?

They are fused, and can't be detached. However, still depends on their mana and intelligence(both can be developed by continuing marriage), she can change the part that are attached to worm's body to arms or back, and create pseudo-legs like human female. Additionally, they can temporarily shrink worm's body and become the form like Lamia, so they can go to the town with their husbands.

8) If Apophis bit Lilim, would the poison be strong enough to enslave Lilim?

Possible, but the more the target is powerful, the more amount of poison is needed. So they can't enslave Lilim with just one bite, and they have to bite enough length or several times to accumulate the poison. However, Apophis is created as the opponent of Pharaoh, so her poison is effective for Pharaoh and her vassals. So Pharaoh can be exceptionally enslaved by the small amount of poison, even though they are powerful mamono.

9) Can Familiar be affected by Wonderland Cake?

The cakes that make the one who eat them grow? If so, yes.

10) Do you think clockwork robot/golem race will appear?

I am planning to make Automaton show up as the magitech golem. Still I can't tell much, but they are not created by the technology of current world of MGE. Additionally, the last time I was asked this question, I didn't want to reveal the specific answer. But I changed my mind and decide to answer.

11) Dwarves lost all of their male, but will they appear again when mamonos can give birth to Incubus?

Yes. Elves and Dwarves are "human race", and incubus of Elves and Dwarves will show up like the case of human.

Session 6

1) Undead Mushroom is mentioned as capable of turning human women into Zombies, Ghouls, or even Dullahans and Vampires. If human is a hero, could they become powerful undead like wight or liche?

Yes, those with talent can be changed into a Wight or Liche.

2) Between when Maou came to power and Lescatie was invaded, was there long time gap?

Yes, hundreds of years have passed since when monsters had become MGs. At that time, Lescatie was not menacing for them. Heroes were very rare and Lescatie did not produce them like recent years, though they were well-armed (the nation). However, Lescatie came to produce so many heroes and attacked MGs. So the Mamono-Lord decided that the situation was serious, and Druella invaded.

3) Do you think Celtic monster like Banshee or Red Cap will appear?

Yes, I have the idea of them from years ago. Banshee will be a mamono that have relation with Death/Reaper, and Red Cap will of course wear the red cap. I will arrange such elements for MGE.

4) Can widow monster find new husband?

It is possible, but many of them remain faithful to the memory of their husband, so unless the new husband can truly express his love, and the MG would accept and love him, they will not marry. However, in many cases, the widow will try the necromancy or go to Afterlife.(But in the first place, incubus will not die so easily.) [Note: Curious on this, I asked some more questions. The form of the afterlife isn’t set in stone yet, so there isn’t a really strong image/idea for what it’s like yet. KC has notes, but they’re to be solidified later.]

5) What do you think of modern monster from meme and internet like Slenderman?

I know there are many interesting stories. I don’t make MGs based on the urban legend taboo, and I want to draw them if I have good idea. However, some of them may be too modernistic to appear in the world of MGE. Actually, there are already MGs based on the urban legends like Mothman and Kesaran Pasaran, etc.

6) Does Voodoo style group exist. Witch doctor, zombie powder etc?

There are the communities that make much use of occult arts, though may not be literally Voodoo itself. They do have the tools like zombie powder, but it will create lustful zombies instead of submissive slaves. Questions and Answers

See: "TL for KC's Q&A", Pastebin

The following translations are questions and their relevant answers taken from Kenkou's page[1]. For the sake of organisation, all questions have been ordered by subject instead of chronologically. Please note that none of these translations have been checked for accuracy or edited for proper English grammar/structure so mistakes will be found throughout. Until the material here is confirmed in print, this information should not be considered canon. Usage of brackets (This is [an example of] bracket usage.) is intentional and denotes segments in which the translator reworded the translation in order to preserve the context of the original, Japanese response. Please do not remove/edit these brackets.


1) Do same sex relationships exist in the monstergirl encyclopedia?[2]

Pure same sex relationships do exist in the setting itself, but only stuff like bi, monsterization as cause for harems or just fooling around amongst intimate friends will be mentioned in the official material because of my personal taste.

2) I heard that it's difficult for monstergirls to get pregnant, but since Deruela is the 4th princess, does that mean it's easier for the demon lord to get pregnant?[3]

It's not easy for her in particular. It's just that she already had at least 1000 years time to make out and have sex.

3) What happens if a same sex couple, who are in mutual love, get monsterized?[4]

They'll most likely search for a husband to share. Sorry, but hard yuri is a bit beyond my context.

4) So I was thinking about this situation were a married woman gets monsterized during a time where she's without her spouse (for a prolonged rate of time), and whether she'll wait for her initial spouse or will attack some nearby guy and make him her new spouse. So will her sense of chastity she had as a human remain even after she turned into a monster girl?[5]

Regarding chastity, if she decided to remain chaste even if her husband is far away, then this won't change even after becoming a monster girl. Even if she's no longer able to hold back while waiting for her spouse from her time as human and can't set out on a journey to her husband's side, then something like "I'm gonna catch some other guy as husband~" won't happen.

5) It's clear that only Succubi will be born now, but were there people considered a Cambion (an half breed between human and succubus or incubus) during the previous system? Something like a Dhampir[6]

No. There weren't. It's not like the fact that only monsters are born between humans and monsters is something from the current system, but [a leftover from the system of the previous Demon Lord], so even then only monsters were born.

6) Some questions came up after reading the previous answer. Why would there be races breeding with humans back during the previous system?[7]

If it's just for having children, then monsters normally abducted human girls for breeding them, or males in case of Lamia and Harpies... or something like that. Of course, there was no love involved in this and the humans would normally get eaten after the child is born. However, there are lucky cases where the monster would awake to feelings of love and affection and become joined with the human as something like a married couple. It seems this often happened with types close to humans, such as Vampires, Succubi, Beast-types, Lamia and Harpies, or high ranking monsters such as Dragons or Baphomet.

7) Since things like barber shops and coffee shops should also exist in demon realms, are there occupations were each different kind always excels at?[8]

There are. There are fields of expertise related to the traits of a species. For example, there are many Arachne sewing and running a boutique, Harpies working as delivery service, or Giant Ants doing construction work and working as civil engineers. There are many factors, like physical strength or finger skill of a race, as well as individual differences. There are also many helping out with their husbands work.

8) Is Polove a dark monster realm? Or a bright green one?[9]

Polove is a [bright green monster realm].

9) What type of men do monstergirls dislike?[10]

They won't fall in love with psychopaths and wicked people that think things like "Killing people is fun!" or "causing others misfortune is fun!".

10) So are the most numerous monstergirls Slimes after all? Or perhaps Goblins?[11]

I think it should be Large Mice or Devil Bugs.

11) What should I do if the church was to win?[12]

They won't win.

12) In the future were Incubi can be born, will monstergirl Dwarves and Elves be able to give birth to (Incubi having the characteristics of) male Dwarves and Elves?[13]

They will be. Since they are close to [humans].

13) If the Demon Lord wins against the Chief God, will the Chief God get executed? Since the Chief God is a dangerous enemy that hates the Demon Lord, and since, according to the entry of the Fallen God, gods seemingly can't be monsterized against their will.[14]

The exact details are still a secret, but the Chief God won't get executed.

14) Do you have any plans to touch the subject of the ocean's deep levels, which are apparently called [the depths]?[15]

Of course I've already thought about it. But the beings there are rather hard to describe. So their appearance is still a long way off.

15) What's the global situation? Is it a total war? Or is just a part engulfed in combat? How long will the order be able to last?[16] (TL Note: Question is written in Chinese, so I had to machine translate it like KC.)

I can't really understand it from the machine TL, but is it about the scale of the war? Sorry if that's not the case. Seems like the war is basically just one part on a rather small scale. Most of the order states are more occupied with things regarding other human states.

16) Are there any monstergirls other than Lilim that humans can't change into?[17]

Spirit types other than Dark Matters like Undine or Gnomes, as well as material types like Golems or Karakasa-Obake are impossible because of their origins. However if a women thought that she died in a volcano she might be reborn as an Ignis, or something like the soul of a dead woman dwelling in a freshly made Golem is possible I think.

17) Which one is the weakest monster, if going by simple combat ability?[18]

If it's simple fighting strength, then it'll be either Fairies or Kesaran Pasaran I guess? This is speaking about offensive ability to the last, their bodies are sturdy, just as expected of monsters.

18) Do deformed children or people with birth defects appear in the world of the guide book?[19]

Human society doesn't feel different of that from the real medieval times. They're human, but parts of monster friendly states and monstergirls can treat them. They'll get cured.

19) Do humans with a serious mental disorder get cured of it upon monsterization?[20]

They can be cured with monsterization. Human men too can get rehabilitation from constant attendance of monstergirls, er, rather get cured together with Incubization.

20) Are there really no human girls that became Lilim (even though other monster girls)? Something like a [monsterization counsellor for women] that deals with monsterization of various kinds despite being a former human would be interesting (note: not quite sure about the grammar in that last sentence).[21]

One basically can't turn into a Lilim. If we assume you could then it would need the Demon Lord to do it, and there are rumours about her adopting a single human girl. However, even then it would put a great burden on the demon lord, and it would be very difficult if said girl doesn't posses some great talent (as Inma). A monsterization counsellor sounds fun though. w

21) I'm sorry that I send you some questions to some weird place some time ago, since I didn't know about your ask yet. So let me ask again, are there any cases where a human woman turns into a Tentacle herself after being attacked by one? (I did read a SS about turning into a Succubus, but... Starting with Tentacle, there were many monsters I didn't know about before reading the world guide). Are there any Lilim that were former human women? (In other words, is it possible for a former human woman to turn into a being that can monsterize other women without race limitations? That also includes raising in rank from Succubus ect.) Sorry again!!! (note: SS should stand for Side Story here)[22]

Tentacles are a special kind of monsters that were originally plants, and not monsters so in most cases the result will be a transformation into a Succubus. However, there might be some very rare cases where a human with good affinity to a Tentacles demonic energy, or in other words has a disposition for it, might turn into a Tentacle. Fundamentally, no Lilim that were former humans exist, since a condition for Lilim is "to be a descendant of the Demon Lord". However, if you want to use the exception amongst exceptions, then there's a rumour about an "adopted child" existing, but it's not sure if there's any truth to it.

22) Which criteria decide into which kind of monster girl a human girl will turn into at the moment of monsterization? Also, is it possible for a human girl to turn into a specific kind if she has the wish for?[23]

It's basically based on the kind she was attacked by. If mana corrosion from being inside a demon realm is the cause, then she'll basically turn into a Succubus, but in the case that she herself has a "disposition", strong desire, etc., then it's possible that she'll transform into the corresponding species instead. For example, if her ancestors share the blood of a fox, then she'll turn into a Youko or Inari, and a girl that just despised her tranquil life and desired for some stimulus might turn into a Thunderbird. Also, inside an undead kingdom the basic transformation will be into an undead instead of Succubus, and if the demonic energy of a specific kind is strong inside a demon realm, then this species will become the basic transformation.

23) If you put a number of married couples of various kinds of monstergirls with strong demonic energy into an enclosed space that is perfectly sealed off from demonic energy outside and let them have a revelry, will a Dark Matter be born?[24]

It will. But if they will actually continue with the orgy (with a fixed partner though) for this long is another question. Seems like couples would go "I wanna be alone together with him/her again soon!" and leave halfway through it.

24) Will you release pictures for the Demon Lord, Chief God, Fallen God, sea goddess Poseidon, god of war Ares and goddess of love Eros?[25]

I'll eventually release them. But it'll be at a leisurely pace since they're big names, so please wait warmly!

25) Since it seems that monster girls too have a fondness for sports, so might they perhaps have contests with something like a book/script from pro-wrestling (arranged beforehand) or get excited from watching such a game?[26]

Of course they'd enjoy something like that and would do it themselves. (But it's unclear if there's something like pro-wrestling in the setting of the world guide.)

26) I don't really understand the definition behind a Mad Hatter being a majin-type and a Glacies being an elemental-type, so could you please explain it to me in detail?[27]

The -type stands for a [vague classification by appearance]. Those that are hard to tell apart from a human at glance are classified as majin-type. (Witch, Dhampir, Mad Hatter, etc.) Those with a body (most of the body) made of an element like fire, water and ice are classified as elemental-type (most spirits).

27) It seems that Poseidon deflected to the monster girl side, but is this fact known by the Order? And if they should know it, are they aware that they'd be at a disadvantage when fighting on the sea which is under control by Poseidon?[28]

That's the case for the order, but most humans don't really understand things related to the gods. Also, it seems that there's a safe? (without monsters, but you can lose your life in storms and such) area of the ocean controlled by god's aligned with the chief god, even if it's relatively smaller than Poseidon's realm.

28) Are there cases where a monster girl child falls in love with her father?[29]

There are. It'll be explained in detail in the book. It seems to happen if she only spends time together with her father and if he pampers her too much, so please be sure to let her play outside with other kids to give her a sense of independence. w

29) What would you do if this (the real) world would turn into a demon realm? Or, what would be the first thing you'd like to do?[30]

I'd introduce those who want counselling to their favourite race. Make a marriage counselling office for women to turn them into their favourite race.

30) To which degree does the upper echelon and order in anti-monster territories, like the former Lescatie, know about the fact that monsters were [turned into monster girls]? Also to what degree do the common people in these countries know about that?[31]

I think all humans living in a countries where monsters exist and the adjoining regions know that monsters turned into monster girls. However, in that age, or rather that world, the flow of information is limited to gossip between people and state-approved newspapers since there's no internet or TV. So since there's not many information providers, other than those that had direct contact with monsters, there are many people that don't know much about their ecology. And of course pedlars travelling the world and the intellectual class anywhere know about it, but there are many commoners spending their whole life in the village they were born in without ever even meeting a monster.

31) Is it possible for commoners to be granted with the opportunity to observe the Demon Lord giving birth?[32]

They're not hiding that in particular, so a commoner would have the possibility. However, you don't really want to watch a married couple of strangers go through childbirth, be it the Demon Lord or somebody else... w

32) Is the Baphomet the crystallisation of your moe?[33]

I like both big and small breast and both onee-san and loli. So when I draw a monster girl she'll basically become a girl [that I become attached to myself], so all monstergirls are the crystallisation of my moe, which means I don't have a particular favourite. I also love loli-babaa/legal loli!

33) Do runes like pleasure runes have an effect if carved on a man?[34]

They do.

34) What do monster girls outside of the [radical faction] think about the [radical faction]? Also are Devils part of the [radical faction] as their whole kind? And are there any other kinds with many members of the [radical faction]?[35]

The reactions vary from [I see (indifferent)] to [They sure are whimsical, having time for this despite making out with their husbands-] to [Give your best-. That's wonderful!] and [Stop it! If you keep monsterizing human women, then my husband candidates will decreaaaaase]. Devils are part of the radical faction as a whole. And there are other kinds like that.

35) Currently only monster girls will be born, but once Incubi can be born, may various half/biracial monsters be born? For example: If an Incubus with a Devil as mother marries a Weresheep, will the fathers Devil genes and the mothers Weresheep genes create a half, ect.[36]

There's a possibility for this. However, they won't change shape or abilities right away. But an easygoing Devil that likes to sleep together or a Weresheep with the ideology of the radical faction might be born.

36) What will happen if the eggs of a grasshopper, or some other insect that lies its eggs underground, are buried right below an intoxication fruit.[37]

They'll turn into monster girls. Hurray!

37) Do oviparous monsters lay unfertilised eggs? If they do lay them, will they get angry of you eat one.[38]

They lay them. And they won't get angry if it's an unfertilised egg. By the way, the monsters in this encyclopedia will be pregnant for some time even if they lay eggs. So if there's a period where they are pregnant with rather big ones, then the eggs will be fertilized, if they are rather small and without a period of pregnancy, then the eggs can be easily told apart as unfertilised ones.

38) ... Uhm, do Monstergirls get a [girls day (menses)] like human woman do? Seems like the girls around me get [a horrible stomach ache every time], so I think it would be nice for both sides if they can have children without that.[39]

While they get such a periodical day, there won't be any bleeding or pain. Rather than this they might get more sensitive (in the sexual sense). (TL Note: Slight liberty on the question by replacing obscure reference.)

39) Is there a method for married couples to temporarily switch genders?[40]

I think there are happenings occurring in Wonderland and Sabbath magic potions for that.

40) Is there a way for a husband to temporarily switch bodies with his monster girl wife, or is there not?[41]

There is! Seems like there's accidents in Wonderland amongst others.

41) So about the method that turns the men of Wonderland into monster girls, do those have an effect on incubized men?[42]

They do have an effect. If you got a wife then you get to enjoy some pseudo-yuri play! In case of an incubus without wife (incubization trough drugs) then there's a possibility that he'll turn into a monster girl as is, but this won't happen to incubi with a wife, speaking of after turning into a monster girl, they don't have an interest into other men. (TL Note: Grammar in KC's answer is kinda strange and makes it unclear on how to properly interpret it, especially since it seems to contradict the first part.)

42) Sorry for this question. What is the difference between spirit energy and semen? Slime and plant types have mostly semen written as food, and a think with undead and demon types it's generally spirit energy. But somehow plant types lately (from Tentacle onwards) have spirit energy instead of semen? I'm confused (´._.`), was this just on a whim? Also is it possible for monster girls that have spirit energy or semen as food to survive without it? For example by changing someone's magic power into spirit energy (so in short in a situation when there are no men around)? My Japanese might be strange, so I'm sorry m(_ _)m[43]

Semen is just that, and spirit energy means the energy of living organisms that is included in things such as semen. And while all monster girls love spirit energy, there is a difference between having the energy of living organisms and semen itself as staple food. Also even if they have semen or spirit energy as staple food, if it's just for surviving then they can live from just the same food as humans. (TL Note: Spirit (energy) [精/sei] and semen [精液/seieki] start with the same kanji, so semen is literally means "liquid spirit".)

43) Are there any differences or changes to the powers and such an Incubus holds in relation to what kind of species of Monstergirl their wife is?[44]

There are. I'd say the most important are the ability to live underwater and improved swimming ability of sea dwelling Incubi, or the resistance against the flames and high temperatures of flame type species. Also in the case of those with a species that likes to live underground or in dark places, then they gain night vision and such.

44) Is it possible to distinguish an Incubus from a normal person just by observing (like having a particular aura)?[45]

You can't. If they live in a Demon Realm then they might have a slack/slovenly appearance or they make a relaxed face while making out with their wife too much, but else you can't keep them apart just by a glimpse.

45) So even back in the age of the former Demon Lord there rarely were monsters awakening to love, if that's the case then I think a man would turn into an Incubus from having sex with a Succubus. But are there any differences in appearance and disposition when comparing the Incubi from the old system with those of nowadays? Also were there Incubi as a race during the old system to begin with? If there were, what happened to them? Did they turn into Succubi?[46]

Men didn't turn into Incubi during the age of the former Demon Lord even if they mingled with monsters. This is simply an ability nowadays monster girls learned to allow them to live together with men as a married couple. And while there was a race of male inma during the age of the former Demon Lord, they were turned into Succubi. And of course they were completely different beings than today's Incubi.

46) Did Elves fight against Dark Elves even before they were turned into monster girls? Also while Elves look down on humans, what kind of feelings do humans hold in regard to Elves?[47]

They don't fight. They sure are a bunch of sluts-, is what they might think, but they still regard them as fellow Elven comrades. The feelings humans hold towards Elves depend on the country and location. While there are places where they think [they are sacred inviolable beings], other think [They aren't monsters, but I can't stand those intolerable guys! They're moody and I don't want to have to deal with them] or were they also look down on them in the same way [forest dwelling savages]... So they basically don't actively reject them.

47) Did Elves hate Dark Elves even since before they were turned into monster girls?[48]

While I think that there was some hate in the form of [those relatives are way too irresponsible!][That's why~ the clan is...], but they basically still saw them as fellow Elven comrades. Also they don't hate them after monsterization...

48) So a monsters [energy] is named from [spirit energy], which is something men possess plenty of, yet the spirit energy recovering of women is inferior to that of men, so in other words does that mean that magicians in the MGE world are predominantly men? With Mimiru being an exception (cheater)?[49]

Women excel at the art of manipulating energy that exist in their surroundings instead, so it doesn't change much overall! This characteristic is also related to women being [easy to become affected from demonic energy]. w

Features of Specific Monster Girls

1) It makes me a bit sad to think if there are only loli Witches. Do voluptuous onee-sama type monster girl Witches exist?[50]

There are, although as a different kind.

2) About how long is the lifespan of a Succubus?[51]

There's great individual difference. But it goes from several hundreds to several thousands of years. Demon Lords and such can even get older than ten-thousands of years.

3) Sorry to ask so many things. Since Holstaurus have considerably big breasts, at about which age do they start developing? At a rather young age, no[52]

There are individual differences, but they generally start to budge around Kindergarten age, so they'll already be oppai-loli during elementary-school.

4) Can Sandworms willingly transform their inner flesh walls to a certain degree?[53]

They can do various things, like creating rooms, separated spaces free of drool (mostly as storehouse for the husband) or make benches and a bed for their husband.

5) Can a Lich make a new phylactery in case the old one breaks?[54]

Of course they can.

6) Can Ushi-Oni spin threads?[55]

They can spin threads (?) that kinda look like straw rope. Seems like they're not very good at spinning finer threads.

7) What are these white protuberances on the arms and chest of a Ghoul?[56]

They're bones changed into shells. They can be made to appear and disappear freely using magic.

8) Is the child of a Kitsune-Tsuki a Kitsune-Tsuki?[57]

Basically yes. But in rare cases, an Inari or Youko may be born.

9) Is the mantle of a Vampire part of her body?[58]

They're actually wings. They can be expanded and contracted, made to disappear or changed into Succubus like demonic wings.

10) Since they're bird-like, do Kikimora lay eggs? Or are they viviparous since they're part of the wolf family?[59]

They're viviparous.

11) Can Kikimora change their legs into human ones?[60]

They can if they use polymorph. But usually they just conceal them as boots that look like bird scales.

12) Are there genderbend Pharaohs?[61]

There are. Or perhaps I should say that there's many genderbend ones since many kings were originally men.

13) What kind of person is Poseidon? Is she a mellow pretty woman? Or perhaps the big sister type? I'm also curious about the Fallen God.[62]

She's the mellow onee-san type giving of this ara-ara ufufu vibe. The Fallen God is still a secret.

14) If I tell a Dark Elf that I like white skin, will hers turn white?[63]

They can temporarily turn it white with magic. However, if you become the husband of one of these girls, they'll want you to love their tanned skin as well.

15) So the Lich carries a cross on her back, but isn't this a bit strange for a monster girl?[64]

That's more of a tombstone rather than a cross. It's not like monster girls are weak against crosses in particular. It depends on individual idea, but it's not like crosses or things linked to the church would cause unpleasant feelings. Also there are gods other than the Chief and Fallen God that use motives and symbols containing a cross.

16) Where do the snakes of an Echidna grow from?[65]

They're growing from her head. Or rather, they're a part of hair that turned into snakes.

17) What's the purpose of the eye seal of an Ushi-Oni?[66]

It's a seal, or rather a talisman. It's purpose is to hold back the sexual desires of the Ushi-Oni. The sexual desires are in that held back state. Taking it off is a bad idea!

18) Can an adult male properly ride on the back (the back part that's a spider) of an Arachne or Ushi-Oni? I want to go on a walk with them the same way as with a Centaur![67]

Yes. They're strong, so there's a margin to ride on them. But they'll want to carry this over into something related to sex at night!

19) So what are those 2 tentacle-like mouths growing from a Jabberwock's body?[68]

They're tentacles. They can be freely moved like a second set of arms. The person herself doesn't really know why she has them, but they're mostly used lick and suck a male's body.

20) Can monstergirls of the wolf-family (Werewolf, Hellhound, ect.) eat things that real dogs can't, such as onions? If they can't, will it work as an aphrodisiac on them similar to Vampires?[69]

Monster girls are living beings that are half monster and half human, so things like onions are fine. Whatever a human can eat can a monster girl eat too.

21) Sorry for asking another question, but how many fingers does the paw of a Hellhound have? Werewolf has 5 fingers. And Anubis has 3 fingers, but I can't really tell with the Hellhound since the paw is partially obscured, so I'd be much obliged if you could tell me.[70]

It's obscured, but the Hellhound has 4 fingers. The truth is, Anubis too will be corrected to 4 fingers in the printed version.

22) Why do Centaurs have a second pussy? I'm fine with the one in the back, so I think this is a bit weird.[71]

Isn't it natural that lovers and married couples would like to have sex facing each other? Since the girls had this wish, a second set of genitalia grew.

23) How are the child of a Sandworm born?[72]

First, the female body in the mouth lays an egg. The Sandworm will have a small shell right after hatching from the egg, so both parents will raise her inside the mother's mouth until she has grown larger.

24) It's always fun to read your stuff! But I have a question, how many fingers does the hand of a Lizardman have? In the old picture there were 5 fingers, but with the new one I can't really tell if there are 3 fingers or 4…[73]

Thank you very much. It's 4 fingers. The thumb is obscured.

25) What does the hair of a Sandworm feel like? Does it feel similar to wet hair? Or is there some fleshiness to it? Oh, also can the main body of a Sandworm temporarily separate herself from the outer shell?[74]

If the hair became loose then it'll feel like damp wet hair, and if it's bound together, then (that part) it'll have a fleshy texture similar to a tongue. The girls can change by will if it's loose or bound together as a tongue. It's possible to temporarily erase (hide) the shell by using polymorph, but they can't actually separate from it. However, the connected part may be anywhere, so they can free up their legs if they grow something like a tail to stay connected with the inner flesh walls of the shell.

26) I thought of this since Liliraune was updated this time, but is it possible for monstergirls of the Alraune type to walk around on their own legs by using something like polymorph? I really want to take these girls on dates in various places.[75]

They can. All monsters are [half human], so there isn't a single race of them incapable of using polymorph. Of course the time needed to learn it depends on intelligence and the accuracy of the morph varies. (If they're bad at it then the colour of the skin might remain unchanged, skilled races like Gyoubu Tanuki on the other hand can even hide the indications of magic when turning human) Furthermore, monsters of the Alraune family can normally walk by using the roots below the flower even without using polymorph.

27) Are there any special effects to the shed skin of Lamia type monsters? If you carry the skin of an Echidna, do you become popular with Echidnas or turn into one or receive their blessing?[76]

If the demonic energy of an Echidna are firmly frozen into it, then it'll become easier to be fond of the Lamia family including Echidnas, and women will turn into an Echidna. (Turning into an Echidna requires quite some disposition, so it seems that many will turn into a Lamia instead).

28) Is it possible for a Roper type to create a human shaped baby in her own belly? Or do they only give birth to tentacles?[77]

It's not like they recklessly only make Roper eggs, but it's possible for them to conceive a child. In that case it'll be infested by a Roper from the beginning and be born as a Roper.

29) All monsters are linked to the Demon Lord, but are there any Lilim that have to body of a snake or spider amongst their sisters?[78]

I don't really know if there are any Lilim on the level of having a different lower body, but Lilim with beast-like horns and tails or with limbs that are covered in an insect-like shell sporadically exist!

30) It seems dangerous if both a Bicorn and Shiroebi fall in love with the same man.[79]

Seems like it'll get very rough for some time. w For the husband's body that is. They'll end up getting along in some way or another, but seems like the harem will get rather busy, since the Shiroebi will try to steal a march on the other members and get into an assertive position where she get's the most sex. Hang in there husband!

31) Are monstergirls of the reptile family like Lamia or Lizardmen live-bearing? Or do they lay eggs? Can they breast feed?[80]

It's both. They'll lay an egg after being pregnant with it for a while. They'll also breast feed.

32) If a woman get's monsterized into a Lamia, what happens to the clothes she wears on her lower body at that time?[81]

They vanish, and then, by the miracle of demonic energy, turn into clothes for Lamia of similar design! Or something like that. w

33) What happens if a human woman wears the mushroom of a Mad Hatter after it was turned into a regular hat by a man wearing it? Will it remain a regular hat, or will she turn into a Mad Hatter?[82]

It'll reverse into a mushroom and turn her into a Mad Hatter. In case that the man wearing it before was the lover of the woman, then I get the feeling that a strong Mad Hatter will be born after some of the mushroom mixed with the male's spirit energy, leading to an erotic trip......!

34) Can you take care of a Mad Hatter without having to inhale her spores by stripping her completely naked from her clothes made of mushroom?[83]

They'll emit spores even without the hat or clothes. Also during French kissing you'll exchange saliva mixed with their spores, so there's no defence against them pouring in.

35) Since it seems like there are individual differences with monster girls of the same race, are there any Lilim with black hair or something?[84]

Sorry. Lilim basically only have white hair. However, there are some individuals that naturally have white + some colour as mesh or gradient hair.

36) I have a question. Regarding Half-Elves and Half-Dwarves, are they Elves/Dwarves that were born from human men and non-monsterized Elves/Dwarves? And if they get monsterized, are the children born from them and human men still halves?[85]

Children born between human and Elves/Dwarves (doesn't matter which part's male and female) will become halves. Also after monsterization they won't give birth to halves, but to monster Elves/Dwarves.

37) I've started to wonder since there's soon gonna be a game released with rhinoceros and stag beetle themed characters. If we assume that you'd reveal a rhinoceros or stag beetle themed monster girl, would she still have the large jaw or horn that are characteristic for the male beetles?[86]

She would. Since Monsters included males before they were all turned into Monster Girls, like Lizardmen being Lizardmen", these girls will have these specific elements even if they used to be a characteristic of the males of that race.

38) Are there any colour variations like white or red to the swimsuit like skin of a Sahuagin Also would it be possible to add a Sabbath made rune embroidery to the swimsuit of a Sahuagin?

The ultra-rare white colour variation school-swimsuit Sahuagin is...! Probably something that exists. Also adding an embroidery is possible.

39) I get the feeling there are many Lesser Succubi with large breasts, so is it that mostly girls with large breasts are targeted? Or is it simply that their breasts get bigger after becoming a Lesser, resulting in many girls with big breasts?[87]

It's just a coincidence. There's also Lesser Succubi that have small breasts or are flat-chested. However, there's many girls who have their breasts grow bigger, since turning into a Succubus emphases their feminine charms. Also, it's probably simply a question of their design and my own tastes that there are seemingly many that have breasts with a bigger size.

40) It's about the body hair of a Lesser Succubus, but can they maintain it even after turning into a Succubus? I wonder if she can stay the way she is without maturing if her man likes Lesser Succubi?[88]

I think she can stay that way if her husband wishes for it.

41) If the Demon Lord manages to overwrite the world setting, humans will end up the males with monsters as females. So what will happen to the fluffy and inexperienced Lesser Succubi in that case? Without any human woman, they'll continue to gain sexual experience and turn into (mature) Succubi…[89]

I think if men demand for it, then they might either become an individual difference amongst Succubi, or split off as an independent subspecies.

42) Are there any oppai-loli Baphomet?[90]

I think there are. But I think they'd be incredibly rare and regarded as heresy by the Sabbath.

43) Is there anything special about the heroes a Valkyrie sticks to? Are there any conditions? Are there also Valkyrie that stick to female heroes? In that case, what will happen if said Valkyrie gets monsterized?[91]

It's not like there's anything special about it, but they usually stick to people with an ability as a hero. In case of a monsterized Valkyrie, then there are cases where she picks a husband fitting her tastes and female instincts. Cases where they stick to a female hero also exist, and if she should get monsterized in such a case, then she'll raise her into a splendid Inma, or rather demon realm hero, or rather wife.

44) What's the ectoplasm like stuff covering the arms of a Wight?[92]

It's a spiritual body (ectoplasm) made from magic!

45) Are Amazoness muscular?[93]

There are many muscular Amazoness!

46) What kind of role does the scythe of a Nightmare play?[94]

The scythe is used to cut open and create an entry into the dream world. Did it-, so cool! However, they can do this even without one. So there actually are many girls without one. For Nightmares they are something like a fashion item handed down from ancient times.

47) The claws of a Jinko are pretty long, so are they able to retract them like cats?[95]

They can.

48) Can Yuki Onna and Glacies enter hot springs?[96]

They can go in. However, even after only entering for a short time their bodies will start to feel hot and their minds will get soggy, even if it wasn't a Demon Realm hot spring. Sex will be inevitable!

49) So Why did the wings of Kunoichi regress? I thought that being able to fly would be definitely advantageous for infiltration or combat...?[97]

They basically have to move through confined spaces for their missions, which is easier without wings. Also they don't have a need for them since they're capable of jumping really high, walk along walls and ceilings, or are able to fly by making mysterious giant kites that aren't tied to anything appear on their backs by using mudra hand signs...

50) So if an Ant Arachne that slipped into a Giant Ant nest gets her cover blown, what kind of actions against her will occur?[98]

They actually don't really care. But even if “Oh so is that! Well that's fine!” is also the case, there might be some individuals that “get to work!” would want to do something like turn her into some sort of maid.

Regarding Alps

1) What happens if a guy with the prospects of becoming an Alp has the wish [to be loved as a guy]? Will he stay male upon Alping or turn into a boyish girl? Or will he end up with [both sets of genitals]?[99]

Basically, his body will turn into that of a boyish girl. Sorry, but only context related to my own likings will appear in the monster girl encyclopedia. So frankly speaking a gay incubus... or something like that? I'm not gonna touch that officially.

2) Sorry for the question, but speaking of Wonderland, since monstergirls will transform into variations, such as Dragon to Jabberwock or Wererabbit to March Hare, are there any other such cases? Speaking in concrete! If a woman gets attacked by a monster girl, she'll transform into the same kind, but! In case of a guy it'll be an Alp!! So is it possible to turn into a monster girl other than an Alp!!??[100]

Normally not. But in case that a guy wants to turn into a different kind of monster girl, there's a quicker way since there seem to be traps and fruits that turn one into a monster girl in Wonderland. Normally you'll turn back after a fixed amount of time, but if you end up thinking “it's nice as a monster girl” while having sex with a guy in this state, your condition will turn permanent and you become a monster girl for good.

3) I want to turn into an Alp, were should I go?[101]

Find a pedlar that reeks of Tanuki and buy lots of heart shaped fruits and strange bananas!

4) In case that a shota “Alps”, will he turn into an Alice? Or is it impossible since Alice are so rare?[102]

There is a possibility, although not restricted to shota. However, this would be rare amongst the rare. Hyper-rare even.

5) Are there any cases of men turning into monster girls other than Alps, Skeletons or Pharaohs?[103]

It's possible to Alp into other kinds of the Succubus family, like Dark Priests, Amazoness, Nereids, Kunoichi and such. It should also be possible to turn into a Lich, no.

6) If a boy with the groundings of an Alp gets attacked by a Dark Priest, does he turn into a Dark Priest as well?[104]

Yes, he'll become a Dark Priest (Alp). going by race, they're “Succubi”to begin with and only get called Alps for practical reasons.

7) What happens if a Parasite Slime attaches itself to a man with the groundings of an Alp?[105]

He'll turn into a Slime Carrier-Alp, no wait, into an Alp Slime Carrier. (TL Note: A bit of a word joke, since "Carrier" ends with an "A" if written in katakana)

8) What happens if a boy with the groundings of an Alp enters a Liliraune (with one space open)? Will he turn into an Incubus? Or get genderbent and turned into a monster girl?[106]

If he isn't suitable to be a Liliraune, then the nectar will first turn him into an Incubus, and then an Alp. If he's suitable to be a Liliraune, then he might turn into one after becoming an Incubus.

9) I have a question, if a male Elf or Dwarf gets corroded by demonic energy, are there cases where they turn into the female version shown in the guide book? So basically the same as a person who will Alp if he's gay or wants to be a girl after he turns into an incubus?[107]

Male Elves and Dwarves are basically handled the same way as human males. In other words, they will turn into Alp-Elves and Alp-Dwarves after turning into Incubi if they have the desire to be girls.

10) Are there any males that, even though they have the wish to Alp, turn into Incubi without becoming an Alp after they became a pair with a monster girl? Also, if something like “the opponent I wanted to assault turned out to be a cross-dressing girl” happens to be a monster girl (especially of a race that doesn't have the potential for monsterization), how will they handle that girl?[108]

If “I want to live together with my wife as a guy!” wins over the wish to Alp, then they won't turn into one. I think it generally follows this pattern in case that they “became a couple”. Also it's difficult to deceive the eyes and sense of smell, magic powers “sensing spirit energy” of a monster girl by disguising yourself as a guy. Leaving out Zombies that don't differentiate as exception, almost any monster girl, ranging from Succubus to Slime, will realize that it's actually a girl before they attack. However, if they did happen to attack by mistake and the monster girl doesn't have the ability to monsterize even though the girl wanted to become a monster girl, then she'll take responsibility by making her feel good till the end.

11) So what's going to happen if a gay guy were to enter a Liliraune with only one part present? If he gets spit out after some time, will he have turned into some sort of monster girl from mana corrosion or something?[109]

He'll turn into an Alp after becoming an Incubus. Monster girls are keen with these things, so the Liliraune that's already there will notice right away and might try to train the guy into becoming her other part. Whether he gets spit out depends on various situations like elapsed time. Seems like he'll have either turned into a Succubus or Alraune if he gets spit out a long time after being caught.

12) Do Incubi that didn't turn into Alps despite having the wish to become girls exist?[110]

There's a pattern that prevents Alping even though there's a wish to become a girl, if “I want to fuck monster girls“ is stronger than “wanting to be a girl”, then they won’t turn female. Especially if there isn't a monster girl that has her eyes set on him and the wish to "get a wife and fuck her as a guy!" isn't strong enough, then I think they'll almost always Alp.

13) What happens if a Dark Matter fuses with a guy that has the wish to become a girl and Alp? Will he fuse rather with the female body part than with the black sphere part at that time?[111]

He might either fuse with the female body and turn into a Dark Matter, or turn into something called an “Arch Alp” if he fuses with the female body part after fusing with the black sphere part. But he'll get genderbent in both cases and turn into a monster girl.

14) Can Alps also monsterize human women? Also, I was told that there's “separate adult sized Witches”, so are there also adult sized Devils? Most likely as a separate kind?[112]

Alps can do it the same way as Succubi. There are no adult sized Devils. However, since Devils are closer related to Imps than Succubi, there's also a kind of Monster girl with blue skin and black sclera and the appearance of an adult that's closer related to Succubi, albeit with a different lifestyle.

15) With this it's decided! What will a Monster girl that accidentally Alp'd a man do?[113]

Give up; Search for a husband to share together with the Alp'd kid; etc. However, Monstergirls as a whole excel at being able to tell if someone harbours feelings for someone, so the pattern where they notice if someone holds the disposition for Alping before attacking him seems to be relatively common.

Additional Session 1

[114] 1) Where do fins grow on the hands of the Sea Bishops? Is Mamono written on their stone tablets? What is written there?

It seems they grow out of elbows. The text on the tablets they wear is written using symbols different from the Mamono writing, they contain the power of Poseidon, and there are engraved words with which they bless the marriage.

2) In the profile of the skeleton it is written that the opinions about the classification of this race were divided by scientists, but is the human classification of races, classes and families of mamono common? Does it differ from the way the mamono themselves classify themselves? (For example, does a Werebat think that she belongs to the Harpy family? Do they not think that Grizzly and Ren Xiongmao belong to the same genus?)

Basically, the classification is carried out by people. Although some highly intelligent monsters, such as Hakutaku and Baphomet, are also familiar with biology, most mamono are obviously not interested in such things. Therefore, there are probably many misunderstandings.

3) Earlier in the answers you mentioned that the dragons can't just monsterize girls, but can't they turn them with wounds, for example, by scratching with their claws? Is monsterization with wounds the ability of only some types of mamono (like Werewolf)?

That will not happen. If such a feature [Ie claws, for example] of the race is absent, they cannot do it in principle. However, since the dragons have developed intelligence and are a race that has great magical power, because ... they sometimes use a technique in which demonic energy is infused into the blow with monsterization as the goal of their attack. Dragons are high-ranking mamono, so it’s difficult to find a human among human women that would have suitable qualities and wouldn’t just become succubi when trying to turn into a dragon! It seems to work like this.

4) Your native demon realm will ultimately remain without people, because they will all become mamono and incubi. And, undoubtedly, the number of men for whom you can marry, will soon reach zero, until the boys begin to be born. Will the ruling elite take any countermeasures (besides hunting men in other places)?

You can go in search of a husband elsewhere or develop tourism and beautification of the kingdom so that people come from outside. There are many different actions to attract people to the right place. Although it is impossible to say for sure, it is quite likely that mamono will start having incubi before the death of the current generation.

5) If you create a harem with your Bicorn wife, can you add a Wisp to it?

It is possible. When the second wife tries to monopolize her hubby by imprisoning him in a cage, the other will probably be very excited by the excitement of watching their sex.

6) Reading the descriptions in the book, I noticed that monster girls avoid harming people, even those who hate them. And the magic that uses demonic energy is likely to be safe so that people cannot suffer. Is it really?

It is fact. Just like with the weapons of Demonic Silver, magic does not harm people.

7) As their magical power increases, Yoko and Inari can grow a maximum of 9 tails, but if this continues, will their power grow without limit?

The nine tails do not indicate the upper limit of magical power. However, since, having received 9 tails, they begin to approach the area of ​​power close to the gods, the growth rate of the magical power becomes very small from now on.

8) This is a question about Dark Matter and Spherica. Although the nature of Dark Matter is very simple and mainly centered around the desire for sex, Mrs. Spherica seems to have a strong personality of a scientist despite being assimilated by the dark matter, is that so? Another question is why didn't she go to a man with definite intentions, didn’t Saphirette have the person she dreamed about? Currently, she is still looking for a loved one, while not attacking men (although still lonely), and why won't she go looking for a loved one like other Dark Matters? And finally, why is Welsple - a light green demon realm, even though Dark matters usually turn the lands they transform into dark demon realms(after all, it is depicted in the illustrations)?

This happened because her desire to save her homeland, to be a scientist and to continue to study were very strong. Over time, her sexual desire grew stronger, but the search for her husband was difficult because ... she did not fall in love with any man. And unfortunately, probably due to the fact that her personality was very strong, or, less likely, because of the unsuccessful experience of dating men or because of her inclinations and tastes, she wants the man to show an active sexual attraction to her. .
When people turn into mamono and incubus, the earth usually becomes a demon realm. And most often becomes a tdark demon realm. But since it was she who initiated the conversion, this kingdom became the light green demon realm.. [Those. it became Green DR due to the desire of Saphirette]

9) I saw the answer that "Stronger people are more often born of strong people." But will these forces weaken with each successive generation? From what generation will weak people and monsters be born?

Except when it comes to some extremely powerful personalities (As the Lord of Demons and her husband), the initial value of power in each new generation, on the contrary, tends only to grow. And if you take into account the long life expectancy, when a new generation lives among the old? They generally can not completely surpass the new generation! [Although I could not fully reflect this in the translation, it seems that both the question and the answer concern people and monsters at the same time.]

10) Did the Dark Elves <-> Elves hate before the first ones became mamono?

"This race is perfect for us," "Because we are from the same tribe ..." I think that there was a certain hostility among them, but they could cooperate, since they were elves together. They do not hate each other after they become mamono.

11) As a rule, among the upper class of medieval society, the approval of marriage with commoners has never been met, how does the parents of monsters (like Lilim and Wight), etc. refer to this? Including they have a contract marriage? Or are monster girls more often free to choose companion themselves?

In principle, they are free to choose their own love. Although some semblance of “arranged marriage” may exist: it is when children are introduced and made friends from childhood. Such relationships are quite common.

12) When you become a monster, if you can overcome the pleasure with the help of the powers of the mind, then you will not be monsterize?

There is no causal relationship between monsterization and whether you feel pleasure. And even though your mental strength is high, it does not mean that you will not feel pleasure. Moreover, even if your feeling of enjoying pleasure is dead and you do not perceive it! You will be surprised when it turns out that during monsterization you will still feel the return pleasure as a woman.

13) Can spirits, like Kitsune-bi, take away the identity of the girls in whom they moved? Have there ever been cases when the memory and consciousness of the original person are preserved, but the personality of the spirit disappears?

It does not work that way.

14) According to the web version of the Encyclopedia, Inari and Yoko are in the Wolf family. However, in her book version they belong to the Fox family. Which version is correct? In addition, both races are unusual for the type of animal-like, because they have humanoid limbs, not even covered with fur. Maybe there is some reason that distinguishes them from other animal-like monsters?

The Fox Family is the right choice. Due to the fact that I have new ideas, some things need to be corrected. Both races are unusual for beast-like monsters, this is due to the fact that they copulated with people back in the days of past DLs, or not ... ... there is still a theory that all this was done only for the convenience of design.

15) Are demonic runes similar to tattoos that cannot be removed after they are applied to the body?

They look like a tattoo, but you can hide it or erase it if you want. Even after it is hidden, its action will still be noticeable.

16) Reading the descriptions in the book and the profiles, I thought that the intimate relations of the parents could lead to the desire of incest in the child. The passionate life of the father and mother can awaken in the daughter a feeling of love for him as a husband. That's why I thought about it ...

There are places where the emergence of such a passion of a child for his father is extremely unlikely and even ridiculous, but there are places and races for which this is as normal as love between a monster and a human being. However, more often than not, the child simply cannot understand this attitude and, seeing the copulation of the parents, simply thinks that "they are making a second child."

17) I think that this is unlikely, but answer, please, what will happen to the fetus of a pregnant woman if she becomes a mamono?

If it is a girl, she will become a mamono. If it is a boy, he will be born an incubus.

Additional Session 2

[115] 18) What is the structure of the “MGE world”? For example, as in the real world, are there planets and space around them? Or is the world close to the “Ptolemy theory” (geocentric model of the universe) and the sky endlessly spread around it (planet / world) to the very edge of the sky (universe)?

I can’t talk too much about this, none of the options is completely true, but Ptolemy’s theory is closer to the truth.

19) Question: When human women become mamono, how does their lower body change if they become monsters like lamias? Or, for example, how do spherical joints appear when girls become living dolls? What happens if there are tattoos, scars, or inscriptions on the parts of the body that are supposed to change due to monsterization?

These changes will be easy, in this way! (Introducing this, remember that the purpose of the body of a mamono is to charm a man, therefore, even in such cases, the process of monsterization will look exciting)

20) Can a ghost, having gained a material body, return to its former state of a disembodied spirit?

Yes, she is capable of it. If the ghost has enough power to gain a physical body, then she can easily pass between it and the spiritual body.

21) Cupids and Houri, becoming mamono, acquire bluish skin and black wings?

Since their appearance does not change during monsterization, this does not happen.

22) Nice to meet you, Mr. Cross. Thank you in advance for your answers and wish you all the best. Saphirette Spherica is the hero-savior of the country of the Polove, but is there any senior position attached to this title, such as the title of king or consul? And can an ordinary succubus be born with white hair and red eyes, akin to a Lilim, due to an anomaly in pigmentation?

It is possible that she was invited to such an important post, but she herself would have refused it, since she did not initially have the skills to work in such a post. Saphirette is a scientist and researcher, however, I think she will collaborate with the royal family as an adviser on elemental magic. It is likely that a succubus with the same appearance as the Lilim will be born. She may not be Lilim in fact, but she will still be well treated.

23) Will a Cait Sith be born from a Cait Sith and a man?

A Cait Sith's daughter will be a Cait Sith.

24) When you become an incubus thanks to a monster girl, your body becomes strong enough to make it convenient to have sex with mamono. I think that this applies not only to stamina for sex, but also helps to keep the partner in a pose like Ekiben [Some specific Japanese name for standing posture in sex]. However, are the physical abilities of the incubi only improved in the amount necessary for sex? Will the incubus be able to lift heavier objects, run faster, will it be able to expand the boundaries of its physical capabilities and improve its fighting abilities, like Wilmarina (she is a succubus)? I think one of the ways to enhance this [that is, to the level of the hero Wilmarina] is to use elemental magic with the help of spiritual energy, but what about a simple change in the body through incubization?

Strength and endurance acquired for sex with a monster girl, of course, can be used for other purposes. As a result, physical and combat skills increase after incubization. [TN: For more information on how heroes and incubi strengthen, read the chapter on the Heroic Blessing]

25) The Dark Priestesses are nuns of the Fallen Goddess, but there are no examples of other races that may be nuns of the Fallen Goddess. Or are there any, but they simply weren't mentioned, and the racial attributes do not matter?

In addition to the Dark Priestesses as a race, there are also nuns from other races of the Mamono: for example, Lamia can be sisters or priests in the Church of the Fallen God. But the Dark Priestesses are the best race to receive the blessings of the Fallen God. However, other races can also receive the blessing of this goddess and benefit from her, simply she will not be so strong.

26) The names of the races of the girl monsters Zipangu are not united by one writing style: Katakana, Kanji or Hiragana. Does this make any sense?

The emphasis is on the appearance and charm of each of the races! And the fact is that they [race names] suit them!

27) In the descriptions of the succubus and the vampire in the "Monster Girl Encyclopedia" the expression "Mazoku"(魔族) appears, how does this distinguish them from other mamono? What does it mean for other mamono?

They think this name is cool! Because "Mazoku" is called monster aristocracy!

28) Imagine a situation: a man who is afraid of snakes will be attacked by Shirohebi in love with him. What do you think Shirohebi will do if he tells her that he hates snakes? Can she dutifully abandon him?

Of course, she will try to convey to this man all the charms of her snake body! If you do not want to get involved with this monster girl because of hatred in your hands ... then there is also the opportunity to send Shirohebi to another. But I do not think that you will be disappointed in the personality of this girl.

29) The book says that Mimics can be neutralized by inserting the corresponding key into the keyhole before the chest opens. It is also written that if "the corresponding key was not found", then the only chance to prevent Mimic from attacking the man is to insert "something else that is not the key." How did the Wandering Scientist know what the result of using this thing would be? How did he verify that the same thing happened as when the corresponding key was inserted?

He heard the "same story" from the Mimic and her husband in both cases.

30) You mentioned that you want to remake old images of monster girls. Do you have additions to their profiles?

There are some additions and changes. I will also introduce these amendments in the book version. [Similar edits have already occurred, for example, with the profile of a gargoyle]

31) Which is stronger: the song of the Mermaid or the song of the Siren?

It is usually said that Sirens are more powerful. But I can’t give a concrete answer, because there is a difference in the songs of these mamono, their voice qualities and preferences among the men they invited.

32) Why don't mamono make men monsters (that is, not incubus)? Please tell me if there is a reason for this?

It is true that they do not become monsters by virtue of their biology, since men have an organ for producing spiritual energy... But the reason why the system of transformation in mamono and incubi has become as such, includes feelings. Initially, the Demon Lord had a dream of "living with a human spouse," and ultimately this desire was realized.

Additional Session 3

[116] Translator comments are noted by [ ]

1)The biggest flaw in the world of the encyclopedia, or rather a moment that causes me concern: "Maybe there will be someone who will change all the monsters again, as the current Demon Lord did." Personally, I think this is possible. I wonder if something goes wrong with the world due to the fact that it is too perfect. Still, earlier [In the first volume of the encyclopedia] you said the following: "If the current Demon Lord is defeated, then the monsters will roll back to the state of the old era." Given my past remarks, does this mean "If the Demon Lord is defeated by a hero or a human is bad" or "If the Chief Goddess awakens and defeats the Demon Lord is bad"? In addition, are there any other similar hazards that may arise in such a situation, and any measures to counter them? I think if you tell me about this, it will somewhat dispel my worries.

I will explain in order. First of all, the text from the pages of the Encyclopedia, which is presented in books/Internet, was originally written by a person living in this world. "If the current Demon Lord is defeated ..." - these are not my words, this is the hypothesis of the Wandering Scientist, who writes the Monster Girls Encyclopedia. He does not know what exactly will happen if the current Demon Lord loses, and also why she became the Demon Lord.

Plus, as I've mentioned in Ask past questions, I can't add this explanation to setting right now, so I can't go into more detail. However, the reason the Monster Lord became Monster Lord is because she had Chance and Fate on her side. [In the original, Kenkou talks about "Inevitability", which in this context, I believe, is synonymous with "Fate"] Many people and monsters were unhappy, because "Fate" was on her side. And when “those who will try to turn everything around” appear, “Fate” will never side with them - those who are trying to make changes and destroy the happiness of people and mamono. As you wrote, "Because this world is too perfect," this is why a return to the old order [Mutual Genocide] is impossible. Even if you are the Chief Goddess, it is impossible if Fate is not on your side. Well, if we talk about meta-details, then the author is me, the Demon Lord will never die and the world of the Encyclopedia will never return to its previous state.

2)Does the fact that in the days of the past Demon Lords everything was decided by force, does the current DL who was chosen as the next Demon Lord at that time to be the most powerful monster at that time? If this is not the case, and the succubus was incorrectly chosen as the Demon Lord, is there any chance of some kind of malfunction in the future?

I can't give you any details at this point, but the fact that the current Demon Lord received her title is the result of a lot of chance and fate. The point is not wrong or something like that, but some will of Fate. The Succubus became the Demon Lord for the reason that she was able to change the world as a result.

Suddenly, the wrong evil monster becomes the new Demon Lord - no, this is impossible.

3)Under what conditions will the next Demon Lord be determined when the Demon Lord will be changes? If this is to be decided by simple force, is there a chance that another demon-like Demon Lord will appear? If the title is inherited, is there a risk that someone will take it away?

In the absence of a Demon Lord (after his death), the condition for the next Demon Lord is "monster support". Just defeating the current Demon Lord doesn't mean you can be next. In the previous era of the Demon Lords, power decided everything, so the new Lord remained on the throne as long as he was the most powerful monster. But now times are different and the change of the Demon Lord may turn out to be like an election.

Most of the monsters, with the exception of a few, are annoyed by the idea of ​​"becoming a Demon Lord", they prioritize living with their husband and seem to support the current first princess lilim.

4)Is there a chance that all the changes that have occurred will be canceled due to a change in the views of the Demon Lord or her change in office? Maybe there is something like insurance or countermeasures in case of such a situation?

I cannot tell you about it in detail now, but it is impossible. Even if the Demon Lord tries to say, "I am returning everything to the era of the old Demon Lords," it will not be possible, so do not worry. Changing the system is not easy. By the way, even if the DL will be changes, all her successors love eroticism, just like she...

5)In the illustration of Arachne's clothing [in the Second World Guide] we could see the maid's outfit, but do they make the outfits of the sailor girls? Are there seaman outfits in the world of MGE? [Apparently this question was translated in the translator with a small mistake. ;)]

If for you sailor outfits = sailor warrior outfit, then yes, they exist. It seems likely that sometime in the past some book, manga, or the like got into the world of MGE from another world ...[Do you remember that the monster girl world says yes to many fetishes that don't break its spirit? So is a sailor warrior costume magically found if you want to dress your waifu in it.]

6)If a malicious creature (Evil from another world or a life form that does not have mana) invades the MGE world, will the monster girls and their husbands be able to resist him, releasing their fighting skills completely, in their pure form, without holding back?

They will confront it with you. By the way, if something intruding has magical power, this does not mean that it is a monster. However, even inorganic objects can become mamono, so this life form can also become a monster girl.

7)Considering the rules of the MGE world, if something is brought there from another world, will it be affected by magical power (demonic energy) and the like?

Yes, it will be subject to it. Rather, since the otherworldly object does not have the magical power of the MGE world, this means that it does not have the magical power of the Chief Goddess, opposing the mana of monsters. So, most likely, he will easily turn into a mamono [Like fairies]

8)I would like to discuss monsters right after the new Demon Lord takes over. Of course, there were types of monsters that initially consisted exclusively of women, but there were also monsters like dragons that became women. In this case, the monsters that were a couple before, after the transformation, began to engage in lesbian sex, regardless of their past? And what would happen if, following their instincts, they brought in a new human man?

In the first place, the monsters from the era of the old Demon Lords had very little love and did not marry. I think that most of these monsters became women and started looking for men-people. However, there were some exceptions: individual male monsters who "aroused love and entered into a marriage with the same female monster, forming a couple" did not become monster-girls. It is rumored that they began to look like human males.

9)When a monster girl finds a man (unmarried), will she try to be a mate to him by showing him that she is sexually attractive, or will she attack him as soon as she becomes interested or will she like that man?

It depends on race, personality and environment. As the books describes, some monster girls will immediately try to knock the man to the ground to show how good they are, while other mamono will slowly develop deep feelings out of simple friendship. The race and personality of the monster girls are also very important: more wild monsters or those living in the wild are more prone to the first option However, there is a tendency that the second option, with the gradual development of relations, is more often manifested among those mamono who live in the city. However, I think that there are practically no monster girls who do not attack men at all (including those who will unknowingly try to get a man on their way and seduce him).

10)Earlier it was said that mamonization heals diseases and injuries that a person considers uncomfortable, but can it also heal serious diseases such as missing a limb?

It depends on time and occasion. Plus there is a difference between mamonization and incubization. During mamonization, great changes occur with the body and when these changes occur, it turns from a human body into a monster body. Therefore, usually, if a girl desires this, then her body will heal completely. Undoubtedly, defects in the legs or lower body will completely disappear when transformed into a mamono with a non-human lower half. On the other hand, incubization only strengthens the man. Since the changes during incubation are gradual, I do not think that his limb will suddenly grow back immediately. Except, of course, for defects in the male genital organ.

However, disorders such as phantom limb pain disappear, and powerful monsters are also able to create prostheses from magical energy and attach them to the body. In addition, as the incubus has increased regeneration and recovery capabilities, the limb can be reattached immediately after it has been cut off. Incubi can also regenerate their limbs, relying on the combined medical technology of humans and monsters that develop in the demonic realms.

11)I think Dragonia is a greater achievement in bringing people and monsters together. However, Court Alf is also a very nice and impressive country! Thanks for the wonderful story! I absolutely love the branch guide series!

Thanks! This pattern of events as in Lescatie is actually a rare case. (In the first place, mamono rarely form a gang that will lead an entire country to fall) In many countries, such as Dragonia and Court Alf, humans and monsters have banded together to confront some historical difficulties.[In fact, I was very surprised when this comment was noticed on MGR. :D]

12)Sorry, I rely on machine translation. I have a question about the distant future of the monster girl world, when the Incubus will be born. Will there be then only human nations? Or will the Demon Lord cease their existence? Without countrys where only people live, there will be no more scenes when a person first encounters monsters.

Something like this will be happen. If the kingdom of people lives in its own way happily and, in particular, does not attack monsters and monster-friendly countries, then the radicals will also be restrained towards it. The Demon Lord herself is not as aggressive as the radical faction, in addition, the mamono already have their own incubi. They don't need to worry so much about their coulple, so I think they can leave the human country alone.

...However, in such an era, around the country of humans, there would be only kingdoms that support mamono and their way of life would be different. Living next to the monster-girls, they could see up close to their continuing youth and beauty. Therefore, some people would willingly wish to become mamono and incubi.

13)Will the law of energy exchange work in other places, for example, on the moon of the earth of monster girls?

When the monster girl and her husband arrive in other places, even where there is not enough magical power, then this law will work even there, as they begin to radiate magical power in that place. However, I'm sorry, but the subject of MGE cosmology is still a secret.

14)Maybe I'm just a pain in the ass, but I can't help but think about what's going on with LGBT and asexual people in the MGE world. I can't help but think about what will happen to these freaks with dragon sex in the car and everything else from my sage head.

In the world of MGE, there is no sex with dragons in a car. [Kenkou didn’t understand what kind of "dragon sex in the car" he was talking about. As we are.]

A man with a feminine heart will become a mamono called Alp. Masculine lust for the obscene and feminine ability to make a man desire for herself appeal to the original instincts of all men and women, so even those who do not have attraction to the opposite sex can awaken it. In addition, if there is a woman who, in addition to a male heart, has a male instinct, then she can transform into an incubus. Although this is quite difficult from a magical point of view, it is by no means impossible. Such an ex-woman turned incubus could live happily with a monster girl somewhere. [Probably Kenkou again mentions something that could exist in MGE, but he will never officially describe it, leaving it to the fans. As in the case of magic potions for the futanari mamono. ]

15)If there are too many mamono, then won't they have problems because of the lack of men? Probably then harems and the like will become common.

If the number of mamonos increases to a level when there are not enough free men, then the balance between the Demon Lord and the Chief Goddess, whose will prevents the incubus from being born from the marriage of a human man and a mamono, will already be canceled. And the birth of incubi, who are human males, from a mamono mother will already become commonplace.

KC&Will Book Launch Q&A

See: "KC&Will QnA and Stuffs 1 & 2", Pastebin

1) Do Flow Kelps have human-like arms under all that seaweeds?

Flow Kelps' arms are made of kelps as well, so they don't have human-like arms. (KC)

2) Are there 'New half' MGs, like Poison from Final Fight?

I think 'New half's would just turn into Alps at the first place! Though if it's the case of 'normal' guy just enjoying crossdressing it's a different story. (KC)(*I guess 'New half' here means transgenders or crossdressers.)

3) I want to know how the 'Great Diva' Undine Difina feels like if I touch her. Would she be somewhat 'melty' like a Slime would or would she be cool and feel like water?

Not Difina alone but all Undines feel soft, softer than human skin. (It kinda feels like warm skin is covering a body of water)
Undines can control that sort of thing so she can turn herself to be like a Slime or just plain water. (KC)

4) Asura Mythra (the 7th Island's Diva) seems like she's from Abyss beyond the deep sea, are there any cases where a drowned men luckily reached the abyss alive without getting caught by sea MGs?

Men don't really reach Abyss by sinking. They get all swooped by sea MGs when they're still in shallow waters. Abyssal MGs usually get men by coming up to the ground in search of one or by some ritual that pulls in men from somewhere. (KC)


Thank you all for your comments...! We try to describe Order as not some simple evil group, so I'm very glad to see readers picking up the good side of the Order...! (Will)

End of Interlude

5) Is there harem version of 'Ritual of Soul Marriage' from Sabbath Grimoire?

Harem Marriages are fairly common so rituals and magics relating to marriages all have harem versions of it! So there is one! (KC)

6) In Dorome's illustration you can see the brown solid looking thing, does this mean she has a core? (*I'm guessing this is the real question asked here because this guy is an European using a translator, meaning his Japanese is kinda fucked up)

Doromes don't have cores. The shiny brown thing you can see in the pic is her mud that got solidified. She can make any part of her body become solid like that. (KC)

7) Can Shoggoths create slime jellies as well?

They can create slime jellies, but they don't let anyone eat them except their husbands. Just like when they create furniture out of themselves, it seems like they get off getting eaten by their husbands!
In case of unmarried Shoggoths, eating their jellies means you'll be a target for becoming a future husband. (KC)

8)How do harpies dress themselves? Divas in the new book all have very cool outfits, but it makes me wonder just how did they manage to put them on with their winged arms.

If you look at Levin's arms in her illustration( it would be easier to understand. The sleeves part of her dress are actually not 'sleeves' that arms go through, rather, it has slits underside so it's more like it's covering her arm from above. But if she folds her wings she can wear something with actual sleeves and even though it's more like claws she still has hands so she can easily wear skirts and all that. (Will)
MGs are surprisingly skillful in such businesses... And also there seems to be a lot of clothes where sleeves are not in the form of tubes but instead wraps around the arm and is fastened. (KC)

9) "Even though it's more like claws she still has hands so she can easily wear skirts and all that" In the new book it is mentioned that "They have hands hidden inside their wings" so I guess this means they have 'claws' than real hands? Or does that mean they have human-like hands.

They're using claws as their hands. (KC)

10) Do MGs also have concept of masculine/mannish or feminine fashion?

Yes they have a clear concept of it. (KC)

11) Do Electric, Light Elementals exist?

They all exist. Also, I think Light Elementals would become a somewhat special MG, just like how Dark Matters are. (KC)

12) In World Guide Side 2 it is mentioned that guns were excavated from ancient ruins so that Gremlins started the production of it, but what about cannons? Did the Order already invent one with its own technology?

Cannons were already invented by the Order. The cannons they have are typical medieval cannons, while guns excavated from the ruins are close to modern weaponry.
Of course, I said 'close' but it's not really close since they run on magic and a whole different mechanism! (KC)

13) There are some items mentioned that were said to have an effect on human females or MGs, are there any cases where it would have a different effect if applied to males?

There are a lot of food/medicines that works only for one gender. Aphrodisiac type of items typically work for both genders however! (KC)

14) Can parts compatible to Automatons only be found in ancient ruins?

Gremlins can't build whole Automatons by themselves yet, but they can make parts needed for repairing/tuning Automatons. (KC)
It looks like there are shops that sell Automaton parts in Saida! (Will) 

15) Cheshires are well-known for teasing males, but are there any cases where they have fallen for specific male so profoundly that they're unable to tease him?

Cheshires don't tease males they don't like so actually their teasing indicates that they have fallen for that male. I guess something like 'she tried to tease him by denying his orgasm but failed because she also wanted his cum so badly' can happen, but it all depends on the individual differences in the end! (KC)

16) In the book on the 'stripper island' part there was a line that said "We welcome being used as a sexual slave to men, but we won't stand not being treated as one!". I felt like all the other islands kinda share a similar sentiment to this, if not this intense. Is that the case?

You mean on page 137? In any islands if you spend a night with a MG it will never end in some one-night stand. You can say this stands not only in 7 islands but to other parts of MGE world as well. (Will)
(*I feel like the translation for "We welcome being used as a sexual slave~" part is bit rusty here since I don't fully understand what that sentence means at the first place. Is されないのは許されない meant for 'not being treated like a sexual slave' or is it for 'not getting the D'? If you know, feedback please.)

17) Are there so-called 'Babas' for Trumparts?

(*I also don't know what he's going on here. Did he mean Babas as Grannies?)
If you mean Joker Trumparts they exist~ (KC)
(*Looks like KC didn't understand that fully as well)

18) Looks like the stripper island has a shop run by the Sabbath, does that mean there's also a Bapho in Court Alf?

Yes, there is! Maybe for researching magical aspects imbued in songs or something. (KC)

19) Are there any existing Sea MGs that are from Abyss like Asura Mythra? If so, would their husbands transform as well?

I think there are! Power to transform their husbands are only given to real Abyss MGs so that husbands of Abyssal Sea MGs won't transform simply because they had sex with them unlike the case with real Abyss MGs but I think many of them would be familiar with transformation magics! (KC)

20) What does Shoggoth Jelly taste like? And also, in WG2 p31 Balrogs are mentioned, when will they come out?

Shoggoth Jelly taste like something indescribable either in Japanese or English. Balrogs would come out eventually so please wait a bit! (KC)

21) Regarding to 'Queen of Hearts', are there no Heart Queen suit Trumparts?

Let me keep that a secret for a while! (KC)

22) In MGE world does humanity know the concept of 'cells'? Also, do they have necessary scientific technology or magic techs needed to discover that concept? Further, would the civilizations of MGE know the concept of sperms and eggs, and how they work?

They have magical medicine for that. Also they know the concept of sperms and eggs, as MGs especially studied very thoroughly on the matter.
Because to make childbearing easy is MGs' utmost wish...!(KC)

23) I was quite surprised to see the glamorous body of Levin Dil, as the entry for Harpy just a depiction of that one individual, but are there many cases where the body type deviates quite heavily from the description from the entry?For example, like a Red Cap with a glamorous body....Come to think of it, there are MG species whose default body type is 'loli' but I don't think there are races whose default body type is 'busty'.

Well if you're looking for default 'busty' races there is the Holstaurus! But don't forget every big girl goes through the 'loli period' while growing up. And individual differences are quite big, I think there can exist oppai loli Red Caps and all that. (KC)

24) 1. For Chaos MGs is it okay to think every incubized husband is given powers to transform into "Constant Sex Form"? 2. Are there any plans for Shub Niggurath?

Yes, that is quite correct. But there are no such concepts like 'real/base' form and 'transformed' form, and they can just turn into either form easily. Shub Niggurath may come out in the future! (KC)

25) Does "Spell of Pedomorphosis" work on males as well?

Yes they can work, but they only have a temporary effect on males, compared to the Sabbath members where its effect on them is permanent.
If male is submissive/masochistic Onee-shota sex can always happen as some kind of play between a MG and human couple, but there are really no shotacon MGs, since they don't really care about male's age.
It's not 'I love him because he's a shota!', but 'I love him, so it is also very nice to see him in shota form...'. That's how MGs think. (KC)

25) Are there subspecies of Mersharks?

Probably, yes! This can be applied to not only Mersharks but also to species like Kobolds or Werecats, as I think there are many individuals who has traits of subspecies of real life sharks or dogs or cats that are not classified in the entries as 'subspecies'. (KC)

26) What will be the theme for the next World Guide?

It's not confirmed yet, but the 'Casino City' that is also mentioned in the new book may be featured (KC)

Interlude 2

As you can see in the case of Dé Ryúa, MGs are not really hostile at all toward the religion of the Chief Goddess, and there are even MG followers. If a human female loses faith in CG by becoming a MG it is usually because she realized new pleasures and learned to appreciate new values in life by being a MG, making her no longer compelled to keep the faith. So in the case where a human female found the religion of CG helpful or if there are benefits associated with keeping the faith, they would usually keep following it even after they have monsterized. (KC)

End of Interlude 2

27) Can MGs like Automatons or Living Armors have babies?

They can. Also, they would be viviparous. (Will)
Also, Automatons weren't built with the function to have babies originally. Rather, by using their husbands' semen as a power source they have self-updated their bodies to develop necessary parts and functions for pregnancy. (KC)

28) Do Dragons give birth to eggs? Would they lay infertile eggs? If so, what would happen to their hymens?

Dragons lay eggs after some period of pregnancy. (Meaning they would have baby bumps even though they're oviparous!)
Dragons don't really lay infertile eggs much, but once they get their hymens broken by their husbands they would sometime produce infertile eggs, and this is also the case for the Harpies. (KC)

29) Do the 'Red Queen' and the 'White Queen' of Wonderland belong to the Trumpart species?

They belong to "Chess Golem"(Name not confirmed yet) species (KC)

30) How are MGs that have items attached to them (e.g. Genies or Cursed Swords) born?

They come out normally from their mother, but their items would suddenly appear one day! How peculiar!
>A 3 year old Cursed Sword who suddenly had a sword grown out of her hand, which she used it to stab her childhood friend(effectively making them married), getting a praise from her mother. (KC)

31) Can MGs learn the ability of other MG species?

For example, like the 'hypnotic voice' of Mermaids, Sirens or Lamias, or the 'stare' of Gazers or Basilisks, or the 'poison' of Apophis or Girtablilus.
MGs can learn magics that would have similar effects of it, but the characteristic abilities themselves are not something that can be learned through training. (KC)

What does Monsterization/Corruption mean in the MGE?

The following information comes from a KC-endorsed explanation of corruption by Exet.

Published: 29 May 2014; Last edited: 28 October 2014[117]

Firstly, about the life after monsterzation. KC's stance is "as you wish, as long as not counter to the spirit of MGE". Love conquers all. Even without everything but love, you can still live. MGE is such escapist porn fantasy. It is not a work meant to make you suffer. After all, everything will be settled at a good conclusion, as long as the settings permit. And it is the main theme of MGE.

From the very first, monsterization may make women lustful or loyal to their desire, or add the instincts of the Mamono, but it doesn't change personality of women so much.

Some may want to have life with work, hobby, culture, sightseeing, or other various activities still after monsterization, and MGE says yes.(Existence of such elements are shown in the books. In this case, KC thinks the priority of sex in their life will become almost equal to a meal)

Some may want to be released completely from the duties of life and indulge in sex, and MGE says yes.(This is a particular case, but quite attractive choice for the people who live in the country where "dying because of overwork like 600 hours per a month" is no joke)

Some may want to release their desire for murder, theft, and various acts which hurts others, and MGE says no.(In such cases, MGs will make them indulge into themselves so they can't think such vicious thoughts. The change of the priority of sex in life is mostly intended in this way. It is not so utterly different from the case when human values are changed. For example, our values change when we eat a delicious dish for the first time. And when we marry with a partner, the priorities of life will change.)

So there is nothing which disturbs you if you want "normal" life after monsterization, except for the fact that priority of sex in their life will become higher. Is it still unacceptable?

Additionally, We Japanese value the contexts of sentences rather than what is written literally. It is called "言葉の綾(kotoba no aya)". For example, if MGE says "Men who have sex with MGs become impossible to think except for sex with them", it an expression which intends to discribe how attractive the sex with MGs is. It doesn't mean that all of them LITERALLY become unable to think except for sex.(But if they wish, they can do that) This seems to be one of the "gaps" KC tried to explain years ago.

Most Japanese fans understand KC's intent well, and estimate MGE as the ideal world which rejects all "bad endings" by all means. Of course there is some people who dislike MGE as dystopia. But in Japan, most people don't stick around the Doujin works which they dislike, because it is simply a waste of time.

Secondly, about "Corruption element".

Originally it is a minor fetishism that focused on brainwashing, mindbending, netorare, etc. KC likes some elements of corruption like change of costumes and mentalities into more seductive and aggressive ways, but dislikes the tragic endings it will bring. If he was a true disciple of "Corruption fetishism", then "Fallen Maidens" would massacre people cheerfully, stab you, and display the kiss and sex with the villain who brainwashed them to the dying you. Of course KC did not want this. He rather removed brainwashing and softened the fetishism in MGE.

Now "corrupted" girls focus on their true desire and love that they suppressed, and their personalities are liberated or restored rather than warped. (Though there are some changes like becoming lustful or accepting monsterization because of having MGs' value. If they even call this "brainwashing" and hate it, then it can't be helped.)

Wilmarina is a special/particular case. not only her, KC described "Fallen maidens" as the girls who couldn't be redeemed without quitting being human. She was forced to become obsessive about helping others, by letting her bind herself with the sense of guilt, and became the "ideal hero". Her life was always for others, manipulated by others, and now she is released from obsession, and "others". Now she is showing her true nature. I think it is rather the Church and her dad who brainwashed her. I think she already sacrificed herself for others enough, so calling her too selfish is a bit cruel.[117]

Info from KC and Exet

The following information comes from direct correspondence that user "Perentie" of Monster Girls Redux had with Exet and Kenkou Cross.

Published: 15 February 2015[118]

With permission from those involved, I wanted to share what I learned from the questions I got to ask.

First of all, sea monster girls and incubi can speak underwater just like someone can above water. And sea incubi don't grow gills, they breathe underwater via magic.

No big shock there, but it's good to have confirmation. The biggest info was regarding the venom of the apophis. Namely unless it is treated quickly the corruption effect cannot be reversed. However, it is not as extreme as our current translation suggests. Pharaohs do not literally retire to their rooms and do nothing but have sex. They focus on sex more than before, and because of this they give up being leaders. Yet they still may assist in governing, and their social lives don't come to an end.

So in the current age apophis takeovers are a regime change rather than a result of a war with a hated enemy, so monster girls don't regard it as that big a deal. KC also put another nail in the coffin of grimdark interpretations by explaining in more detail how hyperbolic the settings are, and also how the Wandering Scholar is not meant to give perfectly accurate information all the time.

Below is the actual info from KC quoted (the WG2 reference was in reply to me explaining why I thought a literal translation of what the apophis did didn't match what we were told about monsters in WG2), I didn't quote the sea monster girl material as it's basically what I wrote above:

The description of WG2 is not false. In Pharao`s case, please consider it like "regime change" from Pharao to Apopis. As always, "nothing other than sex" is hyperbolic expression. They get into their home and take much more time for sex, but they will not sever the relationship with others. The families and friends can meet her. They will give the throne to Apopis, but still they may assist the governance. (note:In English, there are expressions like "give all one's time to reading", and they should not be understood literally.) Also, the venom of Apopis is strong, and it is one of the reasons that Pharao cannot be rescued, but the Pharaoh is a kind of MGs, so she will not want to abandon the life with "nothing other than sex" once she received.

About the description of MGE, my intention and the interpretation of Westerners seem to be different much. As always, the descriptions of MGE are hyperbolic, and the reality will be more milder than that. The case of Apopis is not exception. And there is the setting that MGE is written by a human scholar in the world, not me. So sometimes the fact that "the increase of the ratio of sex in life was observed by him" can be interpreted "they are doing nothing other than sex", by him, from a human perspective. On the other hand, WG2 was written by an MG, so she write the truth that they communicate with friends or families, and they do the jobs and hobbies. When you read MGE, please consider such context.

And please understand that there are several parts in the setting which is obscure intentionally, or planned to be written in the future books.[119] So basically when it comes to the daily social lives of monster girls and incubi, Saphirette should be trusted over the Wandering Scholar, as he tends to get his info from fairly short interviews and observations before he moves on.[118]


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