Lescatie, occasionally translated as Lescatier or Lescatié, is a nation-state in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia world, and the primary location for the Fallen Maidens and the parallel stories of Fallen Brides.

A Heroic Theocracy


An Order crest from the Theocracy of Lescatie

Frequently referred to as the "Religious Kingdom of Lescatie" or the "Theocracy of Lescatie", the nation was ruled by a hereditary monarchy supported by various noble families (including the Noscrim) and religious orders [1]. Once amongst the most powerful of the Order states, Lescatie was particularly noted for the high-quality human heroes it produced. However, martial success against the monsters came at a high price, with heavy taxation and invasive religious rules contributing to domestic unrest. These hidden tensions were exploited by the lilim Druella during her invasion of Lescatie.

Royal Family

King Castor Bistoa Lescatie was the monarch responsible for turning Lescatie into an Order bulwark. It is not absolutely clear if Castor is still the king at the time of Druella's invasion. Then, the King's family includes a wife and at least four daughters, the eldest three of which can hear the voices of the gods, can wield great magic and have received divine protection as heroes blessed with talent [2]. The fourth daughter, Francisca Mistel, was a sickly, infertile thing mostly forgotten by everyone, including her father.

After Druella's invasion, "the queen took the king to their bedroom after becoming a monster and no longer comes out and [Francisca's] three sisters have all become monsters and disappeared somewhere" [3].

As a Demon Realm


Druella's crest for the now turned Lescatie

Detailed at length in Fallen Maidens, Druella succeeded in corrupting many of the heroes against their former nation; after her takeover succeeded, Lescatie was transformed into a Demon Realm. An Order counterattack (accompanied by Amanomiya Koyoi) failed miserably, and today, Lescatie is a "radically obscene" land of monsters, lust and depravity. Although nominally the realm is ruled by "Queen Roper" Francisca, de facto power rests behind the scenes with Druella herself.

Book Information

Major book sections on Lescatie are as follows:

About Lescatie (Fallen Maidens p32)

Religious Nation “Lescatie”

A religious nation that no longer currently exists because it was dropped into the demon realm at the hands of the lilim Druella. Before it fell, the king “Castor Bistoa Lescatie” made the faith of the chief god the main religion. The order was extremely powerful, and basically all of the nation's important offices were filled by individuals from the upper echelon of the order. It was an enormous nation which boasted the second most powerful military among all order aligned states at the time. What's more important than it's size and population is the fact that it was the number one hero producing nation in the world.

There was an extremely substantial number of organizations and facilities that raised people from childhood into disciples to fight for the order, and many heroes who received god's divine protection appeared. For that reason, the religious nation of Lescatie was the hope of humanity and the order, and an extremely large threat to the monsters; however, the light of hope was extinguished in the blink of an eye due to Druella's invasion. It is said that there was a lot of dissent amongst the people to begin with because the nation was managed by the upper echelon of the order for the order's conveniences.

In contrast with the dazzling central district, there were many slums where people suffered under heavy taxation, and besides that, many of the heroes who mostly lived in the central district, especially young heroes, didn't think highly of the government that ignored their will and tried to manipulate their lives. The hearts of the most important force, the heroes, were not with the religious nation of Lescatie, and more and more of them went over to Druella's side. We could say that this is the reason for the nation's defeat. The religious nation of Lescatie was formerly a symbol of glory to the order, but it's presently a huge disgrace because of how quickly it fell, and the failure to recapture it.

Demon Realm Nation "Lescatie"

A former religious nation that was dropped into the demon realm by the lilim Druella. The queen " Francisca Mistel Lescatie" rules, but she is infatuated with Druella who changed her into a monster, so she's a puppet and Druella holds the true authority. The left over hero-raising facilities and churches were mainly converted into pleasure quarters for the entertainment of monsters and incubi. Compared to other demon realms, these many facilities are distinguished as being even more radically obscene.

The entire nation was converted into a Demon Realm, and it is filled with extremely thick demonic energy. It's always dusky, and demonic energy shines eerily. It has become a country that is extremely easy for monsters to live in. The demonic energy gets thicker as one approaches the central district, and once inside the castle, it is so thick that it causes the monsters to become sexually excited and lose themselves. Additionally, in the middle of the castle in the throne room there are several monsters of enormous power including "Wilmarina" who continuously have sex with one man, and highly thick demonic energy is always being produced. It is the space where it is most concentrated.

If an ordinary human enters, it is so potent that they will change into a monster just from being showered in the demonic energy. "Amanomiya Koyoi" who was introduced in the first book did well to endure it. Additionally, it has worsened since Koyoi became an inari. Also, to the delight of the monsters who live in Lescatie, a mass of this highly condensed demonic energy is released into the city on holidays by Koyoi, who excels at controlling demonic energy. This mass of demonic energy drops in appropriate areas throughout the city depending on Koyoi's whim.

For a while, the area around where it was dropped becomes overflowing with highly thick demonic energy. A narcotic effect is induced that ignites the passion of monsters and incubi, making them feel the best. Having sex with their partners in this state amplifies the pleasure and arousal they would normally experience by many orders of magnitude. The demonic energy lingers for several days and during this time their arousal never subsides and their bodies never grow tired. They continuously feel amazing and experience the greatest pleasure. For monsters who desire to spend their days indulging in pleasure with their husband, it's probably the happiest holiday ever. It is said that when the holidays come around, the monsters of Lescatie anticipate having these presents dropped where they live, and everyone starts getting restless.

Foreward (Fallen Maidens p33)

Monsters drown humans in supernatural pleasure and tempt them into an existence of a devilish nature just like themselves. The monsters I found living in “Demon Realm Nation Lescatie” when I dropped by this time were beings that truly fit that description. In this book, I've summed up everything I've collected until now as a scholar of monsters and added the knowledge I gained due to the cooperation of the mistress of Lescatie, and a daughter of the demon lord, the lilim Druella, and many “former” humans. I've written in detail about the ecology and moral values of the monsters in “Monsters' Ecology”, and recorded the transformations that human women undergo when changing into monsters in “Monsterization Case Files. I would like the readers to read the second section carefully and become more acquainted with the details concerning the monsters. That is, if you still don't want to surrender your humanity.

–a certain Wandering Scholar of monsters, Fallen Maidens

There is no suffering or sadness here. All there is is a wonderful world of indulging in love and pleasure to the heart's content. If you come this way, you'll never have to fear anything, and you'll never have to suffer. This book is a guide to help you cast aside human fetters and be reborn. Now, let's have fun together...♥ I'll teach you about the wonderful world of monsters...♥

–Mistress of Lescatie, Druella, Fallen Maidens

Notes & References

  1. Given names like "Castor" and "Francisca" in Lescatie point to an inspiration from medieval France or Germany
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