Lilia Flimlight

Lilia filmlight

Baphomet lilia

Story Info
Gender Female
Race Human, later Baphomet
Faction Anti-monster, later Sabbath

Lilia Flimlight is the protagonist of Baphomet Complex, one of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia Stories novellas. A petite sixteen-year-old human, she is transformed into a baphomet monster girl by an itinerant lilim, and proceeds to seduce her older brother.

Lilia in Baphomet ComplexEdit

Lilia features only in Baphomet Complex, although since this constitutes 60-pages of first-person-perspective it makes her one of the most thoroughly described characters in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia world:

I stood squarely in front of the mirror, and my figure was reflected in its cloudless surface. A petite girl stood in the mirror. Her familiar childlike face and small body were my own. Her long hair was gathered into pigtails, one bunch on each side.

I don't mean to boast, but I was fairly pleased with my looks. Big, blue eyes and a small mouth. I worried that my nose was a bit flat, but taken as a whole I thought it achieved a certain balance. My long hair I groomed carefully every day without fail, and thanks to that it flowed silkily through my fingers when I ran a hand through it. On the whole, while I might not be able to call myself a beauty due to the strong childlike impression I gave off, I thought that I could say I was plenty cute, although I might be biased in my own favor.

"But," a dissatisfied grumble escaped my lips. The face in the mirror reflected my thoughts, knitting its brows in a downcast frown. I understood the cause of that dissatisfaction only too well.

My body was extremely slow to mature compared to other girls my age. No, it would be more accurate to say that past a certain age I hadn't matured at all. I was poor in curves and small in stature. My body looked as if it could be lifted and carried easily by most adults and not at all like that of a girl who would turning seventeen this year. Subtract seven from that age and I could still probably pass. [1]

Lilia's only family is her older brother, with whom she is deeply and secretly infatuated. Together they run "Flimlight's Odds and Ends", a shop in an un-named anti-monster state which stocks gear for adventuring parties. Although she's technically the co-owner, it is in practice Lilia's brother who actually manages the business, with his little sister consigned to just being the shopkeeper. In this capacity she leads quite a boring existence: dozing behind the counter waiting in vain for customers to appear, and fretting at how her under-matured looks stand no chance of captivating the object of her affections.

Like all good godfearing folk in the anti-monster states, Lilia is frozen with "unspeakable terror" when a lilim appears in her store. Somehow sensing that Lilia is one of those rare humans who can be transformed into a high-powered monster girl, the daughter of the Demon Lord can't pass up the opportunity for sexual mischief: "Since human women who can be changed into these races are extremely precious, when a lilim spots these women, she will aggressively attempt to change them into these monsters" [2]. In spite of Lilia's screams of protest, demonic energy violates her completely.

Reflected in the mirror's glassy surface was a girl with a childish figure. Her familiar features and petite frame were my own. The only definite difference lay in the grotesque abnormality of her appearance. The girl in the mirror had a pair of rough, bony horns growing from the top of her head, and her hands and feet were those of a beast, covered in light-brown fur — her appearance was unmistakably that of a monster. I was looking at a little monster being embraced by a demon woman. It was an uncanny scene, like a painting of a fall from grace. [3]

Initially greeting her transformation with horror and despair, Lilia is goaded by the lilim to go rape her sleeping brother. After doing precisely that, "so much so that the first several days we'd even forgotten eating and sleeping" [4], the neophyte baphomet and her now-incubus brother are revisited by the lilim, and instructed to establish a branch of the Sabbath in the town.


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