Lilim is the collective name given to the daughters of the Demon Lord and her husband. They are succubi of exceptional power and captivating beauty while inheriting their parents' ambition to create a world filled with humans and monsters united in carnal bliss. They also inherit incredibly powerful magic, strong enough to perform special monsterizations, and in some cases to go about creating their own toy dimensions.

Two lilim are named (at least in a fashion) within the translated works: Druella, primary antagonist of Fallen Maidens and Fallen Brides; and the Queen of Hearts, ruler of Wonderland. A third, un-named Lilim features prominently in Baphomet Complex, travelling through human lands in disguise.

It is unknown how many Lilim there are. Within the printed MGE materials, Druella is "the fourth daughter of the Demon Lord", and in ancillary sources at least nine are confirmed. [1]

Encyclopedia Entry

A general term for the daughters of the Demon Lord who possess both incredible magic power and beauty that captivates men and won’t let them go. They have pale skin and pure white hair, which they share in common with the Demon Lord and red eyes full of demonic energy.

Other than that, their looks and personalities all vary depending on the individual, but all of the lilim have a lustful personality and their heads are full of thoughts of sex, as is becoming of a succubus. They have a deep love for all men and monsters and they want nothing other than for humans and monsters to live together in harmony, seeking each others' bodies and lustfully having sex. To them that is the ideal form of human-monster relations and that is what they like more than anything else.

They have the greatest power of all succubi, but even if they don’t use their power for charm spells, almost all men would become their prisoner after only catching a glimpse of their visage. Even without using words of temptation, men are aroused at the sight of them and consumed by total lust. If they tempt a man, even without magic, there is no element of force even necessary. The men themselves will step forward and offer their bodies, desiring to be ravished by them. It is said that even if a man charmed by them had been a monster-hating devout follower of the Chief God only moments earlier, from then on he would be eagerly looking forward to the devilish pleasure that they can offer.

They have the power to rule over many men, but no matter what, their goal is the same as that of most other monsters and their own mother, the Demon Lord; to find the one man they love most in all the world and always be strongly longing for one another and lustfully having sex. All they want is to become one with their ideal husband.

Just like the Demon Lord, they are beings that have the demonic energy of all the monsters in the world contained within their bodies. Just like the Demon Lord, they have the ability to cause human women to be reborn as any kind of monster through having sex, as long as the resulting race is one that is subordinate to the Demon Lord and was always, or has effectively become, entirely a monster race.

In order to create an ideal world, they will aggressively try to convert human women into monsters. The race the women end up getting changed into varies depending on the individual, the time and other circumstances. Sometimes the women are changed into a monster that suits their personality and ideals, but most of the time, the lilim decide the race depending on their mood.[2]

They are a symbol of the Demon Lord’s power. The more their numbers increase, it means the more sex the Demon Lord has had with her husband and the more vast the power she has built up becomes.

Also, by continuing to have sex with their husbands and build up power, the world becomes more saturated with the succubus energy. This has the function of maintaining the present system of the Demon Lord and monsters. If they are raised into succubi of enormous power as successors of the Demon Lord, then even if the Demon Lord were to be destroyed by the Chief God, the world would still be full of their demonic energy. The current world of carnal relations between humans and monsters could still be maintained.

Book Information

Monsterization Due to Lilim (Fallen Maidens)

As for monsterization caused by the Demon Lord's daughters, the “lilim”, it is supposed that they can freely change a woman into any race as long as the monster is subordinate to the Demon Lord. However, it's not that they can really change a human woman into “every race”.

For example, it's impossible for them to change them into “angels” and “dark angels”, which were originally servants of the gods. It's also not possible to change them into “elves” and “faeries”, or elementals, which were not originally monsters to begin with. On the other hand, it is possible to change them into “dark elves” and “dwarves” although they weren't originally monsters either, because as of the present they only exist as monsters. Also, it's impossible to change them into “lilim” like themselves. Additionally, even a lilim with overwhelming demonic energy cannot easily change them into monsters such as “baphomet”, “echidna”, “dragon”. In the case of creating a highest rank monster in this way, not only must the lilim herself use a vast amount of demonic energy, there are various conditions that the human woman being changed into a monster must satisfy, such as possessing a lot of mana to begin with, the direction of the woman's desires, strength, and other qualities. Only then is it possible to change them into one of these races.

Since human women who can be changed into these races are extremely precious, when a lilim spots these women, she will aggressively attempt to change them into these monsters. [3]

Q&A Information

Refer to: Q&A with Kenkou Cross

How many Lilim is there? Will we see more pictures, or see picture for Queen of Hearts?

A rumor says that there are already more than 100 Lilims. Well, it is still rumor. Like Druella, Queen of Hearts and other lilims will appear in the books.

All monsters are linked to the Demon Lord, but are there any Lilim that have the body of a snake or spider amongst their sisters?

I don't really know if there are any Lilim on the level of having a different lower body, but Lilim with beast-like horns and tails or with limbs that are covered in an insect-like shell sporadically exist!


  • Lilim is the 100th monster, and the last one that appears in Monster Girl Encyclopedia I.
  • The sphere lilims ride on is made of solidified mamono mana and they can make it appear or vanish with a wave of their hand (source: Kenkou Q and A thread)
  • All lilim have white hair, but some have other colors mixed in for a mesh or gradient effect (source: Kenkou’s Japanese Q and A).

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  1. According to Kenkou Cross' reply on Maritan's Twitter, there are more than ten Lilim, with the first nine being important figures.
  2. Although not included in the current translated profile, the book profile gives two examples, turning a feisty cock-teaser into a cowardly cockatrice and a shy young girl into a man-violating amazoness.
  3. This is exactly that happens in Monster Girl Encyclopedia Stories: Baphomet Complex, when a lilim discovers that Lilia Flimlight has the capacity to become a baphomet
  4. For the full gallery, please refer to the fanart hub

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