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  • Okay, that's fair.

    I guess I was projecting a bit, aside from the second line (did something shitty), there is no real resemblance, and your wwyd is, in my opinion, better written than that one.

    The rest of what I said at the start there, I'm just really upset with myself, for how fucked up I let my concocted situation get.

    And in any case, I feel that the "the monsters do it, why is this so different and wrong?" Argument is a little bit flat.

    They're monsters, their whole point is moral failings, and there's plenty of explanation in profiles and other materials that connect to say Demonic Energy (DE) Or, if you prefer Mamono Mana (MM), Makes you fall 'in love.'

    There's lots of really obvious examples, like matango, but also more subtle over-time changes like the shift into being a generic incubus.

    That's a monster thing.

    Humans can't make that happen, this guy, as you said, raped a woman, and and left her for dead.

    That says something about him.

    Monsters don't leave their victims, they stick around.

    They consider themselves married.

    It's a far cry from the bleak reality of this particualr situation.

    I think that's a good thing, because this right here adds a palpable sense of realism to a world where something which could squash you like a gnat wants cuddles and sex-time.

    (See Tv tropes: Did you just romance cthulhu for less explicit examples)

    Where was I going with this. . .

    Ah, right!

    From the top:

    Your assessment is fair, I am clinging unneccessarily to the wierdly violent. . . Err that.

    And I agree that monsters are indeed reprehensible.

    But I'm here for the sexy monsters, I'm here good feels.

    But more than either of those. . .

    I'm just here to write.

    I'll be retracting the odd disclaimer. . .thing.

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    • good to hear but again like i said before the premise is kinda dark sure but you can turn it around with an answer to the wwyd the man did rape her and leave her for the rats but she is alive and well and also can get the who wronged her from there you can make it lighter either way i hope to see more from you

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  • I like to make things like WWYDs and similar one for people to make short stories out of its fun to read them so I hope whoever sees the one I make get inspired to make some

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