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The Monster Girl Encyclopedia Wiki is the largest and most up-to-date English wiki for the MGE franchise. The wiki was created in March of 2012, and currently has 442 articles.

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Once free, the ushi-oni did what any of you thought she'd do. You got kidnapped, assaulted, and eventually, raised a family with the girl, putting an end to your adventure. Now, for an aesthetic decision, are you interested in having the mamono lists color coded, based on the model that one of your fellow users presented or would you rather keep them the way they are?(See links below);

The poll was created at 19:47 on April 13, 2020, and so far 1167 people voted.
Keep them the same or Change them

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1) Creeping Coin / September 03, 2020
2) Wonderworm / June 30, 2020
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October 19, 2018

The Wiki restoration project has begun. For more info, click here.

October 17, 2018

The administrative team of the MGE Wiki has reached a joint conclusion to cease the operation of our "" website and revert profile content back to the Wikia site. For more information, please see the full announcement on the site:

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