Monster Girl Encyclopedia Damage Report ~Cheshire Cat's Welcome to Wonderland~ (魔物娘図鑑 被害報告 ~チェシャチェシャ猫のおいでませ不思議の国~)[1] is a Monster Girl Encyclopedia doujin, the first such work illustrated by series author, Kenkou Cross.

If you wish to purchase your own copy, overseas shipping is available in limited quantity on the AliceBooks website.[1]


A human botanist finds himself unexpectedly lost in Wonderland, where he's found by a Cheshire Cat. She takes him on a tour of the topsy-turvy world and exposes him to the lewd nature of monster girls.

Other monsters such as alice, humpty egg, jabberwock, jubjub, march hare, mad hatter, and dormouse also make an appearance. At the time of this doujins release, all available Wonderland monsters were included.