Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide - Side III: Court Alf ~Divas of the City of Water~ (魔物娘図鑑ワールドガイド外伝III コートアルフ ~水の都の歌姫たち~), referred to as World Guide Side 3, is a world guide supplement by Will.

The book was announced via a post on Kenkou's website.[1]


This book features sea-based monster girls, delving into various aspects of underwater life; very similar in style to the previous world guide side.

Table of Contents

The Seven Songstresses and the Great Songstress

  1. Arial (p2)
  2. Lilynanna (p3)
  3. Eustine (p4)
  4. Levin Dil (p5)
  5. Fulafel (p6)
  6. Meivia (p7)
  7. Asura Mythra (p8)
  8. Great Songstress Difina (p9)

The Origins of Court Alf (p10)

Introduction (p13)
Table of Contents (p14)

First Song Island Al Mar (p16)

  1. Al Mar's History (p20)
  2. Current Al Mar (p24)
  3. Songstress Introduction (Arial) (p25)
  4. Song of Blessing (p27)
  5. The Duties of the Songstress and Song Maidens (p28)
  6. Fountain District Waterway (p30)
  7. Temple of Sea Poetry (p31)
  8. Al Mar's Bubble Candy (p32)
  9. Viaduct of Love (p33)
  10. Gondola Stall-boat Division (p34)
  11. Marian Glass (p35)
  12. Cathedral of Blessing (p40)
  13. Magic Sea Bouquet of Coral (p40)
  14. Nameless Hill (p41)

Second Song Island Matori (p44)

  1. Matori's History (p48)
  2. Current Matori (p51)
  3. Songstress Introduction (Lilynanna) (p53)
  4. Song of Joy (p54)
  5. The Duties of the Songstress and Song Maidens (p56)
  6. Matori Shopping Port (p57)
  7. Matori's Song Maiden Clothing Store (p58)
  8. Song Maiden Tea House: Maid in Matori (p59)
  9. Forbidden Wing Omurice (p60)
  10. Sweets Harpies (p61)
  11. Matori's Treasure Chest (p61)
  12. Sunken Division (p62)
  13. Matori Concert Hall Ship (p62)
  14. Song Writing Shell (p63)
  15. Matori's Treasure Cruise (p63)
  16. Topic - Ghost Ship of the Matori Sea (p64)
  17. Training Ground on the Outskirts of Town (p64)

Third Song Island Nevia (p66)

  1. Nevia's History (p70)
  2. Current Nevia (p74)
  3. Songstress Introduction (Eustine) (p76)
  4. Song of Passion (p77)
  5. The Duties of the Songstress and Song Maidens (p78)
  6. Rose Tea Specialty Shop "Amora Nevia" (p80)
  7. Clock Tower Park (p81)
  8. Sculpture Atelier "Nudie Moldie" (p82)
  9. Nevia Theatre (p83)
  10. Nevia Theatre History Museum (p83)
  11. Nevia Souvenir Shop (p84)
  12. Night Painting Path (p85)

Fouth Song Island Saida (p88)

  1. Saida's History (p92)
  2. Current Saida (p96)
  3. Songstress Introduction (Levin Dil) (p99)
  4. Song of Courage(p100)
  5. The Duties of the Songstress and Song Maidens (p101)
  6. Saida Neon Street (p101)
  7. Eldin Soul Street (p102)
  8. Cave Live Halls (p103)
  9. Live House "Studio=Paralyzer" (p103)
  10. Live House "Club:Saida" (p104)
  11. Live Box "Thunderbird's Nest" (p104)
  12. Thunder Fish Street (p105)
  13. Shock Shop Street (p106)
  14. Clothing Store "Rezon Break" (p106)
  15. Instrument Store "Violent Sounds" (p107)
  16. Gremtronics Lab (p108)
  17. Saida Mountains (p109)
  18. Star Neon Stage (p109)

Fifth Song Island Mira (p112)

  1. Mira's History (p116)
  2. Current Mira (p119)
  3. Songstress Introduction (Fulafel) (p121)
  4. Song of Hope (p123)
  5. The Duties of the Songstress and Song Maidens (p123)
  6. Spirit's Old Waterway (p126)
  7. Field of Spirits (p127)
  8. Melty Fruit (p127)
  9. Spirit Hot Spring (p129)
  10. Ruins of the Great Tree (p129)
  11. Tavern: Mira's Little Mermaid (p130)
  12. Mirado Potato Salad (p131)
  13. Five Flower's Spirit Pavilion (p132)
  14. Tavern: Olde Tavern Miramira (p133)
  15. Mansion of Twilight (p134)

Sixth Song Island Dé Ryúa (p136)

  1. Dé Ryúa's History (p140)
  2. Current Dé Ryúa (p144)
  3. Songstress Introduction (Meivia) (p147)
  4. Song of Love (p148)
  5. The Duties of the Songstress and Song Maidens (p149)
  6. Dé Ryúa's Pleasure Street (p150)
  7. Church of the Chief God (p151)
  8. Church of the Chief God at Night (p152)
  9. Dé Ryúa's Dark Sea Knights (p152)
  10. Hotel Dé Ryúa (p153)
  11. Dé Ryúa's Porcelain Water (p154)
  12. Song Black Lily Bouquet (p154)
  13. Hotel Corridor's Secret VIP Room (p155)

Seventh Song Island Queen Diana (p158)

  1. Queen Diana's History (p162)
  2. Current Queen Diana (p167)
  3. Songstress Introduction (Asura Mythra) (p169)
  4. Song of Peace (p170)
  5. The Duties of the Songstress and Song Maidens (p171)
  6. Luxury Liner Perrine Melno (p172)
  7. Patrol Ship Diane (p173)
  8. Slave Ship Lu Tine (p173)
  9. Giant Battleship Queen Diana (p175)
  10. Asura Mythra's Mansion (p175)
  11. Countless Cabins (p176)
  12. Topic - Her Majesty the Queen and Admiral Eizen (p177)
  13. Dark Capital Asuramis (p177)

Afterword (p179)

The Seven Songstresses and the Great Songstress

Arial (p2)

Arial Final

First Song Island "Al Mar" Diva, Arial

Lilynanna (p3)

Lilynanna Final

Second Song Island "Matori" Diva, Lilynanna

Eustine (p4)

Eustine Final

Third Song Island "Nevia" Diva, Eustine

Levin Dil (p5)

Levin Final

Fourth Song Island "Saida" Diva, Levin Dil

Fulafel (p6)

Fulafel Final

Fifth Song Island "Mira" Diva, Fulafel

Meivia (p7)

Meivia Final

Sixth Song Island "Dé Ryúa" Diva, Meivia

Asura Mythra (p8)

Asura Final

Seventh Song Island "Queen Diana" Diva, Asura Mythra

Great Songstress Difina (p9)

Difina Final

Great Songstress Ruling the Seven Islands, Difina

The Origins of Court Alf (p10)

Since the days of the previous Demon Lords, the Sea of ​​Asuramis, where seven islands are located, has always been the center of conflict. During the long history of the past era, seven islands sometimes competed, sometimes formed unstable alliances, and sometimes their interaction took other forms. And when the Demon Lord changed and the era of the New Demon Lord began, on seven islands in the Asuramis Sea there were seven kingdoms, each of which ruled its island:

On the largest of the islands was the Theocracy "Al Mar", whose inhabitants were united into a single force by the state religion that worshiped the sea.

The Pirate State "Matori", which had an ancient history of looting raids, was known as the headquarters of the illustrious, legendary pirate. Here, even in the era of the previous Demon Lords, many criminals and pirates gathered, who, among other raids, invaded other islands with the help of their most powerful military forces.

Leading noble families of the world, attracted by the beauties of the island, gathered in "Nevia", the country of creators. Thanks to their investments, the country has achieved an excellent development; cultural people and artists have gathered here to create works of art.

In the mines of the Thunderstorm Kingdom "Saida", a rare mineral was mined that emits lightning. In an effort to expand its territory, the kingdom used the power of this unique ore to invade other islands.

The Eternal Land "Mira" had the most ancient history of the existence of Asuramis in the waters of the sea. This kingdom has many resources and used the power of the elementals to protect the island’s natural wealth.

In a country adjacent to a powerful maritime power, workers gathered, mainly slaves engaged in shipbuilding. This country of slaves was called "Dé Ryúa"

Although their island was small, the sea power "Diana" possessed overwhelming superiority in shipbuilding technology and, thanks to the support of the Order of the Chief God that laid it's eyes on this country, had the largest military forces among the seven islands.

At the dawn of a new era, between the Seven Islands still remained peace and a shaky balance. But this did not last long, at some point, the catastrophic "Asuramis War" began, the flame of which swept all seven islands. It is not known what exactly caused them to break peace and begin a chain of conflicts between all seven islands. Flames of anger from unforgettable insults with the speed of wildfire spread throughout the Asuramis Sea.

The troubled times, when all the kingdoms entered the battle, which had no end, spread a whirlwind of sadness. Which was sunk by only one mermaid princess. The song of tears she sang united the hearts of people and the seven islands.

Al Mar gets a new "Blessing", "Joy" she shared with Matori, Endless "Passion" gave Nevia, "Courage" to confront difficulties endowed Saida, Faith in "Hope" granted to Mira, Dé Ryúa acquired "Love" which satisfies all, And Diana endowed with a constant "Peace"

The princess mermaid bestowed on each of the seven Divas her song and returned into the sea's embrace. The seven Divas and the peoples of the seven islands mourned her, who had disappeared in the sea foam, and called her “The Great Diva” whose love is deeper than the sea in which the seven islands became a single country.

This country is "Court Alf" the land of water cities, a sea paradise where humans and mamono live together hand in hand.

Legend of Court Alf

Introduction (p13)

Nice to meet you! Sorry, I'm only from the sea! I am the Mermaid-guide of Court-Alf!

Court-Alf consists of seven islands and water cities, in each of which you can enjoy the singing of one of the seven divas! Dear Client, in fact, you arrived at our most wonderful time! Now, we are celebrating the day when seven islands became one country, and once a year during this period we hold the "Court-Alf National Festival"! And on each of the islands festivals and special performances are planned every day!

First of all, we have prepared seven brochures for you! Initially, the seven islands were separate countries, full of their own features! Please familiarize yourself with them and go to the island that you will like!

Oh, Client, this is your partner! What a lovely little Witch! What brings both of you to Court Alf?
"Yes! Tomorrow is the tenth anniversary of the day I first met my beloved brother and, since so much time has passed, I decided to go with him on a new honeymoon! First we will have another wedding in Al-Mar, and then...♥ "

First Song Island Al Mar (p16)

The First Song Island of Blessing
Al Mar

Al Mar

"The ceremonial halls of white stone laid out the entrance to 7 islands"
Diva: Arial (Sea Bishop) Inherited Song: Blessing
Main Residents: Mermaids, Sea Bishops and many other sea monsters

Welcome to Court Alf, a country of water cities located on seven islands! The first island of song, “Al Mar”, is a water city filled with beautiful white buildings that were built on the surface of blue clear water!

Al Mar is the scene where the events of the famous story "The Legends of Mermaid" unfolded. Many of the majestic temples and churches that are particularly prominent in the beautiful city landscape are dedicated to the sea goddess Poseidon and the Mermaid Princess. Moreover, many of these historical buildings, even having stood for many years, continue to remain monuments of art.

Many of these beautiful temples and churches have become "wedding halls" for men and women, in which they swear their eternal love for each other. If you want to declare love to each other as husband and wife, then we will arrange for you a wonderful “wedding”, where you will be blessed with the beautiful voices of singing mermaids! Al Mar is filled with the power of the “Song of Blessing” that was given to this island by the legendary Princess Mermaid, it brings blessings to the couples who married here. Even the Princess Mermaid, who disappeared into the sea foam, was brought back to life thanks to the power of the prince's love, her own blessing and the Sea goddess! And, as in the legend, just like with the prince of passion and her, the love of blessed spouses will be eternal.

Al Mar Blessing Island Wedding, marking the beginning of eternal love
Al Mar is known as the chalky white city of weddings.
We prepare various ceremonial halls where you can hold your perfect wedding ceremony: from a large temple for a grand wedding celebration to a small and sweet church!

Ultimately, most brides who are mamono are troubled because of the first night after their wedding celebration. And our ceremonial halls are able to satisfy even such an aspiration as that of a monster girl ... ... after an exciting wedding ceremony, you will be taken from the celebration hall to a good hotel room where you can spend the first evening of your honeymoon, and in a small church with a magnificent atmosphere you can have pleasant intercourse right on the spot... ...In Al Mar we guarantee everyone fabulous, dreamlike moments of the beginning of eternal love♥ And after your dreams come true, you will have a honeymoon in a water city where mermaids sing and the blessing bell rings.... blessings of love and dreams, which are combined in Al Mar, will be an eternal reality that has no end♥

Al Mar’s wedding and honeymoon plans are recommended for both newly married couples who will only be married now, and those couples who have been together for many years and also decided to hold a wedding ceremony in Al Mar, to start a new sweet honeymoon! When planning a wedding or a honeymoon, our exclusive Court Alf wedding planner will be happy to help you, so please do not hesitate to contact us for help!


Sweet and tidy... sensational and radical... We will provide you the best wedding dress that will satisfy the client♥ Although we also rent them, many people buy dresses after the ceremony, because they are fascinated by them and get them too dirty on the way.

For men! Recommended for Singles♥
Al Mar will appeal to those who like to study history, fine cuisine and the singing of mermaids. Of course, it is ideal for couples, but you can enjoy it alone! All the mamono in this city, the city where eternal love originates, dream of a wedding here with their wonderful husband and there are many mamono travelers who think the same way. If a single man enjoys food and dessert in a restaurant of Al Mar, then he becomes the main signboard of this institution... ...because, perhaps, this visitor is here in order to find the one with whom he will enter into a beautiful marriage... ...and he will find his destiny as a mamono's husband♪ Of course, if “You” wish, the song-maiden, who serves as the pilot of your ship, can also become your life partner♥

Recommendations for those who are looking for a bride!
Among the inhabitants of Al Mar there are many mermaids and other aquatic species, and also there are many obedient and pretty girls who are languishing to get married. For this reason, bride training lessons are very popular on the island for those who plan to become them, and these girls will be devoted to their husband all day and night♥

Al Mar's History (p20)


Current Al Mar (p24)


Songstress Introduction (Arial) (p25)


Song of Blessing (p27)


The Duties of the Songstress and Song Maidens (p28)


Fountain District Waterway (p30)


Temple of Sea Poetry (p31)


Al Mar's Bubble Candy (p32)


Viaduct of Love (p33)

Translation missing

Gondola Stall-boat Division (p34)

Translation missing

Marian Glass (p35)

Translation missing

Cathedral of Blessing (p40)

Translation missing

Magic Sea Bouquet of Coral (p40)

Translation missing

Nameless Hill (p41)

Translation missing

Second Song Island Matori (p44)

Translation missing

Matori's History (p48)

Translation missing

Current Matori (p51)

Translation missing

Songstress Introduction (Lilynanna) (p53)

Translation missing

Song of Joy (p54)

Translation missing

The Duties of the Songstress and Song Maidens (p56)

Translation missing

Matori Shopping Port (p57)

Translation missing

Matori's Song Maiden Clothing Store(p58)

Translation missing

Song Maiden Tea House: Maid in Matori (p59)

Translation missing

Forbidden Wing Omurice (p60)

Translation missing

Sweets Harpies (p61)

Translation missing

Matori's Treasure Chest (p61)

Translation missing

Sunken Division (p62)

Translation missing

Matori Concert Hall Ship (p62)

Translation missing

Song Writing Shell (p63)

Translation missing

Matori's Treasure Cruise (p63)

Translation missing

Topic - Ghost Ship of the Matori Sea (p64)

Translation missing

Training Ground on the Outskirts of Town (p64)

Translation missing

Third Song Island Nevia (p66)

Translation missing

Nevia's History (p70)

Translation missing

Current Nevia (p74)

Translation missing

Songstress Introduction (Eustine) (p76)

Translation missing

Song of Passion (p77)

Translation missing

The Duties of the Songstress and Song Maidens (p78)

Translation missing

Rose Tea Specialty Shop "Amora Nevia" (p80)

Translation missing

Clock Tower Park (p81)

Translation missing

Sculpture Atelier "Nudie Moldie" (p82)

Translation missing

Nevia Theatre (p83)

Translation missing

Nevia Theatre History Museum (p83)

Translation missing

Nevia Souvenir Shop (p84)

Translation missing

Night Painting Path (p85)

Translation missing

Fourth Song Island Saida (p88)

The Fourth Song Island of Courage


The thunderous roaring voices shout, a sleepless city illuminated by neon
Diva: Levin Dil (Thunderbird) Inherited Song: Courage
Main Residents: Thunderbird, Harpy, Black Harpy, Gremlin, Automaton

An island of soul shaking thunder and music! Set apart from other song islands, this one brings intensely stimulating music to you! The fourth song island “Saida” is an island of eternal night, its characteristic neon lights dazingly illuminate the whole city, and the song maidens with stimulating singing voices and good looks won’t let you sleep!

In the city of Saida where people eat, drink, and sing freely, no one will get in the way of your desires! The never-ending hustle and bustle and the free atmosphere are open to everyone! If you drink at a bar, no matter what time it is, a bad onee-san will drink with you♥
At the live house you visited by chance, new encounters and music that pierce like lightning wait for you!
This makes Saida also perfect for naughty nightlife♥
Women are the hunters, and you are the prey. The song maidens lick their lips at you! Becoming a slightly bad boy and aiming for a song maiden might be nice too!
It’s also perfect for girls that want to cross the line! After attacking a man or being attacked by a man and becoming lovers, enjoy a lovely night view on an airship flight, and have a meal at a hip club.
Saida promises exciting encounters and nights for all customers!

Saida X Matori Live Concert Announcement!!
Saida’s charm, to say the least, is its live concerts with no lack of great excitement!
Not only can you simply enjoy the songs and musical performances, but enjoying the passion that fills the venue and the sense of unity is the true pleasure of live concerts!
With sounds like thunder, everyone, regardless of species, sex, or age shakes their souls and gets excited together!

The hugely popular band well-known for paralyzing Court Alf with its thundering sound, “R3 (Rights Rights Rights)”[5], will be on a special live stage for this year’s Court Alf National Memorial Festival, wow!
Matori’s Diva “Lilynanna” appears on stage as a special guest!
Don’t miss a hot encounter with the Diva of the paralyzing voice, “Levin Dil”!!
Tickets on sale now! Reserve yours fast!

  • You can expect everyone gathered at the venue to be jumping about and making a racket with great excitement!

However, be careful not to get too hot!
In the event you hit another nearby guest while swinging your arms wildly about, and that nearby guest happens to be a monster, and she says “What the hell! You want to go?!” and begins violating you on the spot, the Live Management Office will not accept any complaints♥

For Men! Recommended for Singles♥
A live house featuring a wealth of song maidens that perform on the streets all over the city. An instrument store full of everything from beginner to high-end models! The city of Saida never bores one who loves music!
In addition to that, aggressive women are also charming♥
If you walk alone, you’ll be taken into a back alley, and if you drink alone, an onee-san will call out to you♥
Saida never lets a person seeking an encounter be alone!

For those just getting into music!
Beginners and inexperienced people, welcome! The song maidens will teach you how to handle an instrument, as well as how to handle women♥
Is the appearance and atmosphere of the song maidens scary? Don’t worry!
It’s only scary at first! Once you’ve finished up, they’re very affectionate girls♪
I’m sure you can build a close relationship♥

Recommendation for those that want such a bride!
Saida monsters seek stimulation and wild pleasure♥
These girls that want to do you whenever there’s a chance can also be like a close girlfriend.
How about a relationship with such “Bad Girls”?

Black Harpy

Saida's History (p92)

Yo, nice of you to drop in Saida!
I’m Levin, I’m here to welcome you as the diva!
Check it out, Saida’s “Thunder” is roaring even harder today. Haa, I want to have a session with you on this island as soon as possible♪
Oi Oi, what are you, scared? Whaaat, on this island it’s alright to be struck by lightning, everyone here is like that.
Screw everything that gets in the way… the cry of the soul that has stripped itself of useless things feels best here❤
If you’d like, should I drive it in right here and now, and listen to the cry of your soul with my body? ❤
Whaaat! You know things have an order, don’t you?
I hate taking things slow, but I’m not going to show you getting fucked right here and now to the other chicks.
First, I’ll give you a lecture on the “Lightning of Saida” that your body will be receiving from now on!

Saida’s History
Saida’s history huh? That’s a pain in the ass. I’m made to do it every time, but I suck at telling this story. I hate the bloody thing. Besides, I like the “current” Saida, and I don’t care about old things that happened long ago. Well, I know that’s not enough, and it’s a diva’s job, so it can’t be helped.

To put it simply, Saida tried to invade the other islands. It’s not a good thing to hear, but still, history is like a part of the body that this island has followed. I’m prepared to speak, so you’d better be prepared to listen! I’ll teach you exactly what path this thunderous island has taken.

The lightning that falls in Saida, which has completely become a dark monster realm, is all influenced by monster mana, it is, so to speak, the lightning of the monster realm. It’s like a Thunderbird's, or in other words, my lightning. It’s not like you’ll die even if it hits you directly. If you’re a human, your head will start to feel funny, and you’ll begin to feel really good, and it seems you’ll keep cumming for quite a while…❤ However, old Saida wasn’t a monster realm.

The lightning that downpours all year long hollows out the ground and sinks ships, and of course if a human is hit, they’re burned to a black crisp. The place was like some kinda hell where such a thing fell on a whim. I mean, could you imagine it? It’s amazing, that humans lived on such an island. It’s said the islanders lived their lives in caves, hiding from the sky to avoid the lightning. However, you could die just from stepping outside, it was a life of fearing the lightning because you had no idea when it would come. Heh, naturally, that’s no way to feel alive. Living in such a hell, it’s no wonder those guys cursed being born in Saida, were jealous of the guys on other islands, and became twisted. The crops grew fragile because of the extremely bad soil or lightning burning them to a crisp. For Saida, trading with other islands was their best lifeline. But, if it’s risky to go outside, it’s also risky to go to sea. They didn’t know when a voyage to sea would become a one-way ticket to the other world, so for every trade, a life-risking suicide squad was assembled. Even if the ship luckily didn’t sink, it wasn’t unusual for the sailors or cargo to be burned by lightning and sacrificed. Nevertheless, Saida’s suicide squad had to risk their lives for their friends and family waiting for them to return home. However, that doesn’t mean the other islands, who lacked such a lifestyle, would trade honestly with Saida. Those guys were reluctant. Unsurprisingly, mutual trade between islands is a business. Naturally, each party’s profit-and-loss accounts must not differ, and the stability and credibility of each is also important. If Saida’s cargo is burned by lightning, or the ship sinks from the start, the trade itself is lost and the other party’s preparations and goods will be wasted. For that reason, hardly any islands formed long term relations with the extremely unstable Saida. Saida’s sole trade product was a spice from a plant unique to Saida that somehow grew in the infertile soil, and miraculously endured the lightning. At the time, that kind of spice seems to have sold for a crazy price. The quantity was small, but if all went smoothly, it could be traded for plenty of food. But, every time, something or other would give them trouble. Shit like the quality is bad, or they won’t buy it at a high price because the quantity is too small. The point is, the other parties knew that Saida would starve if they couldn’t trade, and those bastards took advantage of it.

That’s why Saida is called things like “The Dying Island”. Ships from the outside never approached the island, but one time, a ship of the Order of the Chief God unfortunately became lost in the sea near Saida, and ended up getting struck by lightning and sinking. As a silver lining, one of the unlucky Order soldiers aboard the ship washed up in Saida. Yeah, this guy is a main character in Saida’s history. The young man, named “Lyle”, was apparently the underling of underlings among the Order soldiers. The story goes the people of the island helped the guy, and somehow managed to save his life. Like I said before, many of those guys were totally twisted, and even if you help just one soldier, it’s not like you’d receive the grace of the Order, and the islanders knew that. Still, those guys had seen so much that they hated to see a fellow ship be sunk by lightning. They couldn’t think he deserved it, or that it was somebody else’s problem. So, unable to abandon the human that had miraculously been saved despite being struck by lightning, the Saida guys, who themselves lived a shitty life in poverty, gave that Lyle bastard valuable medicine and food. Lyle, who had been saved by them, seemed extremely moved. After his wounds healed, he tried to help the island somehow, and even though he knew he might die for sure if he’s struck by lightning again, he wandered all around Saida, searching the island. Is he a fucking moron? Well, I guess there are still a lot of thick-headed and softhearted guys in the Order.

Then, in the Saida mountains, where the thunderstorms were especially intense, Lyle came across the Thunderbird “Eldin”. Eldin seems to have been completely captivated by the guy’s crazy recklessness, wandering all over the island of death to return his gratitude, despite how his life was saved. She wanted to gift him a valuable treasure. Even though I have to do this, it’s tedious you know. The treasure shined with the most amazing glow, it was a rock that usually looks like just a plain rock, but when we Thunderbirds pour lightning into it, it shines crazy pretty. Lyle seemed to want to know what it was. He examined it all over, but the only result he could come up with was that it was “an ore holding the power of lightning”.

That ore, “Thunderstone”, is a thing that can store the power of lightning that it receives in a stone, whether it’s Thunderbird or natural lightning. Cooperating with Eldin, Lyle discovered a way to take the power of lightning out of the stone and control it. It seems that bastard Lyle actually wanted to become a scholar. In addition, he found that in Saida, where lightning falls with reckless abandon, the lightning that falls is drawn to the thunderstone that is buried underground, and that if you dig up the ground, many thunderstones come out. And so, he returned to the island guys triumphantly. First, the lives of the people that lived in dingy caves were filled with light. Where they had until then only had the glow of feeble torchlight, they now had obtained the steady light of the thunderstones that dazzles like lightning, and they were happily released from the days of their fear of darkness. Next, Lyle thought about somehow managing the lightning itself. However, you can’t win by fighting lightning, and even if the thunderstone that causes it is managed, the island itself is like a mass of thunderstones. Lyle then came up with an idea, and made a “lightning control staff” with a big thunderstone stuck on the tip, and set them up all over the island, or gave them to the island guys that were heading outside. The lightning now began to fall more towards the stones hoisted around than the stones in the island’s surface. Now if the island guys held up their staves, the lightning would be stored in the stone at the tip, and they could feel at ease that they won’t be burned. Lyle had shown them that they could live with the lightning, rather than fight against it. Eldin was later told this by Lyle, but it seems Lyle came up with this when he was thinking about Eldin. Lyle had completely fallen in love with the woman who was a “monster”, which he had always been taught was the “enemy”. Rather than fighting the monster Eldin, he suggested himself they should choose the path of living together. You know, it’s a kind of confession if you say it to the person themselves! Not bad huh❤

However, contrary to what he thought, things didn’t work out so simply. There is one dangerous thing about this “Thunderstone”. It’s really harmless if it’s just collecting lightning and shining, but the danger is that the stone can release the power of its stored-up lightning to the outside. If you figure out a way, you can fire the lightning wherever you like, and you can also fry your enemies or their ships freely, making it a terrible thing.

Their lives had improved dramatically, conquering the natural wonder that had until then threatened their lives… in fact, they even went as far as mastering the art of manipulating it, and those Saida guys held the mighty power of nature’s lightning in their hands. Well, to put it simply, those guys got totally carried away. Ignoring Lyle’s warning, they built a huge “Thunderstone” mine, recklessly digging to obtain even more power of lightning. By the way, do you know why the Order ship Lyle was on came to such a place to begin with? This whole area, which is collectively called Court Alf today, was divided into several conflicting countries during this era. The ship Lyle came on had come to investigate the state of things and the war condition. That’s why Lyle knew that the relationship between the countrymen of this area was dangerously balanced. Meanwhile, the small country of Saida had dug up a stone hiding unexpected power. And then people hear those stones can become terrible weapons. You know what happens even if you aren’t Lyle.

Every country wanted all of Saida’s thunderstones, so those bastards who hadn’t yet realized the power of lightning wanted to put them down and take advantage of them, dazzling them with military power like before. However, Saida was not as puny as before. With the power of lightning as a weapon, as if seeking revenge for the unfair trades they were forced into until now, they intimidated other islands, and forced them into deals. If that happens, they’ll want to fire back. Originally, those guys should have been kind, just like when they were helping that bastard Lyle, but… Their oppressed past justified their actions now. As if to insist it, Saida began invading other islands with the power of lightning. It was the other islanders that made Saida’s past. It was what they deserved. However, the Saida that won against thunder could not win against their past.

Lyle, of course, was heartbroken by the sight. He was the one that first discovered the stone, investigated how to use it, and taught those guys about it. It seems he thought this was all because of him. Also, he regretted not being able to stop them. As he lived in Saida, he witnessed firsthand the hellish life those guys lived, and how the other islanders took advantage of them as they pleased. That’s why he so strongly regretted that he couldn’t stop them.

And so, the quarrel intensified, and before long the great war involving the seven islands began. The story varies a bit, but it seems that bastard Lyle was adored by even the Thunderbirds of the Saida mountain range. I hear Lyle and Eldin were called Big Bro Lyle and Big Sis Eldin by them. Because of that, Lyle knew from the Thunderbirds that the monsters were moving to somehow influence the great war, and about the “Great Songstress” that had made a certain decision.

In the Battle of the Asuramis Sea, where the fleets of the seven islands had gathered, Lyle, together with Eldin, led a flock of Thunderbirds into battle. They struck them with the lightning of the monster realm that doesn’t sink a single ship, and neutralizes humans without killing them. In addition to that, that bastard Lyle wielded a “thunder sword” made from thunderstones. Standing in the way of the Saida soldiers that tried to shoot lightning at enemy ships with their “lightning control staves”, he cut the lightning with his “thunder sword” and scattered it. That bastard Lyle wanted to stop those Saida guys from killing people as much as possible. As the battle boiled down, and soon after the preparations for the Great Songstress were over, those Saida guys brought in something terrible. An unbelievably enormous thunderstone was placed on a ship, with the purpose of shooting lightning at enemy ships, in short, a lightning cannon. It wouldn’t just burn a ship; it had the power to turn it to cinders.

That bastard Lyle didn’t even listen to the Thunderbird’s hesitation, and jumped in front of a cannon aimed at a ship from another country. However, Lyle’s sword couldn’t endure the mighty power of the lightning. It completely shattered. The targeted ship and many human lives were saved. However, the lightning that was supposed to take it passed through one human named Lyle. The Saida guys, targeted guys, and Thunderbirds were all dumbfounded. Meanwhile it seems only Eldin was half-crazed. Shortly after, they heard the Great Songstress’s “Song of Tears” in their ears.

With the Song of Tears sung by the Great Songstress at the expense of her life, and the actions of Lyle, the Great War of Asuramis ended with miraculously few sacrifices. However, the Saida guys had pierced their benefactor, Lyle, with their own lightning. The Saida guys were anguished. If only they hadn’t made such a thing, if only they hadn’t sought revenge on the other countries when they got the thunderstones, if only they had listened to Lyle’s warning… They buried him in Saida as “The Hero Lyle”, so they would never forget their regret…

That’s not what happened at all.
That bastard Lyle was already fucking the Thunderbird Eldin, he had already become an incubus❤ As a Thunderbird’s husband, the guy was always gasping from Eldin’s lightning, there was no way he was going to die by lightning!
And so, Lyle was saved, Eldin was happy, and they all lived happily ever after… I couldn’t help but say that you know. That bastard Lyle ate the lightning of that giant cannon, and totally snapped. Of course, Eldin and her fellow Thunderbirds were also enraged. Each and every one of those Saida guys received a dose of monster realm lightning to their heads. What? The Lightning Control Staves? I don’t really understand it, but when it’s “natural lightning” that aims at and hits the stone, I guess it just strikes it and stays there? We Thunderbirds manipulate and drive our lightning into humans, so even if it hits the stone, it will just flow from there into a human’s body, stuff like the staves will be nothing more than a guide. Well, I guess because of that it smashed into their heads without mercy. Everyone had a huge climax, the women became monsters, the men incubi, they became crazy guys like they are today! That’s how Saida became the best feeling monster realm that it is today!

Huh? You don’t know why the Thunderbirds inherited the song from the Great Songstress? I don’t know either!... No, hang on.
Well, I mean, it sounds like the Thunderbirds at the time were feeling great. When they were singing, the monster realm lightning fell relentlessly so… maybe that’s it?

Current Saida (p96)

Pull yourself together, and I’ll explain what’s going on in the present Saida. Saida is built in a huge crater of a volcano that died long ago. Just imagine the shape of a mortar, surrounded by tall mountains. Even now, Saida has monster realm lightning pouring down. The guys building the city do some clever things, so the lightning usually doesn’t fall within the city, but in the sky and mountains nearby, it thunders violently like it is now. Like I said earlier, you don’t die if it strikes you, it actually feels really good❤ It’ll make your head go totally pure white…❤

That’s why Saida is an island that lives together with lightning. It was developed with the power of “Thunderstones” and the power of lightning stored in them. Even if we don’t rely on natural lightning, us Thunderbirds can pour in as much lightning as we want♪ By the way, since Saida has become a monster realm, all of the “battery stones”[6], including those still buried in the ground, have turned into monster realm ore. For example, even if it stores “ordinary lightning” from outside of Saida, it’ll turn into monster realm lightning similar to that of us Thunderbirds. You can’t use it as a weapon like in the old days. That’s why these days you can think of various ways to use it, and it’s become pretty convenient…❤ Well, it’s not us Thunderbirds, but the humans and gremlin teachers that think about that though. Thanks to them, I guess Saida has the most advanced technology among the cities of the demon realm?

For example, as you can see, Saida is a dark monster realm, and the sky is always covered with thunderclouds, right? So, whether morning or daytime, the whole city should be pitch black like night, but as you can see, within the city it’s dazzlingly bright, isn’t it? That’s because the light of lightning from using “battery stones” like on this sign, or that store, is used all over the city. It’s not just some old bright light, with this kind of dazzling radiant light, you can change the color and draw letters and pictures, and you can even put just the light in the air! If I remember right, “Neonic Light” was created by an inventor named “Dr. Neonic” or something… It’s called “Neon Light” for short. It’s so dazzling and noticeable, and the atmosphere is erotic, that Court Alf’s Sixth Song Island “De Ryua” wanted it. It looks like it’s exported to other monster realm nations, or some kind of technology exchange! I don’t really know the details, sorry!

Also, there are two ways to come to Saida. The first method is by ship from the sea, coming into the city through a cave that was punched into the mountains, the second method is by ship, flying down from the mountain summit into the city. Eh? Boats don’t fly in the sky? Oh yeah, that! In Saida, we have “airships”. Many gremlins that were interested in thunderstones moved here, and they brought some kinda ancient technology with them to the city, developing it like it is now, and the airship was one of them, it flies through the sky even though it’s a boat!? Isn’t that awesome? It seems that humans and gremlins made it together, but when they flew for the first time, both humans and gremlins were super stoked! On the occasion, we Thunderbirds waiting in the sky were itching with excitement! Also, there are airships that move between Saida and the other islands, and there are also airships that connect the city to the mountain summit. If you ride an airship, even though you can’t fly through the sky like we can, you can enjoy the scenery of Saida from far above. Isn’t the night view of Saida lit by neon lights just amazing?

Well, that’s it. It’s a little difficult to talk in this area, let’s go around the city more. The city of Saida is like the noisiest city. All the neon lights dazzling all day long, the bars are always loud, we can sing and play instruments throughout the city, a man walking alone calls out to a shrewd monster nearby. All the folks here just do whatever they want. Those kinds of delinquents are welcomed here♪ If you want to drink with someone, and join in with that bar and cause a racket, nobody cares that they’ve seen your face for the first time. If you want to, you can even call out to someone that doesn’t seem to have a partner❤ Afterwards? Well, it’s not like you can say goodbye once you’ve fucked if it’s a monster. I don’t know what happens after you’ve fucked❤ What happens to those that can’t do that? Look over there. I wonder why he came to this kind of place, that serious-looking lanky guy that was approached by a black harpy, and cornered into a wall? They’re booking at the same time❤ Well shit, both are pretty serious. Her expression has the eyes of someone totally looking at a male, and she’s even licking her lips❤ I’m sure he’ll get plenty of love. A whole lifetime❤

Well, this city has this kind of good-for-nothing feeling. But that’s also the good part about this city. Both humans and monsters have their worries you know. If you eat a meal, it’s delicious right? If you sing a song, it’s refreshing, and if a man and a woman fuck, it feels great❤ Just fuck before you think about stupid things❤ There’s all kinds of ways to deal with them. If something’s troubling you too, how about blowing it away with my song?[7]

W-why are you asking me about that? You came here to travel right? Traveling and enjoying yourself feels like a distraction, right? It seems like tired guys looking to cheer up often go to the second island, “Matori”, but now, for customers facing difficulties, and struggling with the way they should go, “Saida” is highly recommended! That’s what the person in charge of publicity said. If you think about things too much, you’ll end up losing your way, right? At times like those, just forget it and fire a pure white shot♪ Well, I wonder if it's an important thing you can't not think about. Since it’s important, it’s alright to enjoy yourself to your heart’s content, and then think about it after you’ve felt good. Well, somehow… I guess my song can support those kinds of people. For the sake of those guys, we sing here, and I’m a diva that doesn’t act like one.[7]

Since the city is like this, even though this place is a monster realm, folks from the Order want to come here after hearing someone recommend it. Well, humans think more deeply about various things than we do, and those Order guys have way too much to worry about, like god or faith, or the scripture that says they should strike down monsters, it seems to be a major problem. Hey, look over there. That drunken dude over there has a rosary around his neck, so he’s an Order bastard. He’s already shit-faced. A junior song maiden is rubbing his back and… and totally has her eyes on him❤ Look, that chick, she’s groping the dude’s ass now isn’t she❤ Like this, you can cut loose on the spot and cause a little ruckus, okay? It’s that kind of city. If you start a fight, we Thunderbirds will bring it to a shocking end, and if a guy has gotten so drunk that he’s gotten lost, a pretty and kind onee-san will come do something about it❤

I’ve only shown you one area all day, but as expected of a place that’s also called a song island, the music is really thriving, isn’t it? There’s someone doing just that. A Thunderbird, and behind her a succubus and gremlin huh? Here, there are a lot of folks that form an “organized orchestra (band)” of multiple people like this. Because of that, it’s noisy all over, right? In Nevia, music is enjoyed quietly and well-behaved, but here it’s called “live”, and everyone that listens to it enjoys it making a racket together. The band members will play their performance louder to not lose to them and raise the excitement even further♪

And there’s also a lot of folks besides the song maidens that play music, you know? That band has a Thunderbird song maiden in it, but the other two are different. Those three all have instruments, right? There are some that sing while playing one, and others specialize in musical performance. That thing that looks like a lute is a “thunderstring” instrument, and it’s so cool that everyone calls it an “electric guitar”. When you play a string, it makes a sharp and cool sound like thunder♪ There are a lot of people that carry instruments throughout the city, right? That’s because there is so much stimulation in this city. When you get excited, you strum it with all your heart, and turn your feelings into music. If I get excited, it looks like I’m gonna start singing too❤

Once you’ve gotten used to this island, why don’t you also try out one of the instruments? I mean, just give it a try♪ Even if you don’t have any bandmates, on this island, you can have improvised performances, and have a session together in place of a greeting. If a man without a partner like you is playing an instrument by himself, or is playing for the first time, or sucks at it, then the monsters around here will all come join the session. After the greetings, they’ll continue it wherever❤

Well, you don’t need a partner like that anymore❤
Huh? Have I been hearing a crackling sound since earlier?
Nooope… that’s me. Since earlier I’ve gotten so excited that I want to sing❤
I’ve just gotta do it… will you accompany me? Oi❤

Songstress Introduction (Levin Dil) (p99)

Diva Introduction
• Diva: Levin Dil
• Species: Thunderbird
• Favorite Color: Blue
• Favorite Type: “Ah, well I guess the kind of strong spirited guy who can keep up with my beat.”
• How to Spend a Holiday: “I don’t feel comfortable taking a day off you know, so having a small gig is best but… after that, a tour around an instrument store? I can’t decide.”

Diva Introduction from a Song Maiden
Ah, yeah. I’m that song maiden.
I’ll be showing you around today if that’s alright, nice to meet ya.
Huh? The way I’m talking is calm compared to my appearance? I’m not performing right now you know.

Our diva, Levin, is the leader and base vocalist of the most popular charismatic band in Saida, “R3(Rights Rights Rights)”. We call her “Sis” or “Big Sis”.
Big Sis is admired all throughout Saida… no, not just Saida, she’s an awesome person whose name is known in the other islands and even other countries.
When she sings, the place trembles, and although it’s a very beautiful voice, it cleaves through the air, and it’s like the place becomes totally different, it really is a thunderous song.
Hearing her song, being scorched by it, and chasing her down, arriving at this island… I think there’s no small number of people like that. I was the same.
It’s like the place is filled with lightning from her words, but I think that’s cool.
If we song maidens are frozen before a man, she’ll scream out “Just fuck him before you start going on about bullshit!” while lightning streams from her back.
Big Sis doesn’t have a man yet, but I’m sure if there is a man that strikes her, instead of beating around the bush, she’ll immediately fucking ravish him…♥
I suppose I also want to follow Big Sis’s example…♥
Big Sis takes good care of all the song maidens, and we respect her.

However, no one knows much about Big Sis’s past. She doesn’t talk about it, and she wasn’t originally a monster from Saida.
I hear she wandered in to Saida some years ago, but I don’t really know where she came from.
She’s definitely an unknown wanderer, but anyway, I hear Big Sis’s sudden debut was totally “crazy”.
Yeah, I didn’t see it directly so I don’t know much, but I’ve heard some rumors.
On the day Big Sis showed up in Saida, purple lightning poured down all over the city like thunderous applause, almost like the whole island was welcoming her.
At Big Sis’s first live performance, her lightning was too strong, and the neon lights all around Saida burst, plunging the city into darkness for the first time since it became a demon realm, everyone got excited from the situation, and a huge number of couples were born out of all the men and women fucking like crazy.
Everyone seemed shocked from seeing Big Sis like that. Big Sis’s band member, now her pal, the thunderbird “Leora” is a legendary solo guitarist that was number 2 to the diva at the time in Saida.
She was a loner who didn’t work with anyone, but it seems she was paralyzed by Big Sis’s beat, and she invited her to form a band as the base.
“Reina”, the Raiju in charge of drums, is also an amazing person. It seems she was a master of the lightning taiko that performed “Court Service” in the capital of Zipangu, but after hearing the rumors of Big Sis, she decided to leave the capital.
The former diva wanted to focus on fucking her husband, so she was desperately looking for a successor, but then in the same year she turned up in Saida, Big Sis became diva with the speed of lightning.

Song of Courage (p100)

The song that has been passed down to each successive diva of Saida is “The Song of Courage”. The Song of Courage is a song that releases one’s self, no, a song that helps to release it. Since the person that hears it is totally shocked as if struck by lightning, it’s also called stylish things like “Thunder’s Kiss”.

You and I both have various troubles, you know. Especially during an important live performance, wondering if I can’t do it, or if my voice isn’t very cute, or if I’m not very friendly… and so on. So no matter what you think, if feels like you can only think of bad things.

At times like those, if I’m struck by Big Sis’s song, my head becomes pure white for a moment. All of those things I got caught up in are gone… After that, when my mind has gone blank, I can see myself practicing the song. However, I don’t think that girl is me, or rather, it feels like I’m looking at a somewhat different girl. I keep looking at that version of myself. …Yeah, I’m a little embarrassed to say this about myself, but this girl is practicing hard. The current phrase is filled with incredible emotion. Now her smiling face is pretty cute, and the part where she stuck out her tongue and licked was sexy, and so on… What can I do while seeing myself like that? What have I been piling up? These things become clear in my head. With this, I can confront myself. This girl can do it. I can do it. Big Sis’s song is a song that makes you feel that way.

The Song of Courage is a song that allows those that hear it to “discover their own charm”. It seems that it’s conveyed as a companion song to Matori’s Song of Joy, which “discovers your partner’s charm”. People trying to challenge themselves, people trying to change themselves, people trying to confront their weaknesses… the Song of Courage supports those people. This song brings courage to those that hear it. I also received courage from Big Sis, and because of that, I’m now a song maiden here.

Yeah. What happens after Big Sis’s live Song of Courage?
It’s totally amazing. For men and women. If we monsters have a man we’re interested in, and we’ve gained confidence in our self, then there’s only one thing to do. Some girls get too excited and bring a man somewhere in the middle of a live, and some girls even do it right there on the spot. And then, all the guys get confidant. They say "I can go too". When the live is over, they invite the monsters that came to the venue. They’ll actually come too. The men will become even more motivated, because the monsters were already overjoyed. The inns and such in the area will quickly overflow, so everyone does it in back alleys or in the shadows of buildings. That's why it’s definitely a pain when it’s time for those like me that don’t have a partner to go home.

By the way, at first I said it’s inherited, but the Song of Courage is a little unique. It’s not something you’ll learn from being taught by a diva or the great songstress. As she continues to sing on this island, the song maiden that will become the diva can sing the song of courage before she realizes it. It seems Big Sis sang it the first day she came to the island, so she’s an exception among exceptions, but I’m sure it was the island recognizing her.

Yeah, right now I can only sing one verse, but surely…

The Duties of the Songstress and Song Maidens (p101)

Ah, did you see the picture I drew in the tourism pamphlet?
Yeah. When I’m not performing, I don’t make those faces, or stick out my tongue.

Now then, can I continue our discussion? Like I said earlier, the condition for becoming the diva of Saida is being able to sing the song of courage. If you can do that, you will surely be recognized by the island. The diva of Saida is a symbol of the island, and at the same time the island’s guardian deity. The diva periodically climbs up to the summit of the “Saida Mountain Range”, in other words, the highest place on the island, and performs a thing called the “Master Live”. At the mountain summit, there is a place called the “Star Neon Stage” that can deliver one’s singing voice to the whole island, and everyone on the island can hear the song of courage. But that’s not all, the diva’s song of courage resounding at the summit can control the enormous thundercloud hanging over the island that stores all of the lightning that pours down on the island. Using that, she must send the island’s lightning to the major facilities of Saida that use huge amounts of lightning power. I haven't done it before, so I don’t exactly understand, but I think maybe you can't do it unless you understand this island and the city. Even though Big Sis had just come to this island, it’s like she just picked up on what was on the island, and how to move the island’s lightning. It’s really strange.

As for the song maidens’ job… I wonder.
To begin with, the song maidens of this island don’t participate in groups or troupes for the sake of becoming a song maiden like on other islands. It feels like we’re treated as song maidens if we pick up an instrument and sing a song. On the other islands, the song maidens have the duty of singing at periodic ceremonies or for tourists, and they also serve as tour guides. However, that’s not the case in Saida at all. Why am I guiding you right now? Yeah, I suppose it was on a whim. I happened to see you, and wanted to for some reason. We do whatever we want, we Saida song maidens. We just sing because we want to sing. This is just me, but I think by continuing to sing on this island, we get closer to singing the song of courage, in other words, the duty of the song maidens is to continue singing songs on this island. Although it’s not on the same level as Big Sis, our songs can give courage to the people of Saida. By facing their own strong and weak points, everyone with courage on the island can do what they want, and live honestly with themselves. I’m sure Saida itself desires to be this way. Or something like that, I guess.

Saida Neon Street (p101)

This is the center of the city of Saida, “Saida Neon Street”. It’s called that due to there being so many neon signs set up everywhere that it almost makes your eyes hurt, as well as the flashy neon lights projected into the sky. The place we’re standing now is right at the center of the city. There are bars, a lot of shops, and even several outdoor stages; it’s the liveliest place in Saida besides the live venues. It’s not because of the men either. Look, it’s from those women over there, who are mostly thunderbirds. However, it seems they’ve gotten the attention of the local flirts. They’re all acting rather docile. Like that. They’ve already wrapped their wings around them, and are caressing the men’s bodies all over, but that’s their way of being docile. There are so many people here on this street because there are several other streets that extend from here in the direction of the mountains surrounding Saida, so this place has become a passage of sorts. You’ll understand what I mean if you enter another street. Shall we go?

Eldin Soul Street (p102)

This is “Eldin Soul Street” It’s called that because there is a “Statue of Meeting” between the hero, Lyle, and the first diva, Eldin. Do you know the legend of Saida? The meeting of those two is the beginning of modern Saida. For that reason, this is a place of beginnings.

“Street of Meeting”
As the name suggests, a lot of novice song maidens gather here, recruiting band members, appealing themselves while performing in the street, or looking for a band to invite them. Look, the walls are even covered in band member recruitment posters.

It’s not as much as earlier, but it seems there are quite a lot of people around. It feels like there are many song maidens playing instruments by themselves, or couples watching such a performance together. Huh? Everyone is looking at you with dirty eyes? Yeah, that’s because you’re a man. Like that, they’re looking for a partner that matches their wavelength, or a tasty looking man, and when they’ve found one, they grab his arms and try to drag him into their band.

Look, if I weren’t here, you’d probably end up like that. That man has two Succubi firmly grasping his arms. I think he’ll probably be brought to a live house. It looks like the three of them had a session a little while ago. It seems that man is a beginner, and those two women were a match for him. Improvised sessions are like a substitute for greetings here, so I guess it feels like a true performance[8] after the greeting. There are loads of girls and groups that want a male band member like this. I don’t think it has anything to do with being a beginner or inexperienced. The most important thing for us monsters is that we want to fuck them. I think guys that want to form a band with us are the best. In the first place, there are many monsters that become motivated just from there being a man. That’s an impure motive? Yeah, it is. You know, it’s said there are a lot of people that get into music because it makes men look cool, or to be popular with women. Since there is always a feeling that there’s an ulterior motive, such impure motives are welcome in this city. Even women look at men with such eyes, so it’s even. At the end of the day, when men and women get together, they perform, and then they fuck. It doesn’t really matter where they start. Also, the girls that form bands are together all the time, and often are very close, so like those girls we saw earlier, it’s common for all of the band to have the same man as a lover or a husband. There are also times when there are two men and two women that become a pair of close couples, but when there is only one man in a band, I think he’ll be doing all the members everywhere. Even if the man has no ulterior motives, if he ends up in a band with only women, it’ll definitely end up like that.

Come to think of it, I wonder if I should look for band members.
I have this kind of personality, and I’m still by myself without a girl that matches my wavelength.
…For now, let’s follow those Succubi from earlier.
That’s not what I meant. I’m thinking of showing you a live house.

Cave Live Halls (p103)

This area is a cave district with a “box”. There is no cave? Yeah, as you can see here, it looks like there’s a building growing out of the mountain slope. It’s an old story of Saida, but it seems in olden days, people used to live in caves on the mountain slopes, instead of buildings like this. You don’t know about “boxes”? Ah, my bad. We call the shops and establishments used for live performances “boxes”. To be honest, I don’t really know the origin, but there are a lot of square buildings, and doesn’t it look like a box is growing from the wall?

For us, these shops are places to sing and perform. We also go around to see other bands performing. If you come as a customer, they’re also places where you can enjoy drinks or a meal while watching a performance. Many of these shops are managed by retired divas, or distinguished song maidens that have drawn the line. It’s alright to use any shop, but we generally have our favorite places, and the managers there love us and teach us various things. Since they’re great retired seniors, we ask them about tips for playing and live performances, and how to get guests pumped up. The people that run the shops are usually married, so there’s also a lot of girls that ask them how to handle a man, or how to feel good. Also, when we song maidens are rookies, naturally we have no name recognition, so we have no choice but to perform in the streets, but because the box has what the manager cultivated during their career, the shop has name recognition. The managers also organize live concerts and then advertise them, or even bring us outside work. If you’re going to be playing music in this city, it’s best to have one of these boxes as a favorite.

Also, when you do it outside, strangers will stop walking to listen, but when you do it in a box like this, there are lots of people that came to listen to music, or that came because they like our music, so it gets really exciting. Moreover, unlike when singing outside, when you sing in a box, your singing voice echoes inside the box, so your singing voice and power of lightning become even more amazing. Whoever hears it will have the song stuck in their ears for a while, and their lower body will feel very different and tingly. If you meet the eyes of a girl that has become excited like that, or if you bump shoulders with them, you may be taken in like that, so be careful. Although, I think you’ll probably be okay if you’re with me. If you’re worried, it’s okay to hold on to me. Yes, like that. Yeah… just like that♥

Live House "Studio=Paralyzer" (p103)

Can you hear my voice? As expected, this place is always exciting. The band playing on stage now is “Passion Jewel”, their Siren leader is from Matori, and she turned “kawaii” into a numbingly violent sound, it seems she’s a song maiden getting a lot of attention in Saida right now. This “Studio = Paralyzer” is where talented up-and-coming bands gather, it’s said to be the hottest place in Saida. This is a shop you should always check.

And take a look at your feet. Those glittering things spread all over the floor, extending from the stage to the seats like aisles, are all “thunderstones”. These aisles shine and change colors in response to the song and tone of the band playing on stage, so it looks like a stage production. As expected of using “kawaii” as a weapon, it’s now shining pink… ah, now to match the leader’s pose, the light is making a heart symbol. As I thought, this band does quite well. You can do a stage production like this, but if a diva or song maiden with extraordinary power decides to do it, I think she’ll probably be able to make lightning spring from all over the floor, making all of the guests extremely tingly. I’m sure that would become a serious problem.

The manager here is the former diva, the Thunderbird “Olguna”. The staff are even members of Mrs. Olguna’s legendary band, “Olgünil”, so this place is irresistible for old fans. Mrs. Olguna is an extreme person, or perhaps I should say she’s a person that is always seeking stimulation, so she figured if she taught all sorts of things to Big Sis Levin, who had just come to this city, then she could retire and try and see just how long she can continue to fuck her husband, and after that she began raising other song maidens to overthrow Big Sis. It seems that’s why she created this place.

So, earlier I said Saida welcomes beginners and inexperienced people, but this shop is different. It’ll be bad if you play a lukewarm live. Especially for men. Look, it seems those guests are all looking at you with glaring eyes. If, for example, you were to stand on this stage alone, and they approve of your ability, you will be respected as a great performer, and welcomed with respect. However, if you aren’t, then you will only be treated as “just a male” at this shop. You already know what will happen then.

Live House "Club:Saida" (p104)

Befitting a place bearing the name of Saida, this “Club:Saida” is one of the well-established shops representing the island. It’s a box made from remodeling the estate where the former island chief used to live, and it has several wide stages. On top of that, the left-over rooms on the upper floor are used as accommodations for guests and song maidens that have gotten excited by the live performances.

A lot of the people that go to live houses aim to feel good by singing, performing, or listening to music, but this live house focuses on cuisine and alcohol, and listening to performances in a calm atmosphere… that’s right, this place is like an adult live house. The dishes made using a seasoning called “Saida Pepper”, which has been harvested in Saida since the old days, are delicious. The pepper is shockingly spicy, and really brings out the flavor of the dish to a numbed tongue.

This is a shop often used by veterans, and there are many projects like comeback concerts of retired bands or solo performances of former divas. It’s very high level, and you can learn a lot just from listening to them. Of course, there’s no way the music of such people won’t shock people’s lower body, but unlike other live houses, the calm atmosphere is maintained, probably because all of the folks that got full of excitement during the performance head off to the accommodation rooms.

After enjoying cocktails and fancy meals while listening to a concert, enjoy a feverish exchange in a room with a sweet mood… It’s the kind of shop that dating enthusiasts from Nevia often come to, but it might be dangerous if those girls come to Saida too often. A lady-like girl like that might become so influenced by this city that she becomes a bad girl who ravishes her boyfriend whenever she wants to fuck.

Live Box "Thunderbird's Nest" (p104)

This “Thunderbird’s Nest”[9] isn’t a live house, but a self-proclaimed “Live Box” with many shops set up all over Saida. There are no wide stages or guest seats. There are only a number of cramped rooms that are a little smaller than a private room. I suppose it’s a place that really feels like a box meant just for singing. However, when you feel like singing, or when you want to make a little noise, it’s convenient because you can easily rent a room and sing, and you also can’t hear any sounds from neighboring rooms. As you can see, there’s a sofa bed that’s comfortable to sit on or sleep in, and if you ask an employee, they will lend you a pillow stuffed with Weresheep wool, so there are many people that rent a room to take a break. Also, since we entered with my membership card, the employees can get you something to drink if you ask.

Unlike other live houses, this place is often used by monsters that aren’t song maidens and male guests to sing themselves, instead of listening to songs. It seems there are many ways to enjoy yourself, either singing alone or with friends. However, the most common thing is for a woman to bring a man along to use it together, like we are now. I touched your thigh? It’s cramped in here, so be patient. Since this room is so small and no sound leaks outside, one’s singing voice echoes a lot and remains inside the room. With a distance like this where you can touch each other’s bodies, you can only sing towards the man in front of you. Yeah, without a doubt, it’ll become a problem. It’s just the right size for fucking, and if you do fuck, you can’t hear the voices outside, so girls that get excited from listening to a song maiden’s live performance often bring a man here for that purpose from the beginning.

Since it’s cheaper compared to other inns, men traveling alone also use it to cut lodging costs, but it might not be safe because there are no locks, and there are many monsters without men in the shop. When it’s crowded, it becomes a shared room, and if a band looking for a male member comes in, the staff may take notice and make the smart move putting them into a room with a man by himself.

By the way, I’ve been looking at you since a while ago, and I’m dying to sing something.
Is it alright if I sing a song?
It’s okay. If you get turned on, I’ll pull it out…♥

Thunder Fish Street (p105)

We sang quite a bit huh? Your song wasn’t that good, but I think I liked your voice.Yeah, my throat’s in tune now. Thanks to you. That’s it. Since singing is difficult for you, why not try out instruments too? The area we’re heading to now has a lot of shops, and there’s also instrument stores.

That’s why we’re passing through here right now, this is “Thunder Fish Street”. That’s what the large waterway in front of us is called, not the street we’re walking on. Court Alf is a country of water, and although there is more land here compared to other islands, Saida still has waterways all over the city, and a lot of mermaids live here. This waterway, which uses a river flowing from the Saida mountains, seems to be the widest among waterways. It’s always night on this island. As you can see, this waterway is also pitch black, so the neon street lights and signs reflect off the water’s surface, shining very beautifully. Also… I’m sure this area is connected to “Studio=Paralyzer”, so… will it be coming soon? Look, there it is, following the flow of the waterway, lightning is running along the surface of the water while shining a rainbow of colors… don’t you think it’s such a great spectacle that it’ll be burned into your eyes for a while? We saw it at the live house earlier, in response to the song maiden’s performance, the power of lightning gathered inside the thunderstones in the shop. Such a particularly large box has a mechanism that releases that gathered lightning and pours it into the waterway. Similar to that shop, tiles of thunderstone are spread all over the bottom of the waterway, and when lightning runs through the waterway like a flash, the tiles that shine along with it color that flash in several colors.

"Isn’t it dangerous to pour lightning into water"? Even though you’re from outside, you should know that. That’s right, lightning flows easily through water, so even though demon realm lightning doesn’t kill, people who are in the water or touching it will go numb without fail. For that reason, it’s better to say it’s dangerous on purpose. Look, the mermaids that were in the waterway just now are also terribly numb with tingles as if their chests and wombs were pierced. Their expressions are empty, and it seems they feel so good their eyes have lost focus. Ah, one leapt at a man that approached, and is sucking on his lips. She completely stuck in her tongue and is devouring him greedily… it looks like she’s been starving for a man for a while, so I don’t think she intends to let go of him soon. That’s why the mermaids of this city are always blushing, letting out sighs filled with passion, or constantly have an expression as if they’re expecting something. Men also say that the mermaids of this city are more erotic than in other cities, and their singing voices are bewitching. There’s no end to the number of guys that play in the water like that, and get devoured by mermaids.

There are lots of waterways in Saida with such a feeling, and I think there was also a beautiful plaza on Saida Neon Street with thin water spread underneath your feet. It would be dangerous if there was an accident and lightning flowed into a place like that. However, you never know when an accident will occur. For that reason, you shouldn't be so close to me. If so, it’s safe to say when an accident will occur...❤

Shock Shop Street (p106)

This is the commercial district of Saida, “Shock Shop Street”. It generally has all of the instrument and clothing stores a song maiden needs. Because there are so many shops, it feels even busier with all the neon signs. I’ve never been here before, but it seems there are various shops you can enjoy together with a man.

There are a lot of street performances here too, but the level of the bands gathered here is quite high. Look, that live band over there is using guitars and drums painted black with red strings and drum heads, instruments from a store called “Deep Sounds”. That Imp and Devil band over there in the new “Teen’s Charm” clothes… they even set up a branch in Saida. A band like that is performing at the request of a store around here. That’s why many of the bands around here become naturally talented and well-known bands. Also, there are some groups that are confident in their skills and come here to sell themselves.

That’s why everyone here is eager to improve themselves, and pour violent crackling lightning into each other. Since it’s a place like that, I think I'd feel nervous if I performed here.

...The Imp and Devil from earlier are glancing at you. Let’s hurry up and enter a store.

Clothing Store "Rezon Break" (p106)

“You! Long time no see! Those clothes I made, you been usin' 'em properly?”

Over there’s the store manager, Mrs. “Sazana”. Sahagin are normally a quiet race, but when she first came to Saida and was shocked by “Thunder Fish Street”, it seems she ended up like this. She still has lightning running through her head, and she started this store to put to shape what she came up with at the time.

The motto of the outfits here is to “destroy a man’s reason”, and I really like it. It’s sexy because it exposes a lot. I’m also pleased with the clothes I’m wearing now that I got from Mrs. Sazana, especially the part around the chest with thin cloth. This part here has jagged black cloth, and it’s as wild as a shark’s mouth. It feels just like I’m going to eat you up with this chest… how about it? I’m particular about materials, and this is made so that I can get electrifyingly excited without losing the power of lightning, so it feels really good to sing in. It also features Mrs. Sazana’s own “Sahagin Scales”. It has strong elasticity and a perfect fit. Even during live performances with intense movement, it continues to emphasize my erotic lines. That’s probably why I use this around my chest.

Ah, there’s a new work on display over there. The chicks in bands wear this because it comes in three common designs. While they all emphasize a similar design, each one emphasizes a different point by increasing the exposure of the chest, navel, or ass… it’s for things like three girls wearing the set and fucking a single man. Yeah, it almost makes you cum just thinking about it, it’s so erotic...

“Sniff sniff… hmmm. You still haven’t used them yet! Don’t look at other clothes, you have to use those clothes properly first!”

But I’ve been to live performances with this outfit many times... oh, that? Mrs. Sazana likes it when her outfits are used like that. Yeah. But tonight, I’ll make sure to use them properly...❤

Instrument Store "Violent Sounds" (p107)

This electric guitar, could it possibly be… the “V2 Rising”?! Ah, yeah sorry. I got a little excited there.

This is an instrument shop I browse often. This store has good taste in instruments. But don’t chat too much with the store manager. So, what kind of experience do you have with instruments? This instrument is an “Electric Guitar”, and I play it too. Since it makes a sharp sound like thunder, it’s officially called the “Thunder Strings”. Over here are the “Thunder Drums”. Its formal name is “Thunder Roar Drums”, because it makes a resounding boom like the roar of thunder. Just so you know, monsters of the harpy genus have claws hidden well within our wings, so we can also play instruments. Anyway, which one do you like? For now, you can try that instrument over there, so do you want to touch it?

“Hold on brother, show me your fingers.
...What the, you don’t use them very much, huh?”

Uwa, she came out... This is the store manager, “Zane”. As you can see, she’s a manticore. This person’s story is tiresome, so it’s fine to flat-out ignore her.

“Listen brother, whether it’s playing an instrument or having sex with this girl, what’s important is the fingering! A man that’s skilled at sex is also skilled at playing instruments. The opposite is also true! What kind of instrument fits his hands should be chosen by the woman that’s constantly being touched by him♪ Thus, when rubbing a woman’s chest, a delicate man who politely squeezes it with his fingertips is a guitar, and a lively man that intensely seizes it is a drum, that’s the simplest way to judge...”

See, she started already... Back off and move on. Instruments are always good. If she goes on chattering like this, she’ll start talking about how her husband touches her, and she won’t stop.

In the end, she’ll start saying things like “My husband is great at squeezing and grasping, so he’s good at playing the guitar and the drums you know”... But, you know... that doesn’t mean I don’t believe that person’s story though. Your fingertips are... yeah, they might be a little sexy.

Gremtronics Lab (p108)

Unlike the previous street, this place is a residential area, so it’s quiet.
I don’t dislike quiet places like this.
Yeah, but… as I thought, it seems you can hear it.
If you listen closely, you’ll understand… look. There’s gasping coming from the back alley over there.
Since Saida is the way it is, there are a lot of chicks that boldly try to bring men back here.
Whether it’s quiet or not, if you stand still with a man, like this, it seems you’ll get horny.

Since it’s quieter than other places, this “Gremtronics Lab” was created here so research can be done calmly.
It’s like a building made by some unknown civilization’s technology, and it’s an odd-looking building with pipes and trumpets attached to walls that aren’t quite stone or metal, but on the inside it’s even more awesome.

“Gremtronics Lab!
This is a secret facility for researching cutting edge Gremtronics technology that combines thunderstones[10]and magical mechanisms!
So, why do we call that technology Gremtronics? Do you understand?
Exactly! Because that is the coolest name!!”

Best not worry about that now. This city has a lot of people fried in the head by lightning.
This is the director, “Nevan”, and this is a lab where the director and similar Gremlins conduct research and development.
The musical instruments and neon lights all over are made with this place’s technology, and our lives are mostly taken care of here.
Nevan was the first gremlin in this city, and together with the many gremlins she brought along, they built up the city as it is today… it seems.
…Basically, a great person representing Saida… I think, so I brought you here.

“Then please show more gratitude!
This is a long-awaited visit of a couple. Please by all means use those bodies to try out the two-person devices our lab is so proud of!
I’m also crying out with my beloved assistant-kun every night, and although we work ourselves ragged, regrettably we don’t have enough data!”

Yeah, this sort of person.
The equipment at venues and mechanisms on Thunder Fish Street are generally made by this person.
Lately, it feels like she’s been thinking about ways to stun humans and monsters.

Also, there seems to be a lot of human researchers at this lab.
It seems the technology of that unknown civilization was the specialty of Gremlins, but now there are also people that make amazing inventions as great as the Gremlin’s.
I think it’s amazing, but because men who research are timid, the chicks whose lovers are researchers say things like it’s somehow fun to carry him around, or that it’s cute to make him scream “Hiiii~”, so there seem to be more song maidens that are interested in them.
There were a lot of enthusiastic girls with bad faces that say “if I catch sight of one, I’ll absolutely fuck him”.
Well, I think Gremlins will get their hands on them first though.

Me too! My beloved assistant-kun and I were both attracted to the lightning of Gremtronics!”

Yeah, don’t worry about that now.
This city has a lot of people fried in the head by lightning.

Saida Mountains (p109)

Just in time, we were lucky to ride the regular flight.
The best way to get from the city of Saida to “Saida Neon Hall” at the mountain summit is by taking this airship.
When us harpy-genus monsters go with a man, we often fly while carrying him but... yeah, you understand. I’m tired from earlier.

So, now we’re heading to the “Saida Mountains”.
You could climb it on foot, but it’s pretty steep as it is, and since a lone man generally can’t manage it, it isn’t recommended.
In monster realms with mountains spread around, the mana tends to get thicker as you climb up, also it seems there is some kind of dragon kingdom somewhere, and it seems the strongest dragon queen resides at the very top.
It’s the same here. As you head upwards, the mana becomes thicker, and there is more lightning coming from the thunderclouds surrounding the summit.
Nevertheless, Nevan says this mountain seems to have a lot of old valuable ruins, and it seems there are many humans that try to climb it.
However, this mountain is a hunting ground for Thunderbirds aiming for men. They also have thunderclouds made up of their collected mana on their side, and lightning will take aim at and strike a man together with the Thunderbird.
If you’re paralyzed by the lightning, it’s over and you’ll just be fucked by Thunderbirds.
Besides that, it seems there are a lot of monsters in the mountain ruins called Automatons, which are like golems made by the technology of an unknown civilization, but they are going rampant due to the lightning being too strong, and if that’s true, even if they listen to what a human says, it seems now when they see a man they generally try to fuck him.

You’ll be fine if you’re on this airship, because it’s designed so that there’s no problem if it’s hit by lightning.
That aside, take a look down below.
The lightning running along the waterways is beautiful, like cracks cutting through the city.
The night view of Saida from this airship is my favorite scenery.
The neon lights seen from above appear as tiny points of light, it’s like a colorful starry sky.
You can’t see the starry sky when you look up in Saida because of the clouds, but if you look down from the sky it looks like it, huh?

By the way, here.
I said it earlier but, we basically have claws hidden in our wings... I mean, we have hands.
So uh, could we... try to hold hands a little?

Star Neon Stage (p109)

...Sorry. I didn’t mean to turn the other way.
I mean, I don’t think I want you to see my face right now.

...Yeah, it’s fine. I’ve calmed down.
The largest live stage in Saida. The dream stage of song maidens. “Star Neon Stage”.
It looks like it’s about to start on stage... sorry, we barely made it in time.
Today is Big Sis Levin’s “Master Live”, so it’s particularly packed with people.
I’m glad I booked tickets in advance but... as I expected.
When the seats are filled... as you can see, they bring out airship seating that looks at the stage from the sky.

The only bands that can perform on this stage are Big Sis Levin’s band, previous diva’s bands, or bands with skill close to that of a diva.
The stage, which was built embedded into the mountainside, seems to be a renovation of the ancient ruins that originally existed here, and Mrs. Nevan says the ruins are extremely valuable... apparently.
Considering all that, that person still relentlessly remodeled it...
Look. A wave of light is spreading over the stage, seating, and mountainside matching Big Sis’s singing on stage.
The thunderstones placed in the stage for production value resonate with the stones buried in the mountain...
Even the thunder falling from the thunderclouds, as if it were one of the instruments, joins the music.
And then there is a super enormous, exposed thunderstone in the mountainside above the stage.
In the sky above that stone and Big Sis, a big illusion is projected showing Big Sis as she performs on stage.
Not only that, with the power of Mrs. Nevan’s magical tool connected to that stone, the band’s performance and Big Sis’s song even reach the whole city of Saida, and the shape of Big Sis singing on stage like that is projected all over the city.
Even if it isn’t directly, almost everyone in Saida right now is watching and listening to this live performance.
The sound, the lights, the thunder, the listener’s hearts... the band that stands on this stage controls all of Saida, and performs the most paralyzing live performance that involves everything in Saida...!

I also dream of singing here someday.
However, I still haven’t gotten there at all.

...Yeah, I’m holding your hand, is that alright?
...Thank you.

I wanted to show a little courage too. Yeah, I’ve decided.

So, uh. That time I was holding hands with you.
I got wet.
You get it? A monster’s body is very honest and easy to understand. I was surprised myself.

Hey, do you... want to do it with me❤

Black Harpy Sketch

Fifth Song Island Mira (p112)

Translation missing

Mira's History (p116)

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Current Mira (p119)

Translation missing

Songstress Introduction (Fulafel) (p121)

Translation missing

Song of Hope (p123)

Translation missing

The Duties of the Songstress and Song Maidens (p123)

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Spirit's Old Waterway (p126)

Translation missing

Field of Spirits (p127)

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Melty Fruit (p127)

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Spirit Hot Spring (p129)

Ruins of the Great Tree (p129)

Translation missing

Tavern: Mira's Little Mermaid (p130)

Translation missing

Mirado Potato Salad (p131)

Translation missing

Five Flower's Spirit Pavilion (p132)

Translation missing

Tavern: Olde Tavern Miramira (p133)

Translation missing

Mansion of Twilight (p134)

Translation missing

Sixth Song Island Dé Ryúa (p136)

The Sixth Song Island of Love
Dé Ryúa

De Ryua

The mermaids dance sensually, a city of lust swirling with desire
Diva: Meivia (Nereid) Inherited Song: Love
Main Residents: Nereid, Sea Bishop, Mermaid, Satyros

Welcome to our debauched world❤ The sixth song island “Dé Ryúa” is a paradise of lust where alluring mermaids swim through the air, awaiting your desires❤

Guided by the whirling tides, should you get lost, bewitching mermaids will greet you with a pole dance❤
Brothels that suit your tastes, and strip shows that expose naughty bits!
All of the city tempts you! Please choose a mermaid you like❤

Dé Ryúa is the number one pleasure quarter in Court Alf!
The various casinos and amusement centers are places where a man can play and be served by women with no worries!
Of course, if you come as a couple, we can also prepare a wonderful plan where you can enjoy yourselves together and make love with wild abandon❤

When you get turned on by the excessively lewd cityscape, have no fear!
The mermaid you choose will humbly become a slave to serve you❤
When you want to do it, do it as you like! Please enjoy yourself as much as you desire❤

A festival of light and lust where the 7 islands gather
Dé Ryúa Row Parade
The season of the “Dé Ryúa Row Parade” has finally come again this year❤
Participants decorate every boat with neon lights and magic, together with brightly glittering artwork imitating things like mermaid statues and buildings, and then advance down the central waterway, “Pleasure Street”, while the beautiful and bewitching monsters riding them conduct all sorts of performances like music, song, and dance❤
In a single word, the sight of the parade stretched out is gorgeous❤

Including Dé Ryúa of course, each of the other six islands will be participating as usual; however, this year from far away, the young and lewd members of “Momonika Sabbath” have decided to join❤
You can’t help but get excited about the participation of the girls rumored even amongst Sabbath to be particularly dirty and lewd❤

And of course, this is a festival of light and lust❤
The graceful monsters riding the parade boats are all unmarried women. They are women with outstanding immoral lust from each island, who dream of being enslaved to men❤
Just like the song maidens of Dé Ryúa, the monsters riding the parade boats are free to touch, and free to take away❤
Attending men may take the hand of a monster they like from the parade passing by, and enjoy themselves as they please at a hotel, back alley, and of course even right on the spot❤

But be careful, what would be a one-night mistake in the human world is an eternal mistake in the monster world❤
The Dé Ryúa Row Parade is a cage of lust woven by mermaids❤ You absolutely won’t be allowed to escape all night❤

※Every year, each and every participant is connected with her dear husband❤
Participation is limited, but if you would like to participate as a group or an individual, please feel free to apply❤

For Men! Recommendations for singles❤
Dé Ryúa is a pleasure quarter that serves as Court Alf’s greatest red-light district❤
It is an island that naturally specializes in single men that just want to take a partner they like from the monsters before them and fuck to their heart’s content❤

There are many establishments in this town for men to enjoy, such as brothels, casinos, strip theaters, adult bars, etc., but all of the employees at these shops work within touching distance of such single men, and are just waiting to be chosen by you, so it’s absolutely a city of choice❤

However, the partner you chose will of course never be a one-night stand and will become a partner forever enslaved to you, so when choosing, please be prepared to spend your whole life pouring your spirit and lust into your partner❤

Advice for those that want such a bride!
The indecent mermaids with lewd bodies trained by the diva look forward to becoming an outlet for your desires❤
However, as the owners of inexhaustible passion, these girls will welcome being treated as a plaything, but they will not permit “deeds left undone”❤

Dé Ryúa's History (p140)

Welcome, dear guest❤ This may be sudden, but what kind of girl do you prefer?
A devoted mermaid princess? A girl who won’t be honest?
A refined high-class lady? A cool band girl?
No, those aren’t it... after all, you visited this island.
If that’s the case, your desire must be even more immoral❤
An unbearable lust is swirling within you...❤
Control it, or be controlled by it, becoming muddied with love❤
Don’t hold baaack❤ That’s the reason you came to Dé Ryúa...❤
Aaaan❤ Your lovely dark lust❤
You’re already deliciously swelling up...❤
The kind of girl you like, should I make you tell me directly?
Ufufu...Oh, I won’t tease you too much...❤
Dé Ryúa is Court Alf’s number one city of lust❤
I’m sure you’ll find a very lewd girl to suit that excitement of yours❤

I suppose my introduction is overdue. I’m the diva Meivia. A mere servant that affirms all love and communion, serves as master of Dé Ryúa’s corruption and decadence, and shall before long fall as a vessel of a man’s desire...❤
Now, take my hand, and I’ll drag you to a place that suits you, down to the depths of a darkness you won’t return from...❤

Coming to a red-light district and wanting to learn about its history, aren’t you a strange person.
But that’s fine. I’ll teach you...❤
Now, come here❤ Into my arms... yes, that’s a good boy❤
Just bury your face in my chest, and breathe in slowly...❤ Yes, relax your body, and leave everything to me...❤
Doesn’t my hand caressing your body feel amazing?
Your desire, it’s so very hard and hot...❤
I want to receive it with my mouth, but for now I’ll use my hand...❤
Ufufu❤ You’re so very honest and lewd, I’ll teach you properly❤
Like this...just listen to my story, and feel me...❤

High waves relentlessly attack an island, and whirlpools disrupt the course of ships...
This place is Dé Ryúa, a small, unnoticeable island in the Asuramis Sea.
At the time, the countries of the Asuramis Sea, whether large or small, were fighting for various reasons, but Dé Ryúa, which had difficulty interacting with the outside due to the high waves and whirlpools, did not get caught up in the fighting as they had almost no interaction with the outside world.
The cityscape wasn’t flattering, nature wasn’t particularly beautiful, and crops that were grown locally would sometimes be attacked by the waves and ruined.
At the time, ordinary people managed to live by getting shared food from the monsters of the sea. That was Dé Ryúa.

Then, one day, the fleet of the naval country “Diana” showed up on the island of Dé Ryúa.
It seems the ships of Diana, which had apparently become a strong military power due to receiving aid from The Order of the Chief God, did not suffer from the high waves or whirling tides.
Diana invaded such a small country on the edge of the sea, that couldn’t even fight back properly, and forced them to surrender...
And so, a shipyard was built on the island to serve as a military base for Diana.
Diana then brought the shipbuilding engineers they had gathered from “Engineer Hunts” to the island.
Next, various laborers were gathered, such as the original inhabitants of the island, slaves brought from other islands, and the poor from other islands that had fallen for too-good-to-be-true stories, and they were semi-forced to make battleships for use by The Order and Diana.

However, it seems the rule of Diana and The Order wasn’t all that bad.
Dé Ryúa was very poor when it couldn’t contact other islands because of the high waves and whirlpools. On the other hand, Diana had the support of The Order, and was very rich.
Dé Ryúa was supposed to be governed by a military admiral sent from Diana, however it seems he was paying the workers in Dé Ryúa a teensy bit.
Excellent shipbuilding engineers were treated kindly, and the slaves were never overworked or had their bodies broken.
Soldiers of The Order were also assigned to the island, but they were honest and good-natured children, and it seems they even had drinks at bars with the islanders that had finished their work.
And best of all, the military admiral had a very tall breakwater built all around Dé Ryúa to protect it against the high waves.
No longer having to fear the high waves, the islanders were delighted.
Indeed, Diana and The Order had brought stable jobs, wealth, and security to Dé Ryúa.
Our story so far hasn’t been so bad, it’s quite a lovely story, isn’t it?

However, someone began spreading a rumor that “the admiral of Diana is associating with monsters”.
I don’t know if that was true. However, the admiral lost his standing because of it, and a new admiral came to Dé Ryúa to replace him. It is here the tragedy began.
The treatment of the workers was reversed and became severe, and the work became cruel and harsh.
At first, workers that tried to resist or flee faced severe punishment to make an example.
In truth, at the time, it seems Diana and The Order suspected that not just the previous admiral, but the whole island was collaborating with monsters.
Perhaps the new admiral may have thought that, because the islanders were connected to monsters, he could be connected to monsters as well, so he had to be strict.
Thus, the breakwater the previous admiral had built to protect the island from the waves was turned into a wall to imprison the workers, and from that point on, Dé Ryúa came to be called “The Prison Island”.

At the time, the monsters of the sea looked at the state of Dé Ryúa with sadness, for they had once shared their food with the wave and whirlpool ravaged Dé Ryúa... sea folk such as mermaids, nereids, and sea bishops.
The ocean around this area is plagued with high waves and whirlpools because Lord Poseidon’s mana is not spread through this part of the sea.
The monsters had the duty to spread Lord Poseidon’s mana by living in this ocean and helping the islanders.
Of course, those girls are monsters, and hoped the islanders would someday become their husbands, leading to veeery lewd relationships...

They never attacked the islanders, however. It seems they believed they could captivate them by slowly getting to know them on their own.

However, while they were in the middle of doing that, Dé Ryúa was occupied by Diana.
Although they could no longer meet with the islanders, they heard from the Sirens crossing the sky that the islanders were living safely, and were a little relieved.
They did seem extremely disappointed that they wouldn’t be getting any husbands for a while though...
As long as the islanders were safe, the monsters would monitor the situation in Dé Ryúa.
However, the admiral was changed, and Dé Ryúa completely transformed, becoming “The Prison Island”.
The monsters of the sea could not stay silent about this.

Just like the monsters, “Eizen Wiltex”, the former military admiral exiled from the island, was worried about the current situation in Dé Ryúa.
After being stripped of his rank, former admiral Eizen was sent back to his home country of Diana to be executed for the crime of associating with monsters.
The monsters that learned this attacked the ship carrying the former admiral, and rescued him.

“What do you know, I really am associating with monsters now huh...”

He said, laughing as if mocking himself, but when he heard from the monsters about the current state of the island he had left, he couldn’t stand it.
His own carelessness had invited the current situation in Dé Ryúa, but he was a dead man in his home country Diana, so either way, the only difference was whether he was executed after being taken to his homeland, or died being dragged into the sea by monsters en route.
It seems he thought, if possible, he would use the life he had been spared for the people of the island.

Meanwhile, it wasn’t just the former admiral and monsters who weren’t pleased with the rule of the current military admiral, “Imanov Channor”, who had turned Dé Ryúa into a prison island.
It was the Order soldiers that had been dispatched in the name of protecting the island, and were responsible for supervising the workers.
In the old days, they had shared drinks with the people of the island. Every night, they shared lively conversations about trivial things like how cute the bar girls were, or how their boss had been angry at them for slacking off. They couldn’t help but feel heartache at the state of their friends.
However, they were soldiers of The Order that had established monsters as incompatible enemies.
No matter how they felt, they could not criticize the way admiral Imanov was trying to correct the former admiral who had mistakenly fraternized with monsters, or the islanders he had stood up for.
If they challenged the current admiral, they would likely be suspected of being the monsters’ minions, and receive divine punishment. At worst, they may be executed like the former admiral.
And so, they couldn’t help the islanders.
While the Order soldiers worried, the islanders continued to suffer, contrary to their hopes.
The workers on the island were not permitted amusement, and were severely cracked down on. They were told pleasure is the path to corruption and leads one to the monsters.
The bars where the islanders and Order soldiers had once met to share drinks had all been shut down...
However, the workers were allowed just one means of entertainment. They could sing songs.
The Order soldiers had advocated their boss to at least allow this under the pretense of “improving work ethic”, and it was allowed.
They were songs that made them think of their homes. The slaves and poor brought from outside the island sang the songs of their homelands.
Even the islanders who had lived on the old island sang a song about Dé Ryúa.

Dé Ryúa suffers from starvation due to the high waves, whirlpools, and poverty, and yet the people hold hands, and continue to live without giving up. Such a song has been handed down in Dé Ryúa since long ago.
It’s a song to encourage people that continue to endure unreasonable suffering. It’s as if the song was singing about the islanders of the present.
The Order soldiers also heard this song, and felt as though their chests were tightening.

Dé Ryúa’s song is a story of people who are exposed to unreasonable suffering, hold hands and endure, then, undefeated, their lives are tied together. That’s where the song ends.
Every night, in the shipyard resembling a prison, this song of the workers echoed.
Then, one night, when the workers had finished singing as usual, another singing voice could be heard beyond the wall enclosing the island.
Indeed, it was a song of the sea folk.
A song of humans and monsters living together, overcoming hunger.
A song of people from different countries living together, confronting the high waves.
It was a continuation of the history of the island thus far, a sequel to the islander’s song.
And yet, the sea folk continued to sing.
It was a song of Dé Ryúa’s future that shouldn’t exist.
It was their dream of monsters, The Order, and Diana all existing together with Dé Ryúa.

Every night after that, after the workers sang, the sea folk returned their song.
Then, the workers also returned songs to the sea folk.

A song of making a fishing rod for a son and going fishing together.
A song dreaming of returning to Nevia and becoming an artist.
A song of conveying feelings to the pretty mermaid that delivered fish every day.
A song of islanders, the Order soldiers, and even the monsters all sharing drinks together.

Everyone sang of the future they envisioned.
The Order soldiers that noticed also joined the singing. They sang with tears in their eyes.

Then one night, after the workers had sang their first song, the singing voices of the sea folk could be heard right in front of them, inside the wall rather than from outside of it.
They had been guided from the outside by former admiral Eizen, and from the inside by the Order soldiers.
The humans and monsters that met continued to sing in the shipyard in the dead of night, and soon began heading towards the city.
The other workers and their families that heard their voices joined in one after the other, and the ring of their voices steadily grew louder.
In the meantime, they finally arrived at the headquarters where the current admiral was.
Naturally, the guards drew their swords to stop them, but the previous admiral and Order soldiers continued to protect the singing workers and monsters.
The workers and sea folk just kept singing. However, the song of mermaids is a magical one.
The power of monsters increases once they’ve found a husband...
The singing voices of humans merge together with the voices of monsters...
Intermingling, mixing together, and becoming one, don’t you think it closely resembles the appearance of human and monster couples?❤
Indeed, that night, the humans and monsters became one, like a loving couple❤

The power of the song swelled up from the number of humans and monsters that had joined, and the Order soldiers of Diana that came running to suppress the workers one by one lost their will to fight, and dropped their weapons.
Some may have remembered their own hometowns, and the sight of the workers singing of their homes made them shed tears.
Some may have seen the sight of the pained workers, and questioned what they took up the sword to protect, and leaked a sob.
It seems the current admiral Imanov, who was listening to the songs in the upper command room, felt the same.

Fortunately for the people of Dé Ryúa, this was a rebellion-by-song that took place in the middle of the Great Asuramis War.
Immediately after the rebellion, the Great Songstress sacrificed her life to end the conflict, and after that, Diana no longer needed to send in another ship to take Dé Ryúa back from the islanders.
Dé Ryúa’s prison walls were destroyed not through bloodshed, but through song.

That was a rather difficult and lengthy story, wasn’t it?
I’m glad you listened to the end❤
Besides... Haaa... While I was talking, you shot out so much, how impressive❤
It’s sticking to me like this, your cloudy white desire... Haaa❤... Such a wonderful smell...❤
This is the end of that old story. From here on, a history of pleasure and lust begins, one that continues to be spun to this day❤
Accept me like this... and I’ll take you to even deeper, deeper depths❤

Current Dé Ryúa (p144)

Your enveloping lust, haa... it’s truly wonderful...❤ So much so I kissed this swollen cock without thinking...❤
Actually, I want to crawl my tongue along it and taste it, but if I take it into my mouth, I’ll be unable to talk...❤

After the Great Songstress ended the war with her song, Dé Ryúa was returned to its original people, as well as the slaves, poor, Diana’s shipbuilding engineers, Order soldiers and so on.
There were some that decided to return to their hometowns, but some remained, and together with the sea folk that joined them, it was decided to rebuild a new Dé Ryúa where humans and monsters can live together.

...Oh? What’s with that strange face?
I see, are you wondering how it went from that to the red-light district it is today?
That’s because there was a big change of heart in the humans of the island, and especially the sea folk❤

Some of the workers that were brought to the island were brought here because they were told Dé Ryúa is a marine paradise.
And then they had to endure a long and bitter life of abstinence, so everyone desperately desired things that were fun or felt good. In other words, they were absurdly hungry for entertainment and pleasure❤
For that reason, just like the sea folk had made their songs of the future a reality, they decided to make the rumors of a preposterous paradise true with this new Dé Ryúa.
Of course, just that wasn’t enough❤
In order to create pleasure, men and women must have sex and become one❤
Indeed, the sea folk changed their mindset even more than the humans.
At first, they had tried slowly getting along with humans and making them their husbands, right?
Even when Dé Ryúa was invaded, after they confirmed the islanders were safe, they believed in the humans and trusted them to their own fate.
However, the result was that tragedy. The disaster that befell Dé Ryúa was an awful, awful fate. I think it was due to a number of things overlapping.
The sea folk knew that the people of Dé Ryúa, Diana, and The Order weren’t all such bad people, of course.
However, it’s for this reason the sea folk felt truly regretful. They wondered why they hadn’t attacked the islanders and made them their husbands like monsters from the beginning, or why they hadn’t just boarded the Diana battleship when it invaded, and made all the men aboard husbands.
They believed they were the reason the people of Dé Ryúa had such a rough time.

We monsters, who seek out and live in pleasure, are very simple creatures...❤ However, humans are quite complicated, aren’t they? They actually all want to feel good, but various things get in the way, and they even go so far as throwing pleasure away from themselves.
A society of such humans is very complicated, very grand, and very well done... and to that extent it’s also an extremely delicate and fickle thing... If there is a little bit of wickedness... If even a little malice seeps in... If it encounters evil, a world made of only humans will easily crumble.

That’s how the sea folk arrived at the ideals of the Demons and Devils called “Extremists” in the Demon Lord’s army, saying things like “Because humans are such weak creatures, we must put them under the protection of monsters”, or “We must hurry up and unify the human and monster races”❤
However, even if their way of thinking had changed, these girls were still gentle and devoted sea folk.
After living on the island together with humans, they had become creatures intent on serving humans.
Whenever the people of Dé Ryúa were tired from work, tired from life, felt like they were crushed or about to cry, the sea folk simply accepted them all.
They hugged them close and stroked their heads as much as they desired, and spoiled them to their heart’s content.
The lust and urges that boil up in a man, they received it all with their bodies...❤
Oh? You’re worried about them are you...❤ But it’s fine, we’re lewd and obscene monsters❤
By our husband’s will, at our husband’s convenience, regardless of time or place, when he wants to do it, he may pour in his desires every time... There is no happiness or pleasure greater than to become a vessel like that❤ It’s not a painful thing❤
Those that were bound to sea folk became constantly spoiled by them, clung onto by them, hugging them, and making love with them after they finished working. Seeing that, more and more men desired to be tied to the sea folk.
Meanwhile, the men couldn’t stand just being at home, and it became normal for them to go around with their sea folk wives.
Even in plain sight, without fear of being seen, they bring each other close, and sometimes as if showing off, they grope each other’s bodies, and make out...❤ And if you peek into a back alley, you can see the figure of a man getting his swollen cock sucked by a monster, probably because they suddenly got horny...❤
As if in reaction to their time in prison, it seems the men began to seek out pleasure more and more❤

On the other hand, the human women felt a sense of impending crisis at the wonderfully devoted, and eternally beautiful sea folk.
The women, seeking out a beauty that wouldn’t lose to the sea folk, and a means of making a man’s heart theirs, asked the monster merchants that passed through the city at the time for advice.
The merchants, as if just waiting to say it, gave them the option of becoming monsters.

It seems the women weren’t all that scared of becoming monsters. You may be surprised to hear this, but it’s a woman’s instinct to pursue youth and beauty...❤
Since humans are beings who originally are limited on the pleasure they can feel, the women that became monsters... became completely entranced by the pleasure obtained by a monster that is joined with her husband❤
The women began behaving just as lewdly as the sea folk, and spent their time joined with their husbands❤
Indeed, in this way the humans drowned themselves in the sea folk, and completely sunk to the depths of corruption...❤
In the words the Church used to bind the people of Dé Ryúa: “Pleasure is the path to corruption and leads one to the monsters”, it seems they were quite right weren’t they?❤

And thus, the city of amusement and pleasure, the red-light district where anyone can drown in pleasure, “Dé Ryúa”, was born.
Come, our boat has arrived❤ You let out a lot while I was talking, but can you still stand and walk?

As you can see, the city has changed like this, into a dark monster realm enveloped in darkness.
Filled with lusty sea folk like us, the sea here is now completely full of Lord Poseidon’s power.
So, when the high waves and whirlpools this island is famous for get bad, boats that are swallowed or swept up by the waves are safely invited to our Dé Ryúa, without sinking the boat or drowning people❤ Like the boat you just boarded❤

This city is a pleasure quarter where the light from mana or the neon lights gathered from Saida obscenely illuminate the eternal darkness...❤
A very naughty atmosphere coils around you... Do you understand?❤ Ufufu~❤ Please hurry and accept it❤
Take a good look around you, the countless poles set up all over the city stretching up to the sky... The bewitching Nereid dancers dancing around them as if swimming❤ This area isn’t filled with water, but those girls can still swim through the air using those poles.
What do you think of Dé Ryúa’s specialty attraction, the pole dancers?❤

Those girls are the very lasciviousness of this city incarnate, each and every one trained carefully by me❤ By just gently stroking your body, they can make you feel so good you’ll reach climax, just like I am now...❤
As I’m sure you can see from the way you’re staring at them, these dancers are nothing but extremely lewd and dirty girls...❤
If you come to this city, you can choose your favorite girl from the Nereid that swim through the air and seduce you❤
If they are chosen and entwine their bodies with yours, these girls are no longer slaves to the poles, but to you❤
Once that’s happened, you are free to decide yourself how to use the girl that is now yours❤
They’re even happy to seize a pole on the spot and be violently ravaged from behind❤ They’d also be delighted to suck you off whenever you want while you wander around the city❤ If you want to, there’s no problem taking them home and making them your eternal plaything❤

We show dreams of joy and pleasure to the men that visit this city❤ However, be careful... that dream never ends with one night. It’s an eternal dream from which you’ll never awaken❤
For monsters, love and lust are one and the same, they want you because they love you, and the more they love you, the more they want it❤
The more you drown in us and spew out your desire, the more we drown in and love you❤
And so, with our excessive love, we always try to grope, suck, and join with your swollen cock❤
And should you decide not to do us, make no mistake, we will rape you❤ That’s what it’s like to get even a little involved with a monster...❤
If you step foot in the swamp, even if it’s just a step, you will sink... and never rise up❤
It’s already too late for you❤
Because as soon as I took my hand away from stroking your cock, you gazed at me with such lonely eyes❤ It’s alright, I’ve fallen into the same cage and swamp as you, so we’ll never be separated❤

Fufu❤ My benefactor once said “If you’re a monster female, you’ll somehow just know who your destined partner is”, but it seems to be true❤
As if swallowed up by a whirlpool, my body began naturally crawling along yours, and started stroking your swollen cock❤ My heart felt no doubts about serving you, and becoming your slave❤
You’ve buried your face in my chest as if drawn to it, and ejaculated into my hands over and over again❤ You came to this island by boat and got swallowed up by a whirlpool, and came here just as I happened to be passing by, yes...❤

You won’t need to call any other girls❤
I am clad in the corruption and immorality of Dé Ryúa itself... a mere servant, who fell as a vessel of your desires...❤
I will have you enjoy all of Dé Ryúa...❤

Songstress Introduction (Meivia) (p147)

Diva Introduction
• Diva: Meivia
• Species: Nereid
• Favorite Color: Crimson
• Favorite Type: “A man who will direct all of his desires at me❤”
• How to Spend a Holiday: “Looking around at all the people getting hot and bothered at the casino❤”

Diva Introduction from a Song Maiden
Welcome to the city of lust, “Dé Ryúa”, onii-san❤ I’m happy you chose me[11]❤ Even though there’s nothing but older sister types with big breasts and butts around here, I can’t believe you chose a girl with such a young figure...❤ Onii-san is a pervert❤

This may be sudden, but I’m going to teach my special onii-san all about my Onee-sama❤ Dé Ryúa’s diva, “Meivia”, is the one that made me such a lewd girl, she’s my beloved Onee-sama❤ Onee-sama isn’t from this city originally, she came from the neighboring “Queen Diana”. She was loved by their diva, “Asura Mythra”, and was Lady Asura Mythra’s backup dancer since she was as little as I am! A long time ago, she used to be a very pretty and cute human girl, but when she was even smaller than I am now, she was put onto a slave ship, and then Queen Diana’s diva, “Asura Mythra”, dragged the ship into the ocean, and Onee-sama was turned into a Nereid❤ Onee-sama adores Lady Asura Mythra for saving her, and she used to constantly follow her around, getting her to teach her things like magic, singing, and dancing. So I guess “Asura Mythra” is my Onee-sama’s Onee-sama? Onee-sama, who had been a dancer since she was a human, had amazing talent for singing and dancing, and on top of that, she had natural talent as an inma. Onee-sama makes her surroundings have a lascivious mood just from being there, and when I’m next to her, I start to feel super lewd...❤ It seems Onee-sama came to Dé Ryúa to train after Lady Asura Mythra said she should hone her talents here. Onee-sama also brought the “pole dance” that made onii-san desire me so much to the city❤ And with that, the number of customers increased a lot❤ Also, Onee-sama is very good at “inviting”. The lewd things Onee-sama does are only for her future husband, but if the men of the church that are supposed to hate monsters are invited by Onee-sama, even they will all readily come to Dé Ryúa❤ While she was making the city gradually lewder, and was in the middle of making lots of places where you can feel good, she became Dé Ryúa’s diva before she knew it❤

Onee-sama is also the leader of the Court Alf branch of the “Extremist Organization” of the Mamono Lord’s army! Onee-sama will never let humans escape Dé Ryúa, the city she worked hard to make as lascivious as possible❤ As for the men, we take the ones like onii-san❤ As for the human women well~, when they see Onee-sama’s song and dance, they all become totally jealous, and beg her to make them Nereids❤

But I totally get that feeling~❤ Onee-sama is so beautiful and lewd, and when I look at her, I feel like I want to become just like her❤ I guess human girls also want to become beautiful and lewd like that❤ Also, even though it’s totally different from the things I want to do now like kiss onii-san, suck onii-san, have onii-san’s baby and stuff like that, you feel like you can’t take your eyes off of Onee-sama and want to touch her body❤

Besides that, Onee-sama is really nice to us song maidens~❤ She teaches us lots about singing, dancing, lewd things, and other stuff...❤ Onee-sama is a monster, so of course she loves men, but she also looks at women with very lewd eyes, thinking a lot about how to make the girl even more dirty, and have a man fill her with desire❤ All the song maidens in this city are trained by Onee-sama, so I can give onii-san plenty of good feelings too you know...❤

Song of Love (p148)

The song of Dé Ryúa that Onee-sama inherited is the “Song of Love”! It’s the perfect song for Onee-sama❤ Ummm, when Onee-sama sings it... uhh, hmm... it’s a little difficult, so is it alright if I explain it with this paper I got from Onee-sama? I can’t? Don’t be so mean! I’ll suck you off later~❤

Alright, then it’s time to explain!
As its name implies, the Song of Love is a song that unbearably raises the listener’s “Love”! However, that love is the “love related to lust” possessed by us monsters! In other words, if there’s someone you like, it’s a song that makes you want to do super lewd things in proportion to the amount of your love! Even if a man isn’t aware of her as an object of sex, he’ll have lewd thoughts about his precious childhood friend’s body, her boobs, her ass, everywhere, and then, he’ll be dying to do lewd things with her! And he’ll be passionate! As for women, they’ll also notice what a lewd thing their beloved man’s body and penis are, and then they’ll be in heat and start sucking it, wanting desperately to put it in!
A couple with deep bonds, even if they have no previous experience, will quickly start doing lewd things, and won’t think of stopping for a while!

Furthermore, if the person listening is a human, they’ll be able to “connect love with lust” just like us monsters! We monsters are very lewd beings, and when a man looks at us, he starts to feel very naughty. When we look at a man, we feel as though we want to do lewd things with him, or he looks delicious, or think that his thing looks lovely, but in the same way, if we seduce a man and get him to think of us as lewd, we get him to love our naughty place! In any case, they will get a lot of lewd service and absolutely love it, but the effect of this song is to make you feel naughty based on the amount of “affection”, and as long as you are feeling good, greatly increase the amount of “affection”. In other words, if you feel good, you will receive more love, and if you receive more love, you’ll want to do more lewd things, and it will be wonderful!

Basically, this song heightens the feelings referred to as “love” and “lust”. Therefore, it can also unbearably heighten love such as “lust towards little girls” or “wanting to do lewd things with a man, even though you are a man”. A pervert that likes little girls will have his feelings explode, and he’ll unashamedly pounce on monsters with a childish figure like mine, hitting them with all of his desires! Ah, that’s nice...❤
Ahem, a man with an unbearable desire towards other men will transform into an alp with the power of this song, and even though she hasn’t gotten her mind in order yet, she’ll start doing lovey-dovey lewd things on the spot!

Also, since this song’s effect is heightened by using the body, it goes exceptionally well with pole dancing! While dancing, if you appeal a specific body part, you can stir up the desire towards it! For example, by dancing with your chest sticking out and swaying, and singing while emphasizing your chest, you can make men focus their feelings on your boobs, and have them beg to massage them or put their penis between them! By using it well, you can make the audience watching your pole dance lust for boobs, but you can also have that lust directed towards the customer’s lover, wife, or other monsters, so you can get everyone at the venue doing lewd things, or even create lots of new couples that immediately start doing lewd things!

Please make sure to remember what is written on this paper before you obtain your husband. Otherwise, you will look uncool to your long-awaited hus... oh? That was the part I wasn’t supposed to read! Right! That’s the end!!
With that, now you know why Onee-sama’s Song of Love is so great! More importantly onii~san❤ As promised earlier, I’ll suck you off❤ Here we go! Uwaa, it looks delicious...❤ Thanks for the meal~, ahmm❤

The Duties of the Songstress and Song Maidens (p149)

Jyuru❤ Chupupu❤ Mm?
Pwaah, what is it onii-san?

The song maidens’ job? Ehh, but that’s what I’m doing now❤ That’s not it? Umm, this island’s song maidens have all sorts of jobs... I guess?

In this city, there are tons of lewd shops, including the brothel “Hotel Dé Ryúa” run by Onee-sama, and many monster employees work at them, but because all of them are taught song and dance and trained in various ways by Onee-sama, they’re all song maidens❤ And later on... they become slaves to the man that wants them, like I did to onii-san❤ Usually they’re pole dancing all over the city, singing to excite and tempt men, waiting for one to choose them, but there are some men that can’t say very much themselves, and if they lock eyes with him, see their song has excited him, and notice he’s gotten an erection, they might even go to him on their own❤ I suppose it’s a song maiden’s job to work her best to become even more lewd so she’ll be chosen by a man, and to make him feel really good after they’ve been chosen❤ I’ve been studying a lot by myself every day to become lewder too...❤ Nfufu~❤ Onii-san, did that excite you?

This is my job after being chosen, after all❤
...Aahmm❤ Rero❤ Rero❤ Rero❤ Rero❤...?

Eh~! I still have to talk?! How do you become the diva? I dunno~!
Onee-sama became diva before she even knew it, all I do is sing, dance, and do lewd stuff! I’m sure the person that can fill Dé Ryúa with lots of lewdness becomes the diva. Onee-sama is like that!

More importantly than that, onii-san hasn’t properly finished and isn’t refreshed, so don’t worry about any of that weird stuff!
That’s why you have to let me make you feel really good! Hammu~❤

Dé Ryúa's Pleasure Street (p150)

Puhaaa...❤ My head feels all melty~❤
Your semen~, it was so delicious~❤
Nfufu~❤ I love you onii-san~❤ I’ll do my best to show you around❤

This place is called “Pleasure Street”, it’s Dé Ryúa’s main street!
On both sides of the waterway flowing through the center, there are roadways that are easy for humans to walk on, and there are lots of lewd and enjoyable shops like love hotels, brothels, strip theaters, and suspicious pharmacies❤
There’s also casinos and adult bars! There’s a lot of pink colors from all the mana and the, what was it called? Neon Light? Signboards and glittering letters, isn’t it super cute?❤

The song maidens working at the brothels are all, of course, girls without lovers, just waiting for a guest to claim them.
Onii-san has already decided on me, but someone that hasn’t chosen yet can choose a girl they like from these stores❤
Since it’s a brothel, you start with the lewd things and making each other feel good, then you can go on a date in the city~❤

Shops like these offer song maidens different from the pole-dancing ones, there are lots of shops specializing in things like big sister types with big boobs that specialize in squeezing you with their boobs, or ones with just tiny little Sabbath girls, so it’s super easy to find a type of girl to suite your tastes❤

Ah, here comes a boat down the waterway! It looks like a shell, isn’t it cute?❤
There are Sea Bishops and Mermaids riding on it and singing, I wonder if it’s an advertisement for the show happening soon?
Those girls are song maidens too. I said this earlier, but all of the song maidens you see working around the city like this are girls without lovers waiting to be chosen, so if you grab them and do as you please with them, no one will complain, and the girls will be delighted❤ They’re “free to touch”❤

By the way, there are lots of poles around here, and lots of pole dancing Nereids!
These poles weren’t originally made for pole dancing, a long time ago when this city was called the “Prison Island”, there was a big jail around here, and it seems they used them as iron bar walls.
Hey hey, up there, look look! They’re dancing from a super high spot on that pole, and even though we’re not underwater, it looks like they’re swimming~❤

The Nereid in this city can swim through the air like this, I can too of course!
This street is the entrance to the city, and is the first place men come through, so everyone is eager to get chosen. The movement gets intense, it’s really lewd❤
Nfufu~❤ I’ve already been chosen by onii-san though❤ But whenever onii-san wants to see my pole dance, I’ll show it to you❤
Just like this❤ When I rub against your crotch...❤ Onii-san quickly gets an erection huh...❤

My mouth felt really good earlier, didn’t it~❤
Whenever onii-san wants to feel refreshed, you’re free to use it❤

Church of the Chief God (p151)

Nbu❤❤❤... Slurp, chu, slurp... gulp❤
Haa...❤ I love it so much when you stroke my head while sucking you off, onii-san❤ It’s like you’re praising the way I use my mouth, it makes me feel so happy...❤

Alright, now that you’re refreshed, let’s go to the next place~♪

The atmosphere here is different from that street from earlier, it’s quiet here, don’t you think~? From here on out, this is a residential area where lovers and couples live. They already have partners, so their dances and songs are only for their husbands, and they only do lewd things with their husbands❤ I also have a husband~ Nuzzle~❤

Onii-san has been looking at this building since earlier, haven’t you?
It doesn’t suit Dé Ryúa at all, it’s pure white and clean, this beautiful and not very lewd building, what ever could it be✰
The answer is, “The Church of the Chief God”! Actually... Jajaaan✰ I’ve got a rosary, isn’t it cute~❤
I’m also a follower of our Lord the Chief God♪ My father was a believer too, so I’ve also been praying here since I was little.
I prayed to one day meet a lewd and lecherous man, one like onii-san❤

Huh? It’s weird that there’s a church in a monster realm, and that there are monster adherents? Why? I mean, even us monsters were created by the Lord, right?
The Lord is the one that made onii-san’s body that uses me to feel really good... And the Demon Lord was the one that made us monsters able to do things like the succubi do, but wasn’t it the Lord that made that succubus that made this body that makes onii-san feel good?

...Ah, I know! Onee-sama taught me a way to explain it at times like this!

Umm, do you know the old story about this city, onii-san?
When this city was occupied by another country, the brothers of the Order of the Chief God desperately protected the sea folk while they sang!
That’s why, in Dé Ryúa, the brothers of the Order are knights who protect us sea folk❤
There's a ton of girls that long for the Order Knights, and want to get closer to them and have lewd relationships❤

The Scriptures? Of course I’ve read them properly!
But I ignore the parts that say you must slay monsters, or never do lewd things!
There are loads of men and monsters in this city that believe in the Lord, but everyone just ignores those parts, and the scriptures found in this city have all had those parts left out.
I mean, the rest of the time the Lord is a super nice and warm person, but then suddenly starts saying “Slay the monsters!”, it feels really weird. It’s almost like they’ve become a different person.
Besides, the part that says you shouldn’t do lewd things is strange too you know?
Like I said earlier, it was the Lord that made humans and inma able to feel good, so saying “I didn’t make it for that!”, is also really weird, right?!

This church has been used purely as a church of the Chief God since this island was the prison island, but there are several other churches of the Chief God like this in Dé Ryúa.
They’re often attached to churches of the Fallen God or Lord Poseidon though.

Look, the inside is beautifully white too~❤ There’s also statues of the Lord and stained-glass windows❤
The head priestess here, a Sea Bishop, and many others follow both the Chief God and Lord Poseidon.
Also, many of the sisters here are Nereids like me~. By the way, the image of the Lord seems to vary country to country, but the image of the Lord in Dé Ryúa is really cute, huh?❤
If she became a song maiden, and awkwardly swayed her ass while pole dancing, she’d be so desirable❤

Ah, there’s a soldier of the Order praying! From his armor, I wonder if he wandered in from outside of Dé Ryúa? It’ll be nighttime soon, it’s also time for us to pray❤
When night falls, Dé Ryúa gets real! Look forward to it❤

Church of the Chief God at Night (p152)

Onii-san, you look surprised❤ How cute❤

The sisters suddenly stripped their clothes, and entwined themselves with the men who were praying...
At last we’ve reached the lewd part...❤
Are you surprised? Or are you horny?

This is the face of the church of the Chief God at night❤
There are some girls that want to be married to a follower of the Lord, and those girls do stuff like this❤
Also, there are married couples that work during the day who rush here as soon as night falls❤

That reminds me, the Sea Bishop priestess and that Order soldier seem to have disappeared. They’re probably over there in that “Confessional”, let’s go take a peek❤

“Thou hast a very noble soul...❤
In the name of justice, you also turned thine sword towards monsters...❤ Mmm...❤ We are fellow adherents of the same Lord...
Deeper, deeper...❤ So I can understand you well...❤
Thine anguish, thine repentance, and thine determination...❤
And now, as you once swung thine sword... Hyan❤
Pour thine love into me, into this monsterrr...❤”

Nfufu❤ We can hear you...❤
The priestess longed to be married to an Order Knight. How wonderful~❤
Now, will my pervert onii-san repent his lewd desires with my body? After all, you chose me out of all those beautiful older girls with big boobs...❤
Your just full of super perverted desires and things you want to do to me, aren’t you? If that’s the case, show me everything...❤

Mm❤ Onii-san, why are you stroking my head... ah...❤
I see...❤ That’s it...❤

Dé Ryúa's Dark Sea Knights (p152)

If I do something really lewd with you, I end up like this...❤
You’ve still only used my mouth, and yet...❤ I knew I was a naughty girl, but when you stroked my head, my mouth opened up like that on its own, it’s like my body responded by wanting to suck on you...❤
I’m going to be made even more naughty by onii-san...❤ Haa~❤
On top of that, whenever I tempt onii-san, it seems you get hard right away, nfufuu❤

Ah, there’s some old men of the Dark Sea Knights... Good evening~! Do I know them? Well, yeah, but everyone in this city knows them!
That square faced, sturdy old man is the Commander of the Fellowship of the Dark Sea Knights, Mr. “Eizen”. That’s right, the admiral from that old story, who originally came from Diana! After that old story, he stayed on this island so he could always protect us!
There are a lot of people in the Dark Sea Knights that believe in the Lord, and it’s full of actual heroes that protected us sea folk in that old story!
Also, they’re pretty much Court Alf’s army!
Ah, yoo-hoo~❤ That girl who’s about as tiny as I am is a friend of mine❤ She’s that chubby old man’s wife❤
The Dark Sea Knights often go on expeditions to other islands, and whenever a ship of the Order of the Chief God wanders into the waters around Court Alf, the Fellowship of the Dark Sea Knights are the first ones to head towards it. Since they share faith in the same god, it’s easy to talk to them!
She said they’ve returned from an expedition, so I wonder if they went on an expedition together? She’s been married to that old man since long before I was chosen by onii-san, but it looks like she got to do all sorts of lewd things in different countries by going on an expedition together, I’m so jealous~❤

Say, onii-san, what do you want to do from now on? It’s alright if we don’t work and it could be really fun if we spend our lives just doing lewd things and feeling good~ Buuut...❤
I like a working man too❤ When we monsters see a man doing his best, we swoon over him working hard, and then we want to make him feel really good, so we think it’s a wonderful thing to do lots of lewd stuff with him after he’s finished working~❤
By the way, the men of the Dark Sea Knights are so strong and cool❤
Onii-san and his dick are still pretty cool now, but you might become even cooler if you joined them❤

Ahh❤ More head pats...❤ Aaan❤

Hotel Dé Ryúa (p153)

NGU!! Gupo❤ Jyupo❤... Nbleah❤
Ah... Ahaa❤ Onii-san’s hands grabbed my horns... forcing my head to move, making be gag❤
Then when you let it out, you held me tightly, so I could hold it deep in my mouth... I could feel it hit the back of my throat...❤
Onii-san also does these kinds of mean things eh...❤ You’re such an amazing, amazing man...❤

Nfufu...❤ Onii-san...❤ This huge building shaped like a big open seashell and lit up all over is the “Hotel Dé Ryúa”, Onee-sama is the general manager~.
It’s the biggest casino, biggest hotel, and has the biggest stage❤
Every song maiden in Dé Ryúa yearns to be brought to this hotel...❤ And it looks like I’m being taken in❤

This hotel was made by renovating Diana and the Order’s headquarters from that old story, it’s really big~
The inside is even more amazing than this❤ The lower level is an extravagant casino that even compares to the famous casino city “Goldy End”!
Onee-sama said the neon lights from Saida that dazzlingly light up the floor are there to make it feel gaudy on purpose~♪
Onii-san, when you look at these lights, don’t you feel like you want to do something naughty?
Like dragging me into the shadows, and violating me...❤

Yeah, a lot of the employees here are Satyros huh~.
I’ll only tell this to onii-san, but the Satyros use their magic to make a mist of a wine called “Olde Dé Ryúa” float around the casino.
So whenever anyone plays here, they always feel dizzy like they’re drunk, all the men get bold, and all the women start acting lewd❤ It’s a secret❤

Nfufu~❤ The employees are actually waiting for guys to do something naughty❤ Dealers are often attacked by men who have lost at the casino and want revenge, and they end up a couple that way...❤
Oh, we got service drinks from the casino staff~❤ You should drink up too onii-chan~❤ Mmm~❤
...I dunno, the taste of semen is better❤ Nfufu~, I still have the smell of semen in my mouth❤

...I think Onee-sama’s stage performance is about to start.
I’ve got butterflies in my stomach right now❤ Nfufu, onii-san’s gotten hard too...❤
There’s a stage in the middle of the atrium, with poles that go from the top of the building to the bottom, right? The Nereid dancers go up and down like that, and dance the most extreme and lascivious dance in Dé Ryúa❤ The only ones that get to dance there are song maidens with incredible dancing skills and lewdness recognized by Onee-sama❤ The girls on that center stage are prizes at the casino...❤

Ah, Onee-sama dropped down from above...❤
Since this is an atrium, you can see Onee-sama’s performance from the upper level hotel rooms and restaurants too❤ This hotel, it’s all swept up in a whirlpool of Onee-sama... Haa... Onee-sama❤ Somehow, she seems even more lustrous than usual, how wonderful...❤
The Song of Love she sings while pole dancing is amazing...❤ As I already explained to you onii-san... When Onee-sama turned that wonderful ass around like that, all the men that saw it began grabbing their lover’s or an unmarried monster’s ass from behind and... Huh? Onii-san?


Au... Ahh...❤ From behiiind❤ Haa❤ Fuu❤
P-put it iiin...❤ Onii-san’s penis❤❤
Nhi❤ Hii...❤
Pound me harder, harder, there❤ Do it more❤ Hya❤ Hya❤ Hyaaa❤❤❤

Dé Ryúa's Porcelain Water (p154)

Dé Ryúa's Porcelain Water

A magical beverage made from natural spring water collected in Dé Ryúa combined with a deep-sea witch’s magic! It’s colorless and transparent, but emits a thick, mysterious glow!
This water, considered a treasure to song maidens, puts one’s voice in tune once they’ve drunk it, but typical of Dé Ryúa, that voice becomes just as bewitching as a lewdly gasping voice, and their singing invites desire with its panting sexiness, and on the other hand, their panting during intercourse steals a man’s heart just like a beautiful singing voice does!
It’s a popular item for naughty song maidens that want to use their songs to turn on the man they’ve set their eyes on, but it’s also an ideal present for monsters that aren’t song maidens❤
Enjoy your night with your song maiden, and propose to Dé Ryúa’s song maidens!

Bouquet of Black Song Lilies (p154)

Song Black Lily Bouquet

These black song lilies are a flower that serves as the counterpart of Al Mar’s beautiful white song lilies.
This is also a beautiful bouquet, whose bewitching black petals are darker than the whirlpools of Dé Ryúa. A precious item that only grows on a location known as the solitary jet-black island!
These black song lilies, which symbolize impurity and corruption, wrap their mana around a monster that has received a man’s confession, and then in proportion to the pounding in the monster’s chest from being confessed to, brings about an obscene burning lust, transforming the confession’s romantic space into an erotic atmosphere with a scorching mood! If you tie the knot with a monster using these, the mana possessed by the flowers promises the girl you love will direct her eternal lust at you!
Have fun with your song maiden every night, and propose to a Dé Ryúa song maiden for an eternal marriage!

~Hotel Dé Ryúa Casino Prize Flyer~

Hotel Corridor's Secret VIP Room (p155)

Nhii❤ Fuu❤ Haa... Haa...❤
After the first round, we went at it like beasts, mmm❤
With your dick still inside, onii-san carried me off in his arms...❤ When we got to our room, we did it more... and more... nfufufu...❤
Nhyu❤ Onii-san, if you want to ask for it, don’t just stick your dick in, use your mouth properly... haan❤
Uuun❤ Listen, we’re heading to our own room, but the “VIP Rooms” in this area are casino prizes, so I’m sorry to say onii-san can’t go in.

I’ve never gone in one either, but there are rumors saying things like they're packed full of Dé Ryúa’s lewd magics and techniques, that they're connected to various places around the monster realms, or that with the help of the Fallen God’s power, the flow of time inside has stopped...
I don’t know if they’re true or not, but I’ve also heard that no one that enters this room, whether man or woman, wants to ever leave a room where you can spend an eternity doing lewd things.
Hyaa❤ I told you to use your mouth... Yaa❤
That door doesn’t have a doorknob on it because it’s in use...❤
It can only ever be opened by the people using it❤
I’ve heard the second person from that old story, who also came from Diana and created the prison island, “Admiral Imanov”, has been using it for a looong time❤
“Wasn’t he the bad guy”? I wonder~...?
One time, simply by chance as she left this room, I happened to meet a girl that’s probably always doing lewd things with Admiral Imanov, and she told me a story... ummm,
She’s a Nereid now, but at the time of that old story, she said she was one of a pair of tiny twin human girls, the daughters of a laborer working on the prison island.
It seems their father became ill, and since he couldn’t work, and made hardly any money in the first place, they couldn’t afford to buy medicine...
And so, the twins snuck into the headquarters where Admiral Imanov was, knives in hand.
It’s amazing isn’t it? In a childish way, it seems they thought they could save their father if they beat the bad guy.
Of course the twins were discovered, and they were captured and brought before the Admiral. The twins knew people who disobeyed the law were punished severely to make an example, so they were very scared, but even so, it seems they shouted “It’s all your fault father got sick!”
However, the Admiral confiscated their knives without a word, and then ordered the soldiers to escort the twins home. After being escorted home, the tired twins went to sleep, and when they woke up in the morning, there was a small bag they didn’t recognize lying by their bedside. When they peeked inside, there were just enough gold coins to buy the medicine.

This part is also incredible, but the twins, after gratefully buying the medicine and curing their father, once more set out to the Admiral’s place.
Naturally, they were found and captured again, and handed over to the Admiral, but this time it seems the twins asked the Admiral about the medicine.
The Admiral simply said “I know nothing”, and sent the twins to the soldiers.
However, the twins noticed something. When they had first seen him, the Admiral had glittering gold medals on his chest, and now one of them was gone.

From here on, this isn’t a story I heard from that girl, but one I learned from the old men of the Dark Sea Knights. After Dé Ryúa was freed, it seems some of the workers marched toward Admiral Imanov, who had been left behind, shouting “We can’t forgive this bastard, let’s execute him!”, but they say two twin girls stood in front of him.
Even though they were young children, the two twins looked at the approaching workers with such incredibly frightening eyes that they dispersed.

After that, Dé Ryúa became the monster realm it is today, and at the same time, the twins also became Nereids. The twins then immediately went to see Admiral Imanov, who had been put into a jail.
And then, now that they’re beautiful Nereids, and thanks to an arrangement made by Onee-sama, it seems the three of them are in that VIP room all the time.
Onee-sama once told me that occasionally there are human girls that must become monsters, as their hearts would break if they remained humans.
I also heard this from those old men, but it seems there were various rumors like the reason the Admiral was changed, and salaries were not being properly paid, was because a decision made by the country of Diana had caused problems, and the amount of money that could be used on Dé Ryúa had to be cut, or that entertainment had been banned not by the Admiral, but by the Order of the Chief God, who were being cautious about monsters...
Even if those rumors were true, it didn’t look like it to the islanders, and because they didn’t know that, Admiral Imanov became the bad guy to all of them.

Hey. Both onii-san and my father are humans, and I love humans. I like the Lord’s church and stained-glass windows made by humans, because they’re so beautiful. But, I don’t really understand who’s superior, who’s inferior, or who’s bad in human society.

But this is Dé Ryúa, so let’s think about feeling good instead of difficult things❤
Hey. I think the third person from that story earlier spends all of his time now connected to one of the twins~❤
We’re the same~❤ Onii-san is always hard, and has connected with me like this more and more❤
Don’t be shy onii-san, do me more❤ Faster❤ Faster~❤
If you want to feel even better, just push me against the floor or a wall like this... Waa❤ You did it so quickly❤
Even though we can see the door to our room from here, you’ve got no patience❤
Nfufu❤ Say, onii-san~❤
You’re so, so much more manly than I thought, you’re so cool❤

Seventh Song Island Queen Diana (p158)

Translation missing

Queen Diana's History (p162)

Translation missing

Current Queen Diana (p167)

Translation missing

Songstress Introduction (Asura Mythra) (p169)

Translation missing

Song of Peace (p170)

Translation missing

The Duties of the Songstress and Song Maidens (p171)

Translation missing

Luxury Liner Perrine Melno (p172)

Translation missing

Patrol Ship Diane (p173)

Translation missing

Slave Ship Lu Tine (p173)

Translation missing

Giant Battleship Queen Diana (p175)

Translation missing

Asura Mythra's Mansion (p175)

Translation missing

Countless Cabins (p176)

Translation missing

Topic - Her Majesty the Queen and Admiral Eizen (p177)

Translation missing

Dark Capital Asuramis (p177)

Translation missing

Afterword (p179)

Translation missing



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