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List of Mamono

The following is a comprehensive list of all 217 currently-available entries in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia.
Image Name Family Type Habitat Disposition Diet Release Date(Latest)
Akaname Icon majin
Temptress Majin Human settlements, Zipangu Region Lustful, melancholic, spiteful Filth, sweat, saliva, etc., men's Spirit Energy September 1, 2014
Alice Icon devil
Succubus Demon Wonderland Meek Men's Spirit Energy August 3, 2009
Alp Icon devil
Succubus Demon Unclear Varied (also lustful) Men's Spirit Energy March 22, 2011
Alraune Icon plant
Alraune Plant Forest, jungles, etc. Lustful, strong-willed Nutrients from the soil, men's Spirit Energy May 27, 2007
Amazoness Icon devil
Succubus Demon Forests Strong-willed, lustful Men's Spirit Energy June 1, 2009
Angel Icon angel
Angel Angel Heaven Devoted Men's Spirit Energy May 24, 2009
Ant Arachne Icon insect
Arachne Bug Caves, plains, forests, etc., underground Lustful, strong-willed Remains of dead animals, husks, ect... July 27, 2009
Anubis Icon animal
Wolf Beastman Ruins in the Desert region Honest, stubborn Omnivorous, prefers meat October 18, 2009
Apophis Icon reptile
Lamia Reptile Desert Region Bold, lustful Carnivorous, wild animals etc., men's Spirit Energy March 17, 2013
Apsara Icon element
Spirit Aquatic Oceans, rivers, lakes, etc. Lustful, cheerful, calm Men's spirit energy February 19, 2015
Arachne Icon insect
Arachne Bug Caves, deep forests Bold, ferocious, lustful Carnivorous, wild animal etc. October 13, 2008
Arch Imp Icon devil
Imp Demon Demon Realm Simple, selfish Men's Spirit Energy March 25, 2012
Atlach-Nacha Icon insect
Arachne Bug Caves, underground Strong-willed, ill-tempered Omnivorous: wild animals etc. January 10, 2017
Automaton Icon golem
Golem Magic Material Ancient ruins Devoted, poor at expressing emotions Human men's spirit energy February 28, 2017
Banshee Icon undead
Succubus Undead Cemeteries, Human Settlements Gloomy, Devoted The essence of human men December 26, 2018
Baphomet Icon animal
Baphomet Dark Beast Demon Realm Strong-willed Omnivorous, prefers the flesh of beasts, men's Spirit Energy April 18, 2009
Barometz Icon plant
Alraune Plant Mountainous regions, wastelands Gentle, lustful Nutrients from the soil, men's Spirit Energy January 12, 2015
Basilisk Icon reptile
Lamia Reptile Caves, desert areas Calm, gloomy Carnivorous (Wild animals, etc.) March 9, 2016
Beelzebub Icon insect
Fly Bug Demon Realm Violent, selfish, lustful Omnivorous, will eat almost anything, has a preference for human fluids September 28, 2009
Bicorn Icon animal
Centaur Beastman Forests, Demon Realm Gentle, devoted, lustful Men's Spirit Energy May 13, 2012
Black Harpy Icon birds
Harpy Birdman Grasslands, mountains Vicious Omnivorous, mostly nuts and small animals May 12, 2017
Blue Oni Icon demihuman
Ogre Demihuman Caves, mountainous regions, Zipangu Region Strong-willed, calm Omnivorous, prefers meat and sake August 28, 2011
Bubble Slime Icon slime
Slime Semiliquid Wet areas, sewers, etc. Gloomy, simple-minded Men's semen, sweat, saliva, etc. November 11, 2008
Bunyip Icon reptile
Lamia Reptile The waterside of rivers and lakes, etc. Ferocious, timid, cowardly Carnivorous: wild animals, etc. May 16, 2018
Cait Sith Icon animal
Cat Beastman Human settlements, Cat Kingdom Selfish, capricious, haughty Omnivorous, prefers meat March 4, 2015
Cancer Icon fish
Cancer Crustacean Near water, such as oceans, seashores, and rivers Meek, devoted, poor at expressing emotions Carnivorous, small fish, shellfish, etc. January 24, 2014
Centaur Icon animal
Centaur Beastman Plains, forests Violent, lustful Carnivorous, eats any kind of animal November 22, 2008
Charybdis Icon fish
Mimic Shapeshifter Oceans Timid, lustful Omnivorous, eat anything they can May 31, 2010
Cheshire Cat Icon animal
Cat Beastman Wonderland Lustful, mean, capricious Omnivorous, prefers meat November 27, 2013
Chimaera Icon animal
Chimaera Dark Beast Wastelands, volcanic regions, mountainous regions Ferocious (they have varying personalities) Omnivorous, wild animals, fruits and vegetables, etc., men's Spirit Energy October 19, 2014
Chochin-Obake Icon golem
Tsukumogami Magic Material Zipangu Region Devoted, calm Men's Spirit Energy August 7, 2011
Cockatrice Icon birds
Harpy Birdman Mountains, caves Timid Omnivorous: fruits, grains, insects, small animals December 17, 2007
Crow Tengu Icon birds
Harpy Birdman Mountains, Zipangu Region Bold Omnivorous, mostly small animals and fruits May 26, 2008
Cu Sith Icon animal
Wolf Beastman Human settlements Honest, obedient, devoted Omnivorous: prefers meat October 14, 2015
Cupid Icon angel
Angel Angel Heaven, Human settlements Calm, devoted, quiet The love of human men May 28, 2015
Cursed Sword Icon golem
Magic Weapon Magic Material Ancient structures such as ruins and old castles Ferocious, honest, devoted Men's spirit energy April 9, 2016
Cyclops Icon demihuman
Ex-Giant Ex-Giant Deep mountains Calm, emotionless Omnivorous, mostly fruits and animals in the mountains December 21, 2008
Dark Angel Icon angel
Angel Angel Pandemonium Lustful Men's Spirit Energy May 24, 2009
Dark Elf Icon demihuman
Succubus Elf Forests, Demon Realm Aggressive, lustful Men's Spirit Energy January 27, 2009
Dark Mage Icon majin
Majin Majin Forests, swamps, Demon Realm settlements. Lustful, selfish The same things as humans, human men's Spirit Energy January 20, 2017
Dark Matter Icon element
Spirit Elemental Demon Realm Lustful Men's spirit energy August 7, 2010
Dark Priest Icon devil
Succubus Demon Human Settlements, Pandemonium Lustful, devoted Men's Spirit Energy January 12, 2010
Dark Slime Icon slime
Slime Semiliquid Plains, etc., Demon Realm Lustful, simple Men's semen, sweat, saliva, etc. November 1, 2009
Dark Valkyrie Icon angel
Angel Angel Pandemonium Serious, devoted, lustful Men's Spirit Energy May 5, 2014
Demon Icon devil
Succubus Demon Demon Realm Bold, malicious, lustful Men's Spirit Energy August 26, 2015
Devil Icon devil
Imp Demon Demon Realm Mean, lustful Men's Spirit Energy November 7, 2013
Devil Bug Icon insect
Devil Bug Bug Indoors, caves Lustful Anything edible April 23, 2017
Dhampir Icon majin
Succubus Majin Human Settlements, Demon Realms Honest, calm, devoted The same food as humans, men's Spirit Energy June 11, 2012
Doppelganger Icon undead
Ghost Undead Human settlements, etc., Demon Realm Various (originally timid) Men's spirit energy April 17, 2011
Dormouse Icon animal
Mouse Beastman Wonderland Calm, passionate Omnivorous, eats anything December 17, 2013
Dorome Icon element
Spirit Elemental Caves, Wetlands Lustful, composed, simple Human men's mana December 24, 2016
Dragon Icon reptile
Dragon Reptile Caves, mountainous regions Strong-willed, arrogant (depending on the conditions, honest, lustful) Meat, wild animals, etc. July 26, 2010
Dragon Zombie Icon reptile
Dragon Undead Caves, mountainous areas, wetlands Simple, lustful, ferocious Human men's mana February 12, 2017
Dryad Icon plant
Dryad Plant Forests Gentle, passionate Nutrients from the ground, sap secreted from their trees July 18, 2008
Dullahan Icon undead
Dullahan Undead Demon Realm Strong-willed, stubborn, calm (meek, lustful) Men's spirit energy May 5, 2009
Dwarf Icon demihuman
Succubus Dwarf Caves, mines, human settlements Cheerful, strong-willed, lustful Men's Spirit Energy October 11, 2010
Echidna Icon reptile
Lamia Reptile Deep within dungeons Lustful Animal meat December 6, 2007
Elf Icon demihuman
Succubus Elf Forests Prideful, aggressive (and eventually, lustful) Men's Spirit Energy January 27, 2009
Fairy Icon demihuman
Succubus Fairy Forests, The Fairy Kingdom Innocent, honest, energetic Men's Spirit Energy February 2, 2009
Familiar Icon animal
Chimaera Dark Beast Human settlements, Demon Realm Cheerful, meek, lustful Witch's Demonic Energy, men's Spirit Energy May 15, 2014
Flow Kelp Icon plant
Mandragora Plant Oceans Calm, gloomy Photosynthesis by sunlight, human men's spirit energy January 26, 2016
Gandharva Icon birds
Harpy Birdman Mountainous regions, desert regions Cheerful, lustful, passionate Fragrance, men's Spirit Energy February 3, 2015
Gargoyle Icon golem
Golem Magic Material Towers, ancient castles Bold, lustful Men's Spirit Energy March 13, 2019
Gazer Icon ex
Gazer Single-Eyed Demihuman caves, Demon Realm Mean, arrogant Men's Spirit Energy September 11, 2013
Genie Icon element
Spirit Elemental Desert region (ruins) Cheerful, mean Men's spirit energy November 25, 2018
Ghost Icon undead
Ghost Undead Graveyards, human settlements, old buildings, etc. Simple, lustful Men's spirit energy November 25, 2009
Ghoul Icon undead
Zombie Undead Graveyards, Desert region Ferocious, strong-willed Men's spirit energy March 9, 2011
Giant Ant Icon insect
Ant Bug Caves, plains, forests, etc. underground Honest, diligent Dead animal remains, grains, etc. June 19, 2007
Giant Slug Icon insect
Shell Mollusc Sewers, swampland, forests Gentle, slow Herbivorous, mostly new shoots February 9, 2008
Girtablilu Icon insect
Arachne Bug Desert region Strong-willed, calm, violent, lustful Carnivorous, wild animal etc. March 9, 2010
Glacies Icon element
Spirit Elemental The snowy region, whole area including "ice palace" Cold, strong-willed Men's spirit energy December 25, 2012
Gnome Icon element
Spirit Elemental Caves, mines, etc. Calm, Gentle Men's spirit energy October 1, 2010
Goblin Icon demihuman
Goblin Demihuman Caves, mountainous regions, human settlements, etc. Simple, ill-tempered Omnivorous, eats anything January 13, 2011
Golem Icon golem
Golem Magic Material None Various Men's Spirit Energy May 26, 2016
Greenworm Icon insect
Worm Bug Plains, forest Simple, gentle Herbivorous: fruits and vegetables, etc. February 24, 2018
Gremlin Icon devil
Imp Demon Ancient ruins Selfish, mean Omnivorous: prefer sweets February 28, 2017
Griffon Icon animal
Griffon Demon Beast Mountainous areas, desert areas Ferocious, arrogant, bold Carnivorous, wild animals, etc. (prefers horse meat) December 5, 2016
Grizzly Icon animal
Bear Beastman Forests, mountainous regions Gentle, ferocious Omnivorous, prefers wild animals, fish, etc. December 18, 2010
Gyoubu Danuki Icon animal
Tanuki Beastman Human settlements, forests, mountainous areas, Zipangu Region Cheerful, ill-natured, lustful Omnivorous, prefers meat February 11, 2012
Hakutaku Icon animal
Minotaur Beastman Mist Continent (Near lakes, rivers, etc.) Calm, cool Omnivorous: prefers wild grasses, et cetra February 13, 2016
Harpy Icon birds
Harpy Birdman Grasslands, mountains Cheerful Omnivorous - fruits, nuts, small animals, etc. May 12, 2017
Hellhound Icon animal
Wolf Beastman Volcanic regions, graveyards, Demon Realm Ferocious, bold, selfish Carnivorous, wild animals, etc. December 1, 2014
High Orc Icon animal
Orc Beastman Mountainous areas Lustful (bold, ferocious, malicious or timid, devoted) Omnivorous: eats anything January 17, 2018
Hinezumi Icon animal
Mouse Beastman Volcanic regions, Mist Continent Bold, stubborn, cowardly Omnivorous, prefers eating fire November 1, 2014
Hobgoblin Icon demihuman
Goblin Demihuman Caves, mountainous regions, human settlements, etc. Simple, warm, ill-tempered Omnivorous, eats anything January 13, 2011
Holstaur Icon animal
Minotaur Beastman Plains, human settlements Gentle, devoted Omnivorous, prefers grass May 15, 2009
Honey Bee Icon insect
Bee Bug Grasslands, forests Gentle, devoted Flower nectar May 25, 2007
Hornet Icon insect
Bee Bug Forests Ferocious, strong-willed Small animals and insects February 3, 2008
Houri Icon angel
Angel Angel Heaven, Human settlements Cheerful, serene, devoted The love of human men April 24, 2015
Humpty Egg Icon slime
Slime Semiliquid Wonderland Lustful, simple, hasty, meek Men's semen, sweat, saliva, etc. September 23, 2015
Ice Queen Icon element
Spirit Elemental Snowy region "ice palaces" Cold-hearted Human men's spirit energy November 5, 2016
Ignis Icon element
Spirit Elemental Volcanic regions, desert regions, etc. Strong-willed, passionate Men's spirit energy September 11, 2010
Imp Icon devil
Imp Demon Demon Realm Simple-Minded, selfish Men's Spirit Energy December 24, 2007
Inari Icon animal
Fox Beastman Forests, mountainous areas, human settlements, Zipangu Region Devoted, lustful Omnivorous, prefers meat April 29, 2009
Ittan-momen Icon golem
Ittan-momen Magic Material Zipangu Region (Human settlements and highways) Whimsical, poor at expressing emotion Human men's Spirit Energy April 23, 2016
Jabberwock Icon reptile
Dragon Reptile Wonderland Lustful, strong-willed, arrogant Meat, wild animals, etc., men's Spirit Energy January 14, 2014
Jiangshi Icon undead
Zombie Undead Mist Continent (graveyards) Indifferent, ferocious Men's Spirit Energy September 9, 2015
Jinko Icon animal
Tiger Beastman Mountainous regions, forests, wastelands Serious, calm Carnivorous, wild animals etc. September 3, 2013
Jinn of the Jar Icon golem
Mimic Shapeshifter Towers and castles Shy, cowardly Men's Spirit Energy June 15, 2008
Jurou-Gumo Icon insect
Arachne Bug Forested areas, human settlements, Zipangu region Gentle, violent, lustful Carnivorous, wild animal etc. April 28, 2009
Jubjub Icon birds
Harpy Birdman Wonderland Lustful, hasty, meek Omnivorous, eats anything September 16, 2015
Kakuen Icon animal
Apeman Beastman Mist continent (mountainous areas) Cheerful, selfish, lustful Omnivorous: eats anything April 3, 2015
Kamaitachi Icon animal
Weasel Beastman Zipangu (Mountainous regions) Each of the three are different Carnivorous: Wild animals, etc. September 24, 2017
Kappa Icon fish
Sahuagin Aquatic Rivers, Marshes, Zipangu Region Strong-willed, cheerful Omnivorous, prefers meats, fish, fruits and vegetables (especially cucumbers) April 27, 2009
Karakasa-Obake Icon golem
Tsukumogami Magic Material Zipangu Region Devoted, lonesome Men's Spirit Energy July 5, 2014
Kejourou Icon majin
Succubus Majin Zipangu Region Lustful, devoted Men's Spirit Energy August 15, 2014
Kesaran Pasaran Icon plant
Mandragora Plant Uncertain, since they move by riding the wind; also found in The Fairy Kingdom Cheerful, meek Men's Spirit Energy August 13, 2009
Khepri Icon insect
Beetle Bug Desert-region ruins Devoted, loyal Demonic Energy in the environment, men's Spirit Energy March 27, 2013
Kikimora Icon animal
Wolf Beastman Human settlements Devoted, diligent, gentle Omnivorous, men's Spirit Energy November 17, 2013
Kitsune-bi Icon element
Spirit Elemental Unclear (near youko and inari) Lustful, simple Men's spirit energy January 31, 2012
Kitsune-tsuki Icon majin
Majin Majin Human settlements Lustful, various Eats the same things as humans, men's Spirit Energy January 31, 2012
Kobold Icon animal
Wolf Beastman Plains, mountainous regions, caves, human settlements Meek, simple, submissive Omnivorous: eats anything August 5, 2015
Kraken Icon fish
Scylla Mollusc Oceans Calm, easy-going Carnivorous, fish and shellfish, etc. May 20, 2013
Kunoichi Icon devil
Succubus Demon Mountainous areas, human settlements, Zipangu Region Devoted, calm, poor expression of emotions Men's Spirit Energy March 15, 2012
Lamia Icon reptile
Lamia Reptile Deserts, caves in warm regions, mountains Varies wildly, most are very strong Animal flesh October 14, 2017
Large Mouse Icon animal
Mouse Beastman Sewers, caves, building type dungeons, etc. Impatient, ill-natured Omnivorous: eats anything December 7, 2008
Lava Golem Icon golem
Golem Magic Material Volcanic regions Ferocious, passionate Men's Spirit Energy February 10, 2014
Leanan Sidhe Icon demihuman
Succubus Fairy Forests, human Settlements, The Fairy Kingdom Devoted, meek Great works of art June 1, 2009
Lesser Succubus Icon devil
Succubus Demon Human Settlements, Demon Realm Lustful Men's Spirit Energy August 16, 2008
Lich Icon undead
Zombie Undead Graveyards, ruins Calm Men's spirit energy July 3, 2013
Lilim Icon devil
Succubus Demon Demon Realm Lustful Men's Spirit Energy April 24, 2011
Liliraune Icon plant
Alraune Plant Forests Lustful, lonely Nutrients from the soil, men's Spirit Energy June 18, 2014
Living Armor Icon golem
Armor Magic Material Ruins, old buildings such as castles Devoted, poor at expressing emotions Men's spirit energy March 25, 2016
Living Doll Icon golem
Doll Magic Material Human settlements, old buildings etc. Selfish Omnivorous, men's Spirit Energy May 30, 2013
Lizardman Icon reptile
Lizard Reptile Caves Strong-willed and Stubborn Carnivorous, wild animals, etc. June 13, 2009
Mad Hatter Icon plant
Matango Majin Wonderland Calm, lustful Omnivorous, but prefers black tea, men's Spirit Energy December 30, 2013
Mandragora Icon plant
Mandragora Plant Plains, forests Timid Men's Spirit Energy, nutrients from the earth August 23, 2009
Manticore Icon animal
Chimaera Dark Beast Wastelands, volcanic areas, mountainous areas Ferocious, aggressive, cruel Carnivorous, wild animals etc.., men's Spirit Energy June 18, 2013
Mantis Icon insect
Mantis Bug Forests Cold, emotionless (later cold, lustful) Carnivorous, wild animal etc. February 21, 2011
March Hare Icon animal
Rabbit Beastman Wonderland Lustful, cheerful, lonely Herbivorous, prefers Demon Realm Produce December 7, 2013
Matango Icon plant
Matango Plant Swampland, forests, anywhere damp Gentle Nutrients in the ground, men's Spirit Energy July 2, 2008
Medusa Icon reptile
Lamia Reptile Caves, towers, dungeons, etc. Strong-willed, stubborn Carnivorous, animal meat, etc. February 19, 2010
Mermaid Icon fish
Mermaid Fish Oceans Gentle, naive Omnivorous, mostly seaweed and seafood July 13, 2010
Merrow Icon fish
Mermaid Fish Oceans Warm, lustful Omnivorous, kelp, fish etc. (Spirit energy for those with husbands) May 21, 2010
Mershark Icon fish
Mermaid Fish Oceans Ferocious, Bold, Timid Carnivorous: prefers seafood January 30, 2017
Mimic Icon golem
Mimic Shapeshifter Towers and caves, anywhere chests can be found Cheerful, Pushy Men's Spirit Energy March 10, 2008
Mindflayer Icon ex
Scylla Mollusc Caves, underground Lustful, malicious Human minds June 14, 2015
Minotaur Icon animal
Minotaur Beastman Plains, caves, and dungeons like labyrinths Aggressive, ferocious Omnivorous, mainly prefers meat May 15, 2009
Mothman Icon insect
Papillon Bug Forests, mountainous areas Simple, meek, gentle Herbivorous, sap and flower nectar, fruit juices October 28, 2013
Mucus Toad Icon reptile
Toad Amphibian Waterfront, wetlands Lustful, ferocious Carnivorous, wild animals, etc. August 19, 2015
Mummy Icon undead
Zombie Undead The Desert Region, ruins, etc. Simple Men's spirit energy June 14, 2009
Myconid Icon plant
Matango Plant Forests, caves Gentle Human men's semen January 28, 2019
Nekomata Icon animal
Cat Beastman Forests, human settlements, Zipangu Region Cheerful, whimsical Omnivorous, but prefers meat, men's Spirit Energy May 3, 2011
Nereid Icon fish
Succubus Aquatic Oceans Lustful, calm Men's Spirit Energy July 3, 2010
Night Gaunt Icon devil
Succubus Demon Underground, caves Indifferent, obedient, malicious Men's Spirit Energy December 21, 2017
Nightmare Icon animal
Centaur Beastman Unknown Cowardly, weak, lustful Human men's spirit energy June 15, 2009
Nurarihyon Icon majin
Temptress Majin Zipangu Region(Human settlements) Lustful, spiteful Omnivorous April 22, 2017
Nureonago Icon slime
Slime Semiliquid Plains, grasslands, Zipangu Region Simple, meek, devoted Men's semen, sweat, saliva, etc. May 13, 2011
Ocelomeh Icon animal
Cat Beastman Wilderness Ferocious, bold Carnivorous: wild animals, etc. April 6, 2019
Ochimusha Icon undead
Zombie Undead Zipangu Region (Graveyards, former battlefields) Calm, devoted Men's Spirit Energy April 8, 2017
Ogre Icon demihuman
Ogre Demihuman Mountainous regions, caves, wastelands, etc. Strong-willed, ferocious Meat, wild animals, etc. October 21, 2010
Oomukade Icon insect
Centipede Bug Zipangu Region(woods, mountainous regions, caves) Gloomy, ferocious Meat, wild animals, etc. March 15, 2012
Orc Icon animal
Orc Beastman Mountainous areas Lustful (strong-willed, ferocious, mischievous, or timid and devoted) Omnivorous, mainly preferring the flesh of beasts June 8, 2009
Otohime Icon fish
Dragon Mermaid Zipangu region (Seas) Selfish, cheerful, devoted Carnivorous: Fish and shellfish, etc. September 10, 2016
Owl Mage Icon birds
Harpy Birdman Forests Calm, gentle Carnivorous: small animals, etc. September 11, 2018
Papillon Icon insect
Papillon Bug Plains, forest Devoted, warm Flower nectar March 21, 2018
Parasite Slime/Slime Carrier Icon slime
Slime/Majin Semiliquid/Majin Caves, ruins Simple / simple, varies Men's semen, sweat, saliva, etc. October 15, 2013
Phantom Icon undead
Ghost Undead Graveyards, ruins Cheerful, composed, lustful Human men's spirit energy October 24, 2016
Pharaoh Icon undead
Zombie Undead Desert region (ruins) Various Men's spirit energy March 8, 2013
Pixie Icon devil
Imp Fairy Forests Malicious Human men's spirit energy October 10, 2007
Queen Slime Icon slime
Slime Semiliquid Inhabits open places like plains and meadows Simple, meek Men's semen, sweat, saliva, etc. May 6, 2009
Raiju Icon animal
Weasel Beastman Zipangu Region(Mountainous regions) Bold, ferocious, lustful Carnivorous: Wild animals, etc. September 30, 2015
Ratatoskr Icon animal
Squirrel Beastman Forests, human settlements Malicious, cowardly Herbivorous: prefers nuts and fruits, etc. March 10, 2017
Red Oni Icon demihuman
Ogre Demihuman Zipangu Region (Caves, mountains, etc.) Strong-willed Omnivorous: prefers sake and meat February 6, 2008
Red Slime Icon slime
Slime Semiliquid Plains, grasslands, etc Simple Men's semen, sweat, saliva, etc. June 12, 2009
Redcap Icon demihuman
Goblin Demihuman Graveyards, ruins Ferocious (gentle) Omnivorous: prefers meat. September 24, 2016
Ren Xiongmao Icon animal
Bear Beastman Mist Continent (bamboo forests) Cheerful, lustful, gentle (ferocious) Omnivorous (prefers bamboo leaves) November 15, 2014
Roper Icon ex
Roper Tentacle Caves, tower dungeon Lustful Men's Spirit Energy March 17, 2009
Ryu Icon reptile
Dragon Reptile Zipangu Region(Large Ponds, swamps, rivers, etc.) Devoted, warm Omnivorous, wild animals, etc., men's Spirit Energy January 1, 2012
Sahuagin Icon fish
Sahuagin Aquatic Rivers, marshes, etc. places near the water's edge Emotionless, meek Meat, fish, wild animals, etc. November 1, 2010
Salamander Icon reptile
Lizard Reptile Caves, volcanic regions, etc. Frank, strong-willed, passionate Carnivorous, wild animals, etc. April 2, 2011
Sandworm Icon insect
Worm Bug Desert Region Simple Carnivorous, wild animals, etc. April 18, 2013
Satyros Icon animal
Satyros Beastman Forest, grasslands Cheerful, lustful Omnivorous: prefers wine and foods that go with it January 11, 2016
Scylla Icon fish
Scylla Mollusc Oceans Strong-willed Carnivorous, seafood etc. June 19, 2010
Sea Bishop Icon fish
Mermaid Fish Oceans Warm, devoted Omnivorous, mainly sea food May 10, 2010
Sea Slime Icon slime
Slime Semiliquid Oceans Simple, docile Men's semen, sweat, saliva, etc. February 22, 2008
Selkie Icon fish
Mermaid Beastman Snowy areas (in the seas and at the beach) Strong, obstinate Carnivorous, mainly fish and wild animals February 23, 2013
Shirohebi Icon reptile
Lamia Reptile Zipangu Region(Ponds, marshes, rivers, etc.) Devoted, warm Carnivorous, wild animals, etc. September 30, 2011
Shoggoth Icon slime
Slime Semiliquid Caves, underground, human settlements Devoted, lustful Men's semen, sweat, saliva, etc. July 29, 2015
Siren Icon birds
Harpy Birdman Near the ocean Cheerful Omnivorous, fruits, fish, etc December 9, 2009
Skeleton Icon undead
Golem Undead Graveyard Simple, emotionless Men's spirit energy June 14, 2009
Slime Icon slime
Slime Semiliquid Plains, grasslands, etc. Simple, docile Men's semen, sweat, saliva, etc. June 22, 2008
Soldier Beetle Icon insect
Beetle Bug Forest, mountainous terrain Honest, calm, obedient, and poor emotional expression Herbivorous, tree sap and fruit, etc. August 12, 2015
Sphinx Icon animal
Cat Beastman Desert Region Selfish, moody Omnivorous: prefers meat September 27, 2009
Succubus Icon devil
Succubus Demon Demon Realm Lustful Men's Spirit Energy April 8, 2009
Sylph Icon element
Spirit Elemental High places such as mountains, the sky, places where the wind blows Simple, selfish, capricious Men's spirit energy September 21, 2010
Tentacle Icon plant
Tentacle Plant Tentacle Forest, Demon Realm Cheerful, meek Men's Spirit Energy February 20, 2014
Thunderbird Icon birds
Harpy Birdman Mountainous regions, wastelands, ravines Lustful, ferocious Carnivorous, wild animals, etc. May 10, 2013
Titania Icon demihuman
Succubus Fairy Forests, The Fairy Kingdom Gentle, docile, simple Men's Spirit Energy September 2, 2015
Tritonia Icon fish
Shell Mollusc Oceans Gentle, simple Omnivorous: eats anything September 8, 2017
Troll Icon demihuman
Troll Demihuman Caves, wastelands Gentle Omnivorous, eats anything June 1, 2014
Trumpart Icon majin
Majin Majin Wonderland Honest, various Omnivorous; the same kinds of food as humans December 16, 2016
Tsurara-onna Icon element
Spirit Elemental Zipangu Region(snowy mountains) Devoted, lustful, ferocious Omnivorous, the spirit essence of human men October 29, 2018
Umi Osho Icon fish
Turtle Aquatic Zipangu Region(Seas) Timid, devoted Omnivorous: seaweed and crustaceans, etc. August 28, 2016
Unagi Joro Icon fish
Mermaid Mermaid Zipangu Region (Near large ponds, lakes, and rivers, etc.) Calm, devoted, lustful Carnivorous: seafood, etc. May 7, 2016
Undine Icon element
Spirit Elemental Lakes, springs, etc. Calm, devoted Men's spirit energy September 1, 2010
Unicorn Icon animal
Centaur Beastman Forests Gentle, devoted, lustful Herbivorous, wild grasses and vegetables, etc. February 4, 2010
Ushi-Oni Icon insect
Arachne Bug Zipangu Region(Mountainous regions, caves) Ferocious, lustful Carnivorous, wild animals, etc., men's Spirit Energy May 23, 2011
Valkyrie Icon angel
Angel Angel Heaven Calm, serious Men's Spirit Energy May 5, 2014
Vamp Mosquito Icon insect
Fly Bug Forests, waterfront, wetlands Mean Flower nectar, etc. the blood of human men October 7, 2015
Vampire Icon undead
Succubus Undead Demon Realm Strong-willed, haughty, stubborn Blood of human men December 29, 2009
Wendigo Icon animal
Wendigo Beastman Snowy region (snowy mountains) Calm, timid, devoted Carnivorous, wild animal etc. June 26, 2015
Werebat Icon animal
Bat Beastman Caves Ill-tempered, timid Omnivorous: fruits, insects, small animals January 11, 2008
Werecat Icon animal
Cat Beastman Forests, around human villages Selfish, capricious Omnivorous: prefers meat February 24, 2009
Wererabbit Icon animal
Rabbit Beastman Meadows Cheerful, impatient, lonely Herbivorous, mostly wild grass and vegetables June 5, 2008
Weresheep Icon animal
Sheep Beastman Plains, human settlements Gentle (violent, lustful) Herbivorous: prefers wild grasses January 22, 2011
Werewolf Icon animal
Wolf Beastman Forests, mountains Ferocious, loyal Carnivorous, small animals, etc. December 21, 2007
White Horn Icon animal
Centaur Beastman Snowy region(snowy mountains) Calm, passionate Omnivorous: mainly wild grasses and vegetables, etc. October 9, 2016
Wight Icon undead
Zombie Undead Graveyards, ruins Lustful Men's spirit energy August 15, 2013
Will-o-the-Wisp Icon undead
Ghost Undead Graveyards, ruins Ferocious, gloomy, lonely Men's spirit energy March 19, 2015
Witch Icon majin
Majin Majin Various: Deep within forests, human settlements, etc. Various The same things as humans, human men's Spirit Energy April 18, 2009
Wurm Icon reptile
Dragon Reptile Wetlands, mountainous areas, caves Ferocious, simple, meek Carnivorous, wild animals, etc. November 4, 2012
Wyvern Icon reptile
Dragon Reptile Mountainous areas, Caves Abrasive Carnivorous, local wildlife September 3, 2012
Yeti Icon animal
Apeman Beastman Snowy region, snowy mountains Cheerful, gentle, honest Omnivorous November 25, 2012
Youko Icon animal
Fox Beastman Forests, mountains, human settlements Aggressive, lustful, egoistic Omnivorous, but prefers meat February 8, 2009
Yuki-Onna Icon element
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An Introduction


Monster girls, also known as mamono or sometimes just monsters, are the stars of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia and its many subordinate publications. While they come in a cornucopic variety of shapes, sizes, and dispositions, in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia world, they are all united by an overwhelming love of sex, with supernaturally-beautiful bodies to make sure they get it.

Decried as the enemy of mankind by the Order of the Chief God - the theocratic world-church to which the vast majority of humans belong - monster girls' inhuman looks and questionable dating practices mean they really are viewed with dread by most of the other races of the world, even though for the most part their intentions aren't any more sinister than giving the men they capture a really, really good time.

General Features

The monster girls were created as magical hybrids, combining the traditional blood-drinking, skull-crushing monsters of the age of the Former Demon Lord with the sultry, seductive, and sexy succubus race. What popped out the end were creatures that still walk on eight dagger-tipped legs or a million writhing tentacles, but at the same time have rockin' tits and a literally irresistible sexuality. Their monster heritage endows them with superhuman strength and an instinctive urge towards wanton mating, but it also means they have great difficulty with the word "no" - meaning that encounters with human males regularly end in hot, sticky reverse rape.

The habitats of monster girls are as varied as their forms. Some remain in the haunting grounds of their monstrous predecessors: barren wastelands, deep forests, and spooky graveyards. Others make their homes deep under the sea or high on the mountaintops. But, once the monsters were gifted sexy forms and divested of their propensity to murder everything they set their eyes on, inevitably there are some humans who are happy to live alongside them in mixed communities. Here monster girls are generally more placid, and prove enthusiastic workers in roles from high-class prostitute to... err... other varieties of high-class prostitute.

As the above suggests, not all monsters are violent in their endless pursuit of coitus; different species' behaviors run the whole gamut from one-sided kicking and screaming violation through equitable human-style courtship all the way to enticing men to rape them. Still, whatever method they use, if a monster girl spots you, you are unlikely to come out of the encounter with your pants intact. Not even gender will necessarily save you - many monsters enjoy yuri raping women almost as much as they enjoy raping men. So while monster girls won't club you to death and suck the marrow out of your bones like their progenitors did, if anything they have become more dangerous to other races now that sex has been honed into a superweapon.

A Succubus' Plan: Monsters become Monster girls


Monster girls are obsessed with dicks to the extent that they are obsessed with things that look a bit like dicks

When the world was created by the original Chief God, monsters were slavering, shambling horrors that fed on the flesh of man. The history of the world is an eternal cycle of rise and fall: monsters pillage human civilization when it is weak, and are pushed back to their dark lairs when it is strong. It was a yin-yang balance that ebbed and flowed for uncountable eons... until one being - not a god or even a human, but a monster succubus - had an idea. Succubi were odd creatures by the monsters' standards, as they fed on semen instead of blood, so their lives were dedicated to pleasuring human males rather than ripping them to pieces. And the succubus' idea was: if all the other monsters were like succubi, then there need be no more endless slaughter.

It was a crazy utopian pipe dream which actually could be - and, in the end, was - realized. The succubus teamed up with (and married) a sympathetic human hero, and went on to have herself crowned as Demon Lord, the demigod of the monsters. Using the magical power of that office she cast a great enchantment, which channeled her succubus traits into all the other monsters in the world - and thus monster girls were formed.

It is not a solution without teething problems. Major, potentially-wipe-out-all-sentient-life-in-the-world problems. The most obvious one is that the gods are not especially amenable to upstart mortal sex-demons unilaterally editing the whole metaphysical character of their world. By this point, however, the Demon Lord had grown strong enough that (with her husband's help) she could actually hold her own in battle against the Chief God. Astonishingly thwarted in her attempt at a decapitation strike, the Chief God has retreated to Heaven and settled back into a long game of holy war, directing her mortal and angelic servants to battle the monster girl menace wherever they find it.

A more slow-acting but probably more dangerous problem is that the Demon Lord's monster girl-making enchantment didn't actually do what she'd intended it to. The sexy, pro-active monsters are all according to plan, but the eventual product of all this sex turned out to be only female children. Monster girls give birth to more monster girls, whereas the Demon Lord had expected an issue of monster daughters and human sons. Obviously, this is a feature that leads first to demographic imbalance and later to total extinction. The Demon Lord therefore spends most of her time locked away in her castle with her husband, trying to build up enough sexual energy to cast a second enchantment that will allow monster girls to produce sons.

Common Traits

Although different species of mamono vary far and wide, there are a few traits that are known to be common to many species.


  • Husband Hunting - As stated above, all mamono require human men to have children. Each species has its own particular method of getting a husband, ranging from simply abducting and then raping them to proposing in a similar manner to regular humans.
  • Desire to Mate - Due to the power of the demon lord (who is a succubus), all mamono have a strong desire to have sex implanted deep in their minds. Although some of the more intelligent, docile, or refined species may be able to hold this desire back for long periods of time, they will eventually be overcome by it and be consumed with lust.
  • Submissiveness - Although rare, some types of mamono will obey a human male once certain conditions are fulfilled. Thus far, there are three known ways for a mamono to become submissive.
    • Taming - This method basically involves training them in a similar fashion to animals.
    • Defeat in Battle - Some mamono (such as the werewolf, orc, or ogre) will acknowledge a human man as their master after losing to them in a one-on-one battle.
    • Instinct - Some mamono (such as the dragon or khepri) will instinctively obey their husbands after acquiring them.


  • Overwhelming Abilities - Most mamono have some type of ability (physical, mental, or supernatural) that allows them to overwhelm a human man.
  • Lesser Succubus extra art

    A human woman after transforming into a lesser succubus

    Transformation of Human Females - Some mamono are capable of changing human females into mamono through the use of some technique. There are two variations of this trait.
    1. Same Species Transformation - In this process, a human woman is transformed into the same species or a subspecies of the mamono that transformed them. Some of the more well known examples of this transformation are:
      • The succubi, who pour demonic energy into human women through sex, after which, the woman will become a lesser succubus and eventually transform into one of several types, depending on the conditions present (amazoness, kunoichi, etc.).
      • The werewolf, whose bite will transform human women into other werewolves.
      • The apophis, who injects venom into women, transforming them into her lamia servants.
    2. Alternate Species Tranformation - In this process, a human woman is transformed into a different species of mamono. In most cases (such as the anubis and the mummy), the species that the woman gets transformed into is subservient to the species that transformed them.
  • Demonic Power - Having been transformed into their current state by the new demon lord, all mamono have a certain degree of demonic power in their bodies.
  • Incubus Transformation - During intercourse, mamono release demonic power into the man they're having sex with. Over time, that power will transform the man into an incubus. It should be noted that the type of mamono(s) that transformed him will determine what abilities he will develop, as well as his status in their relationship.

Book Information

There are more passages in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia books that describe monster's general features than any other topic. In addition to the few below, see especially All for the Sake of Sex, Races of Monsters, Encounters with Monsters, Fundamentals of the Monsters, etc.

Monsters (Early settings info)

Monsters. Many of them are under the Demon Lord's command. They're all lumped together as monsters, but there exist various races with various forms and traits. They're almost all entirely having a form like that of a human woman, and only the existence of females has been confirmed. Their temperaments and dispositions vary dramatically depending on the race, but fundamentally, they are more instinctual than humans, and many of them are consumed by lust and pleasure. Since only females exist, they need to copulate with human men in order to make children. Since some of the monsters feed on what humans, especially men, possess within their bodies, a vital energy known as “Spirit Energy,” they need to copulate with human men to get it. In this way, human men are essential to them. They possess a variety of abilities to get human men. Most of the monsters have an instinct to attack human men and forcibly have intercourse. For the sake of their own lust and desires, they'll often use coercive measures especially if it's something involving human men. Even if a man they've personally targeted tries to reject them, they will probably use various means such as coercive sex, seduction, spells, and drugs to try and get him. Compared to humans, they possess long lifespans (Depending on the race, it varies significantly, with some living just a little longer than humans, and others living for thousands of years.). Generally, they possess higher physical and magical abilities compared to humans.

They are regarded as “the enemy of humanity” by humans, mainly by followers of “the order.” Humans taken away by monsters never return (Because many of them start living with them in their homes.) It is sometimes said that the monsters “kill and eat humans,” but in actuality most of them are generally friendly towards people. Since they can't live without human men, to them, eating people or killing people is unthinkable.

Also, some monsters have the power to change the women of humans and other races into monsters. In order to increase their allies, they also aggressively assault women.

Concerning Monsters (MGE-1)

At present, due to the influence of the current demon lord, a succubus possessing tremendous power, all of the monsters have forms like that of either an extremely beautiful, or cute human woman.

Their forms are highly varied, running the gamut from being hardly any different from human, to only having the upper body of a woman, with the lower body of a serpent, fish, spider, etc., features of a beautiful, alluring human woman mixed with grotesque traits. Presently, as is visibly apparent, all individuals are female; a male has never been observed. Most of the monsters are more instinctual compared with humans. Their thoughts and actions are all based on desire and dedicated to the pursuit of pleasure. Compared with humans, many of them have greater physical or magical capabilities. They have various special abilities that humans do not possess. Intelligence varies greatly depending on race, but all of the monsters are at least smart enough to have a command of language. It is possible for them to converse with humans. They have long life spans compared with humans. (It varies depending on race, from only a little longer than humans, to those who live for thousands of years.) No matter how old they get, their forms remain young and beautiful, and they never physically age any further than that.

The concept of monsters (Fallen Maidens)

Monster is a general term for various races that are reigned over by the Demon Lord.

Formerly, in the age when the old Demon Lord ruled the monsters that is called “the age of the former Demon Lords”, monsters were grotesque creatures that devoured humans and spread death. However, since an immensely powerful succubus took over and became the new Demon Lord, we've entered an age called “the new Demon Lord's age”, and the monsters forms have changed dramatically. All of them now have beautiful, alluring figures resembling human women. They attack humans, just as they did when they were grotesque creatures, however the meaning behind it is completely different.

The monsters of the present have been heavily influenced by the nature of the Demon Lord who is a succubus and their main food is the same as that of the Demon Lord, living energy called “mana” that is contained within the semen, saliva, etc. of human men. Also, just as it appears, all of the monsters are female. Presently, a male monster has never been confirmed. For that reason, when they reproduce, they must have sex with a human man. And more than anything, in general, all “monsters” are lustful, and instinctual. They are devoted to pleasure and desire, especially the desire to have sex with men. Due to these goals, they coercively have sex with human men, and attack them in order to rape them.

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