Demonic elementals are now a frequent sight in Polove

Polove is a nation in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia world, homeland of Saphirette Spherica and the base of the Elementalist Association. It is presumably located somewhere on the Order's continent. Previously, it was either an anti-monster or neutral state [1], but in recent times it is being converted into a Demon Realm.


Refer to: Elemental Handbook

As an aside, my homeland was a country extremely scarce in the elements of the natural world. There were no elementals whatsoever, the wind stopped, it was a struggle just to obtain water, and there was an expanse of barren wastelands where crops could hardly be grown. Both the people and the state were utterly destitute. We requested aid from the order of the Chief God, but we were refused, perhaps because my country had no resources, and was of no strategic value whatsoever geographically. [2]

Saphirette, who was an apprentice Order scholar at the time, attempted to heal the land using four pure elementals, but was unsuccessful. Aware that demonic energy can increase elementals' powers, she ventured into the Demon Realm and was attacked by a dark matter, transforming into one herself. Together, the five elemental monsters returned to Polove and began pouring demonic power into the earth.

Apparently following Saphirette's lead, elemental covenanters began to flock to the destitute nation to help out, establishing the Elementalist Association. At the time Saphirette writes the Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide II: Demon Realm Traveller's Guide, it sounds like Polove has become something of an Anti-Monster vs. Elementalist-Association warzone, with the covenanters "opposed by the order, and there are frequent rebellions from within and without" [3]. Nonetheless, Saphirette continues to attempt to drum up tourism business by promising of sixsome sex with her and her elementals. As is probably the case in many monster areas, Polove now seems to be suffering a shortage of males; Saphirette reports that "when my homeland became a demon realm, most of the men in my country were carried off by other monsters while I was finishing a report".


  1. Saphirette is never entirely clear on Polove's previous relationship with the Order, aside from the fact that it wasn't a very helpful one
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