The Raiju are a race of weasel beastmen that live in the Zipangu region. They are hedonists at heart and continue to seek pleasure and orgasm, often to the point where they are seen masturbating in public. But the pleasure they desire brings another characteristic, their sexual indulgence charges their bodies with electrical energy. And as they are often seen fondling themselves, they remain charged to the point where they are described as being covered in lightning.

If anyone were to touch her, the electrical energy stored within her body would flow into them. But this electric current will not harm the other person and is said to shock them with the accumulated pleasure the Raiju used to generate the current in the first place, often causing the Raiju and the other party to experience multiple orgasms from a single touch. Their electrical energy is said to remain flowing within the bodies of their targets, stimulating them until it dissipates.

Their electricity is their weapon and they will use it to attack prey and enemies alike. But even those who carelessly touch them will experience the orgasmic electric current they release. And it is said that the electrical energy they store within their bodies allows them to remain in an aroused and pleasured state.

Encyclopedia Entry

A race of ferocious beastmen said to appear along with thunder and clad in lightning. They are hedonists that seek pleasure that pierces the body like lightning, who live for the sake of the moment of orgasm, and they will attack and violate human men without hesitation as soon as they spot them. They are able to convert the pleasure coursing through their own body into the power of lightning, and they can cover their body in it.

Since they generate electricity by reaching down and fondling their genitals to produce pleasure whenever they get a chance, electrical current is always flowing through their body, and they're always in a charged state. This electrical current won't damage the human body, but those shocked will have an amount of pleasure equivalent to the pleasure from when the Raiju generated the charge flow into their body. To the raiju it's mere masturbation, but if the pleasure generated by the lascivious monster's body is received by the human body, the person will instantly be visited by multiple orgasms of such intensity they will become unable to even stand up. They will attack their prey or enemies by discharging electricity, and those who carelessly touch them will also get shocked from the electrifying current.

This current causes pleasure to mercilessly course through the raiju‘s own body too. Because they are charged, pleasure is constantly flowing through their body, however, instead of faltering, they enjoy being repeatedly visited by orgasm after orgasm; it elevates their mood and activates their body. They desire to cover their body in more powerful current, in other words, more powerful pleasure. Since they would presumably be able to increase their pleasure most through sexual intercourse, they want a male who will be best for them. Men violated by their charged vagina or mouth will have to cope with the new pleasure generated by these sexual organs on top of the pleasure from the current. The powerful pleasure, as if struck by lightning, is usually enough to cause men to ejaculate instantly and pass out.

If a man is liked by a raiju and becomes her husband, he will have to spend his days having intensely stimulating sex with a monster devoted to the pursuit of pleasure. By becoming an incubus, a man will become able to enjoy the lightning-like pleasure (that can't be processed by the human mind), as a sort of numbing, stimulating pleasure, without passing out. They can continue to maintain the greatest pleasure they built up by having sex with their husband, by converting it into the form of current and charging it in their body. Due to this, their body can always be pierced by the greatest pleasure induced by their husband. At any given time, they can continuously ruminate the best moment when they were brought to orgasm by their beloved husband while focusing their mind on him

Their electrical current has the property of continuing to stay charged for a while even in the bodies of those shocked. During this period a person will be continuously attacked by the pleasure, but as time passes, the current and the pleasure will subside until it eventually leaves the body. However, many of the human women shocked will find themselves unable to forget the stimulating pleasure from that occasion. When they feel dissatisfied as the current subsides, they'll start to reach down and touch their own genitals to try to obtain pleasure. The new pleasure charged from the woman's own desire will bind with the raiju's mamono mana and amplify the weakening current.

By the time she experiences joy whenever the current pierces her body and begins to seek pleasure even greater than that of masturbation, a woman will have become a new raiju who longs for the best male to get stimulating orgasms.

Kenkou's Notes

This time's update is "Raiju", a monster girl that has the electric attribute which is precious in the encyclopedia world. They dress in a rather punkish fashion, but since they wear kimono, it seems they're a monster of Zipangu. Compared to the thunderbirds which mainly discharge electricity, they mainly charge electricity, or something like that.[1]

今回の更新は「雷獣(ライジュウ)」  図鑑世界では貴重な電気属性な魔物娘です。 中々パンクな着こなし方をしてますが、着物を着ている通り、ジパングの魔物らしいです。 放電メインのサンダーバードと比べて、彼女達は帯電メインなんだとか。

Extra Info

Question: Asking about the glowing triangular objects on the raiju's clothes:

Answer: They look fake, but they're “electrodes”. When they're not charged, they're an ordinary metallic black ash color, but when they're charged, they shine blue as in the illustration. Of course, their other parts are charged too, so it's not like you won't get shocked from the rest of them. But it seems these will be used such as when applying pressure to discharge electricity, or something like that.[1]

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