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A higher type of slime that possesses a body of flexible red liquid. Compared with the "Slime", they are fewer in number.  They live in places near human settlements like plains, grasslands, etc. They live amongst regular slimes that inhabit the same kinds of areas.


Red slimes have more developed feelings than blue slimes. When receiving semen, they experience stronger sensations of “pleasure” and “happiness”, and their expressions are even lewder.

They are physically and mentally more advanced than slimes, especially emotionally.There are even some that exist that have emotions that are almost entirely humans. Compared with the slimes that mostly move based on instinct, they are a bit rational, and can easily convey their intentions. However, their diet is the same as a slime’s, and they are actually a bit more fierce. When they find a man, they aggressively assault him. Even though they're a bit smart, it doesn't change the fact that they're slimes whose bodies and minds have been melted by pleasure.

However, they are more emotionally developed than slimes. They become fond of and target specific men. Depending on the individual, they become stubborn, or become shy and let their prey go most of the time so they are usually less dangerous than the supposedly lower types of slimes.

As far as reproduction is concerned, it’s the same as in the slime. They use extra stored nutrients to divide, producing more individuals. Compared to slimes, there is a more distinct parent-child relationship. That is, they're aware of it, but to them it's normal and acceptable for a father, mother and daughter to have threesomes. So in the end, what they do is no different than what ordinary slimes do.

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