Ropers are a kind of parasitic monstergirl, formed the symbiosis of a human woman with a "roper egg". At the beginning of a roper infection, the tentacles have a mind of their own, and stir their host up into sexual frenzy. As monsterization progresses, the host and the parasite seem to mind-meld into a single consciousness, although now irrevocably corrupted to the monsters' love of sex.

As parasites, ropers are one of the few monsters (others being the alraune, matango, and slimes) who don't go through pregnancy, since their reproductive cycle involves messing around with other women's wombs. This means they are partial - obliged, even - to engage in some girl-on-girl lovin' to propagate the species. Alternatively, Tentacle Forest can turn regular women to ropers if any are foolhardy enough to venture in there.

The Demon Realm Traveller's Guide contains a whole section on the specifics of roper monsterization. The lilim Druella infects Princess Francisca with a roper egg in Fallen Maidens and Fallen Brides. One of the stories in Diary Of The Age of Monster Love II has a roper as the main girl.

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Strange monsters that have a human upper body and gelatinous lower body, like that of a slime, from which long tentacles grow. It has been suspected that they may be a variety of plant type monster but the truth is uncertain. Actually, they were not originally monsters to begin with and their form is the result of them parasitically infecting human women and fusing with them.

Ropers start out appearing as egg-like, shell-covered, spherical objects; adult ropers seize human women with their tentacles and shove their ovipositer tentacle into the human's vagina to implant these "roper eggs". A Roper egg implanted inside a human women will soon sprout like a plant, extending a small tentacle. It will spread it's roots in the host women's womb and fuse with her. A Roper parasite will then remake the host's body from within. The host's lower body will change to become gelatinous like that of a slime and numerous tentacles will appear from there.

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In this manner, ropers make their tentacles crawl over the host's body to prepare her to receive a man and lure him in.

During the Roper's larval stage the host will retain her human consciousness as is, but because the fusion between the Roper and it's host is incomplete the tentacle's will ignore the host's will and wriggle around doing whatever they please. In order for a Roper to grow into adulthood the semen of a human man is required. So when the tentacles moving on their own sense a man's presence, they will entwine all over the host's body; tentacles wrapping around the breasts will rub them quite roughly; others will violate the host's mouth, spitting out large volumes of thick, sweet mucus (which will arouse her wildly) and still others inserted into the vagina will stir it up while making alluring wet noises. This will cause her to cry out alluringly in ecstasy and lure the man.

After enticing a man in this fashion, when he draws near and takes the bait, he'll be seized by the tentacles and have the semen milked out of him. After ingesting a man's semen, a roper will grow rapidly and completely fuse with its host.

A ex-human that became an "adult roper" in this manner will have become one with it, so she'll be able to control the tentacles with her own will as if they were her own arms and legs.

However, after having been violated all over her body by tentacles, she'll become mentally deranged by the pleasure and her way of thinking will change into that of a monster that desires even stronger pleasure and seeks human men. She'll make her tentacles crawl all over herself and churn her body even more violently and obscenely than they did when they were moving on their own, in an effort to excite carnal desire in a man. Once a man approaches, she'll use her tentacles to draw him near and guide him to her vagina. This time it won't just be the tentacles milking out the semen as in the larval stage. They'll use the tentacles and all of their own body for sex, and obtain semen. Also, after becoming an adult, the sensations of the host and the tentacles are shared, so the stimulation the tentacles receive is all translated to the host as pleasure. Afterward, by obtaining even more semen from the man she captured, she'll produce a new "roper egg", and will attack a human women and implant the egg in her vagina in order to propagate her race. This is the manner in which the ropers multiply.

When a roper larva sprouts, if a women is wearing clothing, then somehow even the clothing ends up being recognized as part of her body and it too will become a part of her melted jelly-like body. Ropers have an extremely powerful regenerative ability and even if the main body and the tentacles are damaged, they will return to normal after a short time. Women who become ropers while wearing clothing as described above can melt the clothing according to the will of the host when having sex with a man. It's possible for them to expose their naked human body or keep it covered as usual but either way it will be treated as damage and when they're done having sex with a man the clothes will regenerate exactly back to their original state.

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Refer to: Fallen Maidens, Case Study 04 and Francisca Mistel Lescatie

Fallen Maidens: Monsterisation case study 04Edit

["Aha ♥ an egg went inside.....♥ My baby, she is bouncing with joy inside your womb...♥
Ufufu, hurry up and be born so we can get off together...♥"]

A maid working at Lescatie Castle / Roper

Even among the numerous varieties of monsterization, this “parasitism” is something extremely peculiar. “Matango“ come from human women parasitically infected by mushrooms. “Roper“ come from human women implanted with eggs and parasitically infected. Other than those, it is said that there are also slimes, etc. that are parasitic in women. Unlike other monsters which change women into monsters by infusing them with demonic energy, they implant things such as eggs and spores, etc. inside women, and make them grow inside women's bodies. By doing this, the women's bodies are remade from the inside, and changed into monsters.

The sensation of having the body physically remade from within is far greater than that which is caused by demonic energy. Having their whole body teased all over, kneaded around, and changed into something else is accompanied by extreme pleasure. Reason gets thrown out the window and their minds will be stained one color with pleasure. In the case of monsterization due to parasitism like this, even after changing into a monster, their human values and thoughts continue to linger for some time.

The parasite that infects her makes the host's body become unbearably hot and gives her extreme pleasure. By robbing her thoughts and implanting its own thoughts, it rules its host by seizing control of the woman's thoughts. The parasite's objective is a source of nutrition, and the obtainment of a human male partner for the production of seeds. The parasite can read which man she yearns for from the host's memories and feelings, and it will target that man, or target any man indiscriminately if there is no such person. The parasite will lead the host to a man by manipulating her thoughts and actions and will try to obtain the man using the host's body.

Eventually the parasite will make the host have sex with a man, and absorb spirit energy. Upon obtaining spirit energy, the parasite begins rapid growth, binding itself with the host in an attempt to become one. After perfectly binding and fusing with the host in this way, the parasite will stop controlling the host, and will return all the thoughts that it had seized back to the host. However, after fusing with the parasite, the host will no longer have human-like thoughts or values. Her body and heart will have changed into those which belong to a lewd monster. The host's self-perception will also change. Until that point, she would have thought of herself as “a human parasitically infected with a monster”, but due to fusion with the parasite, she would start to think, “I, myself, am a monster.”

Since the parasite's instinct and memories are also completely fused, even though she'll have the memories of being manipulated as a host, she'll also have the memories of doing the manipulation as the parasite at the same time. Ecstatic two-fold joy springs forth, since she was reborn as a host, and she obtained her own body as a parasite. Their thoughts and behavior objectives become based on the parasite's instinct. That objective is mainly to keep having sex with their beloved and obtaining spirit energy which is a source of nutrition. And then, they'll implant their own egg or spore, etc. inside a human woman and change her into their own kind.

This is the troublesome thing about them. Unlike other races that change human women into monsters for amusement or to be meddlesome, attacking human women and changing them into monsters is their main objective. Since it's the equivalent of becoming pregnant for other monsters, they strongly desire it, and since they do it aggressively following sex with a man, if one of them appears, it will cause a widespread outbreak in no time at all. Villages, towns, and in the worst case scenario, entire nations of matango and roper will be formed.

Francisca's monsterisationEdit

Francisca was startled by the sudden visitor; she couldn't even call for help. The succubus smiled lewdly and as she approached her, the pain in her chest due to spams disappeared. Instead, her heart beat rapidly and her body flushed hotly.

When the succubus' hand suddenly touched her lower abdomen, it generated a jolt of pleasure and she was overcome with the sensation that something was swelling inside her womb, thrashing violently. After that so much pleasure coursed through her body that it almost made her pass out.

When the pleasure subsided, lots of wet, slimy, grotesque and alluring tentacles emerged from within the bed. She then realized that the tentacles were growing out of her own body.

When she tried to scream, one of them dove into her mouth and plugged it. The taste of the syrupy slime released in her mouth by the tentacle made her head feel giddy and then all the tentacles coiled around her at once, diving into every single orifice while spewing sticky slime all over her entire body, violating her. Unable to scream or cry, her thoughts were buried by the pleasure induced by the tentacles before she could feel fear or despair. By the time her dress and her mind had completely melted away, she realized that she was moving the tentacles by her own will. When she flexed the muscles, as though moving an arm, the tip of the tentacle pressed against her cunt and started rubbing it, making wet noises. Her disgust disappeared; the tentacles were a part of her. She loved the tentacles because of how good they made her feel, and her body felt lighter and better than ever before in her life.

She spends most of her time atop her throne, enjoying the pleasure she could never enjoy as a human. Now she felt like she could do anything. At the same time, something screamed within her own body: “Make friends!” and “Make a place where you belong!” Obeying the roper's instinct, she extended her tentacles throughout the castle.

Now, as of the present, Fransica is called “Queen Roper” and she reigns as Lescatie's queen. As the queen took the king to their bedroom after becoming a monster and no longer comes out and her three sisters have all become monsters and disappeared somewhere. She stretches her tentacles everywhere throughout the castle; those who enter, whether monster or human, are attacked and have their bodies thoroughly violated. The maids who treated her like a hot potato and the daughters of the nobles who made a fool of her all changed into ropers and became her servants, servicing the tentacles. As a result, huge amounts of slime spew out of the tentacles and shower them. It is part of the daily routine of the castle’s monsters to have their entire bodies changed into an erogenous zone by having their entire bodies showered by the powerful slime before having sex with their husbands.

As the queen, she hardly ever moves from the throne. While enjoying the pleasure that comes from her tentacles having sex with her beloved subjects, she sits upon “you”, her beloved throne and continuously shakes her hips while “you” thrusts into her from below.

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