Saphirette Spherica is the primary author of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide II: Demon Realm Traveller's Guide, where she and the Wandering Scholar describe features of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia world. Saphirette is particularly knowledgeable about Demon Realms and Elementalism. Though her writing style is somewhat long-winded and rambling, she claims to be timid in face to face conversation, and is currently in a desperate search for an affectionate husband. She was born a human but was later monsterized into a dark matter monster by fusing with one.


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A native of the (at the time) destitute nation of Polove [1], Saphirette worked as an apprentice Order scholar in Welsple. In an effort to improve the lot of her barren country, she began researching elementals, and became a quadruple-covenanter with Pure ignis, undine, gnome, and sylph spirits. However, when even these powers proved insufficient, and the Order refused to aid her country (due to it having no strategic or economic value to them), Saphirette learned that monsterization makes elementals' powers stronger, so she ventured into a Demon Realm. After being attacked by a dark matter, she became one of those powerful monsters herself by fusing with it, and returned to Polove to enrich the land, turning it into a bright green demon realm. Following her lead, other covenanters began to flock to the nation to vivify the natural elements there. This led to the founding of the Elementalist Association, and their mission to help other desolate lands, despite opposition from the Order and anti-monster partisans (see the section on monsterized elementals from the elemental handbook).

Despite becoming one of the most powerful monster species in the whole encyclopedia, Saphirette remains unlucky in love, having missed out on the man-capturing bonanza when Polove first became a Demon Realm. Consequently, she goes on frequent asides in the Demon Realm Traveller's Guide in an effort to find a mate to share between herself and her contracted elementals, much to Wandering Scholar's annoyance. Its implied she is too shy to go on a journey to seek a man herself, and thus wants one to come to her.

From her comments on the Raging Mushroom, Saphirette may also have a bit of a masochistic streak: "a monster raped with such a penis will learn the joy of being violated as a female and raped by a male of overwhelming power... In fact, I yearn for this a bit myself" [2]. In her writing, she makes little attempt to provide balance, instead giving an unabashedly pro-mamono view of things like corruption and elementals [3]. That said, her knowledge of the day-to-day lives of monsters and their varied cultures are considered more accurate than the Wandering Scholar's often brief and limited observations.

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Demonic Elementals (WG2)Edit

As an aside, I'm also one of those monsters that's seeking a single man for herself and her four demonic elementals. However, to my embarrassment, I had never even been in a romantic affair before becoming a monster, and when my homeland became a demon realm, most of the men in my country were carried off by other monsters while I was finishing a report about the results of research into demon realm conversion.

Since the same thing keeps happening over and over, my elementals and I still don't have a husband yet even as of the present. As a monster, it's a matter of life or death. My elementals are also at the limit of what they can bear, and I myself am in a condition of wetting pillows and tentacles day after day. And so, if I may be so bold, I'm going to use this book to recruit a husband. Though it is brazen, first of all, a man who could pour love and spirit energy into me and my four elementals equally would be ideal.

Also, perhaps because I'm a dark matter, I have this bad habit. I constantly seek pleasure, go wild with lust, and lose concentration, but on the other, my head works better than usual while experiencing pleasure. So as of the present, I work my energy tentacles hard while I'm reading books and putting my research in order. For that reason, I'd be even more pleased if my husband would tease my body while gently hugging me from behind, or thrust from below in the woman-on-top-position and become like my chair when I'm reading books and doing research. And also, though I am verbose when writing, I'm extremely nervous when actually meeting someone face to face and chatting, and I must admit I'm rather taciturn. So, I'd prefer a person who would gently pat my head, hug me, kiss me, and then push me over, and make me feel really good if I affectionately leaned close to him without saying a word.

This ended up becoming a little bit long, but if there's a man who would become my husband, by all means, please drop by the demon realm state of “Polove” right away. I'm eagerly waiting along with my elementals. [4]

About the Author (WG2)Edit

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Saphirette, p4

Saphirette Spherica was born in the impoverished human nation of Polove in the year XX90 ME. Born as a human, she spent her life living in the slums. Unhappy with the condition of her homeland, she aspired to study such subjcts as geography and natural history. At the age of 14, she enrolled in Saint Welsple Academy in the Order-aligned scholarly nation of Welsple, and became an apprentice scholar. In merely 2 years she obtained degrees in geography, natural history, and elemental studies. After graduation, she was scouted by the royal family, the academy, and others; but she turned them down and opted to travel the world. She became an elementalist, bound covenants with four elementals of the main elements, and tried to use their power to revive her dying homeland, only to fail. Also, she sought aid for her homeland from the Order of the Chief God, only to be refused; which is what led to her to turn to being a demon realm scholar. She charged into a demon realm alone in order to change her elementals into monsterized elementals to save her homeland by converting it into a demon realm. There, she encountered a dark matter that had just been born; she fused with it, and was reborn as a dark matter herself. After that, she changed her homeland into a demon realm with the power of a dark matter, and it was revived as the demon realm nation of Polove, a land rich in nature and full of high quality magical energy. Currently she is known as the demon realm's genius scholar, and she is the leading expert in demon realm studies. As an expert elementalist recognised by the elementalist association, she is actively conducting research and activities to save other barren lands besides her own country. Also, she is adamant about the necessity of education for monsters to improve their sex lives with human men, and is enthusiastically working to establish an educational institute. As of the present, it's a national policy of her country itself. In recent years, it's even become known as the scholarly demon realm state of Polove. Additionally, she is still unmarried, and urgently looking for a husband.

Her main works:

  • A Recommendation for Demon Realm Conversion
  • How Polove was Saved by Becoming a Demon Realm
  • An Obscene Study of Elementals for Monsters
  • 666 Ways to Live More Indecently

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