Succubi are the prototypical monsters of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia. Even in the time of the former Demon Lord, when most monsters ate and butchered humans, succubi were beautiful female demons who lived by milking spirit energy from male victims. The current Demon Lord who is also a succubus, by unknown means, imbued part of her own succubi energy into all the other races of monster, so in the current age every demon from the akaname to the zombie have the alluring appearance and lust of the succubi. Since the pecking order among monsters now relies on how well you can seduce or abduct a man, rather than how powerful or ferocious you are, the ranking of the succubi increased within the Demon Realm hierarchy.

Because the Demon Lord exerts a metaphysical control over demonic energy, it is succubi that human women transform into by default[1] by means of mana corruption in most cases. When a woman ends up becoming a succubus, they pass through an intermediate state known as a Lesser Succubus[2], but if they were imbued with enough demonic energy, they will often directly convert into a full succubus.[3]

One succubus in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia world is named: Wilmarina Noscrim. There is a mutant subspecies of succubus, the alice. The daughters of the Demon Lord are sufficiently powerful enough to have been given their own classification, known to everyone as the lilim.

Encyclopedia Entry:

A greater demon possessing extremely powerful abilities that lives in Demon Realms, they are called Succubi. They appear in various places in search of human men, even outside of Demon Realms. Some of them also assume a human form and take up residence in human settlements. The majority of the monsters that have changed into the form of a woman and begun feeding on human spirit energy have done so due to the influence of the current Demon Lord, however, the succubi are a race that have always had the form of a woman and fed on spirit energy, even ages ago.

In order to meet the desire of a wide variety of types of men, they range from having full, voluptuous bodies, to having bodies that stay like that of a child and never grow. Despite the variations, all are beautifully lewd, arousing the desire of men. Just as their appearances vary greatly, so too do their personalities, but every succubus has in common being extremely lustful and dedicated to the pursuit of pleasure.

Their desires know no bounds compared to other monsters, they are eager to be intimate with the man they love.

They have powerful magic, but nearly all of it is used for seducing men. Whenever they find a human man, they use charm spells, their gorgeous bodies, and various means to seduce him, and gain spirit energy through sex. Every aspect of the succubus is designed to enable her to bewilder men. Few, if any, would be able to elude the temptation, save for those men who possess truly remarkable willpower. After gaining spirit energy, if they fancy a man, they’ll bring him back to their residence in a Demon Realm.

Also, they do attack human women as well. In that case, they pour demonic energy into their partners through sex, and change them into succubi like themselves. Humans who have just barely been changed into succubi are called Lesser Succubi. Additionally, succubi can transform men as well. Through intercourse with a succubus, eventually a man will become full of demonic energy.

Such a man will have heightened sexual desire, and produce a high volume of spirit energy to offer to the succubus. They end up becoming beings that are extremely lustful towards the succubi. Once this happens, they are no longer normal humans, but beings known as incubi whose very lives are fuelled by the demonic energy gained through sex with the succubus. After becoming like this, one would be left with no choice other than to continue having intercourse with them for the rest of his days.

Furthermore, the current Demon Lord who changed all of the monsters into having the form of a woman is a kind of succubus. In the era of the former Demon Lords, the succubi were merely a medium ranked race of demons, but thanks to the rise of the current Demon Lord, the rank for all the succubi has gone up greatly.

When the current Demon Lord took over, the values of the monsters changed, and having sex with humans became the most important thing. So techniques for seducing and pleasing men, and the like, have mostly become more valued than raw fighting abilities. That is why the monsters acknowledge them as superior.

Through the influence of the Demon Lord, the appearances of all the monsters have greatly changed. All of the wicked and war-like monsters have instead become lewd, and lustful. When the Beastmen come into heat, they seek human men. Many of the monsters have started to enjoy intercourse with humans for the sheer pleasure of it, even when it isn’t necessary for feeding or reproduction.

All of these changes were fundamentally influenced by the nature of the succubi. At present, it would be fair to say that the succubi are representative of all monsters.


  • The succubus currently has more subspecies than any other monster.
  • This monster was based on the Succubus, a female demon or supernatural entity from both Jewish and Christian doctrine that appears in dreams and takes the form of a human woman in order to seduce men, usually through sexual activity. The male counterpart is the incubus. Religious traditions hold that repeated sexual activity with a succubus may result in the deterioration of health or even death.
  • These are among the races known to have in rare cases overcome their human-killing instincts and fallen in love with humans in the age of the former mamono lords. (source: Kenkou’s Japanese Q and A).
  • Succubi have lifespans that range from several hundred to several thousand years depending on the individual. The Mamono Lord may have a potential lifespan exceeding 10,000 years. (source: Kenkou’s Japanese Q and A).

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Book Information

Refer to Succubus Notebook


Family: Succubus
Type: Demon
A type of demon who seduce and have sex with human men that are called “succubi (inma)”. As for their appearance, they look like women or little girls who possess devilish beauty, and they are endowed with an abundance of “magical power” and extremely high “sexual” abilities.

They live by sustaining themselves on the “mana” which is obtained through sexual intercourse with human men and also require human men for reproduction. In this way, since they are beings whose vital activities are entirely rooted in sexual intercourse with human men, the desire for sex and pleasure is the basis of their thinking and moral values, and they are an extremely lustful and lascivious race. Not only are they physically beautiful, everything from their gestures to their voices will charm a man and inflame his lust. Since they live to provoke men into having sex with them, after initially being spotted by a succubus (inma), should a man be tempted, escape will probably be impossible.

The power that a succubus (inma) possesses is exhibited most during sexual intercourse with a man. The body and sexual techniques which a succubus (inma) is innately endowed with to wring out more mana from humans will induce in men a pleasure that could never be obtained with a human partner, so a man can easily be made to indulge in sex with a succubus (inma). And then, once a man's body and heart are both hers, she'll make a husband of him, and they'll spend days of endless pleasure together.

Succubi were formerly more or less mid rank demons, but the current mamono lord is a succubus who possesses tremendous power, and since the mamono lord arose from among them, the succubi have become high rank demons and the race that represents monsters. Currently, due to the fact that the mamono lord's power is shared with them, all of the monsters are endowed with the nature of a succubus (inma), but since the succubi are exactly succubi (inma) themselves, and have required human men to sustain themselves and reproduce since the ancient era, it can be said that they are the race who possesses that power most strongly.

Extra Information

The following Succubi are drawn by KC featured in Succubus Heroine Eroge, a work not related to MGE:

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  2. It is not clear whether the intermediate state of a lesser succubus occurs only in the process of becoming a full succubus; or if it applies to the whole succubus family; or if most monstergirl varieties have a quasi-lesser-succubus state. It definitely occurs in the case of youkos and inaris, via kitsune-tsuki.
  3. This is what happens with Deruella's conversion of Wilmarina Noscrim.
  4. For the full gallery, please refer to the fanart hub

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