• Caleuche

    Vessel Family / Magic Material Type
    Habitat: Oceans, Ships graveyards
    Disposition: bold, honest, warm, devoted (each ship has it's own personality)
    Diet: man's spirit energy; wood, metal and cloth.

    A ship monster that roams the open seas and in ships graveyards. They have arguably one of the largest bodies of any mamono. They are bold and are willing to take on any storm that gets in their path. The actual body resembles a human woman and can move independently on the ship. Being a monster, they fantasize about getting a man who will be their "captain".

    Their temperament varies from ship to ship, but they generally have a warm heart and have been known to save people at the mercy of the sea. Sea bishops often flank these ships, waiting to save anybody that doesn't make it to the ship. As mentioned before, most of the ships are hopeless romantics that often dream of having a captain who would control and provide spirit energy to them.

    If it's a man that strikes their fancy, then they can provide for all of his needs and raise him into a "captain". Once they have one, organically a ship could attract a crew of women and monsters to tend to them.

    Sex with one is carried out beneath the deck of the ship, where they can mate in private without anyone looking. During their voyages, they spend every day joined to the captain, seeking to extract as much semen as they can get. A ship can be aroused simply by caressing the deck or handrails.

    They can call in at ports to receive new passengers, and the actual body can leave the ship to acquire products from land. Amongst both humans and monsters, there is a thriving supply chain coming from these ship monsters, such as Demon Realm Rubber and bananas from the New World alongside other commodities like prisoner fruits. This thriving commerce chain is still going on today.

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    • I wanna have a massive Battleship girl! With her own nuke and gatling guns! And artillery! And even with small aircraft carriers!

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    • Unmarried ships wander the seas looking for a man to be their captain. Once one has a captain, they can be quite fast due to spirit energy being provided through sex, as they are ship monsters.

      Small crews of women and monsters can form organically on married ships. Think of it as a Delmogeny, it forms in order to spread the genes of the captain. These monsters really want his children!

      The bigger the crew, the more semen a man needs to produce to satiate all the monsters. Stamina boosters are used to help bolster both the ship and her crew. The ship gets the lion's share, while the other monsters need less spirit to get about.

      The personality of the ship-girls can vary. The ship could be an aggressive pirate ship, smaller boats could be more childish and the ship could be a cold calculating commander.

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    • She was meant to rule the seven seas, to lead hte Kriegsmarine.

      wait a minute why did that ship sprout legs? Why did it sprout an arm with a bundle of cannons? WHY DID THAT SHIP LOAD THOSE CANNONS WHY IS THAT SHIP FIGHTING AGAINST A TREX????


      also question what about submarine gorls?

      Or dare I say, Airships?

      Edit:This was atfirst a vague reference towards Warhammer the pirates of vampire coast where there are ships that are pretty much walking constructs

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    • If they are particularly good at using polymorph, larger kanmusu can shrink the ship part and carry it on their backs. This allows them to cross land and visit landbound friends, since the girl carries her demonic energy in the ship body, not her actual body, and if she goes too far from the ship she will lose contact with the demonic energy supply and fall unconscious.

      As a general rule of thumb, kanmusu with larger ship body displacements tend to have larger breasts (like Kancolle). Those with large displacements have a tendency to do paizuri. A large number of small sized kanmusu tend to mate on land since they do not have enough deck room and need little spirit energy.

      Bigger kanmusu tend to have established crews to service the whole ship (which tend to be composed of numerous succubi). The entire crew works with the ship to thoroughly service the whole man. Crew rotations are carried out so that while some are mating, the rest are working. A small-scale herd of around 4 bicorns should be enough for a crew/harem.

      Airborne kanmusu are possible. 

      Personality type examples:

      Kongou(Kancolle) -> cheerful, hyperactive, clingy

      Tama(Kancolle) -> laidback, fickle

      Pola(Kancolle) -> drunkard

      A large number of kanmusu revere the god Poseidon. The Order often attempts to launch ships to destroy kanmusu (since they are mamono), but the kanmusu often tend to attack first.

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