• You passed by a set of flyers, one of which was an ad asking for volunteers for a new game show: you get a decent amount of money just for participating, and the only requirement is that you must be both male and single.

    For whatever reason, you take one of the cards from the flyer. But it doesn't have any contact information on it; just a weird glowing purple mark at the bottom. After a few minutes, the card abruptly flares up in a burst of purple light that briefly blinds you.

    Next thing you know, you are in a contestant's chair on a stage. There's no audience in the room, but there are cameras and three other chairs in see-through booths on the stage. Before you can figure out what's going on, a man with a microphone; presumably the presenter, enters the room.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, now that we have a contestant, it's time for another episode of Finding Your Mamono Match! This is our lucky contestant today. The rules are simple; three mamono are going to come on stage and sit in each booth. Our contestant will ask them a series of four questions of his choice from the sheet we've given him, and each one will give their answer without being able to hear the others' answers. At the end, he'll leave with one lucky lady of his choosing from the three as his new spouse!"

    Right on que, three different mamono come on stage. What do you do?

    IMPORTANT NOTE: For this WWYD, you give your answer, then you select three different species of mamono to be the three contestants for the next person's answer. To start things off: Satyros, Kikimora, Dhampir

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    • I play the game and settle up with the Satyros.

      For my selection: Manticore, Jinko, Ocelmeh.

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    • I go for the Jinko.

      For my selection: Medusa, Ignis, Ochimusha.

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    • Ochimusha all the way.

      For my selection: Lich, Shirohebi, Kappa

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    • Shirohebi for me.

      For my choice: Yeti, Bunyip, Weresheep

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    • I ask for Yeti

      My choice: Automaton, Gremlin, Living doll

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    • I'll take the Gremlin, might work on something good.

      My choice: Holstaur, Kikimora, Ryu.

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    • Ryu all the way, mates-

      My choices: Dragon, Dullahan, Echidna

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    • Dullahan for me.

      My choices: Hellhound, Grizzly, Minotaur

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    • Minotataur. definitely.

      My choises: Arachne, Jubjub, Ren Xiangmao.

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    • Wow; I did not expect this one to get so many replies. Though, to be honest, I was kind-of hoping to see people play out the scenario; either asking the mamono questions before the decision, or maybe even one joke answer say something like, "I scream that I didn't sign up for this and race for the emergency exit". Did I miswrite something, by any chance?

      Anyway, since I'm here and replying, I may as well participate:

      I scream, "I didn't sign up for this!" and run for the emergency exit. However, it's locked. The announcer just says,

      "Oh dear; I guess we have another runner! You know what that means, girls! First to catch him, gets him!"

      I'm absolutely certain that can't be legal, but right now, I have bigger problems. The Jubjub and the Ren Xiangmao don't seem particularly interested in pursuing me, but the Arachne has already weaved a web around half of the doors. I race for one of the remaining doors, only to find a brick wall behind it. I then try the next door, only to find an empty change room for one of the contestants. I immediately begin searching the room; there had to have been a way for the contestants to enter and leave this place. Then I see the skylight. I rearrange the furniture, get to the skylight, open it, and get out of there! To this day, I could swear that the Arachne is still pursuing me...

      Alrune, Kejourou, Holstaur

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    • Apologies, I just see another people write simply. I just can't think of situlation. But I have your example, thx

      I shall begin...

      I: "So, put it simply, this is a date gameshow???"

      presenter: "Exacly!!!"

      I: "I shall note one thing, there's no Mamono species I like here."

      presenter: "You will like it soon enough..."

      I: "Fuck off, I love Automaton"

      Alrune: "So, you don't interest me?"

      suddenlym A kejourou use her hair to tie me up. I struggle but it's failure... I then uses the deadly question.

      I ignited lighter, make Keijourou release me and fall.

      I: "First question, who fear fire?

      The answer is All of them. Holstaur said she don't want to be a steak...

      Then, I just ask the question like "Who got the nicsest body", "What's your special ability." and "Who don't drink Alcohol"

      I decide to choose Alrune. She interest me...

      Lilim, Ryu, Dragon

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    • Lilim all the way! What a sweetie!

      Next up Automation, Lich, Sandworm


      The Weary TimeLord.

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    • First, just out of pure curiosity, I ask how they managed to get a sandworm onto the stage. The presenter just shrugs.

      "We had to do a lot of tunneling and put in a very expensive custom trap door. I'd rather not say any more than that."

      With that out of the way, I consider my three options: I definitely don't want to go for the lich; not a fan of anything undead, and I'd rather not be married to the tongue of a giant worm, so the sandworm's out. The automaton looks nice, but she seems a bit... emotionless. I decide to ask the four questions, then decide if I will pick her or try to find an escape route.

      "Um..." I say as I try to pick the first question, "We have been married for eight years. How would you want to balance work, fun, and raising the kids?"

      "Not applicable" The automaton drones. "There would be no kids for rather obvious reasons" the lich states. "The young worms would already be out on their own." The sandworm grins.

      Yeah. I figured that wouldn't get me any good answers. I keep asking; ignoring the lich's and sandworm's answers since I know I won't pick them. This time, I try to see if I can get an even remotely emotional response.

      "I have been diagnosed with a disease that makes me irresistible to all mamono. What would you do?"

      "Bzzt. I would initiate bodyguard protocol: I would isolate you in a secure area for your safety." She then turns to face me, and she gives the closest thing she could to a smirk. It was strangely appealing. "With me at your side the whole time."

      Interesting. I keep going; asking two more questions from the sheet. I find myself increasingly considering the automaton, so, at the end of it, I pick her.

      Cupid, Werebat, Pixie

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    • Based on species alone, I'd go for the cupid.  No contest.  Not into minigirls and no interest in werebats.

      Alraune, Kraken, Yuki-Onna

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    • I watch nervously as each of them take a seat in their respective booths. The Alraune has trouble fitting into the entrance at first, but eventually, she's able to get into her booth. I am astounded: all three of them are truly gorgeous. I can't pick. The presenter then snaps me back into reality:

      "Well, contestant; what's your first question for these lovely ladies?"

      I look at my sheet. "We're at a crowded event together. We both want some 'private time' alone together, but we can't leave the area. How would you solve this issue?"

      The Alraune giggles. "That's easy. I would just ask you to step inside my flower. I can then close it up, and we'll have our own room all to ourselves."

      The Kraken laughs. "I would hold you close, then release my ink all around; creating a bubble for us where it is dark all around, and I am your ray of light."

      The Yuki-Onna just blushes. "I would gently form a pile of snow around us as a private space. If you get cold, I'll warm you up myself.."

      Ah; those were all such good answers! I have to focus. I frantically look through the sheet; hoping to find an answer that might eliminate one of them.

      "Um... I have been diagnosed with a disease that makes me irresistible to mamono. How do you treat me?"

      The Alraune takes a scoop of her nectar. "I would confine you to my flower and give you a treatment of 12 cups of my nectar a day, and each cup is followed by a session of love-making."

      The Kraken flaunts her chest. "I would drag you to the bottom of the ocean and find a spot where it can be just the two of us."

      The Yuki-Onna smirks. "I would take you to my mountain home and have you spend all day in bed... with me."

      Drat! That was supposed to eliminate at least one of them! I scroll through question after question on the sheet; looking for a question that's more... practical. Eventually, I find one.

      "We have been married for ten years. How would you suggest we balance work, fun, and caring for the kids?"

      The Alraune answers, "Oh; we don't have to worry about kids. Our seeds will scatter far from us; it'll just be the two of us. And don't worry about work; as long as you don't have to move around much, we can stay together. I can be right there when you need a 'break' after all that work..."

      Finally. As appealing as "just the two of us" and her being beside me at work sounds, I want kids; kids that I raise.

      The Kraken sighs, "Work? Choose me, and you'll never have to work again. You and I can be together at the bottom of the sea; you forever wrapped in my loving embrace."

      As appealing as that sounds, I don't think I want to spend the rest of my life underwater...

      The Yuki-Onna smiles. "We would raise our daughters together. At least one of them would probably be old enough to visit the human towns; leaving our home to us for some private time together... As for work, you'd be able to visit the human towns whenever you need; I can clear a path for you and even accompany you if you don't go anywhere too hot."

      I think we have a winner. My fourth question confirms it. It was a very tough call, but I'd have to go with the Yuki-Onna.

      Apsara, Merrow, Shirohebi

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    • This was rigged wasn't it? The moment I walked out in front of the contestant booths I was done for.

      Not to take away from the Merrow or Aspara, both beautifulk women in their own right but as soon as I laid eyes on that 'hebi I was hers.

      Dressed in her best miko outfit, the tip of her tail and her ears twitching nervously, shyly making eye contact.....hnnnng! my heart can't take it! Forget the questions!

      Next contestants:

      Vampire, Inari, Unagi Joro

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    • Since I am Zipangu guy. I love something non-lusful. But I see a Vampire here. I still thinking of JoJo. Maybe she has stand magic?

      Alright, Questions no.1

      - Me: First, who eat fish!!!"


      Usagi Jojo (Her name): I love fishes!!!

      Inaruai (Her name): Kuku I can prepare any fish for husband. Salmons are the best. Or eels? (Usagi Jojo don't approve this)

      Vanila (Her name, stole from MGQ): "Fish are lame. Blood is champ!!!"

      Okay, didn't I said I am Zipanguan guy? I love fish, of course.

      Alright, Question no.2

      - Me: Anyone has stand magic?


      Usagi Jojo: What is stand?

      Inaruai: Oh, Jojo Bizzare adventure! I watched whole night for you! And I have a Stand! Star Platinum!!!

      Vanila: ZA WARUDO!!!

      And thus, the battle begin. Vanila even bring Road roller here. Luckily she's little Vampire and she carry toy road roller.

      Alright, Question no.3

      Me: Who belive in People living among the stella?


      Usagi Jojo: Sorry, only living over water is hard.

      Inaruai: I belived. There's countless of stars. Being starry night or in space. I will watch the star sky with you.

      Vanila: Fuck chief god! And Illas will counquer you!!!

      Hey, Vanila. Are you a fallen empire in stellaris or someting. And I like inari's answer the most. I dream of watching star sky with my GF. And I want to be in space. I watched the telescope every 3 month. Even write a space fiction. I love space.

      Alright, Question no.4

      Me: Who's good at lying?

      Usagi Jojo: Why did i have to lie?

      Inaruai: With Inari honour, I will devoted to my husband and never lie!

      Vanila: What? A lying merchant??? I hate them! Even i am merchant, i never do that!

      This question is to detect lie. But i am very straight person...


      Unagi Joro one is a clam girl and she's good for someone pove slimminess. Sadly, she didn't impress me much.

      Vampire one is a little Vampire loss from MGQ for sure. I love that one. But she still too hot headed, plus she don't like fish. And Illas? She might be great empress for Fallen Empire in Stellaris....I have to Upgrade and make Battleship a lot.

      Inari is the romantic one. Althought She seem lying. But when i see the last question. To be honest, last question everyone show the eyes that saying they speak truth. And I imagine that fulffy tail on me.

      In conculsion. I choose Inaruai the Inari.

      Next contestor

      Witch, Dark Mage, Gremlin.

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    • I don't even bother and just skip straight to the dark mage.

      Next Contestors-

      Jinko, Jabberwock, Jorogumo

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    • well i also skip straight to the Demon

      Next Participants

      Holstaurus, Succubus, Devil,

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    • @Marius the grey There is no Demon in Magmatic Dinosaur Char's list though; the three are Jinko, Jabberwock, and Jorogumo.

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    • There was no contest, as soon as I witnessed the Jabberwock I knew who I would be picking. I ask questions, mainly as a formality, but after rushing through them I pick the lovely Wonderland Dragon as my new wife.

      Next Contestants:

      Medusa, Vamp Mosquito, and Mucus Toad.

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    • @Tikkit I wasn't listing three; I was pointing out to Marius the grey what the list he should've been using was. So, yours would've been the list that Marius the grey gave, which didn't have a Jabberwock.

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    • It's funny how some people dont seem to read what the previous vrote in here...

      Reason why I'm not really replying currently is because the reply's seem to come quite swiftly and I'm quite slow writer... and this seems to be turning in to minigame, more than WWYD scenario.

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    • I had ignored Marius' reply since I thought it wouldn't count. Therefore I was going off the reply that came before.

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    • @Tikkit Ah; that makes sense.

      @JOVA82 I understand. I like that my thread is getting so many replies, but I am surprised at how many are just answering, "I'd pick [x]. Here's the next three mamono".

      No disrespect to those answering it that way; I'm just surprised. I was kind-of hoping to see people play out the scenario.

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    • I shall continue. Noted that I do contest for ceremory althought I loved one of specie. That's what I do.. and now I got strange and humourous question pattern. I shall use this 😏😏

      Ah, nuts. Here we go again. Dating sim that DarthNP give questions. He always give a werid question. Now we have Medusa, Vamp Mosquito and Muscus toad. I am bias on first two here. Let's ask question.

      Question 1: Who play Stellaris and what is your Govament

      What, darth??? Are you now the darth sidious or something? Oh, You play as Citizen Republic, fine. And i guess now you're addicting stellaris...

      Medusa: I did. And I play Martial Empire. What's wrong!

      Mosquito Vamp: Totalitarian Regime. Researching is great thing...hehe

      Muscus Toad: Korewa, Star Empire!

      Alright. . I love playing games and I just buy Stellaris on sale. Is it hard to play Democracy? I think I like the Vamp answer. But everyone is fine.

      Question 2: From stellaris Ethic. What are your ethic?

      Medusa: Fanatic Millitarist and Xenophobe. My Pride!

      Vamp: hehe, have you seen Fanatic Materialist and Xenopile on the list?

      Muscus toad: Fanatic Milltarist and Xenopile, Beat me!

      It's quite hard to find winner. Medusa answer mean she's aggressive but she's prideful and Muscus say she's aggressive but love everyone. Toad have point. And Vamp seem to be one that cunning and she love researching. I love this Vamp.

      Question 3: What Would you do If I am slow breeder? Aka, hard to have child.

      I guess who give me question are now playing stellaris...but I have bad news for these girl too. I have Infertility. Doctor said I have sperm only 7 million/ml (Normal one is 15 milllion/ml.) I would tell the truth after question too.

      Medusa: You had hard time in making child? I am a doctor!

      Mosquito Vamp: Do you know that mosquito is ferlite? I am doctor and I know how to IUF and IUI. First.... (She explained it all)

      Muscus: An Infertility? I have frog cloning method! I am a gremlin helper. See my Scientist card? Hehe, how mang clone you want?

      Pffffff!!!! Cloneing???!!! Very surprise!!! This Muscus got more and more point! And she got real scientist card! But Vamp is a doctor too and she's specialist. And why did they know I has Infertility???!!!

      Question 4: Who is good at lying?

      Not again...and the the answer is no one lying yay.


      In term of Body. The Toad is the least of them. However when I asked auestion. Medusa seem prideful even Stellaris. I hate pride. Vamp seem cunning and not too aggressive. And the toad seem too dominate. But why there's no one play Democratic ToT.

      Conclusion - I choose Vamp Mosquito. Her name is Vampy.

      Next: Weapon Material type.

      Hope you being Spititualist. Or if you want to dominate, Materialist.

      Automaton, Cursed Sword, Living Armour

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    • Can I reserve this question?

      I'm really slow at typing but I've got my little scenario about two thirds done. I'm going to bed now but I'll finish it up in the morning and post it if that's ok with you Vanguard.

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    • “What?! Where am I?! What wizardry is this?!”

      My head was pounding as though I’d just emptied an entire tankard of mead down at the tavern while drinking with Bedivere and Galahad as in the old days. But I would have still surely sworn on my honor as a Knight that I’d not touched a drop in a week. My eyes gained focus and shapes gained clarity. I was no longer sitting in the small abode I called home. That much I could tell instead I appeared to be the depths of some great crypt of mausoleum.  Three glass vestibules were set against one wall and pentagrams lined the floor. No doubt it belonged to a nefarious Warlock or Enchantress. Even worse I was alone my armor and weapons were nowhere to be found.

      “Where are you? Show yourself foul Warlock!”

      -Oh my! It looks like our next contestant is here! But you seem agitated good sir, whatever for?-

      A form appeared in the darkness before resolving itself to reflect the image of a blue skinned woman with night-dark wings, tail, and horns. Her eyes shone as embers dripping with the hue of blood. Even in this form she would not beguile my senses.

      “Morgana La Fey! I should have known it would be you from the dreadful stench!”

      -Who? … Wait a minute, what stench?! What are you talking about?-

      “It matters not you strumpet! The last time we met you availed to kill my brothers of the Round and my Lord Arthur! I will not let such heinous transgressions pass unpunished wretch! “

      -Punished, ahh as fun as that sounds I’m married sweetie.-

      I had heard enough of the witch’s yarns and charged at her intent on knocking her down but as I approached I was suddenly relieved of my footing and lifted into the air by some invisible hand.

      -You’re not playing around are you? Oh dear I hope they didn’t…-

      The Demon pulled forth a dark rectangular box no doubt a phylactery or rune stone to use for some insidious purpose.

      -Hey Hon, it’s me. Can you check the Inter World Portal Generator for me? … No we’ve got another drifter…No he’s a Knight this time, called me La Fay and some other less than gentlemanly terms I think he’s one of Arthur’s boys … No I don’t need you to kick his ass, though it’s sweet of you to ask…Really? I told those upper management morons not to touch the array! Ok, thanks Hon see you tonight…Love you too. Okay then Sir Knight it looks like I have some explaining to do.-

      After having what was going on explained to me and what a ‘Game-Show’ is as well as my purpose in the matter I was finally better at ease. The only note that gave me pause was the fact that I could not be returned to my world because a ‘glitch’ had caused my transference though the Portal into this land. I was not meant to be here, and yet this land did seem to have its promise. In truth there wasn’t much left for me in my old world. It had been many years since my King had receded to Avalon and I was little more than an immortal guardian to the gates of Camelot, left alone, forgotten by time. Perhaps I could find comfort here in the arms of a fellow wandering ageless soul.

      -Okay, we‘re back everyone! Sorry for the delay. Now onto the next episode of Finding Your Mamono Match! Our lovelorn bachelor today is a real life medieval knight from the lost kingdom of Camelot named Daniel. The three lovely ladies trying to win his affection are Aketa the Automaton, Celestria the Cursed Sword, and Lecie the Living Armor.  Now then the rules are simple. Daniel will ask these sweet ladies a series of four questions of his choice from the sheet we've given him. Each lady will then give their answer without being able to hear the others' answers. At the end, he'll leave with one lucky lady of his choosing from the three as his new spouse! Now let’s play the game!-

      I sigh as I consider the three ladies before me; they each seem lovely in their own way, though I do have concerns as to what a Living Armor may be. Though as a Knight of the Round Table I was trained never to judge someone by their appearance but by the quality of their heats. I must be fair.

      “Good morn, ladies. If I may make my first inquiry, what is the most important part of an intimate relationship to you?”

      Aketa: The most important thing in any relationship is loyalty. If you were to choose me we would become bonded together. I would take care of with my whole being while you would do the same for me.  You will never be alone. We will be no longer two beings but halves of the one, only together could we be whole.

      Celestria: The most important thing to me is trusting the one you love; to be able to completely open yourself to that special person and share everything.  Your fears, or thoughts, your goals and joys without rejection. Together we can share our deepest hopes and dreams, and need not fear being abandoned.

      Lecie: For me the most important thing is being able to feel safe and loved. Where I to be your choice I would be guarding you at all times. During the day you would wear me into battle and at night you would fall asleep in the comforting embrace of my ethereal body.

      Wow those answers were a lot deeper and much more personal than I expected especially for the first one.

      “Okay thank ye for your answers ladies. Now then how would you react if I were diagnosed with a life threatening illness?’

      Aketa: I would activate my neural uplink to access every database in the world and would search tirelessly until I found you a cure.

      Celestria: I would go directly to the Medical Sabbath and demand their assistance in restoring your vitality. No matter what the cost was to me I would do whatever is necessary to make you well.

      Lecie: I would use my contacts in the Demon Lord’s Army and call in all my favors to insure you were granted the best medical care available. It would be worth it just to know you were well.

      That did little to break the tie either and each of the ladies genuinely wanted someone to love that much was obvious. Then it came to me, why did they come here surely they have anyone they wanted.

      “Why did you three come here today? You seem like such lovely ladies why choose this option instead of any other suitor?”

      Aketa: I was recently reactivated after many centuries of negative functioning. The world I knew is gone…I am alone. You are also alone. Your world is gone. Together we would no longer be alone.

      Celestria: Before the current Demon Lord came to power I did not possess thoughts, feelings a will, a body. I was just an inanimate object; I was broken and discarded when it was deemed that my use had ended. You are the same way; you have been left alone and forgotten for so long. Perhaps together we could forge a new destiny. One where, together, we could heal our damages.

      Lecie: I was crafted long ago before the current age to protect others. But the only way I could do that was to join with a willing wearer. By joining with someone I can help them reach their potential and only then be complete myself…But no one wanted armor like me I was seen as dark magic, I was rejected and thrown to the scrapyard. You are a knight with a purer heart than I have ever seen; please choose me so that I may aide you in your quests. Let us become joined spirits in love, working to help others as we both yearn to do as well as each other.

      I was stunned and I wiped my eyes slightly as a few tears fell from my face. These revelations had called to my heart and their stories echoed my own. I could not choose one and abandon the others. It would be too cruel an action for my heart to bear. But could I really take all three ladies? Would they accept such an offer?

      “Your honesty and candor has touched me deeply fair maidens I have but one last query. How do you feel about sharing a Husband?”

      Aketa: If It were you I had to share, such a proposition would be…acceptable.

      Celestria: Hmphf…I wanted you to myself and I’d have to get used to it. But, fine yes I’d share.

      Lecie: To have you, my knight my love safe and with me and to know that I had two sisters who would love and care for you as much as I would? Hurrah how splendid!

      “That day I found love, in three beautiful, complicated, sweet, and temperamental ladies. Your moms were the best thing to happen to me. Well besides you three little cuties, now come on it’s time for bed.

      Well it’s really late but I hope it was worth the wait.

      Edit Sorry forgot to list the next three ladies.

      Nightmare, Arachne, Alp

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    • @Quantum Knights Vengeance That's such a good story that I almost don't want to do this:

      The presenter reminds you that the rules of the game show are that you have to choose only 1.

      …Eh; you know what, because it's such a good story:

      But because of the extraordinary circumstances that brought this knight here with us today, the owners of the show have decided to make your case the one and only exception to that rule.

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    • Whoops forgot that bit, thanks for granting the exception.

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    • I would like to reserve the question too. When i see alp, i have think of werid and really long story.

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    • Warning: Really long.

      Galactic year 2275 ----

      Who would think a gameshow would trigger a Space War.

      I awaken in the kind of Gameshow. My head is dizzy. Someone has sent me a flyer and then, the light. Then I am here somehow. I will figure that mechanic later.

      But I am here in room without audiance. contestant's chair on a stage. There's no audience in the room, but there are cameras and three other chairs in see-through booths on the stage.

      I see a presentator here.

      Presentator: "Ladies and gentlemen, now that we have a contestant, "

      Blah Blah Blah, I con't care. But I see 3 Mamonos here. I study them for long. But I have seen with naked eyes for few times.

      But then the Presentator present the Mamono. There're 3 of them. Nightmare, Arachne, Alp.

      Shilver down on my spine. I suddenly check my items. But that Alp, did I seen before?

      Me: May I asked first, How many Alp are in this Civilization?!

      Presentator: Werid question. But in this City of Thalpland. There might be 40% of Population.

      Oh no! That number is a lot! If then! The Cultist might be here!...

      Presentator: Alright! Time for ask our.....


      Suddenly, an Explosion occured. Destroy the whole room. The building suddenly in ruin and the Presentator become fainted. All 3 Mamono lie down in fear.

      Me: THE CULTIST IS HERE!!!!!

      Nightmare: Cultist???!!!

      Me: They're the Cultist in our Civilization. They are Fanatic Spritualist and they are Xenophobe toward Hermapodite and Transgender. They meant to purge those species. Simply, they want to purge Alp!!!!"

      Alp: A PURGE???? THAT'S CUREL!!!

      I see the cultist soldier is here. And he Carry a really big gun. Only this terrorist has been shot by my Arm Augmented Blaster Cannon. I ignited Laser Saber and Stab the Cultist attacking from above. And I killed one Cultist with Sci-Fi Rocket Launcher.

      Me: I ask the first question. Do you know how to use guns???

      First Question Asked.------

      Alp: I know! The Weapon you wield is MUC-35T-A the Arm augmented Cannon! And you have Laser saber too!

      Nightmare: I am really bad at fighting. I am weak...but I run really fast!!!

      Alraunae: I could be a turret if I have a weapon.

      I then Grab those Cultist Weapon for them. I got big gun for Alraune. A dual Blaster for nightmare. And Alp asked for Energy knife from Cultist. I hand her that, Sidearm and A rocket launcher.

      Wait, how did the Alp know the Model of the Weapon???

      Nightmare: Man, Sama...Uh...your weapon look Exotic....

      Alraune: AHHHHHH!!!! AN ALIEN!!!!!

      I think the cat is out of the bag. An Alraune spot a huge spaceship in the sky. I wouldn't say it's huge. Just a single Corvette. But what I have to say more....

      I reveal the truth. I am not a human. I am a specie called Astrain. And I am the Space Human. Yes, my Civilization, Stellarian. Has become a Space Civilization since Galactic Year 2200. And now it's 2275. And we're Millitarist, Xenopile and Egalitarian.

      Those terrotist are Fanatic Spiritualist, and A millitarist. And they hate Hermapodite and Transgender. They said they're evils that against their God. They meant to purge them. And thus, the terror begin.

      But I have the hidden truth that known only few people, inculding gourvamnet. Those cultist acually supported by a hidden-rival space empire. They're like them but the are Authoritarians too.

      The terrorist is our problem for an amout of time. They are really good at hiding. And now, We Stellarian are observing this planet. But the terrorist suddenly attack like this....

      Me: The fleet will arrived in approximately 20 days. But now, we need to hide.

      Alp: They're coming after me....

      Me: Pardon?


      That cultist is shot mercilessly by Alraune.

      Me: Alpha-Alp...ALPHA-ALP!!! IS THAT YOU???!!!

      Nightmare: Wait, You're an Admiral????!!!!

      Me: Yes! And the Alpha-Alp is here!!! My name is Starhold Starsky, aka. Star. But why you're here?

      Nightmare: They're coming! Let's escape first!

      Me: Could you carry Alraune on your back???

      Nightmare: Uh, Uh? Yes?

      We run from the hell. I shot and Shot many cultist and Even rush to stab them with Laser Saber. I have an armour and an Exoskeleton. Also, we have Mind over matter ascension perk. But really weak. I just control a metal roof to make a shield.

      In contrast of the Alp. She's not only good at the Magic and the Telekinesis. But also with weapon. She bombed the old model tank that Cultist carry here with her rocket launcher.

      The Nightmare is a coward, but Also cutie. She dodge many shot. Is that centhur perk or Luck? But she's not bad at guns. Only missed because of fear. But she had a mad Alraune who's now Moving Plant Stronghold here. She go like Rambo, a fun movie that had remaked for 7th time.

      Not to mention that we nearly fired by ship artillary. The Cultist is attacking city and not only Alps are in danger. The police here are valunable to the space weapon. Only they're just cultist. But i know the millitary has more power. But thay come so slowly. We need to escape first.

      We finally at the Fish Sauce Factory. The cultist isn't here yet. We will plan for the next step. But...

      Nightmare: Hey, Alp-san....Would....

      Alraune: Would you explained what is Alpha alp?

      Nightmare: Uh!!!!

      Alp: Yes, because it's about the whole Alp being. And Admiral Star.

      The Alpha Alp explaned. She is a few Native that know about the Space and Stellarian. She contacted with Stellarian, in hope for diplomacy and researching. But then, those cultist attacked her and captured her.

      The most cruel thing is they are developing the Virus that would killed all of the Hermapodite and All alp. Using demonic energy to change virus. But they struck in a blockage that Alpha-alp has immunity. And It could be tranfered to another alp trough blood and Yuri sex. They meant to terminated her but....

      Admiral Star attacked the station by himself. He destroy the cultist and their expirament. But Alpha-Alp see the Virus expirament thing escaped.

      Admiral Star was a real man. He not only throw himself into fight directly despite he's an Admiral. He even command the Marine himself and Lead the Boarding party by himself! He help marine attack cultist with his own hand. Even rescue the Alpha-alp, he done it. And he sent her back to her homeworld.

      With fear of Virus, the Alpha alp tranfered imunity to all the alp on the planet trough demonic energy. They don't know that she can do this since they test only blood tube. She hate Yuri sex anyway.

      Alraune: That's was complicated....really complicated.

      Me: But they seek you and me. It's mean they will capture you again and try to break the immunity. They think the imunity are the few, so they terminate another Alp.

      Nightmare: But I could see they destroy the whole city. What a evil cultist.

      Me: So, question time, where should we escaped?

      Second Question Asked.-----

      Alp: I have nowhere to go. I live in this City and got attacked.

      Nightmare: I live in a Centhur village 50km from here. We should rally at that location. But....but...we're really small village that has low income.

      Alraune: I live in the forst next to that Centhur Village. It's called Green Gayser forsest since there're Green Gas Gasyer poped every week.

      Me: Okay....Wai, could you describe that Gas?

      Alraune: Green Gas that extreamly powerful. But it require a condition. Like a really hot fire under a heavy pressure.

      Me: Oh, I know it! An Exotic Gas! It used in our powerful plasma weapon! It's rare and expensive gas, you know?

      Alraune: Really?! But I see it poped out troughtout our world!

      Me: Splendid!!! Your world is a home to a rare resouce! They key to win those terrorist too!

      Nightmare: So?

      Me: Yes, we will go to the Green Gayser forest and centhur Village.

      We decided to go to Green Gayser forest and Centhur Village according to Nightmare and Alraune. But first, we need a vechile. How? STEAL!

      We climb in Fish sauce truck. The worker left the key here. The fish sauce is sitinky and salty. But this nightmare seem to like Fish Sauce. And Alraune hate it a lot. Plants don't like salts.

      Nightmare volenteer to drive. And Oh no! The cultist is chasing us! They even have armoured car! I, Alraune and Alpha-Alp decided to got behind the truck. An Alraune is being Stronghold again. Soon the Nightmare touch the Acerator....she gone mad.


      The truck goes fast and furios. I then heard later that this Nightmare was a daughter of furoius racer and a former driving crime named Dominic Torretto. And her name is Nitrous Torretto. Like she addicted to nitrous like her name. She gone mad in racing.

      We chase the Cultist madly. Even the anoured car broke by us. 2 were shot in engine by me. 3 were shot by Alpha-Alp Rocket luncher. The Alranue mostly deal with foot soldier. But the MVP is Nitrous-san. Like her specie, her driving is nightmare. She don't hestitate to drive on the broken bridge and make Truck fly in shortcut. Make chasing cultist broke like Police in Action movie. Plus, she smash the Cultist car and make it strum away. She's a real hell driver.

      The truck finally escaped the city. It was a mad chase. And now it's a nice driving along. I feel bad for the alps in the city. But I will serve Cultist a great revenge soon...

      The Car drive to the Village. The villager is all centaur. They're nice but they are poor village. Thus, their emotions is great. We decided to rest in Nitrous's familly rest Cabin in forest instead. To not disturb Villager. But they gives us some food too. We talk with the Villager. They ask the situlation in the City. I decided to hide our indentity. Only say the myterious Cultist attacked city. And explain the space thing. They would not belive if they don't watch the news.

      And the Nightmare introduce her family. They're poor farmer and forest finder. But thry live happily. I want to protect those smile. They wish for more money for their child in future. So, the nightmare go to work in city, and got invited into show.

      I had a plan for their better jobs. Their farming has less and less process since the Gas has poped out more and more. Of course, I will build the Gas Refinery on this planet. Don't worry, We care for Ecosystem too. We're stellarian, we have planty money for Ecosystem. But I keep that in mind, only tell Nitrous-san.

      I sleep in her Cabin. But I had a really bad dream. Acually, I usually had a bad dream. Because a truma of the War I faced. I am Admiral, and I see a lots of death and loss. I am a kind that couldn't accept failure. But I face it again and again. My health gone wrose every second i live. Although my Species considered as Very Strong and Intellegent. My work and stress does put me down. Plus the Mind ober Matter, my brain work more and more.

      This is when the nightmare named Nitrous come in my dream. But she diliver a good dream. She could enter anyone's dream, inculding me. She see my bad dreams first. A truma, an unaceptable failure, death. She see I keep stress and focus on work, keep blaming myself.

      Then suddenly, I turned child in a dream. I watch the star. Since I am young, I love to gazing those stars. Wondering what lies in the star. And now she's beside me. Watching the stars together. And suddenly, I ride her back and ride among the stars. What a splendid and werid dream.

      She keep asking a splendid question. Such as why the star has many color. Why star blink. What does that/this plaet like. She's like the child who wonder everything. I could see myself back then. I keep seek wonder in the stars despite it's dangerous. I joined admiral because I love adventure in the stars. We keep doing the fun thing in the dreams. And she teach me how to deal with failure when the flashback comes. What happened. It happened. It's the best that you live without throwing anyone life for you. They are willing to scarifie. And you must accept their will afther their death and move on. Move on. Move on only, when you're live. That's what she did because she's poor. And she learn from me about corage. Sometimes, we can't escape. And that's the time we fight. With our corage, we can achive anything.

      We did a lots of fun thing in the dream. Then we awaken. We help their parents do thier jobs. And we visit Alraune place. I give a lots of space knowlage to them. And I keep asking Alraune about the Gas. She's the active fighter too. She has to fight wild animal in unmoving state. So, she become a Stronghold. And I teach her how to use space firearms more efficently. Her name is Alpaca, a little humour here. I teach nitrous about fighting too. And althought she's weak. She's not bad at all. And she's fast learner. For an Alp, I asked the information more.

      I have a theory on show. There was a proper show here. But the Cultist corrupted the show. And bring me and Alpha-Alp together in one place. To attack all at once. Nitrous and Alpaca just a victim. They meant to capture Alpha-Alp for expirament. And they meant to kill me for revange.

      We hidden in a Village for 12 days. And then, tghe millitary came to us.

      I then reveal myself as the Admiral Star. And the Alpha-Alp is what they seek. If they got this Alpha-Alp. All of the Alp will be terminated. And the fleet is 2 day left. However, they said a Coevette has done damage to nearby city like a Virus. And they had to stop the ship. The Villager worried too. And If the ship attack here. The Gas might be explode and destroy area of 10 km diameters.

      But I am an Admiral after all. I then give them a blueprint of the ship. This ship is an old model of Altair class. Now there're plenty of better ships. But they're terrorist, so they find anything they could find. Including this Altair.

      After we look at the blueprints. The Millitary said they could destroy the ship if the shield is off. And they have several captured landing craft here. However, there's a report that ship is coming. So, I need to destroy this ship.

      Like everytime, I lead the raiding party. Although Nightmare, Alraune and Local General warned me. But I have persistance to go. Plus, I have the most knowlage about the ship.

      But Also I need menpower. Espcailly that one who I trust. This lead me to the 3rd question.

      Me: Who would come with me in Combat, despite it's deadly mission?

      Third Question Asked. -----

      Alpha-Alp: I will come with you! To save the Alpkind!!!"

      Nitrous: I...I will go with you! I will prove my corage! And I....I...afiaid to lost you! And I need to save my Village! My world!!!

      Alpaca: To save my world! And lead to our Victory! You need a moving Stronghold!!!

      I see they are coming with me. Anddd I like this nightmare. Both Nightmare situlation and Nightmare species in front of me.

      Me: Let's go!!! AD ASTRA!!!

      I activate Laser Saber and rise in the sky. The girls cheers. The troopes coming with me cheers.

      We decided to launch a Surprise attack at night. We get in Landing craft and Fly toward Corvette. Soon, the corvette noitced the attack and Open fire. But we are coming close. So, most of our troops landed fine in a hangar area. Our team proceed to shot the cultist troopers.

      Oh no, the rival alien is the leader of this attack. And their troops are supporting cultist! We need to talk, rival empire.

      But we attacking anyway. This world firearm, M16A4 isn't bad. Only magazine are depleted fast. But I prefer my blaster. I blast and sabotage the cultist hangar. And I stab an Alien heavy troops. Then throw the corpse right to the Cultist with my species strength and Exoskeleton.

      Nitrous do well in Carrying Alpaca here. And she know well how to hide and shoot. She hit them all. I love this fast learner. And she know how to use Alpaca well. While she's reloading or found heavy suppress. It's duty for Alpaca to wipe them out. For machine gun and Heavy unit. Leave it to me and Alpha-Alp. And the native soldier do pushing line well.

      I then enter the corridor. I see the blast door close. Luckily, I goes in air vent and Blast the security room. The blast door open. The Cultist has prepare the assult on blast door. Only to find Alpaca Stronghold and got blasted. Nitrous san quickly carry Alpaca to intercept. Alpha-Alp get the explosive charge.

      The Altair now in chaos. I lead attack to the Shield Reactor room successfully. Nitous and Alpaca halt the Cultist. I kill the Cultist trooper inside while Alpha-Alp place hidden Explosive charge. Once we done, We detonate the shield.


      I wan't be careful enough and I were hit by explosive. But I am still okay. Nitrous rush to help me. I tries to excuse my pain but failed. She let me ride on the back with Alpaca Stronghold. Alpha-Alp magic help Nitrous stronger and faster.

      The Native Jet fighter attack the altair well. After the shield down. I feel the ship quake. The emergency signal echo over the ship. But then I approch the Hangar, the hangar closed. The soldier struck in.

      Cultist: Admiral Star!!! You and your friend will die with us!!! And that Alp too!!!

      I use Telekinesis to put that guy down here and Stab him with Anger. But I see the Citcit. If I connect the curcit directly, the Hangar bay could be opened. But see the curcit. It could kill me anytime.

      Time for question number four. The last question of show....and maybe my life.

      Me: What would you do If I willing to risk my life for your lifes.

      Question number four asksd ----

      The girl suddey jerked and hug me.

      Alpha-Alp: I WILL NOT LET YOU DO THAT!!!! IT WOULD BE ME!!!!



      I wipe my tear for those answer. But sorry....

      I use my suit's secondary energy to make the force field to keep those girls away. I then walk to the curcit myself.

      Cough Cough!!!

      After my stress on my body and mental. My health become decay faster and faster. Plus the damage to body and exaustion. I will meet my limit soon.

      But the Stars show no Limit. Nitrous the Nightmare show me that. There's everyone behind. Alpha-Alp, Alpcaca, The Alps, The Soldier, The Native, The Stellarian. Many had made scarifie for me. Now, it's my turn.

      The girls keep knocking my Energy Shield. But it's failure. The energy is too much. I then proceed to direct the circit myself.

      I use several times to connect the circit. I get electric shocked many times. The girls cry for me. But I did this for their lifes. I am Admiral Star, the star warrior.

      I connect the last circit. And.....


      I got a heavy electric shock. My suit short circit and my body break down. I lied on ground and hangar bay opened.

      The girl rush to me. But I think I am done here.

      Thank you, everyone that scarifie for me. Thank you, this planet. And thanks, Alpha-Alp the Alp. Nitrous the Nightmare. And Alpaca the Alraune.

      I love you three. But If I was in the show. I'd choose....

      I fainted before I could answer.....

      Time passed ----

      Where am I?

      I am here in room without audiance. contestant's chair on a stage. There's no audience in the room, but there are cameras and three other chairs in see-through booths on the stage.

      No presentator. No Audiance. No compettitor. Only Nitrous the nightmare playing game called Stellaris.

      Me: Nitrous?

      Nitrous suddenly jerked. But she then chuckle. I feel my weight has gone. My stress and my body fagile are gone.

      Nitrous: You're in my sweet dream with me again...hehe.

      Nitrous told me everything while i am fainted. They dragged me out from the hangar bay. Nitrous keep my mind stable. Alpaca use her plant stim to keep my body. And Alpha-Alp keep my soul and my body energy in. Surprisngly, my Mind over matter quirk and Astrain specie prevent me from turning incubus. I don't know what is incubus either.

      The news about destroyed corvette spread over the world. The news of Alpha-Alp. The news of Alien. The news of Cultist. And the news of Admiral Star. There's more corvette attacked. But they handle easily after my blueprint and my incident.

      Not for long, the Stellarian fleet arrived and the fleet battle the cultist. Acually the Rival Alien is present here too. But the fleet win anyway. The Consul quickly look after me. He surprise in adaptive of the native and the wonders of Mamono. And he thanks the girl a lot for look after me. Only to heal me for several month.

      The Astrain is a good guy toward primitive. They quickly commit the technological enlightment on the native. The first hyperdrive spaceship of the Mamonun (Planet name) just built. Sadly, the strict order joined the Cultist and Hostile Alien. But the Royal Makai and Regular natives goes well with Stellarian.

      About her village. Nitrous discover the mail to consul to build Exotic gas refinery and Jobs for them. Enlight the Village and gives them jobs. Show them the Hydro farm. We buy the Food and Exotic gas from them. They got money. We got Gas to war.

      2 month after Mamonun incident. The Cultist quickly destroyed. The Exotic Gas improved the weapon extreamly well. And now, the Stellarian now superior than Rival Alien who support cultist. We reveal the truth, they angry. And Stellarian and Rival Alien goes into the war.

      Now, it's been 4 month. And I just got conciousness in the dream with Nitrous....wait...

      Me: Wait, Nitrous???? Why you get over me???

      Nitrous: I love something naughty in the dream. I was coward outside. But I am Corage in this....

      Me: Wait, no....

      But my body in my dream won't listen. My Laser Saber got hard as Ship hull. The room now open the roof, reveal the starsky to clam me down. She then slowly....

      Nitrous: I love you...and other two said the same.

      Place Sexual intercourse and Time Skip ----

      After a month of sweet dream and sweet sexual intercourse under the starsky. I then finally awaken. I see 4 other peoples here. Alpha-Alp, Nitrous, Alpaca and our Consul.

      Consul: So, you have awaken. Admiral Star. Did nitrous told you the situlationz in the dream?

      Me: Yes, consul.

      Consul: After the Mamono got in our socity. Our Xeno council approved in their DNA Varity. Plus, they're good in incresing population....avoid the fact that they're lustful. And they are extreamly helpful in biological researchment.....Hey, Nitrous. Did you tell him this?

      Nitrous: WHAAAA!!! I FORGOT!!!

      Alpaca: Hehe, what a shame. Being in his dream for month.

      Consul: What a shame....fine....

      Consul explained to me. The girls shocked in our low population growing. We aren't lustful and even little contrast. And our Fertilization are lower than any species due to our nature. Plus, Mind over matter asension absorb the power of sun. It somehow lower an amout of Sperm. Our researcher find the solution for decades. Until they met Mamono.

      The Mamono's demonic energy could change the DNA in body. It's easier than DNA change Virus or GMO. But we proceed carefuly due to it would make horny. But we got Alpha-Alp helping here. She lend us DNA and help research with Demonkc energy. Nitrous help with Phycology, even improve Mind over matter and Alpaca help in Agiculture. Our socity research increased lot.

      We help the Mamono back. With our Fertilization technology. ZIFT, GIFT, ISCI, ISI and plenty of them. Even Genetic modification. We fianlly could make Mamono produce male child. We test with Astrain first. And....

      Nitrous: I bear your child...and your child is a boy!!!

      I nearly shocked in this news. The girl just disappointly clap their hands. I fainted again. Only to wake up next hour.

      I think I would make a conclusion. The Mamono show has held again in Stellarian Level. That show was popular and it help increasing Stellarian population. Glad that presentator survired. And we meet together in that show.

      Consul: Now, after the four question. Who did you choose?

      Consul smiled. And I had made a decision...

      Me: Everyone. I wnat to say, I love you all...but for the chief wife, it's....Nitrous the Nightmare.

      Nitrous the nightmare jumped in joy. And everyone clap their hand in Joy.

      Me: And I have the Extra Question. Will you allow me, Consul?

      Consul: Yes.

      Me: Will you three travel with me among the stars?

      I know the answer. And I don't count this as main question as I made decision. The nightmare kissed me and they said at the same time.

      All of three: Yes, Admiral.

      And, our star journey begin....

      End of Story ----

      That's was long and Epic. I written something strange. Who would think I could involve gameshow and Hentai Fantasy with the Sci-fi? Haha.

      Next competitor

      Anddd das whenn the deaddd mennn marchhing againnn

      (Musical instrument)

      Osowiec then and again!!!

      Attack of the dead, hundred men!!!

      Facing the led once again!!!

      Hundred men, charge again, die again!!!

      Undead set.

      Lich, Banshee, Vampire

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    • I turn to the presenter. "Ugh... why are they all undead?"

      He whispers to me, "This is going to be our Halloween special. And, in a way, the vampire isn't undead. I mean; technically they are, but... it's complicated."

      I just glance back at the ladies before looking back at the presenter. "Look; I'm not picky, but I'm also not interested in marrying a corpse."

      "Well, you can try to run," He informs me, "But we've made some changes to the studio since the last runner, and if you fail to escape the studio, then the lady that catches you gets to marry you."

      I start sweating a little. I don't want to be forced to marry anyone, let alone an undead. But, how am I supposed to choose between a corpse, a wailing ghost, and a blood-drinker?

      "Is the run option still available even after I ask the questions?"

      "Yes, it is."

      Okay, that gives me a bit of wiggle-room. Who knows? Maybe the blood-drinker is actually a nice person?

      "We have been married for eight years. How would you balance work, fun, and raising the kids?"

      The lich and the banshee both give a variation of, "We wouldn't have kids." The vampire answers, "I will raise our daughters to be proper, dignified vampire girls. You will do each and every thing that needs to be done around the palace, I will have a taste of your blood before bed, and you will retire to the dungeon for the night."

      Well, that's the vampire out. I immediately put the question sheet down and race to the nearest door.

      "Well, we have a runner, ladies! You know the rules!"

      Unfortunately, the door's locked. I try the next door. It too is locked. I look around frantically; the Banshee and the lich are heading towards me in a chase, while the vampire just rolls her eyes and casually strolls towards me, and I don't know which is scarier. But, finally, I find a door that's unlocked. I go inside and shut the door immediately. However, I then notice that the room is almost pitch-black. I search for anything: a light switch, a lamp, a window, but there's nothing to light up the room. I then feel a chill from behind my neck. A shadowy mass emerges in the middle of the room and reveals itself to be the vampire.

      "Welcome to my waiting room. They made it completely dark, just as I asked." More quickly than I can react, she grabs my neck and bites down. I scream, but, weirdly, the bite doesn't hurt at all. In fact, it feels oddly pleasant. So pleasant in fact, that my mind just melts with thoughts of this lovely creature with her mouth on my neck, and she really is a lovely creature. Before, I had only seen her as scary. Now, however, my mind can only take in her breathtaking beauty...

      Once she's done, she withdraws, and something seems... different about her attitude, as if her brain is melting too. She's shaking, and she runs her finger along her mouth as if trying to understand some sort of sensation. Suddenly, she looks right at my with her piercing red eyes, and she begins removing her clothes: first, her cloak. Then, her shoes and leggings. Then, finally, her dress, until she stands before me with all her beauty. I have hardly any time to take in the sight before she grabs me and starts tearing at my clothes.

      "I want you, now," she insists. "On your back, servant." I do as she says immediately and without question, and she rides me until the next morning before teleporting herself and I back to her palace...

      Dark Mage, Gandharva, Inari

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    • A vision of beauty is in front of me, commanding my complete attention. I can't look away, this is love! Love at first sight!

      "Why don't you step right up to the contestant booth, sir?"

      Oh yeah, the game.

      "You'll find your question list in front of you."

      "Right...ahem..yeah. I was paying attention, don't worry. Okay, question number one...How would you deal with your new human in-laws?"

      "By showing that a life of magic and pleasure is much better than their boring human lives."

      "By showing them the love of Eros! I will open their eyes to my lady's truth!"

      "With the respect due to my husband's kin."

      "Sold! To the beauty from Zipangu!"

      "W-wait that's your descision? What about the rest of the questions?"

      "What about them?"

      Next contestants

      Red Oni, Karakasa-Obake, Dullahan

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    • While I read "The romance of three kingdom" in my room. Acually, I lived in mist contiment and I love my culture here. Espcially the history of pre-demonlord known as "Three kingdom" where three faction fight each other with neat tactic.

      I promised that I love intellagent Ladies. That's it. I got teleported here. Now I still confused. How I quantam teleport and not dead?

      I could see a kind of Gameshow here. 2 Zipangu girls and 1 main land one. However, a man once said "Fresh fruit may have a worm inside." I shall not judge anyone from outside.

      I got a set of questions to choose. And then...I spoted one that I like. The crator of the Question is from mist contiment for sure.

      "The Sanguo Set"

      Ladies curious in me as I smiled. Thanks to technology, there's projector behind me.

      Me: First Question...Who in the "Romance of three kingdom" do you think is yourself?

      The Girls suddenly confused. but not for Karakasa-Obake.

      Karakasa-Obake: Oh! Sankokushi! You read it too? Ah! I think I am...Lu Bei? I am quite hastitate. But I know how to manipulate people. I am acually working in production Chief of Umbrella production company now.

      Two another girls got a message to describe it casually.

      Red Oni: I goes for...Zhang Fei. I am the one that hot-headed but strong.

      Dullahan: I goes for Lu bu. I love you even to betray anything. And I am the beast in tha battle!

      That's I expected. I am the one who love not only stregth. But also a head. The Umbrella got the upper hand.

      Me: First Question...Who in the "Romance of three kingdom" do you think is your husband?

      Is this a copy-paste or what?

      Karakasa-Obake: Of course it's ChoCho! He's decisive and intellegent! He could let down the world then let the world let down him! But I don't like only he's quite curel.

      Red Oni: I love Kongming. He's really intellegent. And I could protect his physical weakness!

      Dullahan: I need a Warrior to be my friend...baka...Zhao Yun...Are you satified?

      Gonna say first, I am the one that hate thundere. Sorry, Dullahan, it seems you're the Underdog. And the two comletitor is Obake and Oni. I am decisive and intellegent. But also a weak guy in collage. From this point of view...I give them both point.

      Me: There's an Order fortess to attack. The fortess is in other side of river and heavily relies on the Arrow. You commanded the fleet in order of Demon Lord to attack. What would you do?

      Wait, this is the battle between SunJian and Liu Byao, isn't it?

      Karakasa-Obake: First, I make use my My species being umbrella, watch the situlation by lunching a small force with my species with a reinforced hat. It's called "Startle the snake by hitting the grass around it". Then we disscuss. Our plan, if nothing odd happened. We my species in the night and light the fire, make order soldier panic and think it's a raid. Fire all of the arrows until then run off. Meanwhile, we send alternate garrison to raid supply. Which "Remove the firewood under the cooking pot" tactic. The order will exausted and we attack easily.

      Red Oni: "I think of Alternative. I could send a beatiful human-like mamono, such as demonised Elf. Hidden her ears and pretend she's human. Then sent in to flirt the chief. While the chief in lust, stab him death. No leader, no morale and profit!

      Obake: Oh! You have "The beauty trap" tactic and "Hide a knife behind a smile"! Such useful!

      Dullahan: Huh? Why couldn't you just ask for nearby reinforcement to corss another river and attack from both side?

      Everyone silent. But then Obake speak.

      Obake: Oh! "Befriend a distant state while attacking a neighbour" tactic! It also useful! Acually, those tactic can be combined too!

      Everyone has a great tactic for battle. But it seems who knows tactic the most is obake. And the one who least lost blood is Oni.

      Fourth Question

      Me: What three kingdom factiom do you think will win the war? Despite the real history that....Youkou raped all states?

      Obake: Of course it's weikok! ChoCho is better in resource arrangement and Discision! Weikok is also the most replete state!

      Oni: I agree with Obake. But I think shu has a potentail. They got leaders. Like me haha!!!!

      Obake: Oni, ChoCho is not only the great leader. There's another like Sima Yi and Xu Chu too! Both stregist and Warrior!

      Dullahan: Dude, think more realisticly. There's one factor called Demonnlord, Baka. She will seize the warthorn contiment to land of pleasure!

      Alright. Obake has the upper hand. Oni got the point. And dullahan is off-topic but i am listening.

      I want to play some interesting RP in this show here.

      Me: Finally! As the war raged in the mist coniment of the three kingdom. The Karakasa-Obake State, The Red Oni State, The Dullahan State. With the intellegence and trick beyond the Physical. My new Hongte here!

      Everyone silent.

      Me: It's Hongte Karakasa-Obake! Everyone! Cheers for new Hongte!

      As I said cheer. The mist contiment guys which half a room played with me too.

      "wú huáng wànsuì, wànsuì, wàn wàn suì!!!"

      I then lead my new empress and give her a dragon ring. It's just a Gold plated ring.

      Me: new empress...

      Next contestor!

      wú huáng wànsuì, wànsuì, wàn wàn suì!

      We need the new empress for you!

      Now, the three competitor, from the Mist Contiment arrived!

      Three kingdom of Mamono raged again!

      Mist Contiment Tri-war set!

      Jinko, Hinezumi and Hakutaku!

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