• Family/Type: Temptress/Birdman

    Habitat: Forests, mountainous areas, and near lakes or rivers.

    Disposition: Vindictive, lustful, strong-willed

    Diet: Men's spirit energy

    Appearance: Human-sized, though on the taller end. Pale glowing skin, long blonde hair, slender yet voluptuous build, and fiery eyes. They typically wear white, free-flowing feathered dresses and they walk barefoot. When angered, panicked or in a state of passion, they sprout fiery, ethereal wings.


    The Samodiva are a dangerous race with an affinity for fire. Wherever they walk, grass burns and mushrooms grow in their place. Their fiery powers are increased in a state of passion; indicated by the growth of ethereal, fiery wings. With this fire, they can scare off those threatening them or even mess with the crops of someone who they feel wronged them. But they can also be used to warm a man's body and desire or even burn his clothes.

    Any man who gazes upon a Samodiva falls instantly in a state of lust. Even with just a glance, they can find themselves spending hours on end only able to think of the Samodiva they saw. The Samodiva enjoy this, and if they spot a man inflamed with lust for them, they will take him as a lover, in which time they delight in making said man grow obsessed with her, to the point where all he can think of is being with her. To them, the man's obsession is a treat almost as delicious as the spirit energy he provides them. Even when she develops affection for him and he becomes her husband, the teasing never ends; it only gets replaced with increased time in one another's arms.

    When they are single, they are known to gather in a group and passionately dance in a circle; beginning at midnight and going until dawn. Their dance emblazons with the raw energy of the nature around them and the magic of the mamono world. It is in many ways a spell. Men who see this dance particularly become enchanted by it; choosing without thinking to join in the dance. The Samodiva will notice the man, and the one that he lays eyes on the most, is the one that leaves with him clutched in her arms at dawn.

    Outside the dance, they have other means of luring an unsuspecting man to them. They have very seductive voices, and their songs lead men off the path in an enchantment, and directly to their abode where the Samodiva awaits them. Once the man who has heard her voice reaches her home and sees her beautiful form, it is all over for him: he is hers to play with as she sees fit.

    Once the have a man as their lover, much like the Kejourou in the Zipangu region, they will gift him a small piece of their hair. However, their reason for it is far more nefarious: the hair is enchanted so that, while he possesses it, it will forever make him think of her and make him desire her obsessively all the more.

    It is said that in the previous era, their form was more akin to that of a monstrous, ethereal bird. Traces of that still linger; particularly in their ferocity when threatened. Their fiery wings will sprout, and their whole body will radiate a powerful flame in the shape of the bird-monster they once were. Doing this, however, takes a toll on their energy supply, so a Samodiva will inevitably find herself seeking comfort in the arms of her husband after such an event; caressing him and milking him of his spirit energy until she is fully restored.

    After writing a fairly benign creature from Celtic Mythology, I thought I would next make a version of a much more vindictive creature from Slavic Mythology; something that seems to very rarely if ever be used as inspiration for any of the canon mamono.

    What do you think?

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