• Ok first of all i apologize for my post last time it seemed like i was careless posting something offensive(though it was fun trolling and triggering people) Ok here is my wwyd:

    You were a former order conscript you are forced to fight wars against your will but as time goes on the war became unpopular to the people of your nation eventually they open up to mamono and the pro mamono factions gain influence both socially and politically the military was given no choice but to discontinue the war and pulled your nation's army out of the Orders conflicts but as you and your fellow servicemen return you were spit hated called baby killer etc and you were not given any veterans benefit most of the former soldiers end up homeless or working in lowly and end jobs. one day you were approached by a mysterious person working for the order's intelligence asking if you willing to join them and you found out that their motive was to poison th entire country with a biochemical weapon and you discovered much to your dismay that most of the former servicemen is already part of this organization they want to exact their revenge to their country that treated them like a disposable and some who did not join simply dont care you were conflicted to this since you also want revenge to your government and society but you dont want get the innocents involved wwyd

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    • I looked at him and his extended hand, my logical side and my moral side of my brain conflicting. But one side won, and I stood up and shook his hand. I had worked on creating a biochemical weapon in the war, so it was about time I put my skills to use. I decided to make tweaks to weapon, to limit the number of people that it would kill and the number that would be affected by the weapon. I engineered it to remain dormant unless it came into contact with a decent amount of demonic energy, then the virus would render the host almost useless. Giving them a high fever, severe coughing, severe headache, nausea, and muscle aches. The virus is disguised as the flu, but all flu medication has no affect on the virus. Therefore all mamono and incubus will be affected by the virus.

      When the mission to release the virus was asked, I volunteered to go alone, to lower suspicion and because it's easier for me to work alone. I went into the underground tunnels of the city, and finally reached the underground river, where the city gets most of the water that's sent straight to the tap. I grab the vial out of my pocket, and take a look at it. The liquid is clear, to disguise it as water, to not rise suspicion from any unexpecting hosts.

      I take the vial and take the cap off of the vial and I look at the racing water below. I pause for a few second as my moral side begs me stop and think about all the innocents that will die. "Stop!" screams a voice behind me, the voice suprises me so much that I almost dropped the vial into the river. I turned around to see three mamono cops about a couple of meters away, 1 dragon, 1 demon, and finally 1 manticore. The dragon has her gun pointed at me, while the manticore's tail spines look like they're about to fire, and the demon has her hands on her knees and is out of breath. I raise one eyebrow as I extend my hand holding the vial over the river. The demon takes another step forward "Let us just wait a sec and not do anything rash," she tries to reason with me.

      "Take another step or movement closer, I'll drop it," I threatened. In response the demon stops her approach. "This vial contains a deadly virus, according to my calculations, if I let the contents of the vial fall into the river, the first person will be infected about 30 seconds after I drop this. By the time you tell the city to turn off the water, hundreds will already have been infected..." I say as the manticore grits her teeth and the dragon growls at me. "I wouldn't get snappy with me if I were you. You shoot me, I drop the vial, people die. You shoot a spine at me, I drop the vial, people die. You try to run at me, I drop the vial..." I say.

      "People die," the dragon cuts me off. I nod my head, in response to the dragon. "Think about all the innocent people that your about to kill. Wives, children, families. Don't you know what it's like to have a family, to have..." the demon starts to say.

      "Their innocents was removed when they started to insult me. And yes, I had a family, the keyword is had. I had a little brother that was already married  in the war. But then he was taken away by one of you monsters. His wife thought he was dead so in her grief she killed herself. Even when me and my fellow soldiers came back from the war, what where we greeted with? Insults and discrimination, we weren't even given a second chance. And don't even think that if I drop this that you can force me to make an antidote, because it doesn't even exist. So go on and oh do please tell me one good reason that I shouldn't drop this vial?" I ask them as I lessen my grip to only my thumb and pointer finger holding up the vial. The demon was about to answer, but she took a step forward. "Wrong move," I say and I drop the vial.

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    • I moved though the void of time, wandering, searching for something that had screamed out to me across the barriers of the Time Vortex. Then I saw it, a man bent over a waterway ready to release a Bio Chemical agent indubitably designed to end life. "Oh bloody hell!"

      I open the vortex into the tunnel behind the man and exit undetected, as I have yet to reenter normal time and space. Closing the Temporal Nexus Pathway I roll my shoulders and pop the joints in my neck. 

      Lightning built up around me shining in a golden hue, unique, indicative of the power of a Time Lord. Time itself had stopped at my behest. Frozen as a thousand pieces of glittering, shattered glass. The man a visage of all consuming rage and anger, his pain was palpable to me. Were this any other situation I would have felt for him, even cried. But it wasn't, it was the edge of the abyss, the final sanction. "Not again, never again." I whispered.

      He had let the vial of chemicals fall free of his grasp and it hung suspended in a mire of eons, seconds, ages, all and none. I reached down and plucked the vial from its place in time, before engulfing it in tempered golden flames. I sent the vial away, into the Time Vortex, there to be harmlessly disintegrated.

      With a snap of my fingers time resumed and the man's smug expression once grand, dwindled to nothingness. "What the f--"

      "Excuse me." I muttered while I tapped his shoulder. 

      The man whipped around and I caught him in the head with a quick left hook. "Gah my nose!" He fell back bleeding and screaming profanities. "Give me a minute I'll break a bit more." I hoisted him up by the shoulder and with a flick of my wrist sent him spiraling through the air, down the length of the tunnel, where he smashed into a brick wall. I was in front of his broken form in a nanosecond and sat down next to him as he tried to rise. "Uh-uh I would not recommend that, stay down. You've got oh about seven broken ribs, a shattered femur, most certainly a concussion, and internal bleeding you're not going anywhere." I waved the officers over as I sighed. "What is it about you youngsters? Why do you never learn? Hmm? Hey I asked you a question kid! Oh he's unconcious. (Sigh)"

      I let temporal energy pool into my hands and let it seep over his injuries, healing them as though they never existed. In a way they didn't. "Doctor? I thought you stayed in Rathengalia? You never usually come this far." "I don't! But if you fools had done your jobs I wouldn't be here now would I?! Look he's healed but he'll be unconcious for at least fourty eight hours. Keep him under lock and key and constant observation. Understand?" "Yes sir. But sir we had it under contr-"

      "So help me if you finish that sentence with the words 'Under Control' I think I may just turn into the Eidolon again! Things are most certainly not under control! If they were, I woudn't have needed to stop time, retrieve the vial, and destroy it in the Time Vortex! Under control would have been you lot stopping him before he ever finished creating a Bio Chemical Weapon, let alone get down into the waterways to disperse it! So don't tell me about control! (growl) Now listen here officer... I leaned over the trio of officers, noting the lead Demon's name tag. "...Officer Sasha, there are two things in life which anger me above all: Number one When someone is abandoned to their suffering and left to rot in their hatred and anger as this poor child has. Never knowing kindness, or compassion, simply lost." I pointed to the unconcious man slumped against the broken wall. "And number two I really dislike genocide. If men like him had been accepted by society as they should have been and allowed to feel loved this would not have happened. Make sure it doesn't happen again because if it does I'll be holding you responsible. I'll be back to check on him later and I expect him to be well cared for." 

      Fury and fire burned from my eyes as lightning burned the tunnel around me and with a final sympathetic glace at the young man I reopened the Temporal Nexus Pathway and disappeared into a swirl of golden light. 

      @ TheSnakeLover

      They don't allow killing on this Wiki or Universe (Mamono or otherwise) so having a bad end is a big no-no. 

      Other than that your scenario was well written and I enjoyed it.


      The Weary TimeLord.

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    • @The Weary TimeLord. Im sorry for late reply idont know but that scenario is too Mary Sue for me

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