• Cane Toad
    Family: Toad
    Type: Amphibian 
    Habitat: Grasslands/Woodlands 
    Disposition: Mellow/Poor at showing emotion 
    Diet: Omnivore 
    Appearance: Yellowish Brown large plump slightly chubby

    Description:  A larger cousin to the Mucus Toad known to be dangerous because of their high toxicity and numbers with that said that doesn't mean they're hostile creatures they don't attack those that enter their presence or territory and mostly mind their own business hopping place to place keeping to themselves 

    Similar to Mucus Toads they're bodies have toxic substances that flow with demonic energy that is used for assisting in procreating but where the Mucus Toad's mucus is barely toxic the Cane Toad's body produces oils that are more potent in toxicity causing those who come in contact with it to surge with some much lust that they will think of nothing but to mate with the nearest living thing

    The oils they produce are not only used for breeding but is also their only defense against predators and is most effective when ingested or tasted if an animal Mamono or some person were to attack her with their mouths and gets just a slight taste they will pass out from ecstasy in just a few seconds 

    While they usually live in the grasslands/woodlands they are a rather invasive species heading to areas not akin to them they are regarded as pests by some because of the fact they like to trespass in human settlements steal food and let animals like dogs and livestock taste their oil turning them into mamono causing problems for the people of the settlement

    When they see a man that suits their fancy they will pounce on them in with the purpose of mating but they won't rape him instead they will attempt to cover the man in her poisonous oil to make them more cooperative in performing the deed once they are convinced he's effected she will then get off him then get on all four awaiting the man to breed her froggy style 

    After succeeding in winning the man over as their mate she will carry her husband on her back and explore the lands together looking for a lovenest for themselves where they will live together breed nonstop and have lots of offspring 

    (This is my first time making one of these does it seem legit?)

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    • Aww, what's the fun in a cane toad if you can't use it as a cricket ball?

      On a more serious note, looks good mate. Props for adding how invasive these little fuckers are.

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    • do people really use cane toads as a ball?

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    • Among other things, This pretty much sums it up.

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    • A FANDOM user
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