• You had taken on the travelling lifestyle. Did a little job here, bought something cheap there, sold it in another town around and so on. Being a caravan guard, even thuogh you had never even trained to use your sword.
    For couple years you had drifted from place to place mostly on foot, but finally you had gathered enough money that you had bought a fourlegged companion. In a form of a most stubborn donkey you had ever met. But at least you didn't have to carry everything on your back anymore.

    You still remembered the teachings how monsters are dangerous, How ever you had allso seen some brave men call them their wifes. Allthuogh one thing combined all of these men.
    None of them lived in a town or village. They lived out in the woods, and you could really tell it from their usually quite ragged clothes and messy appearance. Thuogh the monsters they referred as wifes usually were in the least dangeous list top 10.

    In one fine sunny day as you were about to crest a small hill on the road, you noticed couple Orcs heading your way.
    You quickly tried to pull your donkey off the road, but not very suprisgly, it decided to stay on the road. For nearly a minute you tried but failed to get it moving. and as you didn't want to find out what the orcs would do to you if they found you, you left the donkey, and everything that was on it's back, and hid in the bushes not far from the road.

    It didn't take long for the Orcs to find your donkey. And you heard one of them being guite happy that they found their dinner for tonight.
    But one of the orcs was looking around, and sniffing the air. and soon looking roughly where you were.
    -"You take care of the dinner, I thinks I found me a pet". It grunted, as it started slowly approacing you.

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    • Challenge accepted.

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    • Jester's story incoming. This should be good,

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    • Not every day you get to start as a mudane dude. Gotta flex on those average joe muscles. But yea, I'm interested.

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    • True, Average joe is often the best character, at least in story point of view.

      Every time I start writing a reply I use couple of my own character platforms, where only one could be called strong, and so far I have only used it once. and in that one I kinda realized that it's bit too strong for it's own good.

      And every time I'm thrown in so "you are superman" scenario... Well it's damn near impossible to reply to that.

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    • this makes me wonder if it's not too necessary to be creative or complex on the ideas I post just something simple

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    • You dont have to make overly complex scenarios,

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    • I've noticed that the scenarios that do the best over here usually just prompt the reader with a location and an obstacle. For example:

      location- at a university / obstacle- mamono zombie outbreak

      Location- zipangu / obstacle- lusty translator

      Or in the wwyd above, location- road through the forest / obstacle- a group of orcs is trying to find you Etc. Etc.

      It helps to flesh out the location and the obstacles, by being creative and making them unique. Using the previous examples: you're trapped in your dorm room and a close friend is a mamono-zombie coming to get you. Or in the second example: your lusty translator has used the language barrier to trick you into showing up somewhere embarrassing.

      Add details, and definitely be creative! But detailed and creative doesn't necessarily have to mean complex.

      The biggest challenge (for me, at least) is to leave the situation open enough so that readers can insert their own characters as the protagonist to the scenario. I don't want to force people to be a specific character, but instead see what their characters will do.

      Aaaaaaand, sometimes you just get unlucky and a wwyd prompt simply doesn't get much action for whatever reason. It happens. Don't let it discourage you from writing, and good luck out there!

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    • TBH thi isnt exactly a place for this discussion, this is a scenrio.

      But anyway... Sasquatch True, but these simple sceanrios often completely disregard half of the scenario.

      To be honest I'm surprised that there isnt allready replys of "Why did I hide in the first place, I go introduce myself to the orcs, and after that we have some nice cuddles."

      And due to that reason, some of the scenario makers have started making much more complex scenrios, which unsurprisingly go unanswered.

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    • are my scenario's too complex? I thought they were kinda simple just thought people would like something interesting to look at

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    • Some of them get bit too complex, but so does mine. in my honest opinion.

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    • just so i understand tell how exactly how they're complex

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    • (Here's My Response JOVA82)

      “Come on Albert, you stubborn old Jackass, We need to get off the road before those Orcs catch us.” I pleaded with the Donkey as I try to pull him off the road only for Albert to decide he’s not going to budge one inch.

      “Fine, please yourself, serves you right if you wind up in a stew.” I say in frustration before leaving Albert on the Mountain trail to find somewhere to hide.

      No sooner I make to my hiding place in some bushes, the Orcs find Albert standing in the middle of the mountain trail without a care in the world.

      As the Orcs lead Albert I notice one of them sniffing around before approaching the bushes I’m hiding in.

      From the bushes watched as the Orc approached growing more nervous as she got closer. Trying to fight her off was out of the question, I had no training in swordsmanship, no knowledge of magic of any kind, so my only hope was to run.

      The Orc was about to pull back the branches of the bushes I was hiding in when I bolted, only to find myself in the waiting embrace of another Orc who had likely double round to cut off any escape.

      “Why, hello there.” She coos as she press me tighter against her plump and ample chest, preventing me from trying to wriggle free.

      “Good work, sis.” I hear the other Orc say, I then feel something slip around my neck “Collar’s on, you can let go of him now.”

      “But I like the way he feels against my breasts” the second Orc whines.

      “You can play with him as much as you want when we get him back home. Now come on!” The first Orc snaps back as she yanks on a rope tied to my collar, pulling free of the second Orc’s arms, much to her displeasure.

      On the way back to the Orc village Albert once again decide he’s not going move another inch, try as they might by either pulling on his reins or trying to lure him with a carrot, that stubborn Donkey won’t budge.

      With a sigh the Orc that was leading Albert turns to the Orc holding the rope to my collar “You go on ahead and take our new pet home, I don’t think our new slave should see what about to happen to his Donkey.”

      With that I’m taken on ahead “W-what are they g-going to do to A-albert.” I stutter fearfully.

      “Sorry but I’m afraid Albert’s going to be tonight’s celebratory feast, Its not everyday we get our own love slave.” Said one of the Orcs.

      Eventually we reach the Orc stronghold, which consisted of a collection of Yurts surrounded by a large timber wall. As I’m lead through the stronghold many of the other Orcs in the stronghold showed a great deal of interest in me, some even tried to cop a feel only to be pushed back by the Orcs that had captured me. Some of the Yurts had their entranceways open in which I would often see a man surrounded by several Orcs, all of whom were using him to satiate their monstrous lust.

      The sight what was happening in those Yurts was of course my future as the love slave to the group of Orcs who captured me as they lead me to their Yurt.

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    • Well, you end up being used and abused, but is that so bad in the grand scheme of things?

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    • Indeed. I wouldn't say abused, I'd probably be well protected, cared for and loved.

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    • That most likely too, But if I understand Orcs correctly they tend to want to do things that they like, did you like it or not.

      Thuogh the not liking part won't probably last that long...

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    • I take a deep, long hard thought as to how I can deal with these two swines. As far as I knew, if you dominated them in some way, they'd quickly become submissive instead of horny animals...

      Which lead me to a rather genius (if crude) idea to both make it out of this encounter without being a sex slave and keep my stubborn ass companion (hahageddit)  Knowing I wouldn't be able to overwhelm them with raw power, I instead opt to quickly take some rope, oil, and a baton I had carried with me for good luck. Making haste, I quickly set up the traps while being careful not to let the orcs see me-though they could sniff me out, so I had to get going. 

      Eventually, I was caught- and made a short break for it. "Get back here! Come over so we can make you ours!" The first orc says, as I use my memory to avoid the trap I set. The orc was too preoccupied with making me her fucktoy to notice the snare until it was too late, immediately being ensnared and letting out a squeal. However, this squeal quickly turned into soft moans as I unleashed phase 2 of my plan, using the oil as a lubricant-I'm trying to survive, but I'm not a heartless prick. Most of the time, anyway.

      While her compatriot was being sexually tortured through being teased to no end with the rope, I immediately grab a fallen stick and bang it repeatedly to get the orc's attention. Once she gave chase, i quickly used the remainder of the oil-leaving some left to trip her up, and sighed. This baton had been with me for years, and now I was going to sully it for my own survival. Lubing it up, I insert it right into my would-be assailant's ass. More squealing, as I deftly move my fingers to torment her the way I did her friend- torment being a rather harsh word. 

      When my plan was done, I was left with two moaning orcs laying on the ground, spasming from the pleasure I had given them. I prepare to mount my equine frenemy, only to see them get up, and sigh. However, the look in their eyes was of....submission?

      "M-master....can we...come with you...?" 

      Oh boy. I let out a sigh, and shrug. "Don't eat my friend/mortal foe here, and...sure."

      And so, I set out with two would-be assailants turned submissive girls. Strange day, but they helped with hunting and defense so I'm not really regretting keeping them.

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    • Soon. Later that night, likely.

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    • As it has taken this long, it most likely is very long, and usually long tends to be good.

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    • My stomach drops from what i heard one of the orc ladies said. 'Dinner'? Jojo ain't food, he's my friend! One of the few friends I got... I reach into my pocket and pull out 2 small magic runes, these runes are said to make the holder superhuman but with a catch. The moment they're put onto bare skin they will fuse to the holder's body and very soul, never to come off. But with me and Jojo's fate on the line I have no choice, goodbye big paycheck...

      I take off the glove on my left hand and put the red rune on my palm, I watch as it sinks into my skin and the markings spreads throughout my left arm; This rune has given me strength. Next I place the green rune on the lower end of my spine, I felt sink in as I pull my pant legs and watch the markings go all the down to my feet; super speed.

      By the time the markings were done the orc that smelled me out has reached my hiding spot, she peers beside the stump and oinks in glee when she sees me, "Oh there you are! This day just keeps getting better and better. Now, be a good little toy and- Woah! Hey, what the fuc-!" In one shift motion i kick her in the chest full force, knocking the wind out of her. I then grab her and with my new strength, hurl her several feet into two more orcs trying to push Jojo.

      "Hey!" I rush ro the the few orcs, placing myself between them and Jojo. "You damn swine! Leave me and my mule be!" In a effort to scare them off i bring my fist down to the ground i creating large cracks in their direction. That one action was all it took for them to drop their weapons and run back towards the hills, squealing like little pigs all the way home.

      I turn back to Jojo and sigh, "Did you know they're coming and didn't want move because of them?" He nods, "You could've said something, you know?" Jojo simply snorts at my response.

      "*Sigh* Guess it doesn't matter now," i stroke Jojos head and start pulling on his rope, "Come on, lets go back to town. Maybe ask that nice elf to be a guide for tomorrow or something."

      With that, me and jojo start heading back up the trail towards the town, like hell we're gonna keep walking the dirt road with those damn pig girls on the loose.

      A/N:This was fun-L

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    • Not bad, to whoever that might have been.

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    • Thanks, man I really need to make a account here on the wiki.

      Gonna call myself "L" because it's easy -L

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    • OK. Once again. Something supposed to be short. No, forget that, I overdressed for the evening. But anyway, here

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    • Little changes, Just enough to make the story work, but not tering the scenario apart.

      You are quite lucky man to beat two of them in a fight. but that just made the story work so well.

      Awesome as allways. Thank you.

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    • Yea, that was the goal. Would have quite literally tore through the whole thing if I went awol on the premise. And yes, it was all dumb luck and coincidences that saved him.

      Really, the fact that orcs are sort of switches depending on whether they win or lose made that idea.

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    • I hid trying my best to stay silent. My hands were buried in my pockets I had the perfect weapon to escape.

      "Found you! Cmere lovely yer comin home with me!" A big orcish hand reached for me. I saw my opening.

      "SH-SH-SHAAAHHHHHH" I unleashed my war cry. One of my hands whipped out of my pocket sending a stream of the almighty pocket sand into the eyes of my persuer.

      She reeled back as the sand blinded and irritated her eyes.

      I ran back towards the road, sadly leaving behind my equine companion. The second orc tried to stop me but I was deftly prepared.

      "SH-SH-SHAAAHHHHHH" I unleashed the rest of my pocket sand into this orc's face and ran off back towards town leaving my donkey and all my stuff behind. All I have now are my dagger and summoning spells.

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    • A FANDOM user
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