• Silver Ants
    Family: Ant    Type: Bug
    Habitat: Deserts 
    Disposition: Hardworking, Hasty (when seizing prey)
    Diet: animal remains
    A variant of the ant-girl, silver ants are covered in silver hairs all over their ant and human bodies. These silver hairs reflect light and heat, keeping them cool in the midday sun and they can withstand higher body temperatures than other monster girls. Even so, they can only survive for a short timeframe.

    Silver ants travel out in the blazing hot midday sun, when other monster girls go to their love nests. They are hasty but calculating in getting food and mates, logging the sun and every direction to avoid getting lost. They use the limited time outside to catch a mate and then pull him back to their love nest. 

    In their love nests, they have the entire day to breed with their mates and so they take their time in doing so. This is far from the hasty method of catching them. Silver ants will mate until the next midday period, where they scavenge animal remains before other scavenging mamono get to them.

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    • Kudzu

      Mandragora Family / Plant type
      Habitat: Zipangu (native), invasive in warm regions
      Disposition: lustful
      Diet: nutrients from the soil, man's spirit energy.

      A plant mamono originally native to Zipangu, they have spread to warm regions where they became incredibly invasive. What seems to be a group of monsters is actually one enormous monster, which can spread for miles around. When they first propagate, they resemble a mass of vines. But every once in a while, a new female body grows out. 

      These female bodies are armed with sweet scents which are built to attract men into their vines. Those men think of nothing but to mate with the female body, pouring in spirit energy to facilitate its spread across the land. They can grow inside houses where there is sufficient light.

      The vines smother trees, buildings and other structures in order to get to the sunlight. In fact they are so invasive that these mamono are shunned even by pro-monster states and demon realms. Every once in a while, the female bodies produce seeds, spreading the invasive mamono further.

      Fortunately, their leaves can be eaten and the blooms are known for holding a potent aphrodisiac substance. Monster girls collect these blooms and harvest their leaves, while Angels and other divinities are able to smite them completely. In order to eradicate this weed, the Demon Lord must cooperate with the Chief God.

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