• You live in a mamono-neutral nation: mamono are allowed to live in it so long as they accept human values and laws, and you are a student at the first boarding school to have both human and mamono students and staff. So far, things at the school have been fairly civil, with not a single incident.

    However, one Friday night while everyone was asleep, someone was messing with different magical ingredients and accidentally released a love potion upon the entire school: any feeling of attraction for someone turns into an all-consuming desire for the person (but only if there was already attraction).

    Your dorm room is far from where the potion originated, so you had yet to feel its full affect. However, you had planned a study date today with a [insert mamono of your choosing here] classmate, for whom you had a bit of a crush, but you don't know if she's interested in you. As you head to the place where you agreed to meet, you slowly begin to breathe in more and more of the potion until you feel its full effects. All around you, students are making out (and more) in the halls, while staff call their spouses.

    When you finally get to the place, there she is, and something's... different about her today.

    "Good morning. I was waiting for you to show up. Forget studying; I've been thinking about you, and about what I want, and what I want..." She then removes her clothes in front of you, "...Is you."

    What would you do?

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    • I think I have a pretty good, decently long, and convoluted reply on the works.

      Hopefully I manage to get enough funny events, in to it. and I think that there is unexpected twist in there somewhere

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    • While the school it self was in rather rural area, it was the second largest school of the nation, just about as middle of 4 large cities, but the closest city was only 400 miles away.
      Reason for it being in so rural area was that it used to be only school for any higher education, but none of the four cities were large enough that the school of this size would be feasible there. so instead building four schools that would have limited teaching on certain subjects, every city had chipped in, and made one big school that could have everything.
      But that, is long gone history nowdays.

      Since laws had changed sometime around 25 years ago, and mamonos had been allowed to join the general population, they allso had been made to participate the schoolwork. It's funny to think that just 30 years ago they were roaming the forrests and kidnapping men indiscriminately. Now they were participating everyday life all around the nation.
      Funny think that when my parents were at my age, they were teached how to defend themselfs against, and potentially even kill them. How ever as our nation happens to have good relations to both Zipangu, and Mist continent, wich both have had relatively good relations with mamonos for centuries.
      It can be said, that those relations have changed the way of thinking here, even thuogh there is still some, should we say, not so civil mamono around. How ever, There has been a wide variety of species here allways, but the population has been quite low alltogether.

      It is true that there are still quite a few monsters out there, living in forrests, who kidnap the first man they lay their greedy eyes on, but for the most part, especially the more docile species have moved to live among humans. Random attacks do still happen, although the attacks are getting more rare occurance with each passing year.

      Oh dammit, it's allready allmost noon, I snap out of my thuoght's. I had agreed to go help Agatha with her maths, and she would be waiting me at the library exactly at noon.
      She was pretty much straight A student. Except that she couldn't get even basic math work done. So someone had to help her out. And later in the evening when I would be toiling with my literature she would be helping me, and beteen those study sessions we would have some spectacular food, as she was just so damn good at coocking, baking and every other possible houshold work.
      She was unexpectedly modest for mamono, but I have to admit, I had a thing for her. Allthuogh one thing kinda worried me.

      I had been lately having quite lurid dreams, How ever the girls in those dreams were anything but like her. What I mean is that the girls, both human and mamono from my dreams had one thing in common. They were very up front with their wants and needs. Unlike anything I would have experienced so far, but there wasn't too many of them among general population, some in the forrests, and mountains sure.
      For last couple months I had had these dreams, and I doubt that Agatha would ever be anything like them. Which was kinda sad in a way.

      Of course there was this one girl that had every physical attriburte that I loved, Well, Apart that she was clumsy as hell, but when you have wings instead of hands, well I still wonder how she manages to write anything down.
      But on the flipside, She is probably the biggest bitch in the school. Rude, ungrateful, and if she wouldn't be a mamono, I would claim that she is misandric.

      Anyway I really need to be going to the library. Knowing Agatha she's there allready, and I get a lecture from her how important it is to be punctual.

      As I leave the males housing unit where I live for most parts of the year, and start my nearly 2 mile treck to the library I notice something slightly odd.
      I mean, it is quite normal to see few couples walking around hand in hand, some cheeky kisses on the cheek, and occasional deeper, and more meaningful kiss from the few couples that you see walking around, but today was, well, different.
      As I passed the mamono's dorms it was starting to get more noticable, Allmost everyone were at least walking hand in hand, looking to be lost in some form of converasion.
      As I passed the sports field, I started to see couples openly groping eachothers, Which somehow seemed right, but allso definitely was against the rules.
      And as I was getting close to the main building I could swear that someone was watching porn with sounds on full blast somewhere. Nothing wrong with that either, but allso there was strict policy of, If it's porn, keep it in your room.
      I'm not so sure about it, but something feels bit odd here today, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe it's just unusually bright, and sunny day, noting that at this time of the year it's usually rainy, wet, and misrable. and that's getting everyone in a good mood. Maybe? Possibly?

      I notice Wren, "the queen bitch" Wyvern out of the corner of my eye, She has been on her usual Saturday morning flight, and he lands only couple hundred feet away from me.
      I didn't want to pay that much of a mind to her, but damn she looks exceptionally good today. For a while I hesitated, as we looked, or more like stared at eachothers, I kinda wanted to go talk to her, but as far as I remmber she had been an asshole towards me, and just about every guy in the school. But dammit I would be late, and Agatha would be pissed if I was late. Hence I continued towards the main building, but I could feel her eyes on my back, all the way to the enterance.

      As I got inside the main buildding and started heading for the library, I noticed that it was unusually quiet inside. There was only some echoes coming what was the science wing, but other than that the atmpsphere was allmost eerie.
      Usually there was some students coming and going even on saturday, Coming to meet their teachers, going to library to study, meeting their tutors, but today, nothing. Every door was closed, and there was nobody walking on the hallways.
      How ever there was allso another thing, The whole place seemed slightly off. allmost like I would have been looking the world trough glasses that had slight pink shade in them. Allso the there was this very faint, sweet scent, and odd barely noticable taste in the air.
      It all seemed so wrong but yet so right.

      Eventually I arrived at the librarys door, and there she was waiting me, Thuogh for some reason she seemed more nervous, allmost jittery as I approached.

      -"Good morning. I was waiting for you to show up. Forget studying; I've been thinking about you, and about what I want, and what I want Is you." as she started removing her clothing.

      Now, That's a shoker. Just as I was about to ask that could she consider being something more than just a study partner, Afterall I am quite shy and reserved guy, and I had been gathering courage to ask about it since 2 semesters ago.
      And there she is, Standing in front of me, full nude, and clearly ready to recive all that I can give. She had finally broken the shackles of her modesty, and gabe up her apron and long dress. This is a dream coming true.

      Just as I'm about to answer, someone grabs my shirt collar, and pulls me away from her.
      -"He's been with me for couple months now, and he's coming with me."

      It takes couple of seconds for me to realize who she is, but the purpelish eugine body gives only an idea of her species. She's nightmare.
      What she said didn't really make any sence, as I didn't personally know any Nightmares. But it was stated so matter-of-factly that even I didn't want to question it, and then the dreams that I had seen came in to my mind.
      Sure in the dreams I had seen many things, but my favorites had been the more dominan't species, where I had literally just been used for their pleasure. but there had been allways one thing that combined the girls in my dreams. Her facial features had allways been rather similar.
      Allso, the way she just started practicly dragging me with her, the way she asserted her dominance in the situation, It made my knees weak, It was what I had wanted, it was what I had dreamed.

      -"Dyani, What the hell you think you are doing?!" I hear shout, with a little anger in her voice. -"You know damn well that I have been drooling over him since last semester.

      -"Yet you didn't do anything, and I know as well that he hasn't approached you. But think positively, there is plenty of guys out there, I suggest you go find one who wants you." The Nightmare, who apparently was called Dyani aswered. and it somehow seemed to make sence.
      Then again in my somehow cowdy mind a lot of things started to make sence.

      -"If you don't make up your minds who he belongs to, I will make the decision for you, and take him with me." A third voice called out.
      We all turned to see who was talking, and saw the queen of bitch walking towards us in the hallway, Her green scales allmost glimmering in the sunlight that came trough the windows.

      The nightmare instantly got prottective over me, and squished me aginst her chest, which only made clear how ready she was, as my shirt got soaked from her juices just above my belt.

      -"But dont you hate all guys? at least that's how you usually act." I mumbled a question to her.

      -"No I don't hate all guys." she aswered. -"It's just that I have very hard time controlling myself, so I'm trying to distance myself from guys, especially you. I mean look at you, such a frail little man who clearly needs someone to take care of you."

      Me? Frail and little? That's not exactly correct, I'm standing 6'1" (185cm) and while not athlete, I was still in pretty good shape. But than again, what's immensly strong in human standards was nothing compared to her dragonic strength.

      While I was gathering my mind, the hallway exploded in to screaming match, Everyone trying to reason why they thuoght I should be with them.
      At some point I felt powerful pair of talons grab on to my shoulders and starting to left me off from the ground, And just about the same time I felt how someone wrapped their arms around my waist, and second pair of arms wrapped around my legs.

      As my thuoghts cleared the screaming match had turned physical, and I was torn in different ways by all of them. Wren trying to drag me from my arms while flying, Agatha holding my legs while lying on the ground between Dyani's legs, while dyani was holding on to my waist.
      I mean, I know I'm not enough for all of them, I am a one woman man, but in this kind of situation I couldn't make up my horny teenage mind, as I still kind of wanted all of them.
      I just could wait and hoped someone would make my mind, as I was clearly unable to do so.

      As they were pulling me in difefrent directions, quite hard I might add, my clothes started to rip apart.
      That's when fourth voice joined in.
      -"Do I need to raise my voice?"
      And the tug-o-war ended so suddenly that I allmost fell to the floor.

      The voice was unmistakable. It belonged to a Hakutaku, Our first non human teacher. And a woman who seemd like the loving mother to everyone, yet, still she seemed to be able to assert authority over anyone and everyone.
      Yet her allways calm demenor made her one of the most loved teachers in the school. She wasn't exactly young anymore. Quite old in human standard, but just barely reaching middle age in her actual lifespan. and many guys had made jokes how she still looks quite hot, even thuogh her allready obvious age.

      -"Would someone explain your behavior, as this is clearly against the school rules, but allso the laws of this nation. I would really hate it, if I would have to file an incident report."

      -"I've been in his dreams for couple months, and decided to have him for real tonight, but Wren and Agatha got in the way." claimed Dyani.
      -"We've been studying together since last year, and I know he has feelings for me, and I tried to get him admit those, before Wren and Dyani messed everything up, and I just tried to keep him."  Agatha said.
      -"These two couldnt decide, so I decided to decide for them. I mean look at him, he cant even make decisions himself so I deceided to save him from himself and from them."

      I was just sitting on the ground, looking at my more or less torn clothes, But as finally looked up, I faced a questioning look from miss Zhen-Hua, and I had to admit it.

      -"I think they are all telling the truth, I just can't decide, and that escalated the situation."  

      For some time she looked us all like we were kids who just broke the cookie jar, before she came to me and helped me on my feet.
      As I got up, she hold my hand for a while, and looked at me quite judgingly,  but after couple seconds it was allmost like sudden realization had hit her.

      -"Right, I understand your issue. Would you come to my office, and I think I might have a solution to our little problem."

      There was a chorus of accepting comments, and the we started following her towards the science wing.
      I could have sworn that the air seemed to get sweeter as we entered to the wing, and I could have sworn that the walls here should be plain gray, not pinkish gray, and it was very obvious that the porn that I had heard outside, was being watched somewhere in this wing, and now there was clearly some form of orgy scene gonig on, at least judging from the moaning that could be heard coming somewhere upstaires.
      We passed a scinece classroom, and as I loked in, I could see a rather large bowl which was sitting on a heating pad, the contents were bubbling and there was thick pink mist flowing out from the bowl, but I just couldn't connect the dots.
      In fact, I was still trying to keep at least some form of modesty, as my boner was trying to pop out from the tear in my pants, I mean, I'm following a damn fine looking woman, and there is three more of them right behind me. and I'm absolutely positive that each of them ar thinking exatly what I'm thinking. Yet, we all know that it's against scool rules, That's why every dorm is off limits of you dont live in there. There sholdn't be any sexual activity on the premises of this school.

      As we got to her office, she picked up a phone, and made a few calls, She was talking in a language that none of us understood, so we just sit and wait for awkward silence... with very meaningful looks coming my way from all of the girls.
      After third call, Zhen-Hua finally looks up at us, and looks bit disgruntled.
      -"The solution that I was about to suggest to you four seems to be impossible, so you have to find a solution on your own. How ever I'm not going to make incident report out of it, even thuogh I really shuold. as what I saw was practicly a fight, and that's enough grounds for permanent suspension, and none of us want that. So, just for now, keep it civil. You may leave."
      We all stand up and start leaving, but just as I'm about to step out I hear Zhen-Hua call me back.
      -"Jova, Would you stay for a minute, I have something to talk about with you."

      Knowing her, I close the door, behind the girls, and sit back down.

      -"Now you have had your sex ed few years ago, but I can tell you are going to have it a lot more in the future."
      Which was quite obvious, I just had to figure out with who I would be having it.
      -"Now sex ed is all about how to be safe, and so on, but it doesn't teach anything about pleasing your partner, I think you would want to learn something about that?"

      -Sure I would but First I probably would have to figure out with who I would have that sex, shouldn't I?

      -"Oh no, You just need to know few certain things, and you can please allmost everyone, Like things where to touch, how to touch, and so on. Wouldn't you want to learn some more?"

      -"Eehhh, I guess?. I mean, I have heard how some guys tend to be just interested of getting off themselfs, so in that respect yeah I kinda would like to."

      -"As it happens, I dont have much other things to do right now, so I could teach you how to please a woman right now, Would you be interested?"

      -"Just tell me where to start please."

      for first hour, we got trough where to touch, and how to touch, She used herself as an example, which seemed only natrual.
      From there we moved in to cuddling, how to perform oral, and at the start of the third hour, we started experimenting how intercourse feels.

      The first lesson took better part of 14 hours, Allthuogh she has been tutoring me for 2-3 hours nearly every day after that, and occasionally we have had really in depth studies at her place, Those usually last from friday evening to sunday night.

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    • @JOVA82 Very interesting. Just one question: what happens when the potion inevitably wears off?

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    • I would say that the potion / gasses that the potion caused lingered around at least inside the main school building for couple days. At that time everyone who found someone, got attatched enuogh that they paired up. At least those who found a mamono, as mamonos dont really divorce.

      Some mamonos might use and leave, but as the potion/gas lingered they most likely didn't let the guy go... Then again most mamono that might do such thing, tend to be on the "agressive" side, and therefore not living among humans.

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    • @JOVA82 Ah; fair enough. Again, interesting story.

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    • I try to get some more or less unexpected turns in my replies, and some humor at least.

      Thuogh I must admit that lately there havn't been too many scenarios where that would have been possible. or the scenario itself hasn't been interesting (to me at least) enough. or I couldn't have placed myself in such scenario.

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    • @JOVA82 Interesting. In that case, I made a scenario a while back about suddenly ending up in a game show. It should be flexible enough a scenario for you to give a reply with some twists and turns.

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    • And I gave it a "short answer" and was just waiting for it to slow down enough so I would have time to write a story.

      How ever now it's stopped on a trio which doesn't interest me. Hence I'm waiting for someone to reply on it.

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    • @JOVA82 You're in luck; someone has replied to it.

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    • A FANDOM user
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