• You are one of the many young adult males that are being brought to the demon realm. A few years ago the demon lord invaded and conquered many lands belonging to humans. Succeeding in her conquest she then made a deal with them being each of the human settlements will hand over a bunch of their young men every semi-centennial. The demon lord knew that Mamono can only give birth to females eventually leading to extinction to both Mamono and humans if all the men and women were affected by demonic energy.

    So this was her plan to keep that from happening by taking mass amounts of young men to the Mamono cities for reproduction purposes and potential peace. Leaving the transportation wagon you meet your hostess and follow her to where you need to go. Walking through the town you see tons of Mamono watching you all with lustful looks on their faces some of them gossiping about what they were gonna do to you guys. Your all brought to the castle where your hostess brings you to the throne room where the queen of the land sits before you.

    She arises from her thone walks up to you all and prepares to speak "Good evening boys nice to see you all here. You along many other young men like yourselves have all been brought here to become our little helpers in our time of need for the city its people and our future. I assume you all know why your here so I'll get to the point on what were going to do to you all. Each of you will be selected to be a laborer and love slave for the town. Here are the options for you to choose option number one is your choice. 

    Each of my subjects here will take one of you as their apprentice or apprentices and give you a job to perform along with breeding like for example farming cooking carpentry and many other options you will get to choose from the list of what kind of job or jobs you want and in case your wondering yes you can change jobs if you like. Number two Mamono choose for you if you can't or won't decide on a job than one of my subjects will choose for you. Finally, number three matrimony, if there's anything all the girls here have in common, is that they all want a hubby of their own.

    This option is in case you don't want to breed with everyone in the city you can just breed with the one you love all you need to do is to marry a Mamono citizen here. There are plenty of candidates outside I know a lich that is need of a test subject. I can give you an encyclopedia of what kind of potential bride you would want if you like. Anyway, that's all I have for you so who would like to go first?" looking around you see the door behind you is wide open and unguarded. The queen and her guards were too busy dealing with the rest of the crowd to notice you because you were in the back. WWYD? 

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    • As I'm brought to the mamono realm, I simply lament my failure. I fought to protect my village from the monsters. I was just a rookie; barely even a squire. But, because I lost and wasn't captured by the Mamono army, the village blamed me for the city's predicament, and sent me as part of the first batch of "volunteers". As cruel as it was, I hardly blame them. My knight was captured by those monsters, and I wasn't. I couldn't even save him, let alone my village. I was a failure of a squire; I deserved this...

      As the queen gives her speech, I notice the back door is wide open and the guards are distracted. I turn to the man next to me. I had overheard him talking on the wagon ride about his fiancée: his childhood sweetheart he was taken from when his name was drawn by the town lottery. They had planned to get married before the lottery, but the town passed a law preventing it to keep men from getting out of the situation. He didn't deserve to be here. I point out the open door to him. He hesitates.

      "What if a guard notices me?" I assure him that they won't, as I'll create a distraction. I then turn to the queen and declare:

      "I volunteer to go first!" All eyes turn to me as I walk towards the queen. As I stand in front of her, I do a simple, formal bow as an instinct I picked up from my training as a squire. The queen just giggles.

      "There's no need for that here," She insists. She then turns me to face the crowd. I scan the group of men; he's not among them. I can't help but smile a little in relief. Good. At least someone could be saved... I raise my head for the first time since the battle for my village.

      "So, young man" she tells me, "Which option do you pick?"

      I shrug. "In my homeland, I was a warrior-in-training. I would be of little use as a farmer or a carpenter. But I don't want to have someone choose a job for me. Seeing as I'm going to be here for the foreseeable future, I guess... I may as well choose matrimony."

      "Excellent choice." She responds before turning to one of her guards. "Take him to the selection room."

      I am gently led to a small room with a curtain wall on one side, a chair, and a table with a book.

      "That book contains a list of all our mamono that are still single, and all the important information about them." she tells me. "Read it thoroughly, consider your options carefully, and write them down on the note-paper. When you are done, we'll summon the mamono you selected and pull back the curtain so you can meet them. You will then select one of them yourself."

      I look through each page. I'm not picky, but not very many of them seemed appealing. A lot of them seemed rather... vicious, while others sounded extremely simpleminded. Eventually, I find one that sounds appealing, and I write down their names.

      "I'm done." I tell the guard as I hand her the list.

      "Alright. Just wait one moment."

      I could've sworn that it took no time at all before the curtain was pulled back; revealing a truly beautiful creature: a Dhampir.

      "Only one?" She asks me; apparently she didn't read the list. "In that case, you either pick her or end up with option 2 instead of option 3."

      I walk up to the dhampir and I try to talk to her, but it's surprisingly difficult; I was never the best at talking to women back in my home village, and she's far more beautiful than any of them.

      "Um... Hi." I tell her.

      "...Hi," she says with a smile and a bit of sass. "If you don't want to do this, I understand. I personally would rather find a man the more romantic way; not by marrying an abducted human."

      "In that case," I say a bit awkwardly, "What if we hold off on the wedding for a bit, date, and... see how things go?"

      "...I think I would like that," She answers.

      I make my choice: her. Definitely her. We date for a bit, fall in love, and we're married after just a few weeks. Eventually, she grows tired of this mamono city, and we move to a human town that hasn't been conquered.

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