• You are a (roll for waifu) and of fairly high standing. You walking about the town one day, when you see a dark elf waving a sign about in front of a gigantic tent.

    {Slaves, caught from Order Lands, surplus!}

    The sign is decorated with chains and shackles. You enter the tent to discover a plethora of monsters, all of fairly high standing, as well as almost a hundred men. The monsters outnumber the men, who sit in large cages, with the current man standing shackled to an upside down cross, legs spread, and buck naked.

    You observe the men, all fairly well muscled, with attractive features.

    Scanning the crowd, your heart stops. The perfect one is in the cages. He feels like your soulmate. However, you see many of the others eyeing him up too.

    He looks to be in your price range, WWYD?

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    • (I'm going Inari. what a surprise.)

      A place like this, men reduced to mere chattel, it's unseemly. Back home in Zipangu I'd have no bar of this! But as a diplomat I mustn't rock the boat. I do not wish to offend the locals.

      At least that's what I tell myself. Until I see him.


      "What's that foxy? You want to buy lot 23? Bidding starts at 200 gold pieces"

      I don't want to start an international argument, but this knife eared slave trader is making it very hard to resist.

      "You misunderstand me. That is my husband, he is coming with me."

      "Only if you're the highest bid....what are you doing...wha...what are you doing to me...?"

      "My husband is not a slave, you harlot. Nor is he a piece of meat to be bought. Release him into my custody or you will suffer the consequences. The illusion you are suffering now is nothing compared to what I could do to you. To all of you!" 

      At that the rest of the 'customers' back off. Even the most confident Manticore knows not to fuck with a nine-tail.

      "You'll never get away with this!"

      "Diplomatic immunity my dear."

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    • I am an Automaton, Programmed by a Gremlin under a Secret Lilim and her odd outerworldly husband. I then realized this is Slave market.

      I then put up my Ethic: Millitarist, Fanatic Egalitarian.

      Crack Crack

      "[WEAPON ONLINE] Phaser, Proton Torpedo, Heavy Repeating Blaster Cannon, Flamethrower, Railgun, Light Chainsaw, Flying Guan Dao.

      With in Panic of the Peoples. I show up my space weapon until it's done.



      "[SONG PLAY]"

      Then I unleash the Freedom towards all men. I go on Rampage like a Terminator, no, Doomslayer. I punch Dark Elf in the face, Boom the horny hellhound, Headlock Succubus, Kick Alp's secret part into the air, Spray the Hellhound Guard a blaster, saw the Cage harshly, Shot Phaser into Sandworm's eyes.

      Okay, Finally, the Market has least in a graveyard. I then secure all the men, includeing the one in my heart. I then ask...

      "[Would you be my Master...If you would, You'll forever free.]"

      He accepted. He recieved Guan Dao. And we make a rampage escape to our...Dropship. which lead to my Outerworldly Lilim, Stellar. At the mist contiment.

      And greatly, it's turn out that my now master is from the mist Contiment. He was a warrior, also a traveller to sell his Mist Contiment items, Guan Dao, Saber, Dao Saber, and of course, The Original Tea. Not only that, HE HAS BLOOD OF THE ANCIENT WARLORD!.

      Ohhhh, my husband is so cool when he's in Mist Contiment Warlord Arnourrrrrr. I am melting.

      And yes, we have a sex later, at least i waited a long. But he's Gentle when come to sex.

      Vanila da best.

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