• You are a (insert mamono here) who is walking though a forest. out of the blue you here crazed laughter and sceams. when you go to investigate you see a human woman on the ground with a fatal wound across her throat, two children who can't be older than nine or ten crying over her, and a man holding a sword with fresh blood on it. Your instincts tell you that this man is a powerfull order hero. He┬áraises his wepon and tells the children "Don't worry, I'll make sure you aren't seperated from your mother." He doesn't seem to notice you.


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    • children mother is kill run away.
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    • You buffons I eat the kids

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    • Me, intnteractuall Automaton. Sneak attack and Grab a sword.

      Me: "Protocal 31: Murdurous and Sperating child is against the Law."

      Man: "Fuck off!"

      That man seem to be pissed off and push me away. He approch put out his sword

      Man: "You know what?! I am the most powerful order hero! Your filthy Mamono shouldn't be here, even defe....


      The man suddenly collapsed with the hole in his throat. Unable to speak and he surprised. I used lethal mode because the lives for a lifes. And in my hand is a Gun.

      Me: "And You know what? You shouldn't bring the sword to the gun fight."

      He seemed to be alive, I handed my pistol to the child. Unleash my Missile arsenal. He tries to heal himself with miracle. But my technological advancement is beyond.

      Me: if I am a god. I will cut off that miracle due to vile action. If the god act like vile demon, that god is acually a demon. If the demon act like good god, that demon is acually a god.

      He tries to speak. But I Fire all my arsenal, blasted him before he approch me. He tries to use the last power in holy sword.

      But it's useless against my Laser sword.

      Me: The wise man in mist contiment once said know the enemy and yourself, battle a hunderd, win a hunderd.

      I finished him, beyond what he did to child's mother. I cut his head.

      As I finished. I drink his blood for Spdit energy. The child seem terrifed. But I appeoxh the child, a boy and a girl. I then kneel and hold their hand.

      Me: Would you be my master from now on? I will take care of you two....

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