• You are a miner who knows about the Monster Girl Encyclopedia. One day you're working in a salt mine when you hear panicked screams further down and spot your fellow miners fleeing from that direction. "It is the end of times! We're all gonna die!" one of them screams as they all run past you.

    Curiousity overtakes you and you decide to see what has everyone in a panic. You head in the direction they were running from and come to a massive chamber where there is a strange glowing green symbol. In the center of that symbol are a confused Mindflayer and a Shoggoth.

    "What just happened?" asks the Mindflayer.

    "I have no idea," says the Shoggoth.


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    • I then take a picture of them. Keep looking as the tactic Gé àn guān huǒ. I feel dizzy and headache. It's mindflyer of course. I bum the salt to keep the conciousness.

      I slowly approch the two. Pick up a drill for a weapon. As the two spot me.

      Me: I mean no harm. But who are you?

      Shoggoth: You seem not Panicked...

      Me: Of course...I know your kind....

      Mindflyer: A wandering schoolar's doubt

      Me: Now, read my mind as you want. But I want to talk. What just happened here!

      Mindflyer: Such persistance...will you hold against me?

      Me: This is salt mine and you're plant. I can kill you with the salt if I want.

      Shoggoth: Relax, we don't even know!

      Me: Then, we would better come to the surface. Since there's no worker than me, it's

      Suddenly, the cave collapsed. As we run from the mine and we finally reach the exit. I spot a lots of security guard and rescue over here.

      Rescue: That last one has arrived....What was that 2 monsterly girl?!

      They raised the baton.

      Me: They mean no harm...

      I then let them explained what they are. As the mindflyer can upload the memory into their brain. They has to believed. Altough mindflyer didn't controled them.

      Not for long, the Gourvament Agent come to speak with us. And now we got an alien on our world. The shoggoth and mindflyer. I am the one who controlled them....with a salt for mindflyer.

      And my Shoggoth is now my maid as she want. I has a better life since they come. And now, I am the diplomat...

      The Scientist discovered the Gateway to other world from the Colourful strange crystal in our mine. It's filled with Demonic energy.

      And two world collied. We has a upper hand in technological advancement. But keep in mind, we don't want the war. As the discoverer and one who know Monster Girl Enclycopedia. I am the diplomat now.

      And we fiannally know what happened to them. It's an abandoned Lilim's research facility and they accidently sent.

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    • Nice response Darth.

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