• You're the soldier of GW-1. Your organization known as "Gateworld Command" as the world discovered a Gate in egypt to travel to another planet. You and your team of 4 men were well-armed and well-trained. Both combat and trickery.

    But something happened. You were sent to one of the Gate. Acually, there's a lot of Gate appeared on the strange world with the monster girl like in monstergirl enclycopedia. This area is known as Wonderland.

    Then suddenly, when you just done a diplomacy. You see the queen of heart grinned and her eyes has heart symbol. But you don't care. Don't even care as this is the mating season of cat. Don't even care as the sex festival is near as you could go back.

    But when you go back to the gate. The gate worked nit for long, then it shot circited and then, the Gate is unfunctional. You realized "You fucked up"

    You sitting around the Gate. Check supplies. There're lots of Bullets, demon realms silver stun bullet and lethal lead bullet. And a Electric Alien pistol that look like a snake. Some amout of food supply. One of you carry a potable solar cell. A basic survival kit exist too.

    Normally, the Rescue in the Monster girl enclycopedia take exacly 10-15 days. Calculate with the entering of Wonderland. It take around 33 days. However, in thd 30th days. There'll be sex festival all 3 days long.

    And you couldn't have sex with mamono...why?

    You already have a wife. Her name is Sayori a childhood friend which has depression. If you ever cheat on her once, she'd kill herself. Acually you realized she would have mental illness on your loss. Still, you're both virgin and you promised the sex after you're back from the gate...the promise which delayed every time beacuse of work.

    Your picture of your wifes movitvate you. All you do must survire. But you realized somethings.

    First, the condition of Wonderland is horny and unusal. Even rains make you horny.

    Secound, as the eyes of the Queen you realized that the Queen want you...and She might be the one who destroy the Gateworld.

    Whatever, you have two jobs. You must Survive your life. And Survive your virginity. To save your depression wifes.

    WWYD, What would you do?

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