• You wanted to travel out to sea, but you didn't have enough money to afford the trip. As a result you ended up lending a high amount of money from a loan shark. 

    It wasn't just any loan shark, but a shark mamono. Fitting its nature, the loan shark enforced repayments through unwanted mating affairs. What would you take to save yourself from the loan shark?

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    • What I'd try is running out of town with a cheap new-bought car (so I can ditch it later in order to mislead anyone tracking me) to a place that's nowhere near a coastal zone or lake or small puddle, but being the paranoid I am that's not going to be enough .  

      I also buy those magnetic shark repellents and start wearing those shark bite proof suits hoping a mershark bite will not instantly tear it ... beacause their bite can't be that much stronger that a normal shark ... right ?? 

      If she ever finds me in land there is a bubble sound effect in my cellphone because apparently sharks hate that noise. 

      Now I wait, and pray these countermeasures won't fail even though they soud silly. 

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